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When the golden yellow qi covering Jiman’s face was completely inhaled by her. He was relieved at last. I almost fell short just now. Look at the impression in Jiman’s heart before. It’s really bad.

But I’m really wrong. Heaven is slim. Everything is a dog. What I did was just to earn the first chance. Why let good and evil influence you? Under the avenue. They are all ants. And can restrain themselves by mortal rules. Only seize every opportunity that can help you break free from the shackles of heaven. Can be true.
Thought of here. Cold light flashed in his eyes. Then it disappeared.
See JiMan was completely calm down. Yang Xiuyi pointed out. Right on Ziman’s forehead.
Jiman opened his eyes. First, confusion. But then. I saw Yang Xiu quietly watching her.
She saw Yang Xiu. Look a cold. Just ignore it.
Yang Xiu sees this. There was a wry smile in my heart. We had to start by saying, "We have returned to Nanling School. You will practice here with me in the future. Don’t use your old abode of fairies and immortals. "
Jiman also knows that her opposition can’t change Yang Xiu’s decision. Had to be speechless. Silence is right.
Yang Xiu see jiman now kind of appearance. In my heart, I was surprised: "Don’t psychedelic gold silkworm tricks work? There is no reason. Bai Zhi also blew it wonderfully. And he’s afraid to lie to himself now. And wait for me to try? "
Yang Xiu eyes and Jiman eyes. There was a strange light in his eyes. It is in motivating the psychedelic gold silkworm method in Jiman to exert its influence.
Without any vigilance. Ziman’s mind is still clear. But I felt a pain in my heart. As if I had just done something heinous: "How could I do this to Brother Yang? He’s the reason I got out of Delong alive. He and I can bathe in the dead wood and meet the spring spring. One step closer to revenge. I should have thanked you first. "
Jiman’s mind is disordered. Look confused but look at Yang Xiu’s eyes unconsciously slowly with apologies.
Yang Xiu is careful. Look the same. Let her mind conflict. Secretly manipulated the psychedelic gold silkworm method lurking in Jiman’s soul. She looked at the end in fear.
After a moment. Seeing that her face was cold, she asked softly, "Is there anything left to clean up in your old abode of fairies and immortals?". If so, let’s tidy it up now? "
"well. Ok. " Ziman whispered.
"Let’s go. I’ll take you out. " Yang Xiu was overjoyed to see that the magic method of gold silkworm was effective. Jiman has given in at the bottom of his heart now, and he will only work hard later. Wait until 2918. The psychedelic gold silkworm completely melted in her soul. That’s really foolproof.
Seeing the psychedelic golden silkworm method really works. Yang Xiu is no longer going to hide from her what happened to the bottom of the abode of fairies and immortals and dry Kun’s hand. After all, eighteen.
However, in the past 18 years. Yang Xiu wouldn’t let her leave alone. Besides, she will practice here again. You can’t hide it. It is better to be honest, so as to minimize Ziman’s guard.
Sure enough. Ziman walked out of the cabin. Feel the sticky aura. See the spirit pool under your feet. I can’t hide the shock in my new heart completely. Then I felt grateful for Yang Xiu’s trust.
She saw the ghost king again. Also surprised. She has seen the fierceness of the Ghost King in suspension. I wonder what enemy Brother Yang was facing at that time to get hurt like this. Did Brother Yang keep me in a coma at that time because he was afraid that I would get hurt?
All this, of course, is the result of the influence of Yang Xiu’s secret drive to fascinate the golden silkworm method.
She saw the monster. But also got a fright. However, mobster planed a thousand-year-old Polygonatum sibiricum at this moment, although he couldn’t figure out how to go in alone. Now there is one more person out. But this problem is obviously not as attractive as the Millennium Polygonatum.
"This is my spirit beast. You can call it mobster. Don’t look at it. But I already have some wisdom. We’ll get along for a long time. You will like it. " Yang Xiu saw that she saw the monster. Can’t help but explain.
However, Yang Xiu saw that there was less than half of the elixir without law. But it hurts. Sigh that you should have covered the mobs with array method.
"Now I will move you to another space. Don’t worry. " Jiman can’t dodge the earth. Of course, if you want to go out, you still have to stay in the dry hands. But what’s different is. I’m not going to take her this time.
"hmm." Jiman heart slowly changed the impression of Yang Xiu in the past. Speak softly, too.
Yang Xiuxian hid the cloud and soul beast in Gankun’s hand. So as not to let her see brother Qiu and get excited.
The medicine from the abode of fairies and immortals escaped above. And let Ziman out.
This time, Jiman saw clearly the space in Gankun’s hands. It’s no smaller than just seeing Lingchi. I couldn’t help thinking, "Such a big secret. It’s nothing if Brother Yang didn’t tell me before. So I can’t blame him for keeping me in the dark every time. No, now Brother Yang has told me everything. I can’t live up to his trust. "
Jiman didn’t feel anything wrong with this idea. It seems natural.
"Let’s go." Yang Xiu, of course, understand why. Therefore, the gentler the mouth.
Jiman’s previous abode of fairies and immortals was built in a mountain stream halfway up Wangyue Peak. Fly from Julu Peak in Yang Xiu. It takes a wick of incense.
The mountain stream is foggy. The forest and grass grow long. It seems to be no different from other parties. Yang Xiu followed Ziman to turn left and move right. Look, there’s no rules, no order. Several breathing rooms. They came to a quiet bamboo grove. I saw Jiman standing in front of the bamboo forest. Take out an apricot triangle flag and wave it at the bamboo forest. Yellow light has passed. Merely Yang Xiu eyes suddenly enlightened. Several bamboo houses suddenly appeared in the bamboo forest.
Jiman told Yang Xiu to keep up with her. Don’t go wrong. I think what array should be arranged.
Yang Xiu followed inside. There are only four or five bamboo houses now. It’s not big. But elegant.
Jiman looked at all this familiar. Now it’s so deserted. At that time can not help but some stupefied trance. Think of the dribs and drabs of living here with my aunt Like yesterday. As if it were a long time ago.
Yang Xiu didn’t bother her either. Knowing that what she needs now is silence. So stand aside silently. The wind blew. Jiman can’t help but feel a little long-lost coolness. It’s getting dark outside. Wipe the moist eyes with your hands. Yang Xiu also stood silently. I can’t help feeling a little tender and moved in my heart. Immediately, he said, "Brother Yang. You sit down for a while. I’ll be ready in a minute. "
Yang Xiu smiled. Nod your head.
Ji Man first removed the array around the bamboo house. I also sorted out some refining materials. Then transplant Lingcao in the medicine garden. At last, she came to the house where Yang Xiu was standing and looked at Xiu for a while, showing hesitation. Yang Xiu heart movement. Then he said, "You tidy up slowly. I’ll go first. Wait for you outside. "
I didn’t expect Yang Xiu to take the initiative to ask to leave, but made Jiman make up his mind to stop him: "I don’t need to take one thing."
Yang Xiu see her initiative to retain since the surface is still calm. There was an ecstasy in my heart. It seems that the use of the psychedelic golden silkworm method is faster than expected. Has made her trust in herself. Jiman came to a bamboo hoop and twisted it directly on one of the bamboo tubes with his hand. The bamboo tube opened and she took out a cylinder wrapped in yellow cloth. Yang Xiu didn’t even feel it just now.
"This is the general outline of Juexue Law handed down from generation to generation by our family.". But this should be an ominous thing, and the tragedy of our family is caused by it. " Jiman is holding a yellow-wrapped cylinder. I couldn’t help wanting Yang Xiu to share his secret. It seems to her. Since Xiuba told her all these important things, such as the bottom abode of fairies and immortals and the hand of Gankun. She has nothing to hide.
Then she told Yang Xiu about the tragic change of her family. I live alone with my aunt. And revenge.
Although Yang Xiu knew it even more clearly when he planted the method, he didn’t interrupt. No comfort. Quiet. Listen. He knew that her heart was gradually opening. The defense against yourself is getting weaker and weaker.
She just wants to find someone to talk to. It has been suppressed in my heart for too long. I was born with the belief of revenge. Revenge is like a chain. She is out of breath under the pressure.
She finished her statement. It’s already the moon star outside. Look at her red eyes. Yang Xiu just gently took her hand. "Let’s go," he said.
Nothing to say all night.
After these days. Yang Xiu is not in a hurry to retreat. Because Ziman is proficient in disposal. And there are not enough rooms in the abode of fairies and immortals. Therefore, he intends to rearrange the abode of fairies and immortals outside first. And then close the door with peace of mind.
First, next to Bai Zhi’s training room, several secret rooms were opened. For the Yang Xiu access to the bottom hole. Otherwise, you will always escape from the medicine garden. Not a long-term solution. In addition, the protective array of the previous abode of fairies and immortals was too simple. The concentration of aura is not obvious either. Therefore, it is necessary to rearrange the protection array and the gathering array.
It’s simple to protect a large array. In the past, the array outside her abode of fairies and immortals was very advanced. Just take it out and use it.
But poly spirit array is to be refined again. And when you practice martial arts, you will give off corpse gas. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange a "unique spirit array" outside his practice room to cover up the breath. So it will cost another one.
But fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the materials used to refine the flag. Use what Yang Xiu scraped from someone else’s storage bag. Plus, I bought some from the trading workshop of Nanling School. It’s enough anyway.
In Ziman training these days. Yang Xiu has not been idle. And Bai Zhi took the toad’s body away from the fire. Scales belong to scales. The toad skin was completely dismembered by the toad skin.
The last one is toad skin. A toad tendon. Scales are 208 pieces. A pair of eyes. Four pairs of giant claws. There are several spiritual bones. Have some meat. A few internal organs. There are some miscellaneous things left. But compared to others. These values are not worth mentioning at all.
Toad meat is just poured. All of them are precious refining devices or medicinal materials. After all, it is the west of the monster beast in the fitting period. How can it be bad?
But these materials are not needed by him yet. Otherwise, it is really ruined. So just keep it in a special jade box. In order to prevent the aura of the material from dissipating.
Make some arrangements. The first-class Chu Lingyu box alone cost Yang Xiu tens of thousands of Lingshi. This is still the cost for Bai Zhi to refine the Chu Ling array and the symbol on the jade box. Otherwise. There are not so many top-level Chu Ling jade boxes to sell in the trading market of Ling Pai.
Finally, Yang Xiu ate toad meat like a hill. But I have a headache. These toads are also rich in aura. If you use dry Kun’s hand to refine directly. It’s really a pity.
But so much meat. Even if you eat it yourself. I can’t finish it for a while. And this kind of spiritual meat. It’s not straight-just go. It is very troublesome. And it’s not easy to keep. Xiu is now afraid to buy Chu Lingyu’s box in Nanling School’s market. Otherwise, it will really arouse the suspicion of people with a heart.
Finally. He still refined a large portion of toad meat with dry hands. Anyway, it is also transformed into the aura of the space in Gankun’s hand. It’s a pity, but it’s not a waste
Besides, after Gan Kun finished refining some toad meat. The reiki content in his hands is actually rising sharply. The space inside is gray again. Become very thorough. The floor is no longer dry and brown and naked. Green grass is lush. And that puddle in the middle. No, we should call her the pool now. The pool water is cool and clean. Every minute is present. The grass by the pool hangs in the water. It is also greener.
It seems that the aura contained in the monster beast in the mating period is far from that of the monks in the construction period. To say that Gankun has refined many monks before. But when has the effect been so obvious? This is just a little broken flesh and blood from the fire toad. If the whole head is refined, maybe Gankun can produce fire and feng shui now. Gankun Wuxing But even if it’s true. Yang Xiu now can’t afford it.
It took more than a month to dispose of the toad. Finally, Yang Cai took out the monster beast’s inner Dan. To the white road: "This Inner Dan is so strange. Is there anything strange? "
Bai Zhi looked in awe. Tao: "Real. This is no longer a pure demon Dan. At the beginning, in order to hide the array eyes of witch array, ancient witches. In order to avoid outsiders coming. I don’t know what kind of magical power I used to combine the array eye with the demon Dan of the fire toad. Not only did it not hurt toad’s life, but the eyes also grew with demon Dan. So it became like this. If the master wants to decorate a large array in the future, he will use it to suppress it. Although not as good as the "dark black Glass Monument" of Delong Sword School. But if arranged. Wei can’t be underestimated. " "The" dark black Liubei "you mentioned is the eye of the" ultimate fantasy "of the Dragon Sword Sect’s Guardian Mountain Array?" Yang Xiu heard him say Delong array. Not curious.