"Hey to you! Let’s go. "People threw themselves directly and pulled up Wang Gang’s arm and went in towards the school.

"Are you mistaken for someone else?" Wang Gang didn’t react to break away from the woman’s hand and began to look at the opposite person.
"You’re not here to interview the teacher? Impossible, right? Why else would you line up at the door? " The woman also looked at Wang Gang with a full face of amazement.
"Wait, I’m here to apply and take me to the interview! I thought you were looking for a boyfriend! " A change of mind Wang Gang suddenly had a decision.
There is not much money in my pocket. If there is no more income, Wang Gang can pray that he can upgrade his godhead and cast it into a divine body in a month, and then he can eat, drink, and eat.
But Wang Gang knows clearly in his heart that if he wants to cast a divine body, he must be godhead level 1, godhead upgrade level, godhead needs to consume 1 drop of divine power to cast a divine body, and it also needs to consume 1 drop of divine power.
Wang Gang denied that he had something to do in one month. Even the Shinto in the former world only wanted to gather a drop of divine power in one month, but it also had the strongest belief and the widest wish. The Great God could do it.
Teachers in Chengsan Middle School can naturally choose talents better!
Mental strength and physical quality have great physical strength, and a strong soul can in turn strengthen the body.
Behind the woman Wang Gang looked at the woman with a long black hair hanging freely behind her. The breeze was blowing and her figure was very good. She was about one meter seven, and her waist was as thin as Yingying. When she walked, her plump ass kept twisting. Wang Gang’s heart was hot and straight, and her thighs were not too thick or too thin, giving people a feeling of fullness.
"Beauty, are you a teacher here?" Wang gang asked
"I’m not a teacher here, and please pay attention to the frivolous words that this is a school beauty. Please don’t say that it will have a bad influence on the school and will also teach the students," the female head said without turning back.
"Excuse me, miss, what’s your name? My name is Wang Gang, King Wang Bailian! " Wang Gang was amused and began to tease.
"You this person how don’t understand polite miss is literally can call? You are the lady! Still the king of kings, I think it is the king of eggs, the waste steel! " The woman turned her head and turned her eyebrows upside down, obviously in a bad mood.
"I don’t know your name, and you don’t want to be called a beauty. I can’t think of any words except miss, and there is one thing that you may have made a mistake. I just didn’t say steel, but just now!" Wang Gang said with a smile
"It’s terrible to have no culture. Don’t you understand that steel is steel? My name is Zhao Qing. "
"In fact, there is nothing wrong with the statement that it is just a interchangeable word that can pass through steel and a hundred trials. Of course, I have no culture …"
A few words directly will Zhao Qing anger without saying a word to the office angrily left.
"Nice guy. Our chairman is so angry with you that you dare to come to our No.3 middle school to apply for a job!" Behind the desk, a middle-aged man with a Chinese face and eyes walked over and said
Although Wang Gangyu knew that No.3 Middle School was a private middle school, he never imagined that the chairman of the school was actually a woman, and this woman was still so young.
However, even if Zhao Qing is the chairman of Wang Gang, there is no panic in his heart. He has a godhead and his journey is immortal.
A little bit of power, money, Wang Gang is not in my heart.
"Well, I’m Zhang Chen. Just call me Teacher Zhang. Let’s start the interview and introduce ourselves first."
Connecting the elves to the whole high school textbook, what will Zhang Chen say in the face of such talents!
After the interview, Wang Gang came to the playground. At noon, the basketball court sweated like rain and surrounded many students.
Wang Gang’s dream order keeps flying. Seeing the strong students dream together, the dream order flies out and blends into the students’ bodies unnoticed.
It’s getting dark when the dream department is finished.
Back to my residence, I quietly began to think in the small island.
If you want to integrate it into people’s lives, you need to connect it with the Internet, but this data conversion method requires a lot of divine deduction, which is impossible for the time being.
Look at the picturesque island, Wang Gang’s heart moved and a screen was extended from the giant tower.
"Virtual time, year, month, year, 1 minute, 5 seconds!"
When it is set, Wang Gang gets busy again, and a property panel in the game appears with a slight stroke of his hand.
Yes, the panel is very crude
(full) name
Dream order number
gold coin
Yes, it’s Wang Gang’s preparation for the entrant to know his own information intuitively, which is also Wang Gang’s one-step plan preparation.
According to godhead information, one hour in the outside world is equivalent to hours in dreams, which is the limit that ordinary people can bear and will not burden the body in reality.
"Every person emits spirit and refines it into divine power every hour. If there is a drop of one thousandth of an hour, it is a thousand minutes of dreaming. One person can access and consume divine power every day. It is estimated that the net income of one day should be half a drop of divine power."
"Can refine a thousand drops of divine spirit, set 1 gold coin, instill knowledge in every subject, 1 gold coin in junior high school, 1 gold coin in senior high school"
Instilling the knowledge of a subject in primary school needs to consume one thousandth of a drop of divine power, which is ten times the profit according to the collection standard.
Wang Gang wants to raise the price tenfold if he doesn’t consider that people who have just opened the virtual business have no purchasing power.
"Forget it, give them a taste of sweetness first, or when I get a virtual game, it will hurt, die and get hurt. I guess no one dares to play."
It is recorded in the deity that if you die in solidification, you will be weak for two or three days, although you will not die in reality.
The weakness is due to the fact that about one percent of the soul will be directly absorbed by the gods.
I came to Wang Gang to make a game first, but forget it if I think about it. That’s what modern people do. You must first give some sweetness and let people see it, hoping that others will sell their lives to you.
Chapter 3 The First Players
"No, if everyone comes in, they have to explain for a while, not only when the waves are on, but also when they consume divine power." After thinking about it, Wang Gang waved his hand and an island appeared again not far from the island.
The island is deserted, and even the island looks more unreal.
Rows of imaginary seats appear in the center of the island, and a huge front column is set up to ensure that you can see clearly in every direction and corner.
"Welcome to Gao Shen Virtual, where there is all the knowledge you want, and the power is very long …"
Bragging words are printed on every face, and the fonts emit golden light to ensure that people who come in can definitely see the faces at first sight.
Even if you can’t read, you don’t have to look at the column to express your meaning.
"Well, this island is called Novice Island. Everyone who comes in must remember the face-to-face words before being sent to the knowledge island."
The island with the Hall of Truth was named by Wang Gang in an instant, and at the same time, a black stone tablet appeared on both islands, with Wang Gang’s naming words flashing.
"Fierce emotions will make you get more spirit, so do it." Wang Gang instantly returned to Knowledge Island and stopped at the edge of a huge sports ground.
"Everyone in each game adds up to a gold coin, and the winner can get the gold coin, and the gold coin is distributed according to the different contributions in the game."
"Give gold coins directly according to the spirit of contribution. One day, there will be a gold coin and various competitions. After this person enters the knowledge hall and exchanges primary school knowledge, I think many people will be crazy."
"In this way, the problem of promotion and the fear of entering people will be solved."
"And this fierce confrontation will definitely make the players excited, so they will get more spirit."
Just added something new to the novice island pillar. Wang Gang’s face moved and disappeared directly. There was a chubby boy looking at the pillar in several seats on the novice island.
When Wang Gang takes a closer look, the fat root is not looking at the pillar, but talking to himself with a bad smile.
"I went and crossed it. I didn’t expect to be dreaming, but this dream is really strange. I can even know that I am dreaming. Is this what the internet says about dreaming?"
"I heard that the dream of lucidity should be clearly recognized, and I can come to whatever I want, whether it is a beauty or a star!"
I patted my chest and said to myself, "I can’t be excited. I can’t be excited. I wake up when I am excited. I want to imagine a beautiful woman coming out."
"Come on, my beauty." I was a little frustrated when I shouted for a long time and found that there was no movement around me.