This mountain dragon is used to fighting if he can’t stand this return. However, when looking back, this mountain dragon turned out to be a little man made of powder and jade but three feet high. Although this demon corpse GuChen has been unrecognizable at this time, the more powerful and turbulent breath has not changed at all. This mountain dragon still remembers it.

"Big … eldest brother? ! You are really a big brother! " The mountain dragon looked at GuChen turns out to be some sob! "You made it! Big brother, you succeeded! "
That Gu Chen smiled and nodded: "Today, the opportunity has arrived by coincidence, because my brother has already completed this magic nine-turn sacrifice in advance, took off his old skin and reborn."
At this time, the mandrill, which was originally more than twenty feet long, was transformed into a brave man in black. And this mandrill is completely naked, and it is no longer the stupid appearance that just knows how to eat, sleep and fight. "So I don’t have to pretend to be a mandrill who eats and dies! Hey! Big brother, you and my brother have been forbearing here for three hundred years! "
GuChen nodded is also a sigh: "yes! time
This has been going on for more than three hundred years. However, we are trapped in the vast Cangshan mountain, and now the cat is in chaos, and it is no longer the game of ten deaths and no life. You and my brother don’t have to play dead Du Jie here! "
It turns out that the three monsters who live in seclusion on Lingbi Cliff of Mangcang Mountain are actually three brothers! Even there are not many people in the world who do this! But I have to admit that this demon corpse GuChen is really good calculation! He voluntarily locked himself in here and had already arranged for his two brothers to be here. The strength to be hidden has been put on the side, but no one has appeared in the past 300 years.
Perhaps it has been silent for too long. The blood of this demon corpse, Gu Chen, the dragon who lives in the mountain and the behemoth, which has not been seen for 300 years, is actually burning again at this moment. But I don’t know what unknown changes will be brought to the already chaotic cat by the rediscovery of these three great demons whose strength is not in the three immortals and parents?
At this time, the mountain dragon was no longer as crazy as it was just now, and said with some grievances, "Big brother is a good thing like you being reborn. It is enough for our brothers to be happy with it. Why do you stop me from catching them? Look at my nose. By the way, I’ll go over there and get them back, or make some good dishes, and our brothers will be happy. Come to think of it, you haven’t eaten my cooking for 300 years. I don’t know if the craft has regressed when I get used to eating it alive. " As he spoke, the mountain dragon walked out.
Gu Chen, the demon corpse, smiled slightly and said, "Xiao Shui, you can naturally go and get those two people back and cook them. I won’t stop you. But if you suffer in the future, don’t blame me for not reminding you! Also, don’t always call me and my third brother brothers. It’s no problem. As for you, you’re not an adult. You haven’t decided whether you’re a man or a woman. Maybe you’re still a girl! Always pay attention to manners. " Maybe it’s been suppressed for 300 years, and now I finally don’t need to live in silence. This GuChen actually made a joke.
It turns out that the name of this mountain dragon is’ Dragon Water Son’ only because his ability is to control the water of five elements. In those days, his irresponsible parents directly named it’ Dragon Water Son’. It wasn’t long after giving birth to a child and not being educated, the husband and wife soared to the ethereal fairy que together and went free and unfettered, leaving this dragon water son and a dragon to harm the world below. Over the years, mowgli has been killed, and I don’t know how many monks and beasts have been buried in the beautiful mouth of this mountain dragon.
Speaking of it, this mountain dragon vein is quite special and different from other dragons. Legend has it that in ancient times, these mountain dragons were punished for betraying the Emperor of Heaven, deprived of their sex and fertility and almost extinct. But since then, 7,000 years later, a genius mountain dragon of the earth has broken part of the curse of the Emperor of Heaven and changed it beyond recognition. Moreover, it is said that the mountain dragon later robbed many dragons to be wives.
Since then, the small dragons born have no gender until they meet their favorite object in adulthood, and both men and women can change at will. It’s just that once you choose, you will regret it, and the gender will solidify and you can’t change it. And this mountain dragon named’ Shuier’ will soon become an adult in recent years.
As soon as the mountain dragon heard it, it ran at GuChen with its teeth bared. Only this dragon water son didn’t even touch GuChen’s skirts. It seems that this fierce mountain dragon has also realized that it is no good to fight against this great elder brother at this time and it is no longer entangled in his gender. "Eldest brother, who do you think those two people are? Can I still suffer from being so arrogant? "
GuChen smiled and said, "Those two people that Xiaoshuier just left are great people! That woman is the girl of Emei Qi Shushi’s family … "Hearing the name Qi Shushi, the dragon water son left his mouth and showed the color of not cutting, but also signaled Guchen to make a fuss. Gu Chen, however, couldn’t care less when he saw it. "As for the boy who played you around and hurt your little nose …"
Seeing Gu Chen’s suspense, the dragon water son was in a hurry and said, "Big Brother! How did you become like this after you were reborn! ? Fine-skinned, tender-skinned, and weird-tempered. You wouldn’t have played me like this before! " That GuChen was said to be one leng, and at this moment, the scene that everyone in the world could not believe appeared!
The mandrill looked at the two brothers in front of him dumbfounded, and of course called them brothers. He actually saw the demon corpse GuChen who shocked the world being attacked in the chest! I saw that the dragon water gently squeezed Gu Chen’s chest twice, and then I took a long breath and said to myself, "It’s a good thing that eldest brother didn’t become a big sister. That’s terrible! Recently, there have been too many transformations. I heard that even the vicious green bodhi old zu has changed a few days ago. This world is crazy … "
That GuChen waved his hand and gave LongShui a popcorn, adjusted his clothes and smiled maliciously: "Do you remember that Li Jingxiu in Xiaoshuier?"
Strangely enough, the ferocious mountain dragon, who was just unscrupulous, shivered at the words Li Jingxiu and secretly touched the dragon horn on his head as if he were afraid it was gone. "What’s the relationship between that boy and that bad devil?" he asked.
Gu Chen smiled and said, "That boy’s name is Yi Yu, and he is the disciple and grandnephew of Li Jingxiu, the apprentice of Zhu Mei."
The dragon water son still stubbornly said, "It’s just a barely reached relationship that has nothing to do with it. Can the devil Li come and pull out my dragon horn for him? "
Guchen laughed: "You must have seen the world of Yi Yu just now. That’s what Li Jingxiu gave him. It is conceivable that Li Jingxiu’s love for him can be given away with such a heavy treasure. If you treat him as a snack, maybe Li Jingxu can really come and pull out your dragon horn. "
Hearing Gu Chen’s words, the dragon water son seemed to be very scared, but as if he had figured something out, he stood up and said, "Big Brother, it’s different now. Now you’ve been reborn and your powers have improved greatly, with the help of my third brother and me. If there is a real fight, we are not afraid of the bad devil. " Hearing Long Shuier’s proposal, this mandrill seems to be quite in favor of nodding.
But that GuChen shook his head and said with a smile, "What a pity! If you have long eyebrows, maybe I’m still interested. As for this Li Jingxiu … Now the disaster is coming, and we are probably in the same boat with Li Jingxiu! It’s better not to turn your face. " Then GuChen looked at Long Shuier and said, "Xiao Shuier didn’t attack you for my brother. Even if you really go, you may not be able to get that cunning boy back and …"
Just then, I heard a loud "bang" and there was a loud noise from the cave of the demon corpse Guchen. Gu Chen smiled and answered, "Besides, the people sent by Emei to kill me have arrived."
Li Qiongying went back to Emei alone to ask for help and move troops to save Yu Yingnan. After Joan Ying left Lingbi Cliff, she couldn’t figure out why Yi Yu said that she could meet reinforcements without going back to Emei. To Li Qiong-ying’s surprise, it was less than two hours before she flew out, only to see five people coming across from Emei Mountain and Wan Li.
I saw that it was a man with a face as white as a mirror and a long beard. It was that Li Yuanhua was followed by a man in a blue shirt holding a dust. It was that Wan Li Feihong Yuanji was followed by a scruffy Taoist whose face was red and his eyes were scattered. It was a drunken Taoist. And these three people actually followed the Zhuge police, Shen Tuhong and me behind them.
As soon as Li Qiongying saw the five people greet the past ceremony, she asked, "How did the three martial uncles know that my martial sister and I were in trouble at Lingbi Cliff in Mangcang Mountain?"
I saw the three men smiling at each other. Wan Li Feihong Yuanqi shook off the dust and said, "It’s reasonable for martial nephew Qiong Ying not to ask Mr. Zhang more. It’s better for you to lead the way ahead and get the Wenyu as soon as possible to treat the British male nephew. If it’s too late, I’m afraid there will be another mistake. "
Li Qiongying stopped asking questions when she heard about her friend’s safety. In fact, this Li Yuanhua three people knew that Lingbi Cliff and which one used Li Qiongying to lead the way? Qiong Ying asked Zhuge Jing after me, "Brother Zhuge, didn’t you go to see Gu Yingnan with Brother Shen? How can … "
Zhuge warned me, "Sister, don’t worry. Sister Ying has been rescued back to Ningbi Cliff. It’s okay for the master to take the shot himself, as long as he takes back the ten thousand-year-old Wenyu as soon as possible, he can heal himself. "
Li Qiongying nodded, but the gloom on her face was even more gloomy. At this time, Shen Tuhong said, "Sister Qiong Ying doesn’t know Sister Lingyun and that …" When it comes to Yi Yu, Shen Tuhong doesn’t know how to address this’ younger brother’, but he can’t say it. After Yi Yu slashed and laughed at the monk and returned to the East China Sea, although the ascetic Buddhist monk carefully treated and recuperated, he also left many disabilities. Moreover, Zifu Dantian is all hurt, and if you don’t understand it, your achievements in this life are limited.
Shen Tuhong pondered for a long time before saying, "What are martial sister Lingyun and that Qingcheng girl doing?"
Li Qiongying glanced at Shen Tuhong when he heard the news. Although this senior is peaceful, generous, calm and restrained, he is obviously not very friendly to Yi Yu. Just this attitude also makes Li Qiongying feel a little uncomfortable. That Zhuge Jing, Shen Tuhong and I have been prodigies for many years. Although Li Qiongying didn’t deliberately show it, the slight healing was not hidden. Zhuge Jing, Shen Tuhong and I looked at each other only with a slight wry smile.
Li Qiongying said, "I was injured when I fought with the demon corpse on the cliff of Lingbi, so that the elder sister and I could grab the treasure jade … The elder sister was watching him." Joan Ying couldn’t help crying when she said that Yi Yu was injured. "If she hadn’t met me, she wouldn’t have gone to that wild mountain, and she wouldn’t have made an enemy with the demon corpse, and she wouldn’t have been hurt!" It should have been me … it’s all my fault. "
This Shen Tuhong and Zhuge Jing, when I saw Li Qiongying, was crying by their question, but I was frightened to disgrace. This strong school sister Joan Ying has suffered a lot and never cried. Today …
How will the three brothers Guchen of Lingbi Cliff respond to the attack of Emei Sect, and will Yi Yu give the ten thousand-year-old Wenyu to Yu Yingnan for help to save Emei?

Back to the one hundred and thirty-fourth each have their own calculation.
It is said that Li Qiongying met Wan Yuanqi and other three people and Zhuge Jing and me before she was halfway to Mount Emei. After the meeting, the six men did not dare to delay and immediately turned back to the Lingbi Cliff of Mangcang Mountain. Li Qiongying’s mind is very anxious. One is that he is afraid that Yu Yingnan will delay for too long and then change. Moreover, Yi Yu was injured, and neither the demon corpse nor the mandrill could be handled by Qi Lingyun. If Yi Yu and Ji Lingyun have any mistakes, Li Qiongying is afraid to think any more.
There is nothing to say on the road, and in a short time, six people have reached this vast mountain and rushed straight to the Lingbi cliff. Just don’t wait for six people to reach the Lingbi Cliff, only to see that the south has come again with two glittering and pure swords. When you get close, it turns out that it’s Kan Li, a real person, and Wu Yuanzhi, a road flyover with wind and fire. It seems that Qi Shushi, a wonderful real person, is really determined to completely eradicate this demon corpse Guchen. This time, he was sent to five younger brothers at once.
If the theory of repairing for mana alone is to face the original demon corpse, none of these five people is Gu Chen’s opponent alone. However, the Emei Sect has always believed that it is good not to talk about morality with evil spirits, and it is good to win gracefully. If not, it is a rush. Today, these five people will never fight against the demon corpse GuChen alone.
However, what Qi Shushi never imagined was that the mountain dragon and the behemoth mandrill, which had been fighting for hundreds of years on Lingbi Cliff, were actually a group, otherwise he wouldn’t have sent only these people. Although the lineup of the five disciples under Changmei’s real-life seat is absolutely gorgeous, if the demon corpse Guchen, who has achieved great success at this time, plus the dragon water son and the mountain, the Emei Sect will never get any cheap.
It is said that Li Yuanhua’s flying sword seems to have already surveyed and known the locked place of the demon corpse Guchen. I saw that Li Yuanhua was offering a flying sword directly without going through the hole. But when I saw a flash of golden light hitting the mountain wall, it turned out to be a living thing, which blasted away the mountain wall of dozens of feet and directly revealed the cave where the demon corpse Guchen lived on weekdays.
Although Li Yuanhua seems reckless, he is not the one who forgets his life. I saw that Li Yuanhua didn’t rush in after breaking the mountain wall, but was alert to wait for the reaction of the demon corpse GuChen inside. It’s just that the Emei Sect feels strange that the demon corpse Guchen, whose abode of fairies and immortals was broken, didn’t answer!
For the time being, let go of the Emei Sect and return to Guchen Cave House to talk about the demon corpse, mountain dragon and mandrill. Hearing the loud bang, Gu Chen smiled slightly and said, "Look! The people who sent me to kill me have arrived. "
The dragon water son and mandrill are also stunned and no longer relaxed and comfortable just now. The dragon water son looked grim and said, "eldest brother, don’t you have an appointment with that fellow with long eyebrows?" Today, how can this Emei Sect … "Obviously that Mandrill also wants to ask this question and looks at GuChen with a puzzled face.
The demon corpse GuChen smiled slightly: "Although you have been practicing for thousands of years, Xiaolong Shuier is not yet an adult in your dragon calculation! Ha ha! Brother, I made an appointment with Changmei, but times have changed. Now Changmei has soared for 300 years, and the Emei Sect in this world is decided by Miao Yishen. "
The dragon water son still couldn’t turn around. "Don’t Qi Shushi want to fly?" If he doesn’t listen to Chang Mei, he will feel better when he comes to Xianque in the future. "
Guchen looked at the mandrill and said with a smile, "The so-called’ I will not suffer from your life outside’, not to mention that the real person with long eyebrows has been flying for hundreds of years. Qi Shushi naturally has the right to change his policy in those days, and the Emei Sect above is not the place where his long eyebrows can have the final say. " After talking, Gu Chen said to himself, "It’s just that I don’t understand why this Qi Shushi wants to kill me?"
Long Shuier and Mandrill were puzzled when they heard about it. Gu Chen answered, "Now that the cat has changed greatly, the Emei Sect may not remain as stable as Mount Tai. At this time, he should strengthen the prevention and contact with allies. "
"Didn’t Qi Shushi know about our brother and want to get rid of the future trouble early?" Mandrill asked.
GuChen smell speech shook his head and said, "No, if Qi Shushi really knew about the existence of you and Shuier, he would never just send these people. Or if he knew you were pure, he wouldn’t have cut me … "That Guchen thought for a long time and gritted his teeth." You protect me, but I want to see what has changed. "