Looking at the cloud tiger king three words Sophie Su almost surprised out in a cold sweat and hastily opened the protective ring and the magic shield with the shield.

When he was about to call for help, he let the little girl do it, but he didn’t expect that Yunhu was one step ahead of him. The roars were like a bolt from the blue, and Sophie Su felt out of control.
This cloud tiger king actually has control skills!
Sophie Su was horrified. This time, the joy was so great that the control effect was as long as 6 seconds. In this period, I didn’t even have a chance to call for help.
Can he survive for 6 seconds with his magic shield and health value? He is confident about it. I only hope that the little girl can come and save people when she hears the roar of clouds and tigers … To be continued.
Chapter two hundred and ten Nana’s life experience
Unexpectedly, the little girl in white didn’t appear, but a black shadow broke through the ground and rushed directly to Tiger Claw, which was coming towards Sophie Su.
That is always lurking in the ground’ the teacher elder sister!
See’ the teacher elder sister’ that huge cloud tiger Tiger Claw slammed together, but Sophie Su’s heart was extremely worried. Although the skill combination of’ the teacher elder sister’ was very strong, the level and strength of this cloud tiger king were estimated as far away as’ the teacher elder sister’, unless it was No.3 who also came to help, there was still the possibility of World War I.
The body control effect finally disappeared. Sophie Su was about to shout for help, but he accidentally found that the huge body of the fierce cloud tiger was reduced again to return to the original size of the kitten and bowed his head in front of the’ teacher elder sister’.
"This … what is this rhythm …" There would have been a big battle. Sophie Su was dumbfounded at the scene before him. This looks very docile. Is the kitten really that fierce and fierce?
Sophie Su hurriedly made an insight into it again, but it turned out that the information of the former cloud tiger king was exactly the same
"Hey … has this little tiger been lowered?" I hurried to the little girl and looked at the’ kitten’ circling around the’ teacher elder sister’ legs, which was also full of doubts.
After discovering the little girl, the cloud tiger roared back toward her and became bigger. The amazing momentum was also rising rapidly.
"Little White …" It was a surprise that when the teacher elder sister called, she immediately made the cloud tiger king run to her feet again, wagging his tail.
Sophie Su couldn’t help but be ashamed to be born in Fuhumen. It’s not strange to know this cloud tiger king, but it’s really unreliable to get his name.
"Where did you get that woman and how did she look like a zombie? But it is also a beautiful zombie … "The little girl frowned and looked at the’ teacher elder sister’ next to her.
"She … is a very good friend of mine who has been secretly protecting me. Unfortunately, she has been victimized by the bad guys and become like this … Little Princess, is there any way you can make her recover?" Sophie Su tried to ask.
"They’ve all become zombies, even if they eat the resurrection pill. In fact, zombies are also quite good. Many people want to be immortal. Besides, her figure is still so good." The little girl looked down at her flat chest and said with some bitterness.
"No resurrection pills?" Sophie Su is not a little disappointed. There is still a chance for’ the teacher elder sister’ to come to her senses.
The little girl is still a little depressed. "You are omnipotent when you are a resurrection pill … Oh, it’s so boring. I want to have a good fight to recover this kitten."
But soon it seems that the little girl remembered her ultimate goal and cheered up immediately. "Come on, let’s go in and see that ten thousand-year-old snow ginseng may be in this forbidden area …"
And the kitten-like cloud tiger king smell speech is immediately jumped up and stopped in front of the little girl again, which is quite professional.
Sophie Su couldn’t help frowning. Since this cloud tiger king’ the teacher elder sister’ is familiar with the original plan, it is naturally bad.
I’m worried that the little girl will hurt the cloud tiger bamboo forest, but she has floated out of a middle-aged Taoist with high crown and wide sleeves.
"It turned out to be the little princess of Qingqiu country. It’s far from being original to meet her." The middle-aged Taoist smiled and bowed to the little girl, and Yunhu immediately wandered around the Taoist feet.
Sophie Su smell speech is a surprised, this middle-aged Taoist seems to be the master of this cloud tiger king. He can see through the identity of this little girl at a glance, and his strength will not be bad if he doesn’t check it.
And if these two people fight, it’s easy to hurt themselves, the koo masses.
The little girl looked ungrateful when she greeted the middle-aged Taoist priest. "If you really want to welcome me, then take out the ten thousand-year-old snow ginseng and let me take a bite. Don’t worry, I just want to taste it."
"This ….. that ten thousand years of snow ginseng taste is actually not good. If the little princess is willing to be original, she can serve vegetarian food with better taste." The Taoist priest only smiled bitterly after Zheng.
"I’m not interested in those who don’t have oil and water to eat vegetables. Help me get some roasted cranes less."
The middle-aged Taoist priest gave another wry smile, but he didn’t refuse. "This … if you want to eat cranes, you have to ask the little princess to move to the Taoist palace on the top of the mountain."
Sophie Su smell speech is not a word, so it is the size of fist that determines everything. Even if it is self-proclaimed, it is still a compromise when facing the powerful demon princess.
The little girl left the pie mouth is very frank should come.
Sophie Su’s heart is worried about whether this will be a trap. It looks quite a bit like a sage like type Taoist priest, but suddenly he bowed deeply to Sophie Su and said, "Thank you for saving my daughter."