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The first chapter bloody butcher (add more 14)
Tang Weiwei stood upright in the Scarab King’s charming face with a solemn look. She responded to Ye Feng like a soldier.
She held high the epic stave with a faint flame and full of evil breath in her hand. Deborah held a sexy mouth with a black flame, and the unique sultry timbre was slightly revealed, which was particularly clear in a deep and ancient dragon singing.
"Great Ice magic dragon Frozen Throne Lord, please give me the dragon soul to destroy all humble enemies … frost wyrm roared!"
"Roar …"
In the huge dragon roar, Tang Weiwei’s mind locked, and suddenly the blue frost chill filled the air. A huge frost dragon roared and pounced on the palace guards blocked in front of the king’s palace.
The ice whirls and dances, and the cold chill sweeps out like an avalanche of flying swords. Suddenly, a large number of thousands of damage values are flying, and even the elite np can’t stop the dragon magic terrorist attack.
They were frightened and just tried to dodge, only to find that as frost wyrm roared and danced wildly, a layer of cold and hard ice was spreading rapidly on the stone steps, and their feet were frozen before they could move.
Then Tang Weiwei’s staff ling a little bit, frost wyrm’s wings pressed like Taishan coping, and those frozen palace guards immediately fell apart like ice sculptures being hit hard, and the limbs and broken arms were frozen by cold, which covered the stone steps.
"Dragon language magic?"
A deep and angry sound suddenly sounded, and the gate of the King’s Temple slowly pulled away. At the moment when frost wyrm disappeared, a general dressed in a blood-red gorgeous heavy kai came out of the King’s Temple with a five-yard-long double-edged tomahawk.
His helmet visor has been pulled to cover his face, and he can’t see his face. Only a pair of blood pupils are redder than body armor, and the murderous look is like a bunch of bloodthirsty flames burning.
Compared with his horrible eyes like a demon, the double-edged tomahawk in his hand makes people dare not look straight.
I don’t know if this np general’s anger triggered the magic of the tomahawk. The magic runes engraved on the handle and blade of the tomahawk suddenly bloomed like living, and the blood awns gathered around the tomahawk, which faintly conjured up images of small heads and ghosts. They struggled in the blood and screamed like evil spirits crying.
It’s terrible. I glanced at the cute god on the back of Tang Weiwei’s scarab Wang Jia, and my face turned white.
At this time, coval, in the front row of the team, looked at the terrible giant tomahawk and suddenly exclaimed, "You are the bloody butcher Rehard!"
Ye Feng heart in a surprised immediately throw out a divine eye surgery.
[Bloody Butcher Rehard] The epic np-level national area has the rank of Japanese title, Earl, and the rank of head of the army. 2. It is a pity that the head of the royal knights of the country, the monarch of the country, Abe I, is the most powerful general to protect the country. Although Rehard’s kingdom is heavy and has the strength close to the realm of the earth, he does not have a just heart. He is cruel, tyrannical and bloodthirsty. He is one of the most notorious "butchers" in the mainland .. Since he helped the monarch Abe I overthrow his brother to the throne,
"not bad"
Ye Feng couldn’t help but sigh of relief. After coval recognized the handle of the artifact tomahawk, he was worried that this murderous guy was a God-level np. Fortunately, although Rehard’s strength is close to the God-level, it is still an epic. How close is the strength of the strong? It is also a boundary gap in Ye Feng’s understanding of the game. If it weren’t for the big pervert like Star blade master and Garella, there would be hope.
However, as soon as Rehard appeared on the scene, the situation was still grim. He pushed the epic boss to Ye Feng. All of them had already cleaned up wannabe around boss, and then a group of people rushed to encircle it. Now Rehard is surrounded by tens of millions of np elites.
In this case, it is difficult to kill nearly 30 million Rehard.
Ye Feng’s mind turned sharply, frowning and thinking about countermeasures. Rehard’s scarlet eyes swept away to Ye Feng and others, and suddenly the murderous look was as chilling as the essence.
"Rush to chop them up into pieces. With me, Rehard will never allow an intruder to set foot in the king’s palace …"
Rehard raised his tomahawk with one arm and shouted, "Kill me!"
Fortunately, more than 500 palace guards survived the ravages of frost wyrm, and encouraged them to rush to the stone steps in Rehard.
Unexpectedly, before their feet stepped on the ground, they suddenly exploded with a radius of 50 yards, and the white marble steps cracked. Magma erupted from the cracks as if it were a volcanic eruption, and the hot magma immediately blocked the palace guard’s attack path.
That more than 100 good dead people were swallowed up by Tang Weiwei’s lava fire. The palace guards quickly became a fire, and the numerous damage values immediately drifted into a piece.
When you see a piece of red blood, there is no one below 100,000 points. Once a magic crit breaks out, the damage is even worse than 300,000.
Lava inferno is Deborah’s black flame holding with intermediate templar magic. Its power is inferior to Tang Weiwei’s frost wyrm roar, but the damage of lava inferno does not depend on the skill strength. Its ten consecutive flame burns are equal to 1% of Tang Weiwei’s magic attack damage.
Although Tang Weiwei’s staff is strange, don’t forget that her left hand has been unsealed to the epic elven code, plus an epic, strange armor, and decorative magic attack. The damage can be imagined.
Besides, her feet are still standing on the scarab king, which is very special among many mounts. The super beetle’s attack assistance to Tang Weiwei is not as big as usual
As a result, when the lava fire exploded, it was in the range of skill attack. The palace guards suffered ten consecutive burns and the back became coke.
Then a golden light rose, and the elder sister successfully rose to level 150, which is one step closer to Ye Feng.
Ye Feng surprise slightly one leng suddenly remembered that the player was killed after clearing away the stab of the cavalry of the gods on the slaughter day in the peripheral position of Qicheng, and he forcibly took back the pet dragon beast.
Aaron, that rogue seems to have been upgraded, too. It has risen to a hundred levels!
When the dragon beast rises to level 100, you can awaken those two powerful magic when unsealing the second seal.
A dragon language magic [flash anger] a magic spell [star meteor] …
"coval is ready to intercept!"
Ye Feng stepped out of the thunder and set a group of palace guards who had rushed through the ashes of lava fire, locked their minds, summoned their pets and released the dragon beast.
Chapter one or two Let me (Add 15)
Ye Feng delighted to look at the earth-shattering killing in a daze, rubbing the sleepy dragon beast and quickly ordering the pet interface.
Sure enough, the flash anger and star meteor skill icons are lit.
"Aaron killed them for the old man!"
Ye Feng’s voice just fell, and the beast immediately woke up from a half-sleep. It’s natural for Ye Feng to feel how beautiful his owner is at the moment. It’s very important for a wise pet to assess the situation.
So the dragon-language beast’s paws rubbed together, and the wall blocked the attack path of the palace guards. Then the gills summoned the gang to send out a string of obscure dragon language. As it sang, the sky suddenly turned into a deep purple mass, and Lei Yun suddenly fell to the ground. This sudden change was like smoking without fire. When Thunderdragon launched purgatory in Lei Guang, it was very similar. The only difference was that the dragon-language beast’s magic singing speed was much faster than that of Thunderdragon.
In less than five seconds, a purple light billowed from that thundercloud, and a dozen millstone-sized thunderballs hung down from the clouds in Lei Yun.