"What he came to rob has nothing to do with him!" Empty reality cold hum a somewhat unpleasant to sit down.

The old man whispered with a straight face, "It’s very important that what he gave Lingbao just now is the magic wheel of Sun, Moon and Star. This is the supreme magic weapon of the two veins of Yin and Yang. This Lingbao scattered person is born with a unique ability to refine treasures and can repair them. Don’t you understand?"
If the ethereal real person realized something, he smiled in a low voice: "I said that he has nothing to do. What a pity! The magic weapon of Zhenshan has been destroyed for 400 years and now he has found someone to repair it!"
The old man suddenly said, "Lingbao can’t be repaired for the time being, or there will be another storm in Xuanyuanling. Think of a good way to get out without offending Taiqing!"
The ethereal reality whispered with a smile: "Uncle Feng Qi, you can always rest assured that I have a countermeasure!"
When they spoke, Bai Meng had rushed out of the front, and more than 100 people, each of whom was a good character, released their own demons and ghosts to block Bai Meng’s reincarnation moonlight.
Bai Meng’s heart did Sarah laugh and opened three bans. In my heart, I thought that a Lingbao fairy temple suddenly rose from the original six or seven feet long to more than forty feet long. Under the golden light, those ghosts could not stop being broken by the golden light, but when the golden light shone on a person, one person was taken away by even people and entered the temple.
But for a moment, there are only six people left outside the whole array. Bai Meng knows that since these people can’t recruit, they can’t recruit the soul with the moon magic mirror. Immediately, the figure flashed back to the hall, only to see the magic weapon flying all over the sky. The whole hall is constantly buzzing.
Bai Meng Moonlight Treasure Mirror offered a sacrifice to the four demons, four monarchs, twelve-year-old monarchs, thirty-six monarchs of the highest day and seventy-two monarchs of the earth. In their hands, Bai Meng called out seven swords and thirty-six thousand five-line needles to ward off evil spirits. God beast only blew the mysterious wind that day, and I don’t know how many people’s souls were blown away from the moon magic treasure mirror, but also released dozens of moonlight to collect the soul.
But in a flash, the souls of more than 100 people were cleaned up, but the hall was also beaten to pieces, and all the gold medals were broken.
Bai Meng was depressed in the heart. It turned out that this five-armor gold general was not invincible. Suddenly, he felt that the whole hall was shocked. He was taken aback. Unexpectedly, the outermost array of the four seas in frost wyrm Town had been broken. Article 36 frost wyrm was broken when he killed himself.
Hurriedly rushed out with the four demons and the four kings. Others were ghosts, and it was easy for people to see the truth of the moon magic mirror.
Once outside the temple, there are six people washed up on the white jade platform. These six magic weapons are extremely powerful, and the Wanfu Yuchan array can’t help them.

Chapter one hundred and seven The massacre (2)
This world war I is so serious that even the Lingbao Fairy Hall will be broken. This Fairy Hall is the foundation of his Sect. How dare you release your magical powers easily and immediately?
On the colorful nebula, fourteen seven-color arms were suddenly stretched out, each holding a magic weapon and throwing it out.
The four demons and the four roads also made their avatar fight with the thirteen demons and religious figures. Although the Moon Magic Treasure Mirror is powerful, it can’t be repaired to a higher level than himself. Bai Mengxian is a distracted person in the later period, and at most he can receive distracted characters in the later period. These thirteen people are all fit. The Moon Magic Treasure is in severe condition before and during the middle period. That can’t be helped.
Bai Meng knows in his heart that it’s just that there seems to be a step between the late distracted stage and the early fit stage. If you really go on, even a person with very good qualifications will need at least three or four years, and it may take ten or twenty years.
The magic weapon of those six people is really powerful. One person holds a black banner and blows out bursts of black wind. In the black wind, there are countless red sand hitting the golden bat, and a bat will die.
A person holding a black-and-white mirror of Yin and Yang specially shines black-and-white light, which looks ordinary, but it is a magic weapon that is still out on the colorful nebula. When it is illuminated by the black-and-white light, it is sucked into the mirror.
A person holding a green poison magic shuttle hits a magic weapon and turns it into a green water magic weapon to break five gold and jade.
A person holding a purple treasure mirror flies out of the mirror with 3,800 pieces of thunder and Vulcan sand, which is a pure Yang treasure condensed by butyl gold and designed to break the yin and cold. Bai Meng will know at a glance that this is a six-yang god thunder mirror, just like the six-yang heaven mirror, which is a pure Yang treasure. Presumably, the thirty-six frost wyrm roads were killed by this thing.
The other two men each hold a knife and a perfect blood red, which is the famous treasure of the blood knife under their seats. The demon blood knife can suck people’s blood three feet away from the body, and it can absorb light in an instant. The other knife is the shura blood knife, and a drop of blood with blood can corrode others’ flesh.
Lingbao Xiandian is also a treasure ban. Although it is broken, they can barely get on the white jade platform of Xiandian, but the white jade platform can’t be blocked by the golden light. Bai Meng knows that the outside two layers of ban are useless to them, so he has to put away the Wanfu Yuchan array, leaving only the last layer, the Nine-Day Golden Dragon Demon Decepting and Demonizing Array. As long as this array can’t be broken, they can’t get on the steps, even if they get on the steps. Unless they break the golden wall set up by the five ancestors of Nanzong in the hall, they still can’t get into the
They took a look at the Wan Fu Yuchan array and took away their big rejoicing. They were about to come forward to attack Bai Meng with magic weapons, but they saw nine Violet Gold Dragon rushing down.
These nine golden dragons are really nine dragon souls cultivated for thousands of years and golden dragons melted by Zijin, unlike the frost wyrm, which was transformed by the cold of ice for thousands of years.
At last, the purple gourd at the top of the hall suddenly shone with a purple light, which was no longer as usual, just like a purple sword, and the first person was destroyed with a swish.
It turns out that this purple gourd is the purple gourd cultivated by Ziyang real people when they get it. It is not controlled by Bai Meng at all, but as long as there are people who are not recruited by Bai Meng, they will immediately reflect a purple mountain divine light and shoot up to 18 at the same time.
After the death of that man, the purple gourd at the top of the main hall is even more powerful.
That man is holding a black-and-white mirror of Yin and Yang, which Bai Meng is most afraid of. This man’s black-and-white mirror must have the same reason as that day, but it is a black-and-white light of Yin and Yang and a colorful light.
It’s unusual for Bai Meng to sacrifice seven swords after this person’s death. It’s not up to Bai Meng to completely combine the seven swords at once.
A head covered in colorful light to ward off evil spirits rushed out. Although it was about the same size as the combination of Yin and Yang double swords, it was far from full of true qi. The other five people were frightened that this light-fixed soul would be destroyed as long as it was hit.
They each lost their magic weapon in a hurry, and called the God beast. All the magic weapons were blocked by the colorful light. I saw that the God beast suddenly sprayed the mysterious fire of heaven and earth and was dead. The two of them were really stunned and couldn’t even see a gray smoke.
The devil holding the shura blood knife is finally in a hurry. Seeing that the god beast is a magic weapon, it is not allowed to throw the shura blood knife at once to hurt the white Mongolian purple gourd. Immediately, it will take a purple sunshine divine light to turn the blood knife into a mortal devil. Suddenly, he vomited blood, fell down and crawled to go. The seven swords in Bai Meng’s hand were combined, and the god beast was entangled with others, and suddenly the body was exquisite and flew out.
I didn’t see anything. The man’s body has been cut in half. This month, Linglong came too fast. There was no sign in advance. The man could only fly out of the Yuan God and temporarily chose a corpse on the ground. He flew in, got up in a panic, and ran on the exquisite moment. He just jumped out of the Yuan God and was suddenly hit by Na Yue Linglong, turning the Yuan God into ashes.
The moon, the moon and the exquisite are their own yuan gods, Bai Meng, who dare not take it back quickly.
Most of the remaining devils are dead, and only the devil holding the purple mirror is still struggling to support it with the thunder, fire, sand and god beast in the mirror.
At first glance, Bai Meng thought that this man was really a god beast, and the mysterious fire of heaven and earth could not hurt him. He must have been born with six yang and fire, and the person who has this ability can’t let go of his anger and said, "If you submit to me, I will spare your life!"
The man was so anxious that he resisted and shouted, "I’m willing to surrender. Don’t kill me!" "
As soon as Bai Meng received the beast, he turned into 36,000 multicolored magic needles and said angrily, "Don’t touch my multicolored magic needles again. I’m not afraid that your pure sun and sand are the treasures of the five elements!"
The man hurriedly knelt down and said, "Don’t move, don’t move. I’m the grandson of a real person!" "
"What you think is beautiful!" Bai Meng raised his hand and flew out of a soul-locked ruling silk. With a hard effort, he almost didn’t smash this man’s soul on the spot, causing the man to roll around in pain.
"Don’t push any harder. I’m going to die!" At the sight of Bai Mengsong, the man knelt on the ground and begged for mercy.
Bai Meng wanted to recruit the man into the main hall and entered it himself. He tied it with a top-grade lock spirit purple gold wire and said, "You wait here and go back to Wonderland in the future. I’m dealing with your affairs!"
Let the four demons and the four kings pack up all kinds of magic weapons that have fallen in the temple, even those bodies have been searched for everything. When they get back, let the heavenly tigers sort them out one by one and see how much money they made after the battle was fought today.
Only the black-and-white mirror of Yin and Yang is very afraid of this mirror. It’s just that it’s not magic and evil, and it’s just that I can’t understand the truth of Yin and Yang, so I play with it in my hand.
I lost a lot when I put away the fairy temple, especially when it will take great efforts to make up for it in the future.

Chapter one hundred and eight The massacre (3)
He has already cleaned up the magic way here, and the people of the two religions are all in a panic. I didn’t expect that none of the hundred people escaped, only one ran for about a hundred steps, but still ended up in a daze.
Looking up in the air, it turns out that the real Jin Yu and the devil in a blaze are fighting as a bee. The real Jin Yu uses the Kunlun Excalibur, which ranks second among the twelve fairy swords refined by the real Chong Xu, but the three swords refined by the three peaks of the Kunlun Mountains can be turned into snow, jade and ice. It is even more 30,000 supreme and cold to use. Xuan Bing is flying like a snowstorm.
The old devil is not bad, either. efreet killed the fairy sword with one hand, and the moon demon cut the fairy sword with one hand. Bai Meng knew at a glance that the old devil actually used Yin and Yang to repair the sword.
Bai Meng doesn’t talk, but he secretly feels that Jin Yu’s reality is that he is going to defeat himself. I don’t know what level both of them have reached, but it feels almost the same. It happened that the old devil was cultivated by both efreet Fan Zhuan and Moon Magic Fan Zhuan, which led to such a state.
With Bai Meng’s understanding of Taiqing and Sun Moon Demon Religion, it’s almost as powerful as a magic weapon, and it’s more powerful than Taiqing. If this old devil has also learned Yin and Yang to practice kendo, it will be even better!
There was no other way. Bai Meng had to sacrifice the Lingbao Fairy Hall again, and a golden light fell on Jinyu. The real person smiled and said, "Thank you for your help. I have finished killing and I don’t need to entangle with this devil!"
Jin Yu’s reality also felt that it was difficult to support him, so he took the magic weapon along the steps of Bai Meng and immediately returned to Bai Meng’s side along the golden light.
He wanted to take the rise of the devil to kill, but he didn’t let go of the double swords, but suddenly he turned into a sun, moon and binary star and suddenly crashed into the Lingbao Fairy Hall.
The sword was immediately scattered without any damage when it was shot down by the divine light of Ziyang. The old devil stared blankly and laughed, "Good, you are a golden jade real person to escape with a doll!" "
Bai Meng’s mouth is hot. "You’re nothing good. I said that you don’t want to face. Come down. Look, everyone knows that face is a good thing. I think you are also a big shot of the Sun Moon Sect, but you are shameless. Come down with others like a dog. If efreet knew that he had received such a shameless thing, he would have set your tail on fire. I think you are a disgrace to the Sun Moon Sect. You are shameless. Don’t drag down the whole Sun Moon Sect. Teach me that if you were you, find a piece of tofu and kill me!"
He comes from a business background, and his mouth is as cruel as it is cruel, and he has to lose as much as he can, but there is another Lingbao Fairy Temple to protect himself, and you can’t do anything about it.
Taoist people, old and young, laughed when they heard Bai Meng’s words. There were also many people in the Magic Sect who snickered. Before Bai Meng shouted, everyone shouted clearly that they would go down if they didn’t want to lose face. It’s not wrong for people to start cursing now.
Bai Meng didn’t know who this old devil was, so he asked Jin Yu, a real person, and Jin Yu, a real person, said with a wry smile: "This person is Jin Wushuang, the founder of the Sun and Moon Magic Sect, but I also told you right. I have known this person for almost 300 years and have always been a shameless thing. It’s the same when I was a child!"
Jin Wushuang laughed loudly and said, "Little Lao Tzu will find an opportunity sooner or later, and I won’t be a Jin Wushuang if I don’t rob you of this Lingbao Fairy Hall!"
He returned to his throne as the leader of the Sun, Moon and Magic Sect, and he didn’t care or kept laughing.