After the healing, Feng picked up the bat’s body, but it was still the same two wastes. After shaking his head, Feng looked at the ore in front of him and found that it really had attributes to jump out.

No ore
What kind of ore? ? ?
Ore grade? ? ?
A series? Looking at maple is a bit confusing. It seems that you need some professional knowledge to see what attributes this ore is.
In Lufeng, I have already thought of a mining method. Although it is a little exaggerated, it can definitely be greatly reduced. That is, the hoe will dig out the whole mine together and then put it into the bag. When I get to an safe place to knock, whether it can be done depends on the authenticity of the game.
So Feng started to loosen the soil around the ore, and then planed them. After that, Feng looked up at the bat not far away and found that it didn’t respond, which made Feng relieved. It seems that the game hasn’t driven the player to a dead end. After all, if the bat is really designed according to the reality, this movement is enough to attract the bat’s attention.
However, the disadvantage of mining in this way is also obvious, that is, it takes at least ten minutes to dig one piece, which is definitely extremely inefficient compared with smashing two pieces with a hoe. But at this stage, if you can dig this mine, just laugh. Who cares about efficiency?
After about twenty minutes of hard work, Feng finally dug up the soil around the ore and then chose to pick it up against the bare ore.
Chapter 27 What everyone needs is communication
Looking at [a whole piece of non-ore] in the backpack, I feel that the whole person is comfortable than I thought. It seems that some aspects of this game are still relatively wide in gameplay.
But Feng doesn’t know if this ore needs siderite, so he can continue to look for more pieces and bet his luck. Anyway, other extra ores should be able to sell for money.
So Feng spent two hours in the mine and dug up 15 pieces of ore in the same way. Looking at the backpack full of all kinds of ores, Feng thought that no matter how hard she recited it, she couldn’t guess wrong.
"An hour! Be honest! "
Just as Feng was preparing to retreat, she received a breeze and rain to chat privately. This product has been BB since an hour ago.
"Have you finished? I’m already at the gate. "
"You are so inefficient! Express coordinates I’ll help you. "
"You’d better reply to me, or I won’t wait for you!"
"Well, now that we have agreed to form a team, I can’t break my promise to others. After all, being a man should be honest and everyone needs to be a communication place. Will you please reply to me and let me know how long I should wait?"
When I saw this sentence, Feng Hao replied to him for about an hour, and the result was that I received a bunch of private chats again.
"Right, you see, we can still communicate. Don’t feel embarrassed to talk to me just because I’m a master, and you’re not bad at telling me your coordinates and I’ll save you."
"Why don’t you answer again? Have a little confidence, okay?"
"Oh, forget it. I’ll accommodate you. I’ll go to the city again."
"There’s nothing to buy after shopping. It’s been 4 minutes. Have you finished?"
When reading these news, Feng has developed from a word to a joke. After all, if you appreciate the wind and rain as a pure joke, it is actually acceptable.
"Well, the horse will come when I’m done."
After the rain, Feng closed his private chat and walked all the way to the door of the mine. He was careful enough. He didn’t want to get caught when he came in and had nothing to do when he went out
Five minutes later, Feng walked out of the mine after changing his tone. Looking at the door, there was still no player. Feng actually wondered that even if no one organized a wave of people to come to the desert, there should be a few who would sneak in like himself, but he stayed in it for two hours, but he just didn’t find a player and didn’t quite understand it.
After returning to Mite City, Feng didn’t go straight to the equipment store, but went to the grocery store in the center of the city. Just now, when he entered, he found a place to buy minerals. He planned to ask how much these minerals were worth first.
After entering the store, Feng found the counter with the sign of buying ore and asked the receptionist, "Hello, I have ore to sell."
As usual, a virtual trading panel jumped in front of him after the receptionist ordered the shop.
Fang Feng, the seller, should be able to see the value of the contents in his backpack, but those mineral surface signs are the words "French sale"
Unable to understand the maple, he asked the receptionist after dropping the trading panel, "What do I sell by ore method?"
"Please break down the ore before you sell it, sir," the receptionist replied with a smile.
Is it really necessary to dig before selling? So Feng asked again, "Is there any place where you can decompose ore?"
"Yes, you can go to the melting room on the second floor." The receptionist pointed to the stairs inside and said.
After thanking Feng, she went to the second floor, looked for it a little, and then found the room with the smelting room.
After knocking on the door, a hot air came to my face instantly. Feng raised his hand and waved the hot air, and then went in, only to find that it was actually a dwarf inside. This is the first time that Feng has seen a human alien race in Mitte City. So, dwarves should be human-friendly races?
"hey! What can I do for you? "When Feng was surprised, the dwarf came over enthusiastically and asked Feng.
"I want to decompose my ore," replied Feng.
"oh! Ok, there’s a forging table over there. You have to pay me two quintals to make it work. "The dwarf nodded and said.
I had to charge … but the quint was nothing, and the maple was readily handed over at a very high price.
"You are really a refreshing customer. I have some good things to recommend to you. Would you like to see them?"
After the dwarf finished speaking, a virtual trading panel jumped out, with a few and some forging tools to sell. This is the first time I’ve seen it, so Feng took a look at the properties with curiosity.
Primary ore appraisal manual (book)
Ordinary quality
After reading, you can master the distinguishing ability of identifying primary ores.
The remarks were written by Dwarf craftsman Spencer, with clear text description and plenty of illustrations. It is an absolute value choice.
The price is 5 silver, which is not too expensive after all, but maple can’t pay five silver coins now. In addition to this primary ore appraisal manual, there is also a primary casting armor manual, and the price is relatively high, but maple doesn’t need to buy it yet.
"How are you interested?" After closing the trading panel, the dwarf rubbed his hands and asked Feng Tao
"I’m interested, but I can’t afford it for the time being. I’ll buy it later," replied Feng.
"How warm! Askar welcomes you anytime," said the dwarf after making a gentleman’s ceremony.
After talking with Aska, Feng walked to the forging stage and released the ore from his backpack. After picking up the broken ore pieces, Feng looked at one of the properties and found that it was still not an ore. It seems that this ore appraisal must be bought.
After jingling for a long time, Feng finally untied the minerals in the backpack and put them into the backpack. After that, Feng walked up to Haska and asked, "Can I exchange my minerals for your membership?"
Chapter 20 This sets me up
"Of course I can be enthusiastic. Aska likes minerals," Aska replied with a smile.
"That’s great." Maple said and took out all kinds of minerals and showed them to Aska.
"Europe ~ are all minerals of comparable quality. Where do you want them?" Askar asked.
"That’s the primary ore appraisal manual."