If it is a white Poké mon egg, the culture solution can be mixed with water so that one copy can support the promotion of five white Poké mon eggs to yellow qualification.

Three yellow ones and one green one.
Moreover, the most important thing is to upgrade the green qualification Poké mon eggs to blue qualification, and the success rate of one culture medium must be 30% separately.
This is a lot worse than being 100% successful in turning yellow into green.
So Qiu Yuan wants to mix out the culture solution and make it upgrade its egg qualification after purchasing Poké mon eggs in Fengling Breeding House.
This can be extremely cost-effective.
A white Poké mon egg is about 50 thousand yuan, while a yellow Poké mon egg is about 120 thousand, and a green Poké mon egg is about 10 thousand
This indicator is the general price for some common and rare Poké mon.
In this way, if Qiuyuan qualified Poké mon eggs in white, the original value of Poké mon eggs could be directly increased from 50,000 to 60,000.
But …
Everything is a beautiful vision.
Qiuyuan has accumulated a total of 63 points …
One culture medium needs 8 grams of wish powder, 5 grams of sweet and lost flowers, 5 grams of blue awakening stone powder.
The price of sweet and blue awakening stone powder is about 40 thousand yuan
But one gram of wishing powder needs 5 points, which means that 200 points of autumn yuan is enough to make a culture medium.
And the price of lost flowers and windward grass has far exceeded the benefits of upgrading Poké mon eggs.
Although the success rate of the culture medium for white and yellow Poké mon eggs is 100%, the underwear will be lost in this way.
In the end, when Qiuyuan understands this thing, there will be enough inferior materials to pile the green qualification Poké mon eggs into blue qualifications.
Blue qualification Poké mon egg base can sell for millions of dollars, and it will be more expensive if it is still a little special.
Only in this way can we make enough profits and achieve the effect of high breeding house name.
After much deliberation, Qiuyuan finally gave up the idea of qualifying Poké mon eggs in white and yellow.
In the breeding house, the ten royal families-forest lizard and croak frog-received from the Alliance Breeding Center are pregnant.
One of the poor five forest lizards is a female, and the same is true of the five-headed frog.
Fortunately, the two females were pregnant and had already passed a period of pregnancy when Qiuyuan went out.
If nothing unexpected happens, you will be able to lay Poké mon eggs these days.
It’s strange that Qiu Yuan doesn’t know why Ibrahimovic’s pregnancy is longer than that of forest lizards and frogs.
It takes ten days for a forest lizard to get pregnant and lay eggs, but Ibrahimovic has gone through more than twenty days.
Strange, strange
Qiuyuan spent six of the few points and exchanged enough to make three parts of culture solution. Wish powder is ready to start making culture solution.
Let’s see if it’s Mr. Jigglypuff’s eggs or Mr. Forest Lizard and Mr. Crouching Frog’s eggs.
Anyway, it can be sure that their eggs are all green, so it is just right to culture their eggs with culture medium.
Although there is a certain chance of failure, Qiu Yuan doesn’t believe that there is a 90% chance of three cultures, but he must be 10%.
That’s true, but it seems that this probability can’t be added up.
However, no matter how many eggs are given to ordinary Poké mon, it is also a loss to give eggs to high-qualified Poké mon. If it doesn’t succeed, it is also a loss.
Then it’s better to take a chance.
What if the bike becomes a motorcycle?
The preparation process is still so boring, and the formula given is known, and the optimal formula is very stable.
Unless Qiu Yuan changed the formula, Ji could not fail.
This time, although it was the first time in Qiuyuan, it was also very successful to produce three cultures.