As if this speculation has become a part of his ability.

However, he soon abandoned it to one side. He found a tool and quickly pried the lock.
I feel that there seems to be a line of sight behind me, staring at the other party’s seal, and frequently turning back to watch the situation behind me while unlocking with the tools.
Only after they were separated from Qin Xu, Fang Yin began to miss them for a moment.
Although Li Xing met several people not long enough, the special environment in the fog made them quickly form a friendship similar to fighting side by side. He couldn’t help thinking that if Qin Xun returned here, he would not be so worried about his back.
Even the most unreliable Mao Chengcheng can make him feel safe.
The door will open soon.
Fang Yin rummaged through the keys in his bag, vaguely feeling that something was in front of the window. He felt uneasy and looked up hastily. He saw Qin Xu’s cold face and opened the co-pilot door without saying a word, and then wrapped the side up and stuffed it into Fang Yin’s arms.
Until he rightfully reached out at the co-pilot’s seat, wait for a while didn’t return to absolute being.
….. "How did you come?" Shouldn’t you have followed Zhao to Shancheng Road?
Fang Yin didn’t dare to ask out the second half of the sentence. After asking out this sentence, Qin Zhigui’s eyebrows moved very slightly, and a radian was calculated.
But he was patient and Fang Yin explained, "I’ll go with you after the mountain city closes."
"Well, let’s … collect the materials first and then set off?" At this time, it’s better for Qin Yigui to be willing to join him. Fang Yin won’t refuse Qin Yigui’s kindness, and his shoulders are slack.
This relaxed attitude obviously pleased Qin Yougui.
The man’s whole body is serious, his aura is mild, and a lot of light hums out a "hmm" from his nose.
Yunyun materials were searched back and forth by them many times. This time, Fang Yin collected enough food, clothing, housing and transportation, and it took some time. After all, most shopping malls have already collected them.
Confirmed Xu Sirui’s position, Fang Yinma drove non-stop to Qihu.
"Do you care about Xu Sirui?"
The vehicle broke through the fog and drove like a left arrow on the open road, almost dragging out a ghosting image.
The co-pilot, Qin Xu, looked out of the window, neither salty nor light, and his tone seemed cool and he asked casually.
However, Fang Yin knows that Qin Xugui is a natural person, and it is generally difficult to take the initiative to ask anything, especially this kind of information that is related to personal subjective feelings.
I didn’t expect Qin Yougui to care about this seal. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Of course not. Are you saving people because you care about each other?"
certainly not
There are many starting points for assistance.
But irresistible, but the sense of protection and responsibility for the weak can also be a sense of justice and morality …
There are always many situations, personal feelings.
Helping is just awe and respect for life.
"… I’m sorry"
Qin Xugui realized that he had just asked a ridiculous question. If he hadn’t been carried away by jealousy, he wouldn’t have asked such a question of mental decline.
Fang Yin seems to have changed.
The young man doesn’t know when he is more lonely and brave than the figure in Qin Yougui’s memory. He seems to have quietly grown up in a place where Qin Yougui can’t see, become excellent and become strange.
Qin Xugui doesn’t like this kind of feeling that makes people upset and strange, but he doesn’t like being dominated by emotions now. His jealousy and exclusivity will affect his judgment and reason in Qin Xugui’s view.
Make people unhappy
"It’s nothing to be sorry about. In fact, I don’t like you always apologizing to me at all." Fang Yin suddenly said that he didn’t know what he thought. He gave a long sigh. "You always …"
He pondered the word before slowly saying, "It makes people feel very distant. Strangers don’t apologize for such trivial things."
He doesn’t deny that Qin Xugui took care of him and made up with him, but there is a stifling rigid and cold courtesy in it, which makes people feel a little overwhelmed.
"Right … okay, I know." Qin Xun’s words of apology came to his lips and finally changed from sorry to knowing.
From one kind of cold hardening to another.
Chapter 59 Lu Yu abnormal detour.
"There is no road ahead." Fang Yin frowned slightly when he saw the road ahead.
I don’t know what broke through the railings on both sides of the expressway, and the steel debris stood in the middle of the road, blocking their way.
The road surface is obviously damaged and dragged by violence. A long shallow canal is like a trail left by a large reptile.
It’s more than one meter wide, very close to two meters.
Twisting and bending the square seal looks like a snake twisting and leaving traces, but don’t say it’s a green province. Even the whole land of China has never seen such a big reptile or snake.
Snakes with a diameter of nearly two meters will always have their own place in the news. Qinghai Province is a big tourist province, and Qiyun Town in Qihu Lake is a famous scenic spot. People flow back and forth very much. I have never heard of anyone meeting such a big guy.
The original speeding car was forced to stop.
The iron fracture was dug out with sharp edges and corners, and wait for a while poked his teeth in the road. It was really ferocious. Obviously, the car couldn’t drive in the past, and the roads on both sides were blocked by steel fences. Fang Yin couldn’t ignore it.
He can just turn around and leave.
In the third hour after Fang Yin left Izumo, the screen had not moved for a long time, and the red dot finally changed its position, moving towards Liujiang at a relatively slow speed.
They don’t have much waves on the road.
However, it’s hard to ignore Fang Yin’s stop and hesitate to gently push the co-pilot Qin Yougui.
The co-pilot man is closing his eyes, breathing smoothly, and his face is silent. He can’t tell if he is asleep, so he can play the sound as softly as possible.
I didn’t know that as soon as I put my hand on the man’s sleeve, he opened his eyes. The original was fairly relaxed and straightened up. Just when I opened my eyes, I was filled with filled Shaqi. When I saw the people clearly, I was scattered in my eyes for a moment.
"What’s the matter?"
Qin’s voice is a little hoarse because he just woke up.
Fang Yin seems to have been shocked by just one look, staring at Qin Yi’s face for two seconds before opening his mouth and repeating what he just said, and adding some details: "There is no road ahead as if something is climbing over."
Qin Yougui raised his hand and pinched his eyebrows. He looked across the window to see the road ahead. "Have you been there?"
"No" Fang Yin shook his head. He’s not stupid. If it’s really some kind of reptile, he can’t be sure whether the other party has gone far. Isn’t it a thousand miles to send his head alone?
He dare not.
"Very well," Qin Xu said in a low voice, reaching out and pressing the top of Fang Yin’s head.
It was like encouraging and praising keeping small pets at home, and Fang Yin felt a little positive from that room.
"I’m going to see if you don’t move."
Qin Xu returned to open his palm. The man’s fingers were slender and powerful. In several places, the palm and knuckles left traces of ordnance all the year round, with a little yellow cocoon.
Fang Yin is no stranger to the touch of that thing.
At ordinary times, some hard and rough scabs will be soaked with softness to be full of elasticity in a warm and humid environment.
At this time, the man’s fingers are slightly bent with a virtual grip.
This movement looks like a second-rate taste, but a long black tangdao really appeared in the man’s hand.
It was he who used a knife in a dreamland.