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Both men and women can pretend to be men in this fashion, and there is a heroic and fresh sense of vegetation, while the female is sacred and beautiful.

"Too beautiful!"
Chu Yun thinks that these women are so beautiful after wearing this fashion, especially when the fairy says that nine days in Xuan Nv is not enough. Of course, the rest of the women are not bad because they are all beautiful women.
"Happiness is dead" because there are too many rewards. Bells face is red and she is excited.
The women are talking about this, and they have all become perverts, which is just like dreaming.
"Dream yao hug …"
Chu Yun thinks Meng Yao is so beautiful in this fashion.
Chen Mengyao gave him a white look and he was the only one.
For everyone, this young couple is showing their love again.
And then there’s the treasure chest. The reward is too rich, but I don’t know what’s in the treasure chest.
"Ha, ha, ha, I’m coming." Linger excitedly chose a silver treasure chest at the end.
"Ding, congratulations on getting frost wyrm Jingxue."
What is frost wyrm Jingxue?
Linger will directly release the attribute.
Frost wyrm’s Jing Xue and frost wyrm’s Heart Blood permanently increased his physical strength by 1 and his strength by 3.
"ah!" Although this thing is very enviable, it adds strength, and she is a summoner. Summoner pays attention to intelligence.
"Which one of you wants something good, but you must exchange it with me." Linger said that this thing is too small for her to exchange with others.
One, the competition for the physics professional woman was finally taken away by Lin Weiwei, and Lin Weiwei also spent a lot of money to exchange this Jingxue.
Chu Yun smiled and clicked a silver treasure chest.
"Ding, congratulations on getting five bottles of enemy potion."
Chu Yun was pleasantly surprised at the name of five bottles of enemy potions.
Enemy potions make the rear enemy last three seconds.
"It’s only three seconds." Chu Yun was a little lost, but not bad. Five bottles, that’s fifteen seconds, and there is no limit yet.
For this consumption, everyone envies the enemy’s ability to send big babies at all times.
After Chu Yun, Lin Weiwei Lin Weiwei randomly ordered a box.
"Ding, congratulations on winning the frost wyrm Heart Scale"
"frost wyrm heart scale?" Lin Weiwei is curious to release the attribute directly.
Frost wyrm’s heart scales cover frost wyrm’s heart scales, and the owner’s own epidemic is frozen and bound by epidemic reduction.
Everyone is envious of this thing. Although the freezing property drops and the bondage doesn’t appear often, what if it does? This is definitely a life-saving thing.
Then there is the fairy fairy thing, and it’s just art to move casually and flow freely and pleasing to the eye.
"Ding, congratulations on winning the frozen gem."
Fairy word directly see attribute.
The [Frozen Gem] level Tianxuan attribute attack has a 3% chance to freeze it for 3 seconds when it hits the enemy. When it cools down, the introduction of 3 seconds can be embedded in the weapon.
It’s good for everyone to freeze for 3 seconds with a 3% chance.
The Baal sword can’t be inlaid with gems, otherwise Chu Yun will get whatever he says.
After the fairy is selected, it will be Song Qing. Song Qing’s wish is very simple. If it weren’t for the gold coin skill point, it would be fine.
"Ding Congratulations, you have gained 300 million gold coins and 3 million skill points."
Chapter 532 Jade wisp veils!
Song Qing’s mouth Zhang greatly seems to be able to swallow an egg and come to whatever he is afraid of. God, how can you do this?
Everyone sympathized with Song Qing when she learned that she had got gold coins and skill points.
After Song Qing, Bing Lan took the last step and ordered the most side one from the remaining five boxes.
Bing Lan got a fake God Xuan equipment, which makes everyone know that this is a fake God Xuan than envy.
After the ice blue, all the four girls in Mengmeng Cangyueer Asahiki Mengyao got good things, but Song Qing was the most rubbish.
Because everyone is used to the skill points of gold coins, of course, if the number of gold coins reaches a horrible level, it is another matter than saying 100 billion 100 billion 110 billion …
After the silver treasure chest, it is the golden treasure chest. Still, the treasure in the golden treasure chest is stronger than the silver treasure chest.
Bells quickly ordered the farthest one before.
"Ding, congratulations on getting a one-time prop, and you are furious."