"Elder Victor was awakened before he fell asleep, which not only caused his strength not to increase, but also caused physical damage. Fortunately, the vampire bat king was cured and there was no major problem. This time, it is possible to sleep. If there is a problem, is the vampire bat king capable of curing three elders at the same time?" Sakura insisted on speaking her mind.

"If they are sleeping normally, it is impossible to park these three coffins in this position. It is safer for us to have a look," Tal pondered.
In fact, he also wanted to see what the guy who drove their Northfaratu family out of the blood clan was like.
Moreover, he is very rebellious and individualistic, so he won’t take the precepts seriously.
"Tal is right. Let’s have a look!" Sakura ink agreed.
Ziyue also persuaded, "We are all not too worried here. It is still necessary to take a chance to find Mr. Edward quickly."
Sakuragi is not worried about her father’s safety! Therefore, although I was dissatisfied with the intrusion of demons, I didn’t continue to oppose it. Nothing is more important than my father’s safety.
Tal and Sakura Ink walked together towards one of the coffins in the center of the hall. Qiuqiu was curious and wanted to go, but was held by Su Orange "Don’t make a move".
"Daddy …" Qiuqiu looked at Sue orange puzzled.
From the moment I stepped into this castle, Su Orange had a bad feeling in my heart.
In my mind, I drifted off and flashed some messy pictures. It seems that several creatures with black wings are overwhelming …
Sue orange stares at the vampire bat king and reads a dangerous smell from his eyes. As Tal and Sakura ink approach, this dangerous smell becomes more intense. It seems that this guy may pounce on someone’s neck at any time and bite hard!
Dantard’s hand touched the coffin lid, and Su Orange saw the bloodsucking bat net. His eyes flickered and his wings shook!
"Wait a minute!" Su orange tried to stop it, but it was too late.
The vampire bat king’s abdomen suddenly cracked, and several small vampire bats poured out of it and gathered around Tal and Sakura Ink!
Seeing this, Su Orange finally came for nothing. She just saw the creatures with black wings in the messy picture, which should be these small vampire bats!
Sharp ears, ugly face, white sensen’s fangs, bloodthirsty eyes!
"hide!" Sakura gave a scream.
"Uncle …" Qiuqiu shouted anxiously!
However, Tal and Sakura Ink moved one of the coffins as if they didn’t hear anything or find anything unusual. As the coffin lid hit more vampire bats, they flew out, just like burning a lot of pieces of paper and flying black debris!
"A lot of butterflies!" Tal gave a sigh of emotion. In front of him and Sakura Ink, several beautiful butterflies with colorful light flew out of the coffin.
Seeing that Tal and Sakuramo were about to be surrounded by vampire bats, Sakuragi tried to help but was tightly held by William. "Hey, don’t go there. It’s too dangerous!"
"Let me go …" How could Sakura ignore her brother’s comfort?
Although Angela doesn’t care about the death of the blood clan, how can she sit idly by and see that Su Orange has taken out the alloy knife and the alloy thorn cone to fight?
"Carving insects!" Angela played out with a cold hum and a flame.
The flying vampire bats caught fire immediately, but they didn’t die immediately. Instead, they waved their wings full of flames and continued to attack Tal and Sakura Ink 3!
A large number of vampire bats are pouring out of the belly of the vampire bat king. It seems that the body of the vampire bat king is limited. It seems that it is connected to an unknown. Generally, no one can count how many little vampire bats are pouring out, and no one knows when it will stop!
Now, not only everyone in Tal and Sakura Ink Hall is targeted by small vampire bats!
Angela was surprised to find that fire magic actually burned vampire bats.
Qiuqiu made an ice fire cage in a panic, and as a result, some vampire bats became fire bats and some became ice bats, but they were all able to continue to live and attack the target!
Tal and Sakura ink felt the pain before they broke free from the illusion and shot down a large vampire bat in front of them.
At this time, many vampire bats have been attached to their bodies, and the flames have caused their bodies to burn. When they were forcibly pulled out, Tal and Sakamoto left a terrible mark on their necks, and the blood flowed out, which attracted more vampire bats to flock!
William ran to the gate only to find that the automatic closing of the gate just now could not be pushed!
Angela tried to carry other types of magic, but it didn’t work! Of all the battles she fought in, this was the only time she felt awkward and terrible.
Just when everyone was about to be completely surrounded and lose their ability to resist, suddenly a flute came!
The vampire bat suddenly stopped attacking someone in the place and flew back to the original place.
Some entered the vampire bat king and some flew back to the coffin.
After dozens of seconds, the hall finally recovered calm, and all vampire bats returned to their original positions.
"Cover the coffin quickly!"
A quick sound woke up the stunned crowd.
Su Orange and Sakura Ji will buckle the coffin before they return to absolute being together.
And tal and sakura ink fell to the ground and fell into a coma because of their injuries.
Edward came quickly from the elders’ seat to Sakuramo and Tal. "The horse took them to the Blood Spring for treatment!" "
Blood spring is a dark spring in the castle. Only three elders can enter the blood spring for treatment and cultivation.
Angela looked at the location of the elders’ seat. When they came in just now, the place was flat and there seemed to be nothing, but now there is suddenly a throne. Isn’t it strange?
"Where is the blood spring?" Sue orange asked.
"Come with me!"
Edward picked up his son, Sakura Ink, and William picked up Tal in disgust and followed Edward to the throne.
If my sister Angela hadn’t pressured him, the demon king wouldn’t have done such manual labor!
But the only one left is a boy. Can girls be put into a coma, Tal?
For Edward’s sudden appearance, because of the emergency, we have no time to ask for it for the time being.
Before coming to the throne, Edward twisted the right hand position of the throne. There was a sudden noise on the ground in front of a circular machine. A large marble floor suddenly sank to rescue the wall. A faint candlelight could see that there was a stepped passage inside.
It turns out that there are still so many mysteries in the throne. It seems that Edward was in the main hall before, and what is going on can wait until Sakura Ink and Tal are awakened before asking.
At this time, Angela no longer has racial ideas. Take out magic ball as a photo tool.
In magic ball, it gives off a bright white light, and everyone quickly enters the channel and walks along the stairs towards the unknown territory.
After walking some distance along the stairs, I came to the underground palace. Edward touched a wall and several candles were automatically lit.
I followed Edward forward for a while and saw a steaming hot spring.
However, the water in the hot spring is not transparent or white, but exudes a strong bloody red!
Edward directly put the cherry ink in and motioned William to put Tal in.
"So this means the fountain of blood." William put Tal in a pool of blood with great interest.
With the blood spring soaking in Sakura Ink and Tal’s body, the wounds are gradually healing and it can be clearly seen that the blood spring is absorbed into their bodies.
The burn wound caused by the blood-sucking bat on fire became smaller and smaller, and soon disappeared.
After another moment, Sakura opened her eyes. Although she looked a little weak, she woke up after all. He saw Edward calling a "father …" with some difficulty.


Flower pike with a golden Youlong virtual shadow directly to the buildings dust chest.

"Pediatrics" buildings dust sneer at a said.
At the moment when the golden Youlong virtual shadow stabbed, the dusty body suddenly disappeared into the original place.
It was behind the flowers when the dusty figure appeared here.
"Ghost chop!"
The sword in the hand of the dust in the street was severely cut on the back of the flower.
A nearly 10,000 damage rises from the top of the flower head.
However, this injury is nothing for the dragon warrior Hua, because his blood volume is as high as 37 points.
"revenge of the dragon!"
Hua suddenly drank the pike in his hand after he was injured and stabbed at the dust in the buildings.
This pike actually turned a corner and stabbed himself. This dust was also unexpected and didn’t do anything to dodge.
The damage caused by this shot to the dust of the buildings is as high as more than 7 thousand points, which shows that the flower attack is also very good
"Ghost flashes!"
After being shot, Moqian Dust did not flinch, but continued to launch a combo skill on Hua.
The big sword in the hands of the dust quickly stabbed the flower body.
After four injuries in a row, Hua’s blood volume was directly mutilated, and the flower was about to die with a light blow. At this time, Hua suddenly drank heavily, and then his blood volume was instantly restored to full value
"Huoxue Longhuo!"
This skill is to instantly restore your blood volume to full value, which is so awesome that it is a relatively fate skill to have 3 minutes when the self-treatment skill cools down.
"I can rely on this!" Watching Ye Ye shouted.
"Who knows?" Aside wasteland flash chimed in
At this time, the dust did not give up, and he continued to release several skills to the flowers. However, this time, the flowers were more prepared than before, and several attacks by the dust were successfully dodged by him
"It seems that I need to get rid of you as soon as possible!" The sword in the hand of the dust in the street cuts the palm of the left hand and then quickly wipes his blood over the blade of the sword in his hand.
"Destroy the ghost!"
After wiping the blood with the big sword in the hands of the dust, the big sword was cut directly towards the flower to see that a strong firm but gentle wave was swallowed directly towards the flower.
"The dragon fights in the wild!"
At this time, Hua did not choose defense, but chose to bless himself with a state skill
After blessing in this state, the flower clothing instantly turns into a golden armor with a dragon head relief, and the pike in his hand also turns golden. The joint of the spear head and the spear rod is also a mouth-opening dragon head.
This is a big change. At this time, it takes both physical defense and magic defense+3% resistance+5 to restore health at 1 point per second. The most terrible thing is that this state lasts for half an hour, which is really against the sky.
Feather, dust, and dragons transform into different flowers. This transformation is more like the whole dragon being integrated into his equipment.
The ghost beheaded the world after the transformation, and the flower directly gave a harsh metal friction.
A more than 10,000-point injury reduced the blood consumption to half again.
But that person who attack next becomes a flower.
"Qinglong is out of the water!"
The pike in the flower’s hand is bent like a ribbon and stabbed at the dust of the buildings.


You can see that this is a 16-nut without measuring Zhuang!

Not far from Zhuang, I looked up and saw that there were many kinds of pieces growing in the whole field.
There are screws, nuts, washers, collars and many more complicated things.
"This … this thing …" Zhuang was speechless for a while.
What? You can grow anything in this field?
"Look, Master Zhuang," Xiao Wei raised his right hand and took out a square thing.
This is a CPU.
A small chip has become several transistors, which is the most sophisticated and greatest thing that human beings can produce at present.
Then Xiao Wei squatted on the ground and dug a hole to bury the CPU.
Then watered it.
After a while, a silver-gray plant grows out of the ground, and each leaf is a CPU.
Not far from Zhuang, I picked a piece and held it in my hand. It was the same as the CPU, and even the handwriting was the same.
Xiao Wei took the CPU from Zhuang not far away and connected it with a motherboard very neatly.
And then the plane …
Not far from this moment, Zhuang felt horrified and absurd.
"This thing can copy things?"
"If it is abiotic, it can be copied." Xiao Weidao
They have tried all kinds of things.
Besides CPU, there are toothbrushes, cell phones, tissues …
You can grow anything.
Zhuang bu long silence language
He remembers doing something when he was a child.
At that time, the big guys in the winery were very difficult and always didn’t have enough money.
There is nothing to entertain except Zhuang, and many children in the winery like to play tricks on Zhuang for fun.
I don’t know who told me that "as you sow, so you reap". I planted a one-dollar steel shovel in a flowerpot and told Zhuang not far away that I would take him to buy delicious food when I had a lot of money. At that time, I was especially young and took good care of it for a summer vacation.
The end result is, of course …
Being severely laughed at has also become a dark history and unwillingness to look back in Zhuang’s recent years.
At that time, Zhuang knew not far away that not everything could be planted.
But this common sense has been passively shaken at this moment.
It turns out that this world can really grow anything!
Murphy …
Not far from Zhuang, he looked up at the factories with large and small but identical shapes beside him.
Don’t … These factories are also planted?
He can probably understand what’s going on here.
After occupying the factory, the factory owners found its special features and regarded it as a "factory manufacturing machine" to benefit the special capacity batch manufacturing factory of Jinye Shitian.
Later, the war destroyed these factories, and the broken parts of the factories fell into the ground and became the growing parts all over the ground.
This is just …
It’s amazing!
What strange things did these manor owners send and build in the later period of manor owners!
This kind of thing can be done!
"The manor is so special, please take it back." Xiaowei said.
Not far from Zhuang, he didn’t refuse. "Go home first. I want to stay here for a while."
“? ?”
Xiao Wei and Lao Bang were puzzled, but they followed orders.
When the two men left the manor, the other servants were gone.
Not far from Zhuang, I suddenly looked around and grinned.
He took out a one-dollar coin from his pocket and dug a hole in the ground, then buried it.
I couldn’t help laughing when I watched a one-dollar coin tree grow from the ground like a silver tree full of elm money.
"Ha ha ha ha who said money can’t be planted!"
Laughing and laughing, Zhuang is not far away and a little crying.
At the beginning, I laughed and comforted others, but now they are gone.
I don’t know where it is
Just then, Zhuang suddenly heard a sound not far away.
"Hey, small landowner!"
"Huh?" Zhuang is not far from wondering if someone called me?
Chapter 147 Coward Little Mud
Zhuang looked around and found no one around.
Did you hear wrong?


Zhang Chengyuan readily said, "Well, you know how to be humble, but remember, don’t be humble when you get to the competition. Be sure to bring me back a champion. My sister Zhang Chengyuan can’t lose to ordinary people in sports."

Small Crystal laughed. "Brother, don’t worry, I’m absolutely sure of winning this championship. I asked Paula, the winner of the one-meter idol sports meeting, and her best result in the 5-meter dash was about 7.5 seconds. Even my level in the first grade of middle school was worse than mine. How could I lose?"
Zhang Chengyuan thought for a moment and said, "Don’t be too careless. You may lose the game if you fall down casually. Besides, you don’t want to make an effort in this game. It will take more than 7 seconds to get too conspicuous."
Small crystal nodded and replied, "Brother, I know you can rest assured."
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Watch the idol sports meeting (2)
Shortly after returning to the lounge, the workers came to inform the idol sports meeting that the opening ceremony was about to start, and asked the contestants to arrange their teams, take the team flags and get ready for the appearance. Because it was not the contestant Zhang Chengyuan, he naturally could not accompany Xiao Jing, but he still stayed with her and talked to her during the waiting period until her team appeared, and then separated from her temporarily and continued to watch the appearance of "athletes" at the entrance of the stadium.
When all the athletes have appeared and are on the playground, Zhang Chengyuan chatted casually and counted them. He found that there were 17 teams with about 15 people. He was a little surprised and thought that there were so many idol singers in Korean ballad circles who could casually invite so many people to participate in the competition, and these people were obviously a small part of the ballad circle, and there were definitely many more idol singers who did not attend.
However, so many singers are crowded into a small market like South Korea to compete. It is strange that the competition is not fierce. It is no wonder that many entertainment companies can’t wait to open up overseas markets, because if they are not so afraid, most of them will not make any money, and some companies may even be able to maintain their business.
Perhaps the flag singer of jsw company should also prepare to enter overseas, but it is not good to fight in the country, so it is really not worth the loss. Although he has a lot of spare money, he is not here to support the flag artist of his company. He is not so kind.
Later, the "athletes" took the oath on behalf of the stage. One of them was actually Li Zhien, which surprised Zhang Chengyuan. Although I had known that she was very popular now, I didn’t expect her to be so high. It should be noted that among the dozens of female "athletes" present, many popular singers, such as brwneyedgirls, ara, F, afershl, etc., were chosen as the "athletes" representatives, which almost represented that her eye popularity was higher than these people, at least as good as theirs. Otherwise, how could she be the representative?
The other two representatives of "athletes" are Dane Kim Kim Dong-wan and Ni Kun, among whom Dane Kim Kim Dong-wan is a member of the old popular singer group "Myth", who has been a representative of the selected athletes for more than ten years. Ni Kun, on the other hand, is the most famous idol of foreign nationality among Korean idols. He is also a member of the popular group P and has outstanding English strength. Therefore, it is normal for the selected athletes to represent Chinese-English translators.
After the athletes took the oath, they celebrated the opening ceremony. However, after the performance, it was a funny singing performance-not performed by a real person, but directly broadcast the opening song "hehapins" sung by Sumi Jo, a famous soprano in South Korea, and then deliberately let two funny artists, Jin Shenying and Hwi-Soon Park, lip-synch on stage to win the audience’s smile.
And these two people didn’t live up to the program group’s exaggerated and humorous expressions when they believed in "singing", which attracted the audience and the contestants to laugh. Many people also learned to follow their example and "perform". Anyway, lip-synching is not about singing strength, so anyone can do it.
It is very time-saving and easy to congratulate the performance afterwards, and then immediately remove the simple stage and get ready to start the game. After all, it is not a formal sports meeting, but a variety show. If you can save it, you can save it quickly.
The first event was the men’s 5-meter sprint preliminaries. The audience’s eyes and most of the cameras looked there. Zhang Chengyuan took out a pair of black-rimmed glasses from his pocket, and then walked around the back of Xiao Jing’s team with his head slightly lowered for half a circle. There were several cameras staring at him in front of the team. Naturally, it was not good to pass through from the front. Although he would be found sooner or later, there was nothing wrong with keeping a low profile.
However, I have been secretly noting his small crystal, and naturally I soon found out that his move immediately went to the rear of the team to meet Zhang Chengyuan. At this time, there is still a certain time to get ready for her appearance. Let’s talk with Zhang Chengyuan first, and luna saw the horse and followed her to the rear. Soon after, Li Zhien, Park Xuanying and others also found Zhang Chengyuan and they all came over.
Seeing Zhang Chengyuan suddenly wearing glasses, Xiao Crystal cried and laughed. "Brother, how long has it been since you wore glasses? Why did you suddenly wear this sample today? It’s really not very nice, and even if you wear it, you can still recognize you easily, so it’s unnecessary for you to do so."
In the past, Zhang Chengyuan seemed to wear glasses when he was hanging out with her in disguise, but that was a long time ago, and at that time, Zhang Chengyuan would do some other costumes besides wearing glasses before he was recognized, but now he wears a pair of glasses, which is almost completely hidden in the camera.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I know that there is no cover-up effect, but this does not mean that it is unnecessary to make people feel that I want to keep a low profile so that there will not be too many people. It is a courtesy for me to enter this stadium." Although he is very popular now, most Korean people have a good impression on him, but because of this, he has to be more cautious. If he does something wrong, he will be criticized. Although he is not afraid of it, it will be more troublesome to avoid it after all.
At this moment, I suddenly heard a gunshot, and the first group of the men’s 5-meter preliminaries officially started. Xiao Jing stopped talking and forgot about the past on the half-screen. Because Choi Minho, a flag artist of S company, participated in this competition, and she appeared in the program with Choi Minho many times, which was quite good, so she was more concerned.
Zhang Chengyuan looked down at her eyes and saw that Choi Minho’s heart suddenly moved and asked, "Crystal, are you and Choi Minho very good?"
Small crystal looked at Choi Minho and didn’t even talk to Zhang Chengyuan. When Choi Minho ran 5 meters and won the first place in this group competition as she hoped, she turned around and asked Zhang Chengyuan, "Brother, what did you just say?" She felt Zhang Chengyuan asking her a question just now, but she didn’t catch what he asked.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Crystal, I remember hearing sunny say that Choi Minho is your good friend, right?"
"Well that’s true, but brother, why do you ask this question is not jealous? Or do you want me to pair up with Minhao ppa and get rid of my big trouble? Brother, don’t be whimsical and reinvent the wheel. I’ve got you in my life. You can’t get rid of me. "Small crystal whispered.
Zhang Chengyuan knocked on her head. "What are you thinking about in this little girl’s head? What a mess! I asked casually, and you made this inexplicable guess. "
Small crystal said, "brother, I don’t know you yet. When did you speak at ordinary times? I’m sure I will. I think you’re going to make me change my mind before I’m twenty, right? Therefore, as soon as I saw that Min Hao ppa was good with me, I wanted to test whether I had a good impression on him. Although Brother Min Hao ppa is good, I have absolutely no feelings for the opposite sex, so don’t play this idea. "
Zhang Chengyuan shook his head and said, "You are really sensitive. I just felt this idea a little bit. Well, I will give up your idea." Since the small crystal has a defensive heart, if you continue to play this idea, it will not have any effect. He simply gave up.
Small Crystal said, "Not only can you not fight now, but you can’t fight later!"
Zhang Chengyuan touched her head and said, "Let’s talk about it afterwards. Well, I have to say that Choi Minho’s sports talent is good. He can run out of 6 seconds in 5 meters." He was afraid that the small crystal would pester him again and then casually opened the topic.
Xiao Jing knew what he thought, but she didn’t care much. Anyway, she insisted that Zhang Chengyuan could not take her seriously. She replied, "Min Hao ppa is the artist with the strongest athletic ability in our company. His father is a former international and football coach of South Korea. He has received professional football training since he was a child, but he changed his profession because his father didn’t allow him to be a football player, but he still likes playing football in his leisure time, so his athletic ability is still very strong.
This time, he signed up for the 5-meter dash, 5-meter hurdle and high jump, and he will take part in the recorded freestyle competition this week. Besides, I think he can win at least two championships this time. "
Zhang Chengyuan said faintly, "He is quite able to get the title of’ Sports idl’ in the future, which should help his popularity. Well, forget it, let’s continue to watch the game." But he said that he was watching the game, but he didn’t pay much attention to it. He turned his head and chatted with Li Zhien and Park Xuanying who had just come over with luna. Only occasionally did he look up at the game.
Since then, the competition has been quite fierce. After seven group competitions, many runners have emerged. Among them, Choi Minho scored better, including four: Kim Dong Jun 6.39 seconds (Imperial), Zhao 6.46 seconds (P), Li Xian 6.51 seconds (8 EIGHTH) and Joon-young Moon 6.55 seconds (Imperial). When I saw this small crystal, I became a little worried. Although the temporary results did not represent the final ranking, it was difficult to see this situation without worrying.
The subsequent semi-final of the 5-meter dash also confirmed her concern that Choi Minho eventually lost to his group Kim Dong Jun and Li Xian and lost the qualification to enter the finals. Although she lost a little, she lost after all.
Looking at Zhang Chengyuan’s "Gherardini" expression, Xiao Jing was somewhat dissatisfied. "Brother, are you laughing at my eyes and I think it is impossible for Min Hao ppa to win two championships?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "That? It’s just a competition. How can I talk about crystals so quickly? You don’t think your brother is so superficial, do you? "
"Then why did you just look at me like that?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "What do I think of you? Crystal, I think your eyes are no different from usual. Don’t be suspicious. "
"Well, am I wrong? Brother, I’m sorry. "Small Crystal immediately apologized to Zhang Chengyuan after realizing that she was wrong.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It’s just a small matter, my brother won’t care." In fact, Zhang Chengyuan’s eyes just now did mean a little ridicule. Well, it’s not ridicule, but how dare you admit it when asked by Xiao Crystal?
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Watch the idol sports meeting (3)
After the semi-final of the men’s 5-meter race, the final was changed to the women’s 5-meter race preliminaries instead of giving the players a break, which was exactly what Xiao Jing signed up for.
Because Xiao Jing is the first group of contestants in this competition, she immediately came to the 5-meter sprint with several other contestants to prepare, and Zhang Chengyuan naturally followed her.
So he couldn’t hide from the camera, and when he was filming the preparation of the contestants, he was taken in and put on the big screen in the gym on the spot. Then the audience almost immediately recognized him, and suddenly there was a uproar, and many people called his name.
Zhang Chengyuan is not surprised, because he knows that many idol singer fans, especially female fans, are also his fans. After all, most fans nowadays don’t have a crush on or like a star artist. Usually, there are many admirers in singers, actors and other fields. Otherwise, if every popular artist has carved up some fans, how can there be a national actor that most people like? It is even more impossible for people like Yu Jae Seok and Jiang Hudong to get fans because it is much more difficult than actors and singers.
After hearing the cheers of the audience, Zhang Chengyuan waved to the surrounding audience generously to express his gratitude, and then turned back to watch the small crystal preparation activities, and the audience stopped shouting, which affected the next game. After all, today’s theme is the idol sports meeting
However, Jin Shenying, the host of the sports meeting, didn’t let him go. His horse came to interview him, and vj immediately followed him to shoot.
Zhang Chengyuan smiled and greeted "Miss Jin Shenying, long time no see". Jin Shenying is the host of "Invincible Youth". He met her and had some exchanges with her when he appeared in this program the year before last.
When Jin Shenying saw Zhang Chengyuan and recognized her, he immediately felt great joy and walked over to greet Zhang Chengyuan. Then he asked, "It is always difficult for Cheng Yuan I to see you here on this occasion. Is there any purpose? It is estimated that many viewers at the scene will think that you are a special guest invited by our program group. "
Zhang Chengyuan said gently, "I’m not a special guest. I’m just here to cheer for my sisters. In addition, I also ask B TV and the audience to forgive me for not only coming uninvited but also sneaking into the sports ground."
Jin Shenying laughed. "It’s an honor for our program group that you can come here. Um, Chengyuan, can I ask who your sisters are?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I think many people should know this, but since you asked, I will answer-well, F, ara and iu are sisters I have known for a long time." Anyway, many people already know it, so it’s nothing to make a name for them on the spot. Of course, it may also bring them some trouble, for example, he has something special with them and so on, but few people will believe it.
Jin Shenying continued, "So who do you love most among these sisters? As far as I know, it seems like fkrysal, isn’t it? " Krysal is the stage name of small crystal.
Zhang Chengyuan smiled and said, "It’s inconvenient for you to guess for yourself." Although he really loves small crystals the most, it’s good that he and his sisters know it openly.
Jin Shenying changed the question "Cheng Yuan I, what do you think krysal will get in the 5-meter sprint this time? Her father was a boxer and her mother was a former gymnast. With your excellent sports genes and the guidance of a sports expert, it should be easy to win the championship. "
Zhang Chengyuan thought, "If there is no professional sprinter in this competition and Soo-kyung doesn’t perform abnormally, then she should be able to win this championship." He didn’t want to say anything too sure, which would make him arrogant and look down on other contestants, but many people know that Xiao-kyung has strong athletic ability, so don’t be too modest.


Then the emperor’s old son smiled and said, "Even if you really committed the crime of deceiving the monarch, don’t worry. After all, you really killed the magic hero, otherwise people wouldn’t give you the certificate. Since I have it, I will not pursue it in his face and reward you. I don’t want to be said to be a reward and punishment."

"Uh …" Chu Yun soon knew that the emperor’s old son had an idea that he was buying himself or the hero behind him, and this general Rongtie was simply trying to see if he was right.
When the emperor gave the order, General Rongtie rushed in, and there were fierce bursts of courage.
Chu Yun offered the fallen petal songs, drew out the Baal sword and attacked it with a split kill.
—3212365 (Critical Strike) (Breaking Strike)
—321235 (Critical Strike) (Breaking Strike)
General Tie Rong was shocked, and if the injury came again, he would die, so he quickly shouted, "Stop giving up and give up."
Chu Yun didn’t attack because he knew he was going to shock him.
Tie Rong was scared to death, and the emperor’s minister had already been shocked by Chu Yun’s damage. Even if he was not a killer, he was definitely a strong man, and it is not impossible for him to kill the killer now.
"Well, I believe that in addition to the reward, I add a set of mysterious things. By the way, do you need plate armor, cloth armor or leather armor?"
"Cloth armor" Chu Yun wanted to think and said, "Is there a level 5 cloth armor?"
Chu Yun is going to give Mengyao a great surprise because of the Magic Martial Arts Congress.
"Level 5 cloth armor seems to have two sets of ice and snow arrival sets. Which one do you want?" The emperor asked.
"The wind is light." Chu Yun doesn’t want Meng Yao to become a cold ice beauty.
"good!" Since the other party wants level 5, the emperor readily promised to know that the full-scale Xuan Tao is much more precious than level 5, and it can also make friends with a powerful different world, and human beings are happy.
Soon Chu Yun received a reward of 500 million gold coins, 1 skill point, 1 skill and a hidden professional lottery.
The name of the hidden professional cigarette smoking institute is Ziyan. This is actually a hidden professional mage, but it’s not here now because Chu Yun has planned to give the Guangyao three-piece set to Mengyao.
Can the ordinary hidden occupation come from the hidden occupation of the goddess of light?
Chapter 274 The wind is light!
Yu 1 skill is very strong for ordinary players, but it is not enough for Chu Yun.
Soon the emperor had sent someone to take out the package, which was placed in exquisite wooden cases carved with various flowers, birds, fish and insects. It looked very precious.
Chu Yun didn’t box it up, but put it away directly. If you look at it in front of the full Chao Wen Wu Dachen, how embarrassing it is? And since it is a mysterious set, it should be less than that, right?
Just as Chu Yun was leaving, the emperor stopped him and laughed. "Don’t you want to see my daughter?"
Chu Yun steps a although very curious in the heart but still shook his head and said; "I don’t care if I have a wife at home."
Chu Yun politely refused. What if Princess Yunlan fell in love with herself at first sight?
It’s hard enough to have one more heart. If there’s another princess, it’s ok!
It’s a pity for the emperor, but it’s not easy to persuade him again. After all, people say that they already have a wife. Do you want my daughter to be a little wife or let the other party abandon her? Besides, my daughter’s eyes are higher than Tiancheng’s and she can’t see each other.
When Chu Yun came to Xuanwu City’s home, she was immediately caught by Lin Weiwei. She desperately inquired about the origin of Yuesunny.
Chu Yun was good at telling everything about Sunny Moon, and as a result, he was scolded by Lin Weiwei for being a playboy and a pervert. Anyway, it was all that kind of flow.
Finally, Chu Yun said, "If you want her to go, I’ll let her go at once."
This Lin Weiwei didn’t talk. She was very sympathetic to the tragic experience of Yuesunny. Besides, Yuesunny cooked it for her when she first met. It was delicious, and it’s still memorable.
"Well, let her stay here, but you must never cheat," Lin Weiwei warned.
Chu Yun nodded to ensure a sigh of relief at the same time.
It’s much easier to deal with Mengyao than Lin Weiwei, because Mengyao sympathized after the experience of Yueqing Er.
Sunny things make sense that month after Chu Yun pulled two women into his room.
Chu Yun didn’t say anything. He directly took out the wooden box and put it in front of Chen Mengyao.
"What is this? Is it for Sister Yaoyao?" Lin Weiwei Road
"Well," Chu Yun nodded, and Lin Weiwei had already gone against the fate. This time it was the turn of Mengyao to go against the fate.
Since it’s for myself, Chen Mengyao will directly beat the box, and the green light flow seems to be a beautiful thread shuttling through this dress.
"Wow!" Lin Weiwei opened his mouth wide. "It’s so beautiful."
"This is a mysterious set." With that, Chu Yun squatted down and picked up the most garment to see.
"Wind light language robe" (cloth armor) category clothes; Level to the mysterious; Equipment requirements level 5; Attribute physical defense +1 magic defense +1 intelligence +5 spirit +5 physical strength +1 moving speed+introduction of wind and light language five-piece set One comes from the fairies, the beautiful goddess, and the wind guide, Qing Xue, can feel the wind and light language in shoulder pad’s wind and light language belt and wind and light language cloth boots and add 5% magic damage when attacking the enemy.
The moving speed is directly increased by ten. Chu Yun feels a little dizzy. Soon he puts down his robe and picks up his trousers.
[Wind Light Pants] (Cloth A) pants; Level to the mysterious; Equipment requirements level 5; Attribute physical defense +1 magic defense +1 intelligence +5 spirit +5 physical strength +1 moving speed+introduction of wind and light language five-piece set One comes from the fairies, the beautiful goddess, and the wind guide, Qing Xue, can feel the wind and light language in shoulder pad’s wind and light language belt and wind and light language cloth boots and add 5% magic damage when attacking the enemy.
Plus ten again. You shouldn’t add everything, right?
Shoulder pad 】 【 wind light language (cloth armour) category shoulder pad; Level to the mysterious; Equipment requirements level 5; Attribute physical defense +16 magic defense +16 intelligence +4 spirit +4 physical strength +1 moving speed+introduction to the five-piece set of wind and light language One comes from the fairies, the beautiful goddess, the wind guide, Qing Xue, and the wind and light language robe, trousers and wind and light language shoulder pad wind and light language belt and wind and light language cloth boots can feel the wind and let themselves soar freely in the sky and add 5% magic damage when attacking the enemy.
"Wind light language belt" (cloth armor) category belt; Level to the mysterious; Equipment requirements level 5; Attribute physical defense +16 magic defense +16 intelligence +3 spirit +3 physical strength +1 moving speed+introduction to the five-piece set of wind and light language One comes from the fairies, the beautiful goddess, the wind guide, Qing Xue, and the wind and light language robe, trousers and wind and light language shoulder pad wind and light language belt and wind and light language cloth boots can feel the wind and let themselves soar freely in the sky and add 5% magic damage when attacking the enemy.
"Wind light language cloth boots" (cloth armor) shoes; Level to the mysterious; Equipment requirements level 5; Attribute physical defense +16 magic defense +16 intelligence +3 spirit +3 physical strength +1 movement speed +1 introduction to the five-piece set of wind and light language One comes from the fairies, the beautiful goddess, the wind guide, the clear snow, the wind and light language robe, the wind and light language trousers, the wind and light language shoulder pad belt, the wind and light language cloth boots can feel the wind and let themselves soar freely in the sky and add 5% magic damage when attacking the enemy.
"Well, you win …" Chu Yun smiled bitterly because the other four pieces of moving speed added up to a total of 32 plus shoes 142!
I added 5 moving speeds to my own mount, and this suit can also make people fly. Even if it is added with 5% damage, it is true that none of them are rubbish.
Chapter 275 Go against heaven!
"Wow, Sister Yaoyao, you are going against the sky."
Lin Weiwei exclaimed that this speed increase is terrible. If it is a single attack, don’t try to hit it.
"You go against the sky" Chu Yun, a little Lin Weiwei Xiaoyao nose, how horrible it is to add 5% damage directly to her royal king set!
"Uh-oh" Lin Weiwei touched his nose. "I don’t go against the sky."


"Is it Jun Wenji?"

The low sound across the street sounds like a stranger who has never heard of it, but I don’t know what’s going on, but Luo Huai feels a strange familiarity as if the sound had been heard in a dream.
Luo Huai asked, "Who are you?"
"I am Ye Dao looking for Jun Wenji!"
"Ye Dao? !”
Luo Huai’s pupil suddenly contracted
Isn’t it that Wen Jun was stabbed in the back and the extremely vicious toxin poisoned others?
Strange … What is he doing contacting us at this time?
Maybe he hasn’t exposed himself?
Luo Huai asked, "If he is not here, will you prove that you are Ye Dao?"
"I don’t need to give you a word for me. Now the fire in Galia is far beyond the Central Asian Empire. This is my gift to him."
Luo Huai said, "What royal animal body? I don’t know what you’re talking about. "
"Ha ha ha ha ….. don’t be stupid before dangerous kind of chaos is not caused by you? Now there’s another royal beast, or my stupid brother got it. If it’s nothing to do with you, how can I believe it? Anyway, believe it or not, I didn’t believe that you would hold any good thoughts when you awarded this beast-bending skill to my brother from the beginning, and now Galilee is undoubtedly your windfall. "
The opposite side hung up the communication without hesitation.
"Luo Qing just detected foreign communication interference breath …"
Different gods rushed in and saw Luo Huai’s handheld terminal look dignified.
Luo Huai sink a way "is a leaf"
"What’s his plan?"
Luo Huai said, "According to my guess, nine times out of ten, my plan was successful, but the throne in the bag fell into his brother’s hand. He must not be reconciled, so he would not let his brother get it even if the Central Asian Empire was destroyed."
The different gods frowned and said, "Understand the law!"
"This is precisely the human inferiority complex. We have to ask Wen Jun specifically."
At this time, Wen Jijun is recovering.
Although he changed his body, the pretoxin was caused by nerves, so he has not recovered yet. Fortunately, after such a long period of cultivation, he can recover his consciousness for a while.
Listen to Luo Huai’s long heart and record it before his eyes.
Wen Jijun frowned. "It’s not his voice, but it’s probably processed to prevent leaving a handle and flaw for himself. But according to me, Ye Dao is really an extreme character from his character. I can’t get others …"
"To be honest, I really feel very strange during this period. I focused on the Central Asian Empire Galia. Although there were arrangements, it was just a corner, but I didn’t expect the royal beast practitioners to flow faster in Galia than in the Central Asian Empire. If there was a leaf path behind us, it would all explain."
"Yes or no, just find out"
Wen Jijun said a few words and was tired.
He said softly, "Whether this man is Ye Dao or not, if there is someone behind us, then our plan can be completed. Before the dangerous species really enter the human world, we can use the power of dangerous species to hit mankind hard … We can even help these dangerous species to gain a foothold in the human world. You can’t be fake in animal control, can you?"
"I’ll check it out."
Luo Huai eyes a bright turned and hurried away.
A few hours later.
Luo Huai came back and brought back a good news that made everyone’s eyes shine.
"The church forces to promote the development of royal animal body? And is trying to catch the living dangerous species? "
After entering the human world for so long, Wen Jijun naturally understands how strong the so-called church is in Galia …
"I’m going to contact God. This time, we’re going to help this church … no, it’s more teaching assistants, so that they can help us better."
Wen Jijun staggered up and then fell to the ground.
He gasped, "No, my injured nerve hasn’t recovered, and you can’t put it very plainly. It seems that Luo Qing can go to see the God. You can ask him for a piece of fur of a first-class dangerous cub to help Galia."
Luo Huai excited response
I can’t hide my expectation …
Are you finally going to meet the Lord in person?

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"You are right to say so!" The fairy’s tone was a little confused. "It’s strange that there are no practitioners in your world, but these statements are really similar!"

"Not necessarily." Chu Yanqi said, remembering that Master once said that collecting the dragon spirit of heaven and earth was for his own use, and the fortune of heaven and earth could be controlled, let alone people. This kind of state, if you don’t practice, it is absolutely impossible.
"There is also a certain realm of spiritual cultivation, which is roughly similar to spiritual cultivation." The fairy continued, "Now I will teach you how to move the Yuan God and open up the sea of knowledge."
"Know the sea?" ChuYan habitat one leng, this is a new term.
"Yes, I have heard the formula that Chu Hua taught you to cultivate the spirit. It is based on the abdomen, and three inches below the navel is the abdomen." The fairy said again, "It’s different to cultivate gods. Knowing the sea in the middle of the eyebrows is the basis of all cultivation. Now, I said, you do-close the five senses, and the gods are restrained … "
Chu Yan lived under the guidance of the Jade Ding Fairy, and it took him more than an hour to know how to master his own gods. The next moment, he only felt the darkness between his eyebrows, and suddenly there was a flash of lightning, and there was a loud bang. Then, he saw that his sea of knowledge was broken. In the darkness around him, his sea of knowledge was a little more golden, very small, but so glorious.
There is a tiny golden light, wrapped in a very thin breath. He knows that this is the power of his own Yuan God. In the professional parlance of Yu Sakura Fairy, it is called-soul power.
"Hoo …" Chu Yanqi vomited a mouthful of polluted air, opened his eyes and cried, "This is it?" In an instant, he felt that his facial features seemed to be particularly acute, and his bones were a lot lighter, knowing that this was because of the strength of the Yuan God, which led to a clear sense.
"Yes …" said Fairy Yuding. "You really are a rare genius in cultivating gods, and you have broken the sea of knowledge so quickly."
"Is this fast?" ChuYanQi frown, "I have spent more than an hour …"
"More than an hour?" Jade tripod fairy exaggerated cried, "what do you want? Think that year the fairy … "
"How long did it take you?" ChuYan habitat curious asked.
"Three days!" Although I don’t want to admit that I am not as good as Chu Yanqi, the Jade Ding Fairy still said honestly, "Don’t look at such a step, but it is such a step that many people can’t do it all their lives. It is much more difficult to cultivate the spirit itself than to cultivate the spirit in this world, because it is relatively easy as long as it can open up the sea of knowledge, arouse the vitality of heaven and earth, and cultivate immortality in the flesh. "
"I can’t do it all my life?" ChuYanQi some confused.
"yes." Jade tripod fairy said, "it also depends on talent, do you think everyone can practice? It is said that it is a genius to break through the sea in three months, and it is a golden mean to break through it in one to three years. If it takes more than three or five years, even if it can be cultivated, it will be difficult to achieve anything for life. "
"Maybe, because I am a waste in spiritual cultivation, it is convenient and talented here." After hearing the fairy Yu Ding say so, Chu Yanqi immediately became happy and was able to practice, and the future life would be much better.
"Next, you will strengthen the cultivation of Yuan God, which depends on your own nature." Fairy Yuding said, "If you don’t understand anything, you can ask me."
"good!" Chu Yanqi was busy agreeing, "Fairy, I haven’t asked your name yet."
"Do what?" Just now, I mentioned the cultivation of a serious fairy. At this time, I changed my style and cried very roguishly, "Do you want to draw a circle to curse me?"
"If I could curse people by drawing a circle, I would have cursed Chu Zhengming to death a long time ago." ChuYanQi wry smile way, "I just ask …"
"When you can get out of your body, you will be able to control things. Although confrontation may not be able to win, it is still possible to sneak up on him." Fairy Yuding said, "Do you really want to know my name?"
Chu Yanqi was a little excited and said, "This nature must know its name before it can be called. How long will it take me to get out of the body? "
Under the popular science of the Jade Ding Fairy, Chu Yanqi realized that the cultivation of gods was just as bad as the cultivation of spirits, but there was a certain boundary difference. First, it was to break the sea, and then it was to fix the gods, out-of-body experience, secret realm, Yuan Ying, distraction and Mahayana. Up there, it’s a fairy level, all kinds of mysteries.
Chu Yanqi asked what realm the fairy was, but she always refused to say. Finally, she was helpless and could only tell Chu Yanqi that her original practice was above Mahayana and she was a real fairy.
"I said fairy, you haven’t told me your name?" Chu Yanqi asked this question again.
"Feather cherry!" This time, Fairy Yuding said brightly, "I tell you, you mustn’t tell anyone."
"Well, my good fairy, you are my secret. Who can I tell?" ChuYan habitat helplessly said, "feather sakura? Which two words? "
"Feather feathers, cherry blossoms." The feather cherry fairy said again, "Don’t draw a circle to curse me either."
"If you urge me to draw a circle to curse you, I will draw a circle." ChuYan habitat is really funny, this feather cherry fairy sounds crisp and bright, seems to be young, talk between a childlike, really cute.
As he spoke, his fingers deliberately drew a circle in the void.
"No painting!" Feather cherry fairy nu way, "said no painting."
"Okay, okay, don’t draw." ChuYan habitat in distress situation, just a circle, can really curse her?
"I’m going to take a shower. You are not allowed to peek." Chu Yanqi said that when he thought of this question, he was a little embarrassed. He didn’t know it at first, but now he knows that he still carries such a fairy around him, and he wants to let her see it early.
"Gee, what good things have you never seen? Do you still need to peek?" Sure enough, feather cherry fairy said with disdain.
"Don’t tell me, you peeked at it early in the morning." Chu Yanqi gritted his teeth and said angrily, "Didn’t you hear the sage say, see no evil?"
Chu Yanqi’s playful laughter came from the sea of knowledge: "You look really good, and you can’t find any flaws all over your body. Gee, men are so good-looking, in fact, they are used to be seen. If you were born in our world, it would be the top grade. "
"What?" Chu Yanqi feels that his scalp is numb. Top grade? People are also graded?
"In the long years, immortals always have to have some fun for themselves." Feather cherry fairy said, "an imposing fairy goes out, and if there are few fairy pets around, she is embarrassed to say hello to people." You look like this, not only the female fairy is in demand, but also the male fairy is estimated to grab it. "
"You shut up!" Chu Yanqi felt cold sweat on his head, but fortunately, he didn’t take possession of her in her abnormal world. How chaotic is this?
"I’m telling the truth. What are you so excited about?" Feather cherry fairy hey smiled, "Only your world will be polite to teach the great defense. It is estimated that this world will not pay so much attention, and my world will be more open. As I said, it is a long time, and we must always find something to kill time."



Coming to Tongtian Holy Island again, Xiao Lingyu’s feelings are completely different from last time.

Last time I was just …
Chapter 923 Holy Army big challenge
? Chapter 923 Shengjun big challenge
Fighting between the strong can tell the winner, but it is difficult to tell life and death.
Xiao Lingyu let the other side surround him, and his hands spread out, and two chaotic fire oranges emerged.
His fingers began to bounce, and two oranges quickly turned into ten, and then he knocked them out.
Ten oranges are like ten …
Chapter 924 Page
? Chapter 924 Page
Recently, news came from the holy mountain that the strong people with a record of winning 100 games in each Fang city should be brought together, so that these strong people can fight together and separate the strong from the strong.
This activity of the holy army is only aimed at the two realms of the holy spirit and the sky. If we can stand out in the big challenge of these two realms, we can not only …
Chapter 925 Jiang Shang 1
? Chapter 925 Jiang Shang 1
Speaking of which, Shen Gongbao seems to realize that the topic has deviated again. He coughed a little and added: "The list of gods will be helpful to Xiao Daoyou. As long as Xiao Daoyou can get the consent of my brother and pour some of his own spirit and blood into it, it will make Daoyou immediately stabilize the realm. If Daoyou has enough opportunities, you can even get it from …
Chapter 926 Jiang Shang 2
? – ”
Jiang Lanyue nodded and said, "Taigong takes care of us very much, but it makes us weather the storm less, and there is no danger. It’s just that Taigong often teaches us and wastes his old man’s time."
"We are the descendants of Taigong, and he doesn’t take care of who we take care of." Jiang Lanshang is a natural tunnel.
"Jiang Taigong is your ancestor?" Xiao Lingyu asked curiously.
"Sort of."
Jiang Lanyue nodded, and then said, "Taigong and our ancestor of the Jiang family in the narrow sense of God once had a period of sharing weal and woe. Plus, we are both surnamed Jiang, so Taigong and my ancestor of the Jiang family became brothers. Although my ancestor of the Jiang family later fell when it hit the land of Heaven, Taigong still regarded my descendants as descendants. At least we came to the island of Heaven to take refuge, and his old man was still very happy."
"Oh, I see." Xiao Lingyu took the cup and gently sucked it.
Tea smells good and moistens the throat.
"It’s a pity that Taigong will soon reach the realm of immortality and soar to the upper bound, so we two sisters will have no backing." Jiang Lanshang strange tone tunnel.
"Both of you are talented people, and you should be able to advance to the sky before Taigong rises." Xiao Lingyu relieved.
"Do you think everyone is like you?" Their Jiang Lanshang turned over, didn’t good the spirit tunnel.
Xiao Lingyu has long discovered a problem. This Jiang Lan petticoat seems to have a bad temper with him. Every time she talks to her, she will be run, as if she owes her countless tongtian Lingbao.
"Even in the tongtian, in this tongtian holy island, it can only be regarded as the middle stream at most. If you get into trouble with the top strong one day, it will inevitably be dangerous. The more qualified a female monk is, the more dangerous it is to be on this sacred island if she is helpless, so Taigong never lets us go out. " Jiang Lanyue worried tunnel.
"I really don’t know where the cultivation of some powerful people has gone, and they are so high-level, and they will even embarrass us women." Jiang Lan petticoats with somewhat uncomfortable and disdain tunnel.
"Tongtian realm of each layer of practice is extremely difficult, but also need countless years to accumulate, it is estimated that some Tongtian strong can’t wait, so we moved our brains. In particular, some monks who have been shackled in a realm for countless years are definitely more anxious, and it is inevitable that they will do whatever it takes to break through. " Xiao Lingyu explained indifferently, which he didn’t know before, but recently collected a lot of jade slips, including this introduction.



Xiaoliu scolded, "Tell her that Armageddon is a kind of feedback and test that she usually has the most strength in the world."
"How many waves are there in the sky?" Xu asked back.
"In terms of her past adjustment of the strength of heaven and earth! At least three waves, at most nine waves!
She has a high probability of five to six waves, "said Xiao Liu.
At this time, it’s not helpful for Xu to retreat except nodding his head.
But Xu retreated to get the soul crystal before rapid purification while observing, and he wanted to fill the whole Excalibur in the shortest time.
If the Elves of Daxi clan join hands to attack in the process of the breakthrough in the clear autumn, then his sword may be crucial.
Everyone is watching carefully.
This is the first time that they have seen the so-called Armageddon, observed the details and figured it out behind them. It is also bragging and forcing money.
Lei Guang is robbed in the clear autumn, which is external to Lei Guang. In this step, it is more water and soil. Now it is inductive to major in water.
Every other day is about once a minute.
When the frequency can be restored quickly, it is very rare.
But there’s still something to do
Such as purify soul crystal and blood crystal.
At least one minute can restore nearly ten percent spirit.
Step clear autumn is not a vase. At present, the only quasi-planetary step clear autumn is still active in front of people, but its strength is real.
Can head-on confrontation with a guard is very strong strength of the second guard star that is killed.
In addition to the first Armageddon concession, the clear autumn is a bit unprepared, and the second and third responses are very good.
But each day’s robbery is cumulative.
On the fourth day of the apocalypse, when I stepped in the clear autumn, I seriously injured half of my shoulder and turned it into coke. I didn’t say that my whole body was smashed by the residual water.
But step clear autumn also found the beauty of Armageddon at this time.
Armageddon with mine breath was her rapid absorption step clear autumn breath in all induction quickly become fierce and tough.
But the injury is everyone’s concern!
The fifth step, clear autumn, did not have a head iron, but tore a character sealed by Cai Shaochu.
The letter seal suddenly slowed down the speed of Armageddon.
At this moment, step clear autumn took the initiative to attack for a short time and blew out seven attacks in a row, directly smashing the power scattered in the Armageddon, and step clear autumn absorbed it again.
The sixth Armageddon didn’t appear on time after one minute. In the clouds, thunder bursts with small six tones sounded in Xu’s mind. "Time has changed. It should be the last Armageddon. Tell her to be careful to defend.
Generally speaking, the last natural disaster force may be the sum of the previous day’s robbery. "
Xu frightened directly shocked the virtual roar out.
Consciousness sounds can’t be done at this time

品茶上课论坛 桑拿夜网

Only by accepting this announcement can they conduct formal diplomatic activities with Guangdong, otherwise they can go to Beijing, but Zhu Jinglun promised that they would not accept the benefits from Beijing and Guangdong would not be guaranteed.

The Danish and Swedish diplomatic representatives were a little at a loss about this notice. They didn’t understand the meaning. When they arrived in Hong Kong, they had heard the Chinese minister report to them that there might be a coup in Guangdong, but they didn’t receive the official notice and diplomatic request. Therefore, legally, they must continue to recognize Qing Wang Chaocai as the legitimate government of this country.
But now the Guangdong local government has handed them such a notice, which makes them find it difficult to handle. First of all, it is not an independence, nor does it seek Denmark and Sweden to recognize their independent national status. It is to express their attitude in commercial diplomacy.
Although France compares with western diplomatic procedures, aren’t all diplomatic procedures explored from reality, and the basic diplomatic principles are all British foreign policy methods, which are recognized by westerners as modern diplomatic systems and British foreign principles
But China people obviously broke these rules.
But they can accept it, otherwise we won’t talk about the significance of their coming here. It is because it is too expensive for the two countries to set up a delegation together. A trip to a big ship like that costs tens of thousands of pounds. Plus, both countries know that they are small countries, and joint negotiations may achieve greater benefits.
In the 15o’ s, the two countries started the industrial revolutionary countries almost at the same time, and factories were constantly building productivity flying exhibitions, which made them more dependent on external market nests. If a big country like China released business to them, it would make their small country no longer worry about the market.
Therefore, after a short period of consultation, the two countries jointly replied to Zhu Jinglun’s notice, saying that they accepted this clause. In the future, they will negotiate with the Guangdong local government before signing an agreement with the Qing dynasty, which will take effect.
So they were invited to Guangzhou.
"You are probably wondering why I asked you to agree to sign a treaty with the imperial court first, but we must agree to it. Can you understand the situation of the German Empire before Napoleon’s time? At that time, the German Empire was also an empire, but you signed a diplomatic treaty with the imperial emperor. Do you think it can be operated in other countries?"
Vallenborg and Christian dragged the name of Germany at that time, and the Roman Empire was sacred. It was neither sacred nor Roman, nor was it a loose federal empire. The emperor of the empire was voted by all eligible electors.
If at that time the king of Austria became emperor of the empire and then signed a diplomatic treaty with Britain, it would be impossible for the Prussian Principality to accept the kingdom of Bavaria, the small countries like Hesse, Hanover and Wü rttemberg, and even the imperial free city like Hamburg. In the end, even the emperor Austria would not accept him, and they would only accept it if he signed the treaty as king of Austria.
But they still don’t understand, "But China is a unified and complete country, not a loose confederation like the Holy Roman Empire."
Zhu Jinglun waved his hand. "At present, our emperor still has dominion over each entity, but there has been a little change in Guangdong. You may not understand this change, but my understanding tells you that we will be independent in the future if we are less in the diplomatic field."
This is the main category, and diplomacy is also the most important part of the main part.
In the eyes of westerners, achieving diplomatic independence has meant the independence of a region and the establishment of a country.
They simply don’t understand that the China dynasty didn’t care most about this diplomatic interest. Of course, it’s also taboo for local governments to communicate with foreign countries alone. It’s called private marriage with foreign countries, but it’s not of western political significance. Diplomacy in China is of political significance because it often means rebellion. But if Zhu Jinglun does not play the banner of public rebellion in diplomacy, the Qing dynasty will not interfere unless it has the ability to suppress it. They will turn a blind eye and pretend not to know.
Zhu Jinglun looked at them blankly and continued to explain, "Well, you can understand that you need our approval to sign a treaty with the Qing Dynasty in the future before you can implement it in Guangdong, because we will implement our own independent foreign policy. Do you know what this means?"
Vallenborg and Christian looked at each other and understood, or they didn’t need to understand, but they just needed to know the result. As a result, Guangdong could conduct diplomacy with the outside world independently, which means Zhu Jinglun could sign a foreign trade treaty with them alone if he wanted.
This surprised them a little. They were more willing to associate with Zhu Jinglun because the situation was already very good. This is a China official who didn’t want to communicate with the West, and now he has obtained the local government in Guangdong.
In fact, there is no political diplomatic activity in the past. Is it necessary to add a little political flavor to this purely commercial diplomatic activity?
Yes, they didn’t come to Guangdong for political and diplomatic negotiations with the Guangdong government, but they went to Beijing for the purpose of purely commercial interests. Denmark envied Sweden and Guangdong for helping Zhu Jinglun build an arsenal. In the past two years, the Swedes sold 100,000 tons of iron ore to Zhu Jinglun.
The Swedes came here in the hope of further cooperation. They heard that Zhu Jinglun was copying ships by himself, and they felt that they could also help in this respect. If Zhu Jinglun was willing to buy their steel, they wouldn’t mind providing technology to help Zhu Jinglun build a shipyard. Of course, Zhu Jinglun concluded that it was also a big business to build a large shipyard with this money.
But since Guangdong is independent, is it a business treaty? To sign a generous business treaty with Guangdong, even if it is a local government, the territory and population they control are far from a European country and a huge market.
So Vallenborg was the first to ask, "If we can help you with shipbuilding support, I wonder if you are willing to give China a preferential tax rate on steel exports?"
Zhu Jinglun pointed to the thick negotiations before him, "There is no such aspect in the terms of your negotiation."
Section three hundred and nine A benchmark
Zhu Jinglun is not true. The two countries are here to talk about business. At least he won’t do it, otherwise he wouldn’t come forward in person, let alone give them the notice before.
He is interested in guiding the two countries to conduct diplomatic negotiations with him.
Don’t look for the British first, don’t look for the French first, even the Americans and Russians don’t look for them first, but look for two small countries.
It is because soft persimmon is easy to sign a favorable or fairer diplomatic treaty from a small country. This is the first diplomatic treaty signed with foreigners in Guangdong’s independent capacity, which has a strong demonstration significance. It is why these two small countries were found and they were the first to jump out and send a diplomatic mission to China at the most appropriate time.
"Our front-line workers are negligent. We suggest a temporary recess. We need to have a consultation."
Vallenborg said.
Zhu Jinglun shrugged. "I think your attitude is very insincere, but I agree to adjourn the meeting, but I’m not very interested. You can contact our foreign minister, Mr. Wu Chongyao."
Said Zhu Jinglun patted Wu Chongyao, who had been in a daze for a long time. Like Chen Zhiting, he didn’t expect that as soon as he came back, Zhu Jinglun installed a foreign minister’s title. It doesn’t matter. His father still wore three hats in those days, so he let Lin Zexu drag his pants and hit the board in public.
What’s important is that Zhu Jinglun gave him a life of four, which is a real official. You know, Guangzhou magistrate is only four, that is to say, he is half a level higher than Chen Zhiting.
In his father’s three hats in those days, it was a joke to fill the position in front of Wang. The biggest advantage was that Wu Bingjian could sit in a sedan chair in a real position, not to mention showing off in front of the four magistrates. It was a county magistrate who had to wait on the East India Company. Wu Bingjian would tremble when he saw the Qing government officials.
And this foreign minister is obviously not his father’s false title, which says that he is responsible for all foreign exchanges and is directly responsible to Guangzhao Luodaotai, that is, to Zhu Jinglun
After just getting this warrant, Wu Chongyao is weak as a dream.
But Zhu Jinglun has got up and left Wu Chongyao to react. Zhu Jinglun has already gone out. He chased him out rashly, but he was turned back by Zhu Jinglun. He came back to pay his respects to Vallenborg and Christian. Obviously, he was rude just now.
Unlike Wu Chongyao, Chen Zhiting’s world outlook is that the scholar-bureaucrat’s world outlook is self-consciously superior, and the gentry of agriculture, industry and commerce is the first family. Not to mention that it was all about the Song Dynasty, but his brother Chen Guiji was actually in charge of the Beijing official, and his Chen family therefore became the leader of the gentry of the noble family.
Therefore, although he was very excited when he was recommended by Zhu Jinglun to be the magistrate of Guangzhou, he didn’t know what Zhu Jinglun had done in Guangdong during this period until he got home. In his opinion, it was a gross violation, and it was just a rogue thief who made things. But now he is going to accept this rogue thief’s recommendation for office?