Oh, my god, this cold stranger is really … I don’t know how to shape this guy ~ I have to run again! Take back the Bronze Armored Panther and the Little One quickly and go back to the city and send them to the west gate of the ruins of Yanshi City? Md has no younger brother here! There are Serena Nantes in the south, Daru Chelsea in the east, Sog and Sandas in the north, and there are no people in the west.

Summon the little one quickly. It’s too lazy to ride to the outside of the city gate, and then summon the bronze armor leopard demon and directly order the little one and the bronze armor leopard demon to kill me south and north. This is faster.
The number of monsters here in Yan Lion City is also level 30. Although it is not as much as the first wave and the second wave, there are at least 500,000 to 600,000 monsters around the ruins. Around this wall, there are hundreds of thousands of monsters with level 3. It is not common that players can easily deal with them below level 30.
Look at the players in the city gate cave, they are all pitiful. I also kindly lost a ghost at the city gate. The hell is less than ten meters wide. The door of the city gate is directly blocked by the flame. When the monster is rushed, it will be burned to death. This finally makes the players inside breathe a sigh of relief.
One-inch and copper armor leopard demon keep moving towards the south. The places where the two ice guys pass have turned into ice hell, and my side hey hey orientation skills, I still like the continuous fire. The ground is full of fire. The gates of hell are on both sides, one south and one north, and the ice and fire are relatively constantly harvesting the monster’s life, saving a little experience and our merits.
A few minutes later, hundreds of meters outside the city wall, from the gate to the north until the corner of the city wall, most of the ground was baptized by our skills. The monster was still alive, and a group of younger brothers killed the monster. We directly gained more than 50 thousand merits, and the total merit value reached more than 630 thousand
At this time, the one-inch and the copper leopard demon have killed several times on the other side, but these two guys don’t have the skills now. Although there are many monsters, they are not enough. One third of the total number of monsters in that area is not as large as our skills.
"Brothers at the city gate don’t blame much outside now. Your team is full of professional combinations. You can directly come out and kill them so that the brothers who can’t attack behind can also attack them. But don’t come back when you pay attention. There are still these falling things outside. You choose your own people to come out and pack them up and distribute them to each team." Looking at the city gate, I want to look around the players. I shouted
Players at the city gate screamed and rushed out after I called some people to look at each other. I also thought that these guys rushed out to grab equipment. But this time, I was wrong. After these guys rushed out all the way, they all screamed and went to that place. At least hundreds of people rushed out to kill monsters, but no one picked up equipment. It seems that they are all crazy!
That’s interesting. Usually, if the same team doesn’t get together to kill the strange things that fall out, they will often get their heads broken. There are a lot of equipment and money lying on the ground, and no one has picked them up yet ~
Chapter 267 The last wave is coming.
If you don’t clean up now, you won’t be able to clean up when the wave monsters come ~ alas, these guys are really waves!
"The wall team will arrange some people to pick up things, such as a wave of strange to can’t pick up! There’s not much strange here, so don’t be idle and brush up this wave before going to other walls to help. Everyone can rest and replenish one. "
After shouting at the city wall players, I don’t care whether they will pack up or not, or whether they will help in other places. Go in the direction of Tiny and Bronze Armor Panther, and get this done quickly. We need to change the direction.
Catch the little one and ride directly to its neck, and continue to kill most of the monsters outside this wall. It’s been more than ten minutes, and there are still ten minutes before Yibo comes again. Ya is really in a hurry ~ It took me a few minutes to come to the south wall and bomb the places where the monsters piled up the most. After that, I won’t stay here, so I’ll brush them off and continue until the waves are over. Let’s change places while there are still ten minutes.
It is not optimistic to rush to Tianma City, but it is obviously better than Yan Lion City. It seems that the appeal of female players in Ling Zhou Women’s League is still much stronger. Plus, there is light rain. They are also here in a lot of’ Goddess’. It is strange that there are no cattle here.
Although the situation is slightly better than that in Yanshi City, the gates are also extremely dangerous ~ Players and monsters are pounding back and forth in the gate hole, which is simply a meat grinder wall, and several players have been attacked by remote monsters and suffered heavy casualties.
I dare not delay, and I will summon the Tiny One and the Bronze Leopard Magic to let the two pets act alone. There are many places for the wise man to blame me, and I will clear myself in the other direction. After turning the whole Tianma City around for a circle, the whole monster outside Tianma City is estimated to be less than 20,000, and the player’s attack on the light wall can be killed almost before a wave of monsters arrives. This is also finished.
In the mercenary group channel, I asked everyone about the situation and replied that it was okay, and they also made a lot of feats, but they didn’t have a 1/5 feat ~ I was relieved and depressed to get this reply. It’s a pity that this feat didn’t earn much ~ I specifically told a light rain, When Lin Hao and Xie Shuang wait for a wave, don’t stay in the crowd again. Directly point to the boss to attack the boss. Hanging up the mobs will be a little confusing, and the boss’s experience and merits are much higher. Give full play to the advantages. Xie Shuang can directly release the bloodthirsty bees, so that everyone can get a lot of experience and merits. Lin Hao is in the middle of the attack, and it is absolutely efficient.
When I told Lin Hao to immediately agree that this guy has a dragon mount, he has long wanted to go out and coquettish. It was the light rain that kept him around the cold front and others, and he didn’t dare to go out and pity the frost. It was like moving his bees. Hey, this girl is angry. That scene is even more shocking than our ultimate skill scene!
Explain to everyone that I am heading for Kerry City again. Just after I delivered it to Kerry City, the announcement rang. The 5th Wave horse is coming! I’m depressed in my heart. Can’t I have a rest? But there is no way to spell it! Fortunately, it has been the last hour since the siege, which means this wave is the last one!
Since it’s the last wave, we can change our strategy a little bit. Hey, hey, I’ll give it to our group. I can’t brush the monsters at a good speed. I’ll just move freely and point at the boss and kill the boss for me before dealing with the mobsters.
This is the last wave. We must paint as many places as possible. I ordered Salon, the necromancer, to release the undead scourge directly 200 meters outside the city wall after the monster rushed in! Kill as many as you can! After summoning the undead at most, we can let Xiaoyu and widow purify them slowly, which can also increase our experience and skill proficiency.
And myself ~ With this guy Salon, it seems that Kerry City doesn’t need my words too much. Even if the effect of the scourge is not too terrible, one wall monster should still be able to block the other three walls. With so many players here and no boss monster, it is still not a problem that we should continue to block the firefighters for a while.
A few minutes later, the monster finished knot and rushed to the ruins, riding a tiny one and stopped in the middle. I saw it at a glance. The monsters rushed over. There were flying monsters in my heart. There were a lot of flying monsters. This time it was overwhelming. The monsters were getting closer and closer. First of all, they were flying monsters. When these flying monsters approached, I almost couldn’t help cursing them. Damn, this M is a level 40 monster!
Most of them are less than level 30. Do players deal with level 4 monsters? Take a fancy to flying monsters. At least there are thousands on each side. Players can’t fly yet. Most of the skills are still in the basic skill stage. This is less than 20,000 flying monsters, which makes the whole ruined player army annihilated. This M series is really cruel! I just want players not to be able to guard the possibility of success!
Look at the city wall. At this time, I have seen the overwhelming flying monsters. The players have been sluggish. It is proved that these players have no resistance at all. After polishing, they have no gas to face the ground. There are still several monsters! Lying in the trough ~ you are ready! That depressed in my heart! One by one, just stay in wait for a while and stare at getting closer and closer. I don’t know how to prepare for attack and defense!
"Everybody cheer up this is the last wave of strange! The first four waves have survived the last one. Are you all ready to give up? Don’t you all look like Kai Fu? These blame them for their experience and equipment! There is nothing to be afraid of, but it will be terrible if you are too weak to resist! "
Stand at CUHK and ignore these players who have been scared silly. Take a pat on the neck. One-inch will meet the flying monster directly, and the huge dragon’s mouth will suddenly sound a long dragon’s song. The flying Warcraft in front will fall obliquely to the ground, and I will also quickly release the salamanders’ dance ~ As one-inch rushes in, I will keep my balance and keep falling. The flying monsters are constantly touching the same monster’s body. Suddenly, a’ firebird’ is struggling to accelerate and want to fall to the ground to meet them.
The monster is close to the wall, and a huge bone dragon and a ghost dragon in the distance also seem to be slowly approaching the ruins, and the little one is constantly shuttling back and forth in the falling flying Warcraft, spitting out pieces of skills, and all the monsters encountered are frozen into ice and smashed to the ground, and the salamanders attack with me until they are in two completely opposite States ~ ice and fire!
Just as my little one and I joined hands to wreak havoc in the flying world of Warcraft, the ground monsters also rushed to the city wall, and the city gate was in contact, that is, the player’s defense line was rushed into the city gate hole, and the monster forwards all rushed through the city gate hole ~ at that time, they cried and cried and cried.
Fortunately, there are too many players in the city, and the monsters rushed in front of them, and the players lost a lot of blood. Finally, several players died in the dead front line, and they were pushed back to the city gate hole a little bit ~ The other walls don’t want to be so lucky. Flying Warcraft is extremely fierce and rushed to the ruins to attack the city walls and the players in the city, but the wall players can’t form an effective blow to the monsters because of the level gap.
If someone can count the number of players killed in the ruins of Kerry City in a few tens of seconds, it is definitely a horrible number ~ there are really few who can resist the monster frenzy of level 40 ~ When several players are pessimistic for a minute, maybe the whole battlefield seems to suddenly blow a gust of evil wind ~ Salon has arrived! My heart is full of joy! If the scourge of the undead is released, it is estimated that there will be no real problem here!
It’s getting dark, and the sound of Salon’s hoarse cave permeates the whole battlefield. It seems that at this moment, players are scared by this horrible environment. Players have stopped attacking and defending monsters, and even the flying monsters seem to want to escape from the battlefield and generally recede into the distance ~ Don’t say that it’s dark this day, and the whole thing seems to turn gray. It’s really strange to match Salon’s crow’s voice ~ Our players don’t read any spells, but this ya np spell is forbidden. It’s really scary to read a spell. Even the little one seems to be a little manic at this time ~ I haven’t finished reading it in ten seconds ~ I haven’t finished reading it in fifteen seconds ~ How can I still read it in twenty seconds? You’re at level 75, and it takes so long to prepare for a spell? Shit, you won’t play this scourge like me. It takes six seconds to prepare, okay?
Well, fortunately, this guy’s preparation skills are loud enough, and the monsters are scared silly. There is no crazy impact, so that players can slow down the wall a little, and players can take the opportunity to put some skills quickly, and I happen to be killing this flying monster with the little one!
Chapter 26 Natural disasters
I had hoped that Salon could release his skills as soon as possible in 2008, but now it seems that it is easier for us to kill the flying chickens. At this time, I wish he would study more. It would be better if he could wait for these flying monsters to die directly ~ Of course, the former is merit and experience!
Little by little in the past, after I killed dozens of flying monsters with Tiny, the dark day finally became again, and the ugly chanting sound of Langsaloon finally stopped ~ At the same time, the ground shook and the monsters panicked everywhere, colliding with each other and biting everywhere!
Players in the ruins and the city wall also screamed. They didn’t even know that the skinny black guy riding a bone dragon was’ one of our own’ ~ Of course, it showed panic and fear when it caused a sensation for Salon!
With the shaking and roaring of the earth, a lot of monsters’ bodies have turned into skeletons and become stiff again. Looking around, it seems that there are many priceless walls outside not only this wall, but also the other two walls on both sides. I don’t know if there are any ~’ Kaka’ bones festival activities and monsters’ fear growl, plus the players exclaim that the skeletons collide and interweave together. After a few seconds, the whole place of vision has become a scene of hell ~ I am everywhere. I feel terrible when I look at it carefully. An undead scourge has made such a scene, and there are actually several huge skull monsters with a height of at least several meters. I don’t know what it is. There are also several huge bone racks and two skull dragons ~ After the skills are released, Salon seems to be very weak. I feel strong when I talk to me through my soul. "Master, I can command these undead to attack Warcraft for a while, but when Warcraft is killed, they will wander around and attack all non-undead creatures that appear in front of me. Maybe ~"
"It’s okay. Sharon doesn’t consider those now. Okay, you command these undead to attack the monster, the bone dragon and the flying bone frame to deal with those flying Warcraft."
"It’s the master!"
Several skeletons continue to drill out of the ground. Once these skeletons come out, they will blindly attack some flesh-and-blood creatures around them. At that time, the original rampancy is worse than that of Warcraft, and it is worse than that of fleeing in panic, but being grabbed by the skeleton claws and then being dismembered by the skeleton next to it.
After the initial fear, the general battlefield players in Xiuluo Field seem to realize that those skeletons outside the city are attacking monsters and even the city walls. After getting up, a few skeletons jumped directly from the city walls without attacking players around them.
This discovery makes the players crazy. It seems that they are in a desperate situation. One second may be their own time of death, but the situation has changed since these skeletons appeared!


Inadvertently, she saw that feathermoon was protected by the Phoenix and was not hurt, while Lin Yu had no face for any protection. She couldn’t help but feel extremely unbalanced. "Why am I the only one who is so painful? No, I don’t feel good, and you don’t want to feel good! "

So Yan Ruoning did something that shocked both feathermoon and Lin Yu.
Whoo! Inflammation if setting a malicious robot will Lin Yu threw herself tightly around the Lin Yu!
"Ah, you are so cool!" If inflammation coagulates, I can’t wait to stick my skin to Lin Yushen’s body to cool down. That face is constantly rubbing against Lin Yu’s face to cool down.
Inflammation if coagulation is cool, but Lin Yu’s fire is hooked up by inflammation if coagulation.
Lin Yu is a normal man with such a plump body and dew point. How can he stand such "oppression"?
Where there is oppression, there will be resistance. A certain part of Lin Yu’s body immediately resisted, causing inflammation and a strange face. "What is this thing that can move by itself?"
Inflammation if coagulation in practice at ordinary times occasionally heard of men and women, but she didn’t mean to be different from an idiot in some ways.
"This idiot woman!" Lin Yu felt that if he didn’t get rid of inflammation and coagulation, he would be burned to death by his fire first.
So while inflammation if coagulation there stunned instantaneous Lin Yu hurriedly push inflammation if coagulation.
Unfortunately, Lin Yu pushed the opponent’s hand just in the softest part of the opponent’s body. He was so angry that he immediately wanted to kill him. "You king egg, I’ll chop your hand!"
Lin Yu avoided inflammation and quickly adjusted Shura’s vitality to adjust her body blood to the best adaptive state. "You took advantage of me first and stayed away from me, you female rascal!"
Inflammation if coagulation also want to go after Lin Yu, but as soon as she left Lin Yu’s side, her blood was boiling and burning, which made her unable to move any more.
"Ha-ha, one is dying." Fire spirit laughs and laughs. Maybe no one has been playing with him for too long. He obviously likes to play this kind of chat game.
Feathermoon knew that Lin Yu was not afraid of blood burning and said to Lin Yu, "Everyone is fighting together now. You save Yan girl."
Lin Yu looked at Yan Ruo Ning’s sweating and panting appearance and snorted twice. He stepped forward and hugged Yan Ruo Ning. "Crazy woman, this is to save you. Don’t shout to kill me."
Holding the inflammation if coagulation Lin Yu once again make shura vitality adjust the blood temperature to make yourself as cold as a snake.
If you don’t start work, Lin Yu will naturally backhand Lin Yu and enjoy Lin Yushen’s cold.
"Hey, hey, hey, I said that you are a girl’s house and you are just holding a man casually. Are you ashamed?" If Lin Yu is inflamed, he will feel guilty if he hugs himself like this.
If there’s nothing at ordinary times, but there’s a feathermoon watching, if the little bitch wakes up and is known by the little bitch …
Inflammation if coagulation stuffy hum a "didn’t undress hug again and won’t be pregnant, what are you afraid of? If you are pregnant, I am responsible for it."
Lin Yu and feathermoon were both thundered out of focus and tender in feathermoon’s heart. It’s no wonder that Lin Yu wants to call Yan Ruo crazy woman. This madness is not generally heavy.
Just now, when I was attacked by Lin Yu in the chest, I still had to die, and now I have to cuddle actively. This inconsistency is not crazy.
It’s not crazy if she is really inflamed. She is deliberately talking nonsense to ease her embarrassment.
No matter how strong the appearance is, the woman’s heart is always weak
Now she’s going to be challenged by herself and sheltered by her opponent’s kindness, so she’ll talk nonsense.
Seeing that this flame didn’t make Fang’s blood boil, the necromancer was obviously disappointed. "Hey, it’s not good to play with you!"
Fire spirit eyes suddenly yoshimitsu, a wave of his hand that piece of "flame day" immediately shout rapidly pressure!
If crushed by this day, Lin Yu three people will really be burned to ashes.
The principle of fire armor is to isolate the fire energy. This unique fire armor with fire energy can’t be lifted up.
Even if the armor is not burned, the armor dodger will be cooked alive.
Unless Lin Yu their flesh can be tough enough not to be afraid of fire, they will die if they touch the fire spirit.
"What should I do?" Seeing that the flame will burn the three of them alive, Lin Yu suddenly flashed in his mind and shouted at Yan Ruoning in his arms, "Hey, Yan crazy woman, hurry up and Tianyuan will burn me!"
Yan Ruoning’s eyes flashed a heart andao "This is that you told me to burn my opponent and die together. It is also considered that I am not lost to you Lin Yu!"
Call-the whole flame day will cover Lin Yu’s three figures.
The fire spirit looked at the disappearance of the three people and couldn’t help but be disappointed. "Master, these three people are so boring that they burned to death without two halves."
Yan Xingyin came from high school. "Really? Heaven dragon that old man also told me that it was fun, especially when there were women around. "
"Fun with your sister!" Lin Yu’s roar floated from the fire on the ground, and the fire spirit turned around and looked straight.
See Lin Yushen emitting a dark golden flame enveloped the three of them, while his own flame was burned by the other party’s dark golden flame into the original vitality!
The fire spirit was stunned for a long time before he scolded, "Damn it!"
"Want to burn me? I will burn you first! " Lin Yu rose to the sky and swooped down toward the fire spirit with a dark golden cloud flame.
Touching all the spirits turned by vitality, the fire spirit immediately fled everywhere. "Master, it’s not fun at all. I won’t play!" "
Fire spirit is faster than Lin Yu, and many of them can’t catch fire spirit with Lin Yuru’s acceleration.

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Chapter 46 The earthquake in a certain place makes people happy
Chapter 46 The earthquake in a certain place makes people happy
"Fuck off!" A binge drinking came from the mansion. With the sound, a silvery white light beam appeared in front of Wang Guang. This light beam burst and split into countless white lights. In the center of the white light, there was a bowl of gold beads that were lifted up and down by the white light.
Kim shaking, straight wait for a while toward Wang Guang head smashed up. How dare the Taoist delay? A finger stretched out and red copper sand roared out. When the two beads collided, there was a loud click, and the golden beads rolled back and the copper beads scattered.
"Uber! You will die a natural death if you insult being original. " Wang guang opened his mouth and sprayed it, but it was a smoke. This smoke brush rolled up the scattered copper beads, and the copper beads were helped by Wang Guang Fa Li, and once again they were aggregated together, but it was the prohibition embedded in it when refining that played a role.
The copper millstone, the size of 35 feet, was slowly pressed down from the air toward the position where the gold ball was rolled back. There was a thunder and fire flying out of the mansion, and hitting the millstone only made it tremble, but it was never damaged.
Seeing that the millstone was about to fall in the mansion, a golden hand rose from below. This hand grabbed the millstone and threw it at Wang Guang.
"diabolism, why attack me for no reason? Do you want to run amok by relying on your own identity? We are all worshippers. Today, you are here to make trouble and destroy. I am sure that a few people will find you to understand. " There was a voice coming from the mansion.
When I saw the millstone flying upside down, it was just a roll of dust, and the millstone was reduced to the size of longan and fell into my hands.
"Gaga! Attack you for no reason? Are you guys out of your mind Just now, I was playing around the residence of the Great Prince, and there was a magic attack on me from you. How can I do it if I don’t take a look at it and vent my anger? " Wang Guang sneer at 1, now he is not afraid of how many practitioners below, he knows, now I don’t know how many practitioners who are enshrined by the big prince are gathered behind him, and if necessary, those who are enshrined will definitely come to help.
"What’s more, being original is the imperial sacrifice, and it is the guardian of the royal blood. It is unforgivable for you to murder the big prince by mixing with the sacrifice. Being original today represents millions of people, and they will punish you rebels. " Shout at top of voice, shook his head, and spewed smoke from his mouth. The smoke fell into copper sand, which soared, turned round and round in the air, and then smashed it down hard.
"Ridiculous." At first the sound came out again. A golden ball rose from the mansion, and at that time the golden ball and copper sand collided together, but no one else intervened. And Wang Guang’s struggle with that man was restrained as much as possible.
After dozens of rounds of fighting, a practitioner flew up to Wang Guang and whispered, "Wang Daoyou, the eldest prince has something to say, so forget about what happened today and don’t mention it again. When there is an opportunity, I will definitely retaliate against these people. "
"You mean let being original stop today? All right! It happens that being original has a serious loss of mana, and you can’t get the upper hand if you fight any longer. It’s not a shame to leave like this. " Wang Guang, this fellow wants to understand clearly. He knows that he wants to kill people today, and it is impossible. So very readily promised.
Having said this, Wang Guang leaned forward and left, without any malicious words.
Wang Guang went back to the big prince’s mansion and didn’t go in. He just found an inn nearby. On the one hand, this fellow didn’t want to have too much communication with the prince, on the other hand, he wanted to find more time to meditate and practice, in order to break through the practice and reach the fourth floor of the practice as soon as possible.
In the following days, the big prince was assassinated, and the death of a general who was good at fighting caused a great uproar in the whole imperial city. At one time, hundreds of people fell to the ground, and dozens of worshippers left the Tianyu Dynasty. There are also countless ups and downs in the DPRK ministers. The imperial city, which was already very calm, was suddenly undercurrent, and every day there were small-scale conflicts among various family forces. However, since the practitioners were not alarmed, no one cared.
It is said that this fellow Wang Guang is practicing meditation this day. After feeling that carrying the three-tier method can no longer increase his mana, this fellow began to think about breaking through the three-tier method and practicing the fourth-tier method.
The number of meridians and acupoints that the fourth floor of the practice needs to wander is one or two times more than that of the third floor. With pure and incomparable mana, this fellow leng got through these meridians and acupoints a little bit, and it took almost a hundred days to completely enter the fourth floor of the practice.
There are four levels of practice. Although you still can’t practice the next self-contained Daoism, you can store seven or eight times more mana than the third level, and the cultivated mana is much purer than the third level. However, what makes Wang Guang feel most satisfied is not these, but that after four layers of practice, the purple gas absorbed every time is more than ten times more than before.
In the past, I used to absorb dozens of filaments of purple gas at a time, but now I can actually absorb one strand at a time. This wisp of purple gas contains 108 silk purple gas, which means that mana purification is more efficient than before in Zongmen.
Saying that Wang Guang had nothing to do this day, he released his own red copper sand in the inn according to his previous habits.
This red copper sand is divided into two three-foot-sized grinding discs suspended in the air. When they go up and down, they turn forward and reverse, and they only meet about three feet.
Gold pieces of refined copper ingots were thrown into the center of these two millstones by him, and the millstones turned, but the copper ingots were broken and completely absorbed. Every time he absorbs a copper ingot, Wang Guang feels that the power of this red copper sand increases by one point. At the same time, it is also a little heavy.
In the past 100 days, Wang Guang constantly used the refined copper ingots sent by the eldest prince to enhance the power of his magic weapon, which is much more powerful than before.
After the last copper ingot in front of me was completely absorbed by red copper sand, the original 1,001 copper pills have increased to more than 2,000, almost every time one thousand kilograms of copper ingots are absorbed, this copper sand will increase by one grain. In just a hundred days, Wang Guang didn’t know how many copper ingots he had absorbed in order to increase the power of his magic weapon.
Every night, countless carriages transport copper ingots to this inn, and the whole inn has become Wang Guang’s palace. In this imperial city alone, more than a thousand people are busy sending Wang Guangyun copper ingots.
"Take back all the copper ingots! Being poor is no longer needed these days. " After weighing the copper sand in his hand, this fellow opened his mouth and swallowed it and hid it under his tongue.
A little bit of magic power blended into the copper sand along the meridians, nourishing the power of this magic weapon a little bit.
In a word, the lean man who carried the copper ingot to the room nodded again and again, turned around and left with the copper ingot. Time is not long, the carriage that spread for miles outside the inn collectively turned around and walked slowly outside the city.
"Gaga! A few days ago, you attacked being poor with Daoism. Today, the magic weapon of being poor is getting stronger and stronger. It seems that you have to find some trouble. " Thought of here, Wang Guang just sent a message to a practitioner who guarded the eldest prince, explaining that he needed to go out for a while, so he rolled up his body with a hundred miles of time and flew outside the city.
After asking for a lot of precious stones from the big prince, this hundred-mile streamer was re-refined by him for three or five times. Up to now, this magic weapon has been put into use. Although it can blink thousands of miles, it can reach more than 500 miles in an hour. It’s just a pity that there is no better gem, otherwise this magic weapon will be faster.
After Bao Guang rolled his body, Wang Guang was not at ease, so he opened his mouth and sprayed red copper sand directly.
The copper sand turned into a loose sand and rolled on Baoguang, so that although it made him fly a little slowly, he could react with the fastest speed when others suddenly attacked him. Moreover, Wang Guang once tried it privately. A second-order thunderbolt was blown to the circulating copper sand, and the copper sand was resisted without even a vibration.
Said Wang Guang out of the imperial city, according to his plan, this time he flew directly to a valley in the north. The valley is only three or five thousand miles away from the imperial city. According to the information provided by other worshippers, a practitioner who fought with him in the mansion was hiding there to carry mana and breathe the aura of heaven and earth.
It’s just that the offerings are very clever. When the genial smile comes, they run away and never give others a chance to surround and kill. Therefore, some offerings of the eldest prince wander around for a few times when they are free, and some people fight, but no one comes back. And Wang Guang has been there once or twice. Once there was no one in the past, after the other time, he was sacrificed by a group of people and abruptly chased back to the imperial city. I went there today to try my luck again.
After flying for only three hours, Wang Guang felt that the surrounding situation was not good. The first two flights here, although I haven’t met other worshippers passing by here, can make the crowds in the towns below surging and bustling.
But just now he passed three or five small towns in a row, but no one came out.
Just as this fellow wondered, a surge of resentment emerged in front. This resentment is invisible to ordinary people, and it is all condensed after the death of innocent people.
"Infinite Buddha! Did someone kill the creatures below to gather their grievances and then collect them to refine the magic weapon? " Seeing the sudden resentment, Wang Guang couldn’t help guessing.
Although this resentment is precious to him, he doesn’t want to fight for it, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.
I never thought he wouldn’t look for trouble, but it came to him.
It turned out that Wang Guang made a detour in the air, trying to stay away from the resentment to avoid suspicion. He never thought that this resentment would follow the movement. He walked to the left, and this resentment also walked to the left. This situation, it is to let Wang Guang heart a little clear.
"Infinite Buddha! Is that Taoist friend who stopped being original? Is there something to discuss with being original? " Bao Guang spread out, and more than a dozen precious stones fell at his feet to form a curtain of Fiona Fang, standing on the curtain, carrying a salute at the dust collection in one hand and rubbing out Yin Lei in the other to prepare for the attack.

Chapter 47 Complaints stop bones fiend
Chapter 47
There are strange cries coming out of this resentment. "Wang Guang, you vicious man, my younger brother has no deep hatred with you, but you killed him. I will kill you today and avenge my younger brother." This pillar of resentment with a thickness of three or five feet suddenly turned into three or five thick pythons and wound around Wang Guang.
"Gaga! So it’s you little bitch! Last time I let you run away, I couldn’t sleep day and night, thinking about when you would get back at me. Today, you came out to retaliate against being poor, and being poor just killed you at the same time, which is also a wish of your own family, so as not to sleep uneasily in the future. "
Wang Guang’s remarks only made a hullabaloo about the practice morale in her resentment. I saw the resentment rolling, and a crack came from the top, and another bone with a height of more than ten feet was exposed from the crack. The bone was shaken for three or five times, and countless grievances were absorbed by the long complications. Then the long complications were reduced to the size of a palm, and then turned into a white light and smashed into Wang Guang’s head.
"Do you dare to show off your skills?" Wang Guang sneered, brushed the dust in his hand, and opened his mouth to spit out the magic weapon red copper sand. The red copper sand exploded head-on, and a little bit of gold gas was woven into a net and white light flew in the distance. Thousands of copper sand turned and divided into two parts, one of which changed into a shield hanging overhead, and the other changed into a pike to carry in his hand.
Xi Geng Jin Qi was dispersed by white light, which was met by Wang Guang with a pike. The pike hit the white light with a violent collision. The white light rolled back three or five feet, made a spin in the air and smashed it at him again. Where is Wang Guang willing to show weakness? The pike was put to use, and the white light was resisted again and again, and it was very lively.
The resentment is separated from the left and right, and there is a black gauze female practitioner standing on a dark cloud in the middle. The dark clouds are surging, constantly absorbing the grievances around them, and every time they absorb a trace of grievances, the area of the dark clouds is a little larger.
This black-veiled female trainer has a charming face, and her hot figure shakes at will, so Wang Guang’s line of sight can’t help but fall on her. "The charm of Taoist friends is good, but unfortunately it has no effect on being original." Wang was laughing loudly.
"I didn’t kill you by charm, but by my resentment today." With a sneer, the woman waved the white banner back into the light, and the white banner returned to her hand, rising in the wind, and instantly returned to the size of Zhang Yu.
"Thousands of battles will follow orders, and you won’t come out to kill the enemy?" With a snort of cold, the female trainer reached out and pointed at the black smoke below, which made it crawl faster. Waves of bleak howls came from the black smoke, and with this bleak howl, all the resentment that turned around poured into the black smoke in just a few dozen breathing hours.
Every time black smoke absorbs a grievance, there will be a white bone monster jumping out of it. At the same time, the long banners in the hands of female practitioners will increase by one point. After all the grievances in the sky have been absorbed, nearly a thousand bones monsters have surrounded Wang Guang and started fighting.
These white-bone monsters are all kinds of strange things, some of them are made up of human heads, and some of them are made up of animal bones. Or the human trunk, or the trunk of a beast, although it doesn’t look big, there are many bone spurs on it, and a little black smoke is scattered from it, which looks fierce.
Bones monster also don’t know fear, more not afraid of death, wave upon wave toward Wang Guangchong killed in the past. If you break this end, there will be another end to mend it. But the broken bones monster only took three or five breathing hours, and then they were pieced together again.
What worries Wang Guang is that these newly pieced together bones monsters are twice as big as the first ones, and they are more fierce to fight, and their bones are harder than the first ones.
"Infinite Buddha! You woman, why are you against being original? Your younger brother is not as good as others in fighting against being original, and he can’t blame others for being killed by being original. It’s disgusting that you don’t find a place to practice hard when your younger brother dies, but instead you come to the trouble of being original. Life and death are life, and you and I only see that there is no dispute. Why come to fight with being original? Why don’t you envy your younger brother and want to follow him when he sees his death? "
This fellow’s mouth is full of nonsense, and the preface doesn’t match the latter, but he just thinks about the countermeasures secretly. The female trainer gave a series of shrill laughter. "Wang Guang, you are a diabolical way. I don’t say anything about revenge for my younger brother. I just want to kill you to vent my anger. You don’t have to find that ridiculous reason to persuade me, it’s useless. "
When she said this, the female practitioner stood upside down on the black smoke, and thick black smoke emerged from her private place. These black smoke blended into the long banners of the white bones, and the long banners of the course suddenly shook. With the long banners shaking, those bones monsters became more fierce.
Instead of besieging Wang Guang, the two bones monsters are intertwined with each other. With the next breath, a more fierce bone monster comes out. This newly formed white bone monster still does not attack Wang Guang, but continues to merge with other similar people.
Not long after, there were only 18 of the nearly 1000 white bone monsters left.
Each of these 18 white-bone monsters has a height of 35 feet, with some beasts, seven or eight claws and horns, some giants, and three or five heads and arms. Or carry a mace, or carry a nail hammer, and there are bows and arrows, and there are countless bone spurs squirming from the back. Eighteen white-bone monsters, each different from each other.


This time the dark rain didn’t get angry, but said, "I’ll try."

"Do I have confidence?" Chu Yun is excited again. Although God Xuan can’t compare with Saint Xuan, it’s better than Heaven Xuan.
"I told you to try. You’re bothering me." Dark rain roared, and the body gleamed strangely.
"All right," Chu Yun waited. "By the way, how long do you want?"
If the dark rain needs three or four days, don’t you wait for three or four days?
"Two hours at most."
Dark rain, but Chu Yun saw that if she said it again, she would be angry again.
Two hours can still afford to wait, and there are beautiful women to enjoy.
Chu Yun quietly looked at the dark rain. To tell the truth, this little girl is very beautiful. Her skin is white, her nose is turned up, her eyebrows are turned up, her mouth is long, her mouth is tooted, and her tip is dressed like a vibrant girl. However, her black stockings at this time are tempting, but why is it so strange to wear them on a girl who looks like she is sixteen or seventeen?
"Don’t look at my leg, okay?" Although the dark rain has been refining the dark elements in the stone, she still sees Chu Yun’s eyes staring at herself, which makes her feel embarrassed.
"ah!" Chu Yun reacted immediately and looked at her whole person instead of looking at her. Anyway, she is equally beautiful.
"Will you stop staring at me all the time?" It’s okay to stare at one point and two points, but it’s ten points and twenty points. The dark rain can’t stand it.
"Don’t look at what you want me to see?" Chu Yun said.
"Look at the toad" Dark Rain said directly without thinking.
Chapter 236 filming!
"You just went to see the toad. Your family went to see the toad." Of course, Chu Yun was afraid to say this because he was afraid that the little girl would run away.
Chu Yun just looked at the dark rain quietly. Which fool would choose to look at toad instead of beautiful girl?
Dark rain said a few times, but I didn’t care about him, but my face was red. Maybe this is the opposite sex’s embarrassment.
At this time, Chu Yun saw that NO FENG フウカ, the dark rain hair, was even weirder. Her body was black and brighter.
"Bite your pet’s dark rain orientation attribute increases"
"Huh?" Chu Yun curious dark rain panel a look in the eyes wide because the life value ratio is much higher than a full time.
The light of that rain fade as if it were coming to an end.
"It’s a little short of reaching the mysterious god." When the light disappears, the dark rain is very angry and clenches his fist.
"…" Chu Yun also feel a little pity.
"Is this stone gone?" Chu Yun asked, because it was once a black stone with black paint and now it has turned to ash.
"Who said no? If not, would I hold it?" Although the dark rain felt pity, there was nothing I could do.
"So what?" Chu Yun thought that since the stone turned gray, all the dark elements in it disappeared.
"As I said before, the Dark Deep Magic Stone is spiritual. It can continue to absorb dark elements if it is replaced with a dark element," said Dark Rain.
"So much" Chu Yun surprised.
"Bad is bad, but there is a disadvantage that the speed of absorbing dark elements is too slow. If you want to reach the previous level, it will take at least tens of thousands of years." Dark rain directly threw the stone to Chu Yun for tens of thousands of years, and she was too lazy to wait
"Tens of thousands of years that this thing is not" Chu Yun think dark rain white said.
I want to throw it away when I come to Chu Yun, but I think it’s a treasure after all, so it’s better to keep it.
Because of the fairy elder sister’s words, Chu Yun added the person of yat sen villa. It turns out that yat sen villa is the woman who invited herself!
Song Qing, she is in Chu Yun, Suzaku City. She said that he thinks this woman is very interesting, which is much more interesting than her miss, because she is a Uber.
Time flies like water for three months.
At this moment, everyone’s level is moving towards level 5. Once they reach level 5, they can make a second turn. After the second turn is completed, their strength will increase greatly.
In reality, life in Chu Yun is very quiet, and those two ugly monsters have never appeared again. Perhaps Sister Fairy woke up.
In the game, Chu Yun tried to practice the level, but it’s a pity that those mysterious beasts are not easy to meet, otherwise the upgrade speed would be much faster.
Realistic home
"What Lin Weiwei, you said you took a movie?" Chu Yun felt dizzy.
"Yes, what’s the problem? And I booked the leading actor." Lin Weiwei said with a smile.
"Who is it?" Chu Yun asked.
"Of course it’s you. As soon as they agreed," Lin Weiwei smiled brightly, but in Chu Yun’s eyes it was like a hungry wolf.
"How can you?" I can’t tell if I’m angry or not because Chu Yun hasn’t thought about filming yet.
"It’s just a movie and it won’t take long." Lin Weiwei laughed.
"Coco, I don’t want to be famous." Chu Yun is about to collapse. Once he becomes famous, it will be troublesome to go out.
"What’s the big deal like me?" Lin Weiwei said firmly. "Anyway, you must be my hero."
Chu Yun fell directly on the sofa. "What shadow?"
Chu Yun thinks that since Lin Weiwei is going to take over the play, it should be good.
"Cat Man", said Lin Weiwei.


"Go and come back here with your reward. I’ll send you back to your world." Mrs. Yang said, and gently pushed Yang Ye and plunged her head into the turbulent mirror.

Xi Shi and Zheng Dan here have almost collapsed!
Watching brother Yang night suddenly disappear in front of them! It’s no different from hell in broad daylight. Brother Yang Ye was still talking and disappeared! Two beautiful women, one squatting by the river and the other sitting on the lawn, remained stunned for a long time, still staring with their eyes open, and there was no reason to believe what was happening in front of them.
Very not easy to slow down. Xi Shi and Zheng Dan looked at each other and hurriedly got up at the same time and came to Yang Night’s disappearance position. Looking closely, the land was almost turned over. As a result, the two beautiful women completely panicked and cried out to their brothers in one direction. Unfortunately, after shouting for a long time, they all responded. There were birds flying overhead around Kuang, and the river around them was noisy and flustered.
It’s over! It’s over! Xi Shi and Zheng Dan happen to think about how brother disappeared for such a reason. Is he a fairy? The devil? Whatever it is, he just disappears, but what should we do if we can pick it up?
Two beautiful women face each other and become speechless. They are more desperate than looking at whose eyes and expressions. When Yang Ye suddenly appeared again!
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry, worried? Scared, huh? Are you in a hurry? " Yang Ye felt that he had emerged from the river and was still a little wet. "He was called to negotiate and I will explain it to you after hehe."
Xi Shi and Zheng Dan are looking at Yang night, and it is almost instantaneous. Two beautiful women around them took one look and screamed together in horror, hiding behind in horror.
"What’s wrong with you two? It’s me!" Yang night took Xi Shi and Zheng Dan back to get excited and forgot that he had just disappeared for a while.
"You … you, you, you … you are a person or a ghost?" Or Zheng Dan daring trembling voice asked 1.
"oh! I said that I was called to a sentence or two by the class and I can’t explain it clearly to you. "Yang Yebai came over to Xi Shi and Zheng Dan for fear of being a little crazy.
"Brother, are you really not human?" Xi Shi saw that it was Yang Ye and took a few steps forward.
"Good good ….." Yang night completely crazy "let’s go first. I’m sure I’ll explain it to you two after everything settles down!
When Xi Shi and Zheng Dan were staring at Yang Ye with a trace of doubt, Yang Ye’s anxious expression suddenly became tense and dignified, and his head tilted slightly to listen to something.
Sure enough, there was a chaotic horseshoe in the distance, and the sound was short from far and near.
Yang night looked up at the distance, and it was dusty. At least a hundred people rode their horses to come here.
Xi Shi and Zheng Dan are nervous and involuntarily close to the Yang night, and they are panicked and seized the sleeves of Yang night.
Yang night didn’t move and continued to look up. Finally, I saw several horses running towards him. Although it was a little vague, the distance was not far. Yang night could clearly observe that the armor of the horseback rider was the dress of the Yue people!
"Ha ha, I say! "Yang Ye sneered coldly and looked back at Xi Shi and Zheng Dan and said," I told you that Gou Jian, the King of Yue, would not be so generous and kind and would certainly not let us three go easily! "
"Brother! A lot of pursuers! What shall we do? " Zheng Dan panic eyes tearing Yang night hand grasp more tightly.
Although Xi Shi was not as nervous as Zheng Dan, she was still a little scared. Although she had seen Yang Ye fighting alone against dozens of guarding officers and soldiers of Wu State, she fainted when Yang Ye killed hundreds of people behind her. Xi Shi was also worried when she saw so many people coming.
"Brother …"
"renege! This king of Yue is so fucking cheap! " Yang Ye turned to Xi Shi and Zheng Dan with a comforting smile, with a hint of cuteness and calmness, and flashed a naughty "Don’t worry, two beautiful women swear in my name that they will protect you!"
I sneezed in the code word-why did you drag me in?
Yang Ye said, putting his arm around Xi Shi and Zheng Dan’s shoulder, giving up the two beautiful women far behind, and then smiling, turning around and coming over, looking at the approaching brigade, the Vietnamese troops shook their heads and clenched their fists tightly, thinking about what would force me to kill people!
Think so has raised his hand "come on! I want this … Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Where is my sword? " Yang night nervously put his arms four looking for fierce saw his sword and put it on the lawn not far away-just put it there when he helped Zheng Dan pinch his feet.
Yang night went over and picked up the sword and stood up to meet the dust rolling in. The pursuer of the State of Yue drew the sword out of the scabbard, held the tip of the sword high and pointed it at the sky. "Come on! I want this day to cover my eyes again! I can’t bury my heart if I want to land! I want all the beautiful women to come home with me! Want this pursuer to vanish! ……”
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Chapter sixty-five "King Yue is cheap enough (the most)"
◎ Before the domain owner, he was also an official.
◎ Yang Ye wants to find a bone clan to cultivate officials.
◎ The state of Yue came after troops.


The two sides talked a little, and finally decided to go to the edge of the world to show, and after accumulating enough strength, they swept the whole world of practicing. After all, although the edge of the world is poor in aura and medicine is scarce, because of the birth of the world, a large number of treasures are bred by this world. Those treasures are powerful, although they can’t be compared with some ancient treasures, they are much more powerful than some ordinary ancient magic weapons.

As long as there are enough strong treasures, their strength will be more earth. When fighting with others in the future, you can also gain the upper hand.
After the decision was made, they didn’t go back to meet the moralist’s practitioners, but turned and flew to the station where Tongtian killed the prison.
More than 10,000 Yuan gods stayed behind to accompany Yaodao to fly back to Zongmen’s compound, while the remaining Yuan gods used occult techniques and returned directly to the noumenon. So as to go back to rectify the clan door and prepare to relocate.
More than 10,000 Yuan gods are all powerful and small. After narrowing down the changes, they are directly hidden in the robes of the demon road. And the big monk who got the noumenon by the demon way was angry and unwilling to let the demon way roll up his body with fire escape and quickly return to the prison compound where he was killed.
It took almost eighty years to fly all the way.
Words on this day, diabolical running all the way, see the aura in front of the unrest. As far as you can see, there are huge mountains flying slowly tens of thousands of miles away.
It is said that it is a huge mountain range, but it is actually a mountain group composed of twelve tall peaks and more than a hundred peaks of different sizes.
Countless Yuan gods revolved around the mountains, and twelve thick starlight shone on them. Clouds of streamers flashed in the air, and practitioners flew in and out from time to time.
"This is borne to kill the prison compound. I don’t know how much effort you made in this station. " The monk on the side was stunned when he saw the demon road, so he sneered.
"When this killing prison was first built, being original deduced Daoism was banned, and the way to hook the essence of stars was obtained. The thirteen pillars of stars were obtained by being original. How much effort do you think being original has made? " Demon Road sneered when he heard this. He pointed to the monk and said, "Do you think prison killing could be like this in just tens of thousands of years without this star essence?" There are some things you don’t know, so don’t grind your feet in front of being poor, so as not to be bored with being poor, and then imprison you. "
"The essence of the stars only occupies a very small weight in killing prisons. What’s the use of exaggerating your merits?" The monk sneered, although his words were extremely disdainful. But my heart is very admired. You know, when he saw the law that gathered the essence of stars banned, it took him hundreds of years to understand its operating principle. At that time, he had asked the old man of Zongmen, hoping to know who was the owner of this gathering star essence. "Besides, you may not have built it."
It’s a pity that at that time, because Wang Guang left not long, many people who killed the prison left, so some people were dissatisfied, so they hid the fact that the demon road was the owner of the law to build the essence of the stars, and only vaguely took it.
Now, after listening to Wang Guang’s words, the monk couldn’t accept them for a while, so he said these words.
"Hey hey, believe it or not." With a grimace of a grin, diabolism is too lazy to pay attention to each other.
When the station arrived, the ten thousand Yuan gods hidden in him were secretly relieved, and all of them got out and returned to the station ontology. At first, they were lurking on the demon road, fearing that the enemies of the moral Sect would come after Wang Guang and slaughter him. Now that the station arrives, they don’t need to be so cautious.
Soon after more than 10,000 beams of light drilled into the mountains tens of thousands of miles away, they saw that the mountain peak had accelerated a lot, and clouds of colored light were flying around from the mountains. There are my fair lady singing and dancing in it, and there are birds and beasts ups and downs in it. Yue Xian bursts with extraordinary fragrance, which is really spectacular.
After losing thousands of prison killers, they came out to meet the demon road, led him around the mountains to watch it, and held a banquet. After seven or eight days of joy, peace was restored.
After saying that the trivial matters of the day were gone, Yaodao sat cross-legged in the valley at the center of the mountains and began to meditate and practice. This valley of his is the heart of Zongmen, and a few tens of feet of thick starlight landed here. Demon Taoism is practiced here, on the one hand, to improve its own mana, so as to increase the blood purity of ancient ghosts and gods, on the other hand, to cultivate the law of heaven and earth and condense the Yuan gods.
With the practice of carrying, one-third of the star essence is integrated into the blood, which does not enhance the blood force; Another third of the essence of stars is absorbed by the magical power of heaven and earth method; The last third of the essence of the stars, under the traction of Dharma, went directly to the magical world of then dreams.
Looking at the star essence of then, the stronger, the diabolical way began to think about the Yuan God that he was about to condense.
You know, after you become a spiritual practitioner, as long as you have enough mind and mana, you can condense countless yuan gods. Unlike in Yuan Shen’s cultivation, only two Yuan Shen can be bred in one magic power.
The demon road fellow’s mind is not lacking at all, but what he lacks is mana.
When I fled all the way, although I passed through many places with sufficient aura, I didn’t dare to stay and absorb it to condense the Yuan God. At the beginning, he wanted to extract some spirit veins and inject them into the body to condense the Yuan God. Unfortunately, the spirit veins are spirit veins after all. Although they contain almost endless reiki, it takes a very long time to transform them into mana, so it has been delayed until now.

Chapter three hundred and thirty-three Kill prison migration moral block
Chapter three hundred and thirty-three Kill prison migration moral block
Chapter three hundred and thirty-three
Now that I’m free, I have endless star essences that can be directly transformed into mana. Without thinking about it, Yaodao decided to start refining the fourth yuan god or even the fifth yuan god. You know, his mind has been tempered by countless years in the dream world of then, and it is countless times stronger than the general spiritual practitioner. Even if he lost a lot of mind because of some accidents, it still does not prevent him from practicing the fourth yuan God.
Want to practice the fourth yuan god, diabolism also had thought. It turns out that there are several ways to refine this Yuan God. One way is to use the practice as the basis to be concise, so that the concise Yuan God can control a practice alone. Even if this Yuan God falls, the experience it gained from practicing the practice will be preserved. Another way is to use the magic weapon foundation, so as to fill in countless mana to outline, so as to condense the Yuan God. Although this Yuan God is more powerful, there is not much room for improvement, and most practitioners don’t like it very much.
There are many other ways to cultivate Yuan Shen, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages, which makes Wang Guang feel very entangled in his heart for a time.
After several times of fruitless thinking, the diabolical way used the secret method to contact the Taoist Feiyun who was hundreds of millions of miles away. On the one hand, I wanted to know about the situation there, on the other hand, I wanted to ask the Taoist Feiyun who was about to soar to the upper bound for advice.
It is said that the Yuan God who was hidden in Yunxiao Sect’s compound immediately felt the induction after the demon road surface cast its secret skills. One of the Yuan gods is running red sand bursts to polish the lotus flower of Styx. This lotus flower of Styx has been polished day and night by hundreds of experts, and now it has been fully reduced by one tenth compared with more than one hundred years ago. According to the diabolical estimate, if there is no accident, in another thousand years, the lotus flower will be polished by them.
Demon Road sprayed a few mana into the red sand bursts to keep the array running, and then got up and went to the Feiyun Taoist in the corner.
This Taoist Feiyun fought with a top moral master more than a hundred years ago. Although she finally gained the upper hand and killed half the soul of the top moral master, she was seriously injured. After more than a hundred years of recovery, she still did not reach the peak.
At this time, Taoist Feiyun is sitting there absorbing aura and recovering her own harm a little.
"Martial Uncle, I don’t know one thing about being poor. I hope Martial Uncle can give me some advice." With a dry cough, Yaodao stepped forward and kowtowed.
"There are thousands of ways to change the Yuan God, and there are three or five ways in the mainstream. I think you are not willing to follow the crowd, so you have already made a deduction." Taoist Feiyun didn’t open her eyes, but she looked indifferent and said, "Have you forgotten your magical power" Evil Demon Change "? This magical power is most suitable for you. "
"Evil demon change"? I see. " The demon road was puzzled at first, but then it suddenly dawned. When he changed his body, he once put down the magical power of Evil Demon Change for the time being, only saying that he would come back to practice after he became a god, but he was busy for a while and never remembered it. Now, after being reminded by Taoist Feiyun, I immediately made a decision.
"The ancestral gate opened by my friends is moving here, and I hope that Uncle Shi can take care of it." After thanking Taoist Feiyun, Yaodao recounted what happened in his own body. Finally, he sighed, "Don’t worry, Martial Uncle, although that clan intends to compete for the whole world of practicing Qi, it will never be disrespectful to Yunxiao Sect."
"Ha ha, you people will know that joking, dominating the practice world? In these countless years, many people have had this idea, but unfortunately no one or clan has ever succeeded. " Taoist Feiyun suddenly opened her eyes and looked at the demon road with a charming smile: "In those days, the Yizong Sect, the Xingchen Sect, the Zhengqi Sect and the Zhengyi Sect, which occupied all continents, all wanted to dominate the practice world, but it was a pity that tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of years of efforts eventually turned into nothingness."
"The failure of predecessors does not mean that our descendants will not succeed. Countless years ago, the war between the gods and the demons had just ended, and all the practitioners would not have thought of the scene where hundreds of millions of practitioners crisscrossed the world today. " It doesn’t matter that diabolism shook his head. The idea he decided was not something that Taoist Feiyun could shake with a word.
"I don’t care what you’re going to do, I’m just telling you that as long as I’m alive, Feiyun will shelter you for a day. You can do it as you like. If something big happens, I will support you. " Taoist Feiyun covered her mouth and giggled. She laughed for a long time, so she reached out and pointed to the demon’s forehead and said, "In a few days, you have two uncles who are going out. I hope your body can come back in time, because your two uncles have something to find you."
"Infinite Buddha being original never remembers any familiar uncles." Demon way confused, puzzled look at feiyun Taoist, want to let the other side give yourself a detailed explanation. But this Taoist Feiyun smiles obsequiously, and even closes her eyes and meditates, and refuses to reveal any information to Demon Road.

桑拿品茶嫩茶wx 桑拿夜网

Both men and women can pretend to be men in this fashion, and there is a heroic and fresh sense of vegetation, while the female is sacred and beautiful.

"Too beautiful!"
Chu Yun thinks that these women are so beautiful after wearing this fashion, especially when the fairy says that nine days in Xuan Nv is not enough. Of course, the rest of the women are not bad because they are all beautiful women.
"Happiness is dead" because there are too many rewards. Bells face is red and she is excited.
The women are talking about this, and they have all become perverts, which is just like dreaming.
"Dream yao hug …"
Chu Yun thinks Meng Yao is so beautiful in this fashion.
Chen Mengyao gave him a white look and he was the only one.
For everyone, this young couple is showing their love again.
And then there’s the treasure chest. The reward is too rich, but I don’t know what’s in the treasure chest.
"Ha, ha, ha, I’m coming." Linger excitedly chose a silver treasure chest at the end.
"Ding, congratulations on getting frost wyrm Jingxue."
What is frost wyrm Jingxue?
Linger will directly release the attribute.
Frost wyrm’s Jing Xue and frost wyrm’s Heart Blood permanently increased his physical strength by 1 and his strength by 3.
"ah!" Although this thing is very enviable, it adds strength, and she is a summoner. Summoner pays attention to intelligence.
"Which one of you wants something good, but you must exchange it with me." Linger said that this thing is too small for her to exchange with others.
One, the competition for the physics professional woman was finally taken away by Lin Weiwei, and Lin Weiwei also spent a lot of money to exchange this Jingxue.
Chu Yun smiled and clicked a silver treasure chest.
"Ding, congratulations on getting five bottles of enemy potion."
Chu Yun was pleasantly surprised at the name of five bottles of enemy potions.
Enemy potions make the rear enemy last three seconds.
"It’s only three seconds." Chu Yun was a little lost, but not bad. Five bottles, that’s fifteen seconds, and there is no limit yet.
For this consumption, everyone envies the enemy’s ability to send big babies at all times.
After Chu Yun, Lin Weiwei Lin Weiwei randomly ordered a box.
"Ding, congratulations on winning the frost wyrm Heart Scale"
"frost wyrm heart scale?" Lin Weiwei is curious to release the attribute directly.
Frost wyrm’s heart scales cover frost wyrm’s heart scales, and the owner’s own epidemic is frozen and bound by epidemic reduction.
Everyone is envious of this thing. Although the freezing property drops and the bondage doesn’t appear often, what if it does? This is definitely a life-saving thing.
Then there is the fairy fairy thing, and it’s just art to move casually and flow freely and pleasing to the eye.
"Ding, congratulations on winning the frozen gem."
Fairy word directly see attribute.
The [Frozen Gem] level Tianxuan attribute attack has a 3% chance to freeze it for 3 seconds when it hits the enemy. When it cools down, the introduction of 3 seconds can be embedded in the weapon.
It’s good for everyone to freeze for 3 seconds with a 3% chance.
The Baal sword can’t be inlaid with gems, otherwise Chu Yun will get whatever he says.
After the fairy is selected, it will be Song Qing. Song Qing’s wish is very simple. If it weren’t for the gold coin skill point, it would be fine.
"Ding Congratulations, you have gained 300 million gold coins and 3 million skill points."
Chapter 532 Jade wisp veils!
Song Qing’s mouth Zhang greatly seems to be able to swallow an egg and come to whatever he is afraid of. God, how can you do this?
Everyone sympathized with Song Qing when she learned that she had got gold coins and skill points.
After Song Qing, Bing Lan took the last step and ordered the most side one from the remaining five boxes.
Bing Lan got a fake God Xuan equipment, which makes everyone know that this is a fake God Xuan than envy.
After the ice blue, all the four girls in Mengmeng Cangyueer Asahiki Mengyao got good things, but Song Qing was the most rubbish.
Because everyone is used to the skill points of gold coins, of course, if the number of gold coins reaches a horrible level, it is another matter than saying 100 billion 100 billion 110 billion …
After the silver treasure chest, it is the golden treasure chest. Still, the treasure in the golden treasure chest is stronger than the silver treasure chest.
Bells quickly ordered the farthest one before.
"Ding, congratulations on getting a one-time prop, and you are furious."


"Of course not. Mr. Chen is the best person to me!" Yu-fang mei greasy greasy said around Chen Jinqiang neck red lips shallow kissed a Chen Jinqiang dry lean mouth.

Chen Jinqiang was confused by Mei Yufang, and she was eager to fly. Mei Yufang was trained in the "Lion House". There are at least 100 ways for senior ladies to deal with men, especially for old men like Chen Jinqiang. In recent years, she has succeeded in following Chen Jinqiang, but she has not got less oil and water. The value of one clear water bay villa is millions, and the sum of two buildings is less than 10 million. It is also considered that she has got the biggest vote with Chen Jinqiang. If she wants to work harder, she will be able to let Chen Jinqiang give her the real estate license. When using one’s skills to seduce Chen Jinqiang
Mei Yufang is a natural beauty, soft as a snake, watery as eyes, and close as close as eyes. The most important thing is to make a man’s soul disappear, and add a body as white as snow to penetrate the skin. When the skin faintly shows blue and red blood vessels, it is like a frost maple leaf. Can Chen Jinqiang resist this temptation?
Chen Jinqiang * * approaches to the pole a pair of palms sticking out of Mei Yufang’s clothes. Her soft skin * * slowly slides into her skirt. The tentacles are already wet peach blossoms.
Mei Yufang has long held Chen Jinqiang in her arms and said, "Good old Chen, can you give me the real estate license today?"
Chen Jinqiang grabbed Mei Yufang’s clothes and opened his mouth to hold the hard but still warm and soft little grape. He said, "You deserve it if you don’t forget to dig the well. Of course, I will bring it to you after you finish. Now Mr. Chen wants to dig the well …" As he said, he put his finger deep into Mei Yufang’s legs and tried to dig the treasure. Did he dig it? I don’t know that his fingers were wet anyway.
"Good old Chen loves you!" Mei Yufang heard Chen Jinqiang personally promise to be overjoyed and work harder. She turned her face and pulled out Chen Jinqiang’s pants. Chen Jinqiang had already stood up. Although Chen Jinqiang stood up, it didn’t seem to be hard. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to be hard, but it couldn’t be hard
It won’t get hard-Mei Yufang has an idea! But when I saw her gently waving her long hair, it was hidden in the way. Zhang Yanhong’s lips held that thing …
"Oh!" Chan Kan-keung almost burst out. He pressed Mei Yufang’s head with one hand and still worked hard to dig wells with the other. People tried to dig at Mei Yufang’s legs.
Chen Jinqiang’s weak thing, Mei Yufang’s warm and greasy mouth finally perked up and stretched herself, ready to move.
Chen Jinqiang adjusted Mei Yufang’s posture to divide her legs and attack.
He felt faint fear and anxiety about the storm coming tonight, and he was even more excited and looking forward to his nervousness. Now he is even more tense. Less than five minutes later, Mei Yufang’s roots have not felt enough, and Hou Chen’s strength broke out …
During the outbreak, Chen Jinqiang tightened his muscles and nerves and finally relaxed; In the outbreak, Chen Jinqiang seemed to see Shao lady covered in blood pour his gun, and he was laughing wildly …
The waves left him after receiving Liu Yifei’s words, and the action has already started there. He is going to cooperate with Yi.
As soon as the waves left, Mei Yufang left the building and said to Chen Jinqiang, "Lao Chen, this wave is really insidious. Do you believe him?"
Chen Jinqiang hey hey smiled, "I don’t believe him, but I know he must also want to get rid of Shao Yifu. It will be true to join hands with me this time. I’m not worried that he will join hands with Shao Yifu to lie to me."
Mei Yufang sat beside Chen Jinqiang and said, "What are you so sure that the waves won’t unite with Shao Yifu to fuck you?"
Chen Jinqiang said, "It’s very simple. Because of the great ambition of the waves, he must have been eyeing the position of Fulong Gang Wang for a long time. Now it’s not me but Shao Yifu who is the stumbling block in front of him. If he wants to take the position of Wang, he must join hands with me to remove Shao Yifu and then find a way to remove me and let him take the position of Wang."
Mei Yufang suddenly thought of something scary and said, "Will he try to get rid of you and Shao Yifu tonight?"
Chen Jinqiang stroked Mei Yufang’s hair and smiled. "Are you very concerned about my life and death?"
Mei Yufang looked at Chen Jinqiang charmingly and said, "There are still lovers who have been with you for so long. Of course, I don’t want you to have an accident." Her heart was afraid that if Chen Jinqiang died, Chen Jinqiang promised to give her two villas in Clear Water Bay.
Chen Jinqiang said, "I’ve also thought about this question. I think the waves should not kill me now, because the Fulong gang will be in chaos because of Shao Yifu’s death. At this time, I have to come forward to balance the situation and preside over the overall situation. The waves are new and small, and even if the collar is high, there is no one. His Fulong gang is me and Shao Yifu inside and outside. These people listen to me and Shao Yifu is dead, so I will be the Wang. No one will dare to come out and do the right thing with me. If the waves kill me and Shao Yifu, someone will be the Wang. If you don’t, the dragon gang will be in groups, and the sand will fall apart. The waves will inevitably fall apart. He is a wise man. He will definitely let me settle the situation first. When the overall situation is certain, he will slowly cultivate his own power. At that time, some loyal brothers in the gang will be sent to some unimportant positions by him. When his prestige is deep-rooted, he will start to remove me. He will take the position of leader. It is said that the waves will not kill me for the time being! "
Chen Jinqiang’s analysis is well-founded and well-founded. If according to common sense, the waves won’t kill him, he should wait until Chen Jinqiang first stabilizes the chaos of the Fulong gang after Shao Yifu’s death. He can gradually cultivate his own power until the influence in the Fulong gang is deeply rooted and then kill Chen Jinqiang. Chen Jinqiang wants to come to the position of the Fulong gang leader, but Chen Jinqiang is wrong about the target root of the waves. He won’t come to be a Fulong gang leader, and he won’t even clean up the Fulong gang after Shao Yifu and Chen Jinqiang’s death. In a word, the waves are
Mei Yufang took the teacup on the table and personally sent it to Chen Jinqiang’s mouth. She fed Chen Jinqiang a sip of tea and smiled. "Since we have touched the waves so clearly, we must have thought of ways to deal with them?"
Chen Jinqiang took a sip of tea and laughed. "This wave is brilliant. Hey, hey, after all, it’s a fledgling kid. He wants to wait until I settle the chaos and then kill me instead. What scene has Chen Jinqiang crossed the rivers and lakes without passing? I will give him this opportunity? "
Mei Yufang said, "How are you going to deal with this wave?"
Chen Jinqiang smiled coldly and his eyes flashed "Kill!"
Mei Yufang saw the fierce light in Chen Jinqiang’s eyes and smiled. "How are you going to kill him?"
Chen Jinqiang sneered, "He’ll wait for me to settle the chaos and bring the old brothers in the gang to settle down before he kills me, but I won’t wait until that time to kill the waves as soon as Lady Shao dies, and then push the charge of killing Lady Shao to the waves. He will take the blame, even if the old brothers in the gang know it’s not him, but if I give them such an account, those old brothers will take the opportunity to push all the charges to the waves. Even if Shao Xuewu doesn’t believe me after returning home, look at him. There are many people in the United States, or Chen Jinqiang is a native here.
Mei Yufang said, "It’s really a clever plan to kill the waves and then blame him!"
Chen Jinqiang said, "I won’t take risks if I raise a tiger. If I don’t kill him, he will kill me. I’ll ambush ten brothers first. If Shao Yifu dies, these ten brothers will immediately kill the waves! Ha ha! That’s how rivers and lakes are! "
Mei Yufang’s slender fingers gently touched Chen Jinqiang’s forehead and smiled and said, "How can you suffer from Chen Jinqiang!"
"Of course not!" Chen Jinqiang laughed. "I always figured out how others could be counted!"
Mei Yufang’s watery eyes glanced at Chen Jinqiang and said, "Do you remember what you promised me, Mr. Chen?"
Exclusive text starting without permission can not be translated and edited more latest and fastest chapters, please visit w w w! Chen Jinqiang hug yu-fang mei hot body bedroom eyes looking at yu-fang mei face laughed "how can you forget? Isn’t it just the two villas in Qingshui Bay? Haha, when I succeed tonight, I will be the leader of Fulong. All the industries are just two villas in my district. What is it? "
Mei Yufang wriggled in Chen Jinqiang’s arms like a snake. "I’m afraid you’ll forget all about me when you’re happy. I want you to give me the real estate license now."
Chen Jinqiang was provoked by Mei Yufang, and the rough palm reached into Mei Yufang’s clothes and caught the fingers of Yufeng grape on her chest. "I am not an ungrateful person. Do you think I have treated you badly in these years?"
"Of course not. Mr. Chen is the best person to me!" Yu-fang mei greasy greasy said around Chen Jinqiang neck red lips shallow kissed a Chen Jinqiang dry lean mouth.
Chen Jinqiang was confused by Mei Yufang, and she was eager to fly. Mei Yufang was trained in the "Lion House". There are at least 100 ways for senior ladies to deal with men, especially for old men like Chen Jinqiang. In recent years, she has succeeded in following Chen Jinqiang, but she has not got less oil and water. The value of one clear water bay villa is millions, and the sum of two buildings is less than 10 million. It is also considered that she has got the biggest vote with Chen Jinqiang. If she wants to work harder, she will be able to let Chen Jinqiang give her the real estate license. When using one’s skills to seduce Chen Jinqiang
Mei Yufang is a natural beauty, soft as a snake, watery as eyes, and close as close as eyes. The most important thing is to make a man’s soul disappear, and add a body as white as snow to penetrate the skin. When the skin faintly shows blue and red blood vessels, it is like a frost maple leaf. Can Chen Jinqiang resist this temptation?
Chen Jinqiang * * approaches to the pole a pair of palms sticking out of Mei Yufang’s clothes. Her soft skin * * slowly slides into her skirt. The tentacles are already wet peach blossoms.
Mei Yufang has long held Chen Jinqiang in her arms and said, "Good old Chen, can you give me the real estate license today?"
Chen Jinqiang grabbed Mei Yufang’s clothes and opened his mouth to hold the hard but still warm and soft little grape. He said, "You deserve it if you don’t forget to dig the well. Of course, I will bring it to you after you finish. Now Mr. Chen wants to dig the well …" As he said, he put his finger deep into Mei Yufang’s legs and tried to dig the treasure. Did he dig it? I don’t know that his fingers were wet anyway.
"Good old Chen loves you!" Mei Yufang heard Chen Jinqiang personally promise to be overjoyed and work harder. She turned her face and pulled out Chen Jinqiang’s pants. Chen Jinqiang had already stood up. Although Chen Jinqiang stood up, it didn’t seem to be hard. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to be hard, but it couldn’t be hard
It won’t get hard-Mei Yufang has an idea! But when I saw her gently waving her long hair, it was hidden in the way. Zhang Yanhong’s lips held that thing …
"Oh!" Chan Kan-keung almost burst out. He pressed Mei Yufang’s head with one hand and still worked hard to dig wells with the other. People tried to dig at Mei Yufang’s legs.
Chen Jinqiang’s weak thing, Mei Yufang’s warm and greasy mouth finally perked up and stretched herself, ready to move.

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"Ignore." Road flyover Firecrow pondered, and then agreed in a low voice. Wang Guang played it by ear without delay, so he took the flag array directly by pinching the tactic. When countless XiGeng gold gas dispersed, the red Taoist priest jumped out from the inside in a mess.

This person has lost the elegance before the fight with Wang Guang. The big red gourd has shrunk by half, and the hundreds of Fu Bing have shrunk a lot. A flamingo hovering in the air has disappeared, leaving only the flamingo wrapped in a flamingo snake.
The man gave Wang Guang a hard stare, then turned the gourd, patted the bottom of the gourd, and drilled a hundred flames from the gourd and fell on Fu Bing. Those Fu Bing got fire, and suddenly changed into a series of red lights to drill back into the gourd.
"Daoyou, I misunderstood you just now and thought you were inclined to this evil way, which made me very ashamed." Road flyover red-robed Firecrow apologized to road flyover blue-robed with shame.
"It doesn’t matter, let’s go find the person who took the soul, lest he use it." The Taoist in blue robe smiled and said that he didn’t take the misunderstanding to heart at all.
Three people inconvenience to stay, fly directly to the sky feather dynasty camp. When they arrived at the mouth of the camp, a sergeant shot a strong bow and crossbow to stop the three men from outside.
"Infinite Buddha! Wang Guang, who is original, brought a guest back. Why did you stop him? " After dialing the arrow and avoiding the fireball and boulder, Wang Guang was very annoyed by this way of greeting.
"Your guest is enshrined in the dynasty of Daqi, and I dare not let them enter the camp. What’s more, you two fought for so long, which was not wonderful at all, and it was very boring. Therefore, after some discussion with my brothers, you will not be allowed in this camp for the time being. " World War I will shake the pike in his hand and loudly drink a way.
"Gaga! It seems that you are really not popular on this day! " One side of the red Taoist saw that Wang Guang had suffered, and suddenly he quacked with strange laughter. This fellow took this opportunity to tidy up his robes, and went to the comb to tidy up his face, pretending to mock Wang Guanglai: "If you don’t come with me to the imperial camp in Daqi, I’ll show you my prestige there."
"fuck!" When these words came down, Wang Guangwu, who was only angry, jumped into a rage and swore: "Look at your virtue. At first, you opened your mouth to breathe fire, but now you talk black smoke and look ugly. How can you be down a peg or two?" It’s just that others are afraid of you! "
"Don’t quarrel between the two, but watch me use my means to invite the Taoist who robbed the soul out to discuss it." Road flyover blue robe glanced at Wang Guang with some displeasure, annoyed at their nonsense regardless of occasion and place.
After saying this, Taoist Qingpao took out a letter incense from the waist skin and lit it. A wisp of smoke circled for three feet, not dispersed with the wind, but condensed. Dozens of breathing time, the incense burned out, and the smoke turned into a green light and disappeared into the air.
The three Taoist priests waited in silence, and after a short time, dozens of practitioners flew out of the border. For one person, he was dressed in a black robe and wrapped in a black robe, and there was a black wind around him, and his hair was scattered and his face was not seen. A pair of dry hands have long nails, which are about a foot long. With the trembling of fingers, the nails collide and clank, just like metal collision.
"I’ve seen friends in the evil wind. I wonder if friends are chic and happy these days?" Road flyover Qingpao secretly stopped Wang Guang and went forward to take a salute.
"Gaga! What can I do for you? What are you doing here instead of guarding your Daqi camp? Not afraid of someone sneaking up on you? " The evil wind road flyover hoarse way.
"I have a friend, Taoist Firecrow. His friend fought with Wang Daoyou, one of you, today. He died accidentally, and a soul was claimed by you. Today, I hope Taoist Daoyou can return the claimed soul to Taoist Firecrow, and I won’t let you suffer. What do you think of a thousand SPAR?" The blue road flyover said with a slight frown and a heavy voice.
"Ha ha, what makes you say that I took the soul? There are countless practitioners in front of the two armies, and there are countless capable ones. Why do you think that I have taken my soul? Did you see me take it myself? " The evil road flyover laughs a few times, and the nails of both hands collide more severely.
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Chapter sixty-two Blackwater mother ray Aoki star array
Chapter sixty-two Blackwater mother ray Aoki star array
"Evil wind friends, although I didn’t watch the battle in front of the two armies, I heard from Wang Daoyou that he was attacked by a mass of black thunder and fire, and the thunder and fire was very severe in life. Among these two dynasties, only you, a Taoist friend of evil wind, cultivated this kind of thunder fire. According to you, who else will I go to if I don’t go to you? " Taoist Qingpao frowned and saluted: "Give me a face, and I’ll trade thousands of crystal stones for your soul. What do you think?"
After hearing this, Taoist Evil Wind was silent for a long time before he sink a track: "Qing Xuan, it’s not that I didn’t give you face, but that I gave you face. Who will give me face?" You have to take your soul away as soon as you come. How can I look up in front of other practitioners? They thought I was afraid of you, and let you fix me in a few words. "
"One thousand pieces of SPAR trade a soul of a practitioner who has not yet condensed then. This price is three to five times higher than others’. How can you be afraid of me? In my eyes, you evil Taoist are a character, and it is Qing Xuan’s pleasure to make a deal with you. Others say these words, which are purely jealous, and will only say that you are generous and ignore us. " Road flyover Qingpao paid a compliment, only listening to Wang Guang from one side was extremely puzzled.
Twist a head to sweep aside Road flyover Firecrow and see him looking at Road flyover Qingpao with gratitude on his face. At that time, Wang Guang secretly admired the Taoist Qing Xuan. "Simple words make Taoist Firecrow full of gratitude. No matter whether this matter can be successful today, Taoist Firecrow owes Taoist Qingxuan a favor. It’s really good to calculate a favor after a few words."
"I see how about this? You also don’t say anything about spar trading. You and I belong to two countries for worship. I heard that your Taoist skills are exquisite and your magic weapon is earth. Today, we had a fight, and you beat me. I will give you the soul of the practitioner just now. If you lose to me, I will also give you this soul. What do you think? " After hearing the words of Taoist Qing Xuan, Taoist Evil Wind just sneered.
Aside Wang Guang heard the evil road flyover officially admit that the soul just now was robbed by him, and the anger suppressed in his heart suddenly rolled up. "Well, you are an old devil, and you are really impatient to take food from the mouth of the poor." This fellow stared at the evil road flyover with a fierce eye.
While Taoist Qing Xuan was thinking, Taoist Evil Wind turned his eyes to Wang Guang, and when he saw Wang Guang’s fierce eyes and fierce face, he suddenly giggled: "What’s the matter? Your boy is not convinced? It’s good that my blackwater mother thunder didn’t kill you just now. If you don’t hide and be glad, don’t you still want to fight with me? "
"Infinite Buddha! The evil wind is mixed with hair. We won’t stop when you plot against being original. There is always a chance that being original will eat you. " Wang Guang gave a grimace of a grin. Who cares about evil road flyovers?
"Good verve, unexpectedly want to eat me, good! Ok! Ok! It’s really inspiring. " Road flyover evil wind laughed with rage at Wang Guang’s words. "I just don’t know if you want to steam me or fry me?"
"It’s best to swallow raw and live, but it’s original and original. Where is steaming and frying?" Wang Guangyi shook his hand and brushed the dust, his eyes lowered and he secretly carried the method to prepare for the fight.
Just after Wang Guang’s words were finished, dozens of practitioners around him were in an uproar, some praised Wang Guang’s mind in a low voice, and some retorted that this man steamed and tasted delicious. At that time, I talked in a low voice, and no one paid attention to the fight between the blue robe and the evil wind.
"Wang Daoyou don’t be so fierce, we practitioners should have a clean rest, not contaminated with the noise between the world of mortals, taking morning dew early, swallowing chardonnay late, drinking Lingquan when you are thirsty, taking a panacea when you are hungry, where you can devour the living to fill the hunger? Let’s give up this idea quickly and don’t toss it around. " Road flyover Qingpao listened to Wang Guang’s words, and his face suddenly turned unhappy to persuade him.
Just nodded, and was about to reply when the evil road flyover’s hands flickered and his nails collided with a burst of Jinge noise. A black ball the size of an eye came from his hands towards Wang Guang.
This bead is the blackwater mother mine refined by the evil wind Taoist secret method.
I saw this black water mother mine change from one to two, from two to four, and from four to sixteen. In just one breathing time, this thunder fire changed into hundreds. When the mother thunder of Heishuizi was more than ten zhangs away from Wang Guang, it all exploded.
Gold pieces of thunder and fire exploded, forming a mass of black clouds the size of seven or eight feet.
At this time, Wang Guang saw clearly that the black cloud was not smoke at first, but a mass of black water. Black water rolled, giving birth to pieces of thunder fire, which burst and then formed a mass of black water. The breath kept coming, whistling towards Wang Guangjuan.
"That’s all you can do." Where does Wang Guang, who is prepared, care about each other’s thunder and fire?
I saw this fellow take a farewell at the waist, shook his hands, and the magical power of the golden claw was put to good use by him. Two golden palms three feet in size mercilessly pierced the rolling black water.
I only heard a stab, like the tone of an ordinary old woman tearing a piece of cloth to sew clothes for her children.
Two golden hands each grabbed a mass of black water and rubbed it. The black water collided and rolled, giving birth to thunder fire and wanting to burst. I never thought that two big hands would rub it, and instantly rubbed the two masses of black water into nothingness. However, at this time, two golden hands were eroded by black water, which seemed unreal and dim.
Seeing that the magical power can’t completely resist the thunder fire, Wang Guang’s animal screamed into the sky. This fellow rubbed his hands, and gold pieces of thunder flew out from between his hands. Although the order was low, he hit the black water, and every time he hit it, he could blow up the black water of Fiona Fang.
"Ha ha! Evil wind, you hairy bastard, your thunder and fire rank is too low. How about changing other means to fight against being original? " Wang Guangtong had a collision of thunder and fire, and carefully induced the other party’s extremely weird thunder and fire power. According to his estimation, this thunder and fire grade should be the first order. In this way, either this thunder fire is extremely time-consuming and laborious to practice, or the evil road flyover has not worked hard on this thunder fire.
Seeing Wang Guang’s anger, Yin Lei blew up his own blackwater letter thunder, and the evil road flyover was not only not angry, but also giggled.
"Wang Daoyou, why fight with people because of anger? What’s more, you still belong to the same dynasty. " Road flyover aside blue robe laughed in a low voice.
"Evil road flyover, we did a? It’s getting late, so it’s better to finish early and go back to rest. What do you think? " While the Taoist priest in blue robe was speaking, he took out a stake the thickness of his arm from his waist skin.
This wooden stake is one foot in size, full of blue, and it is forbidden to wander on it by streamers. I saw Taoist Qing Xuan throw a stake at the top of his head, and this stake immediately spread out a layer of blue halo and enveloped him.
"All right!" The evil road flyover turned into a black wind and rolled towards the Taoist Qingxuan. He didn’t care if Wang Guang attacked. And Wang Guang this fellow in the mind also know that the struggle between the two men is not good, not to mention whether Taoist Qing Xuan agrees, but Taoist Firecrow aside, he doesn’t allow himself to intervene to destroy the struggle, so as not to lose the soul of his friends.
The evil road flyover’s black wind kept winding around the green light and shaking, and a series of black lights emerged from the strong wind. These black lights were more than a foot long and clanked on the green light. Carefully identify, but it is the black light scattered from the nails of the evil road flyover.
With the green light to resist the black light, the Taoist priest Qing Xuan was not the passive beating master. Although he spoke politely, at first, he surprised all the practitioners present.
The Taoist priest Qing Xuan did not use the guy, but stretched out his hand and held it in the air, and a mass of green light fell into his hand from the stake above his head. The green light turned and slammed into the evil road flyover.
The evil road flyover waved dozens of black lights and crashed into the cyan light mass, instantly blowing the cyan light mass apart. However, at the next breathing time, the scattered green light collided fiercely, and in the blink of an eye, it changed into a log with a thickness of more than one person and a length of 35 feet.
Hundreds of logs change their positions in the air, and then they are madly smashed around the evil road flyover.
The logs collided, and the fire filled the logs. A log was blown up by black light, then changed into a wisp of smoke and flew into the air, and then condensed out a log and continued to smash down.


In front of everyone, the beast was injected with some kind of non-drug, and all the cable and hose parts of the restraining device and the body were in a state of detachment, which means that there is no obstacle for everyone and the beast except the tempered glass door in front of them.

They looked at the behemoth that was about to fight with them. The behemoth looked like a bison, almost as tall as a mecha. It was covered with dark scales, and its defense was amazing. The two horns on its head looked very hard and sharp, and its muscles showed absolute strength.
Perhaps it was because of the injection of drugs. This beast, which was named "Xuanjia Giant Bull" for the time being, was full of fierce blood and murderous look. It kept moving around and seemed restless, but the most surprising thing for everyone was that although this beast looked like a cow, it said that it was a carnivore.
The laboratory experimenters retreated soon, and it wasn’t long before the laboratory was able to move, leaving only the joint forces mecha and the giant cow behind the tempered glass door, which looked strong to both sides, but the tempered glass door actually had no effect.
Perhaps the drug effect finished, and the Xuanjia giant cow gradually stopped moving. Just now, the so-called activity turned to stare at a pair of huge red eyes and looked at the other side of the mecha’s nose, and a few steps back, and then suddenly accelerated towards the toughened glass door in front of it and hit it.
After a loud noise, you can get a lot of bullets and explosions. The tempered glass door immediately hit the center of the point and there were several cracks. As soon as these cracks appeared, they spread around, and then the Xuanjia giant cow was broken and officially appeared in front of everyone.
"Fire suppression forces pay attention to fire coverage!"
Atlas immediately called on himself to direct that part of the team to cover the area where the Xuanjia Giant Bull was located. Several laser rays quickly flooded the area where the Xuanjia Giant Bull was located. This fire coverage lasted for half a minute before Atlas stopped him. He denied that this wave of fire coverage alone could kill this behemoth, but he also had to observe the results of a battle to confirm the enemy’s defense.
The smoke and dust aroused by the attack quickly dispersed and appeared in front of everyone. The scene was that the head of the Xuanjia giant cow root did not dodge, but closed its eyes and relied on its own defense to resist the laser gun attack, but the result was almost no injury, except for a trace of burning marks on the scales. Not even a drop of blood flowed.
Seeing this result, the people were startled and furious, and they were a little surprised. They had also played several behemoths before, but they had never met such a powerful fire as this one, which could still hurt them.
"It seems that this time, the random beast is a powerful beast. Compared with the agile beast, it should be better. We have encountered flying beasts or giant birds before, but at that time we were killed by the Ministry. Although the powerful beast is not difficult to deal with, this defense seems to be a little too strong."
"According to all kinds of performances just now, the speed of this behemoth should be very general, but its strength is rarely weaker than that of the mecha. If you fight alone, there is no chance of winning, but the defense is even worse. If the mecha were covered by fire just now, it would be directly killed, but the behemoth was hardly injured. It seems that we’d better gradually consume its physical strength and defense by containing and provoking the Lord."
Wang Tianping quickly gave the analysis results and suggestions for the enemy, and everyone could not immediately arrange according to Wang Tianping’s tactical thinking just now.
"All scouts, some scattered pursuers and shadow fighters attack the target where the enemy’s defense may be weak, such as eyes, neck, abdomen, etc. Windrunner can contain the enemy and help his teammates when necessary, but Windrunner speed should not be chased."
First of all, the scouts were commanded, and all the live scouts were immediately dispersed throughout the hall, aiming at the behemoth from all directions and waiting for the general attack order.
"Firepower forces also disperse the enemy, but the speed is not high, but it is very powerful. It is very unfavorable to confront it head-on. We will also divide it and shoot from all sides to see how many attacks can break the defense."
"The defense forces follow the fire forces and try their best to equip each fire suppression team member with a defense team member. When the melee team members temporarily retreat, they will be assigned after finding out the attributes of the enemy department."
Later, Atlas and Yunfei also issued new orders to the players they were responsible for, and the guardians and arbitrators were also scattered all over the hall.
Finally, it was Wang Tianping’s turn to lead the patrol team. Wang Tianping personally led the patrol team, and the responsibility was a little bigger. Other players could be responsible for carrying out security attacks from the periphery, but they were different.
"The patrol troops pay attention to the fact that we are guerrilla units, and the mobility is our specialty. We need to be responsible for containing the enemy here and guiding the enemy to a position that is more convenient for teammates to attack, while not being attacked by the enemy."
"Pay attention to the general attack!"
Chapter 1 Fighting beast
Xuanjia Giant Bull bumped into the wall of the laboratory hall, and the wall made of high-hardness alloy was dented by a large piece. Look at the side, the players just escaped the blow, and there was a convulsion in the corner of their eyes. This force is too strong. If they hit the mecha, even if it is blocked by a shield, the result will be directly hit.
On the other hand, the horns of the beast that hit the wall didn’t even scratch. Obviously, the horns are harder than the black scales of the beast’s body. Not only that, but the heads of the beasts are not strange, which makes everyone feel scared.
"Fire!" "shoot!"
Atlas and at the same time reached an attack order, which had already been spread all over the hall. Fire suppression troops and scout sniper troops fired a lot of laser light mixed with alloy bombs at the same time and flew to Xuanjia Giant Bull.
According to other previous experience, energy weapons with high resistance and kinetic energy weapons can generally achieve a lot of results, and vice versa, but this practice has been broken here. The black scales of Xuanjia Giant Bull are not only hit by laser light, but there is not much reaction, just a little burning trace, and even the alloy bullets hit the surface and gave a sound. The bullets were bounced everywhere, but the black scales were not damaged.
Moreover, in addition to making people afraid to get close to the great strength of hard resistance and the super defense that has not been found yet, there is another thing that makes people very strong, that is, although it is so big, its speed is not dominant, but its flexibility is not bad. Many times before, it was not a flash but an unnecessary root.
Although its absolute speed is not high, once it is close to the mecha or horns, it will sometimes open its mouth and bite all over with weapons. If you can’t strike, you can quickly switch to other attack methods. There are several mecha who let their guard down after the first dodge and were hit by other attacks, resulting in injuries and death.
From the battle with the beast to now, several patrolmen have been killed, and other mechs have been scattered around. Or other teammates did not contain the enemy when they were killed, and many mechs were injured again, but despite paying a lot of money, they still did not do any harm to the enemy. Now they can just continue to consume the beast’s physical strength.
"Don’t panic! Everyone is calm. Now that we have no problems in layout, we have gradually mastered the attributes and characteristics of our enemies. It is unlikely that everyone will be injured. Although the enemy is difficult to deal with, it is not very dangerous. Sooner or later, we will kill it. "
Wang Tianping’s voice reached all the people’s ears, and Wang Tianping first naturally calmed down quickly, while the rest of the players were military pilots. After hearing Wang Tianping’s words, they quickly understood that their attention situation was quickly stabilized in succession, and the injury rate of all people also dropped a lot immediately.
Playing against BOSS in online games is often a matter of patience. Although it is not very obvious in "Iron Rush", in other online games, the blood stripe that is so long that everyone fails is the biggest reason, like some super BOSS, even if hundreds of people are strong, it will take several hours to wear off the blood. Comparatively speaking, the behemoth is not very powerful.
Dodge, jump, charge Wang Tianping led the patrol troops to circle around the Xuanjia Giant Bull constantly, which played a role in pulling hatred and attracting its attention, taking it away from other players’ attack positions suitable for other players to show their attacks. Occasionally, the hate target was transferred, and they sometimes attacked and provoked to pull hatred back.
In this issue, the firepower troops and the scout troops never stopped attacking. Although the melee troops never found the opportunity before, the long-range attack never stopped. Almost all of them were washed by various attacks.
"I found something!"
At this moment, I suddenly uttered a word that made everyone very excited. Since I didn’t have the ability to attack remotely just now, I have been playing my advantage of good eyesight except commanding scouts to attack the enemy. I kept wandering around the Xuanjia giant cow trying to find its weakness by observing the enemy’s state.