"This … is not good." Chunyu hung her eyebrows lightly.

"Open frenzy happened these daring deceives master slave can do this to sunseeker in front of me, I don’t know from time to time, such as" Gu Huai chest ups and downs with anger.
"Ah Huai!" Gu old lady’s tone is heavy and her heart is hanging in her throat. "This ……" In the end, if you wash your dirty linen in public, you will find out that Yu Sheng lives there …
Gu Jinxi bowed his head and his eyes flashed. "When it comes to people’s daughters, I remember."
The people around you suddenly trembled and looked at the slowly coming Gu Jin Sunseeker shivering and unconsciously retreating. It’s a pity that the land outside Mu Sunseeker Pavilion is not very rooted.
Just one by one is not very arrogant’ Gu Jin sunseeker sneer at’ miss is bad temper is heart like a snake disregard for human life; Don’t want to stay in the frenzy, roll for me. "
She sneered at the minions whose faces suddenly turned pale. "Our government doesn’t support the master and minions, let alone those who are black and white, regardless of waste. These people have a calculation, but they all remember the living deeds for the young lady, and they all drive out the dead deeds, and they all sell them."
"Yes" Banxiaying
The courtyard suddenly burst into rumbling sounds.
"Miss Big forgives, Miss Big forgives." This country sells maids, and there is no other government willing to take them. In the end, it is just sold to those dirty places; At the thought of this, the pale pages of the maids all knelt down with their faces tight. "Miss Da, forgive the handmaiden and never dare again."
See those who kneel Gu Jinxi sunseeker can have no softhearted; If she didn’t know that Gu Jinlan’s plot had been arranged early, why didn’t they want to spare themselves when they fell into the trap?
"This sunseeker, they have also been cheated, forget it." Gu Old Lady really has some sufferings.
"Forget it?" Gu Jin sunseeker sneer at a "China’s government is a rule. Grandmother’s body is too princess royal. When can these slaves openly talk about the Lord in the government?" Dare such a slave grandmother? "
Suddenly, everyone around me was silent, only to sniffle and cry.
"Miss Fu Shu Sunseeker can be disposed of later. Since Gu’s adult handed this matter to Wang Wang, it would be disrespectful; As the saying goes, it’s better to hit the sun than to choose a day. Since Miss Lan has an objection to Miss Bilian’s death, does the king suggest searching your house first? " Chunyuhong bowed his head and looked heavy.
I don’t know why it’s so flat and agile, but it makes Gu Jinxi suddenly feel uneasy.
Gu Huai nodded. "Prince Chun is the boss alone."
"In that case, let’s start from this Muxi Pavilion." Chunyuhong lowered his head and raised his eyebrows. "Miss Sunseeker doesn’t mind?"
"Prince Chun, go ahead." Gu Jinxi made a gesture.
"Ping Jiang, Jiang An, you stay in a group of people and pay attention not to let them break things in other people’s rooms." Chunyu Hongli then turned to look at Gu Huai. "Gu’s adult also sent two people to guide them. It’s good to have a government person to watch."
Gu Huai slightly thought, "Let’s move to the main courtyard first, if you please."
"All right, or miss sunseeker will be delayed. Miss Mu Sunseeker Pavilion will tidy up Sunseeker later, even if it is going to be a day." Chunyuhong chuckled with a very funny taste.
"Prince Chun worries that our government is not rich, but there are still two guest houses." Gu Jinxi’s expression doesn’t know what the sense of foreboding at the bottom of my heart is getting stronger and stronger. Is it really a coincidence or … intentionally?
As time goes by, the sun has gradually set in the west until the sky is covered with crimson clouds.
Gu Jinxi is holding a teacup and sipping green tea.
"It’s getting late. It’s not as good as tomorrow …" Old Lady Gu was already fidgeting, and her forehead was wiped with sweat over and over again, holding the handrail tightly and looking at Chunyuhong nervously.
"Wang Ye found something!"
Suddenly the whole lobby everyone looked at Ping Jiang nervously.
Ping Jiang turned to the man behind him and made an expression of eyes. The man immediately dequeued his hands and held a tray. "Please have a look at your report."
They looked around and saw that a piece of the tray was much thinner than before, and it was also contaminated with fresh soil and hemp rope, ranging from Chunyu Hongkou to Ping Jiang. "This thing was found in the corner of the backyard garden of Lanxinge."
Smell speech Gu Jinlan whole person swallowed hard "no, it’s not impossible. Father and grandmother are not me, I’m not …"
"Could this be a misunderstanding?" Old Lady Gu was also anxious without him. "Sunseeker, you know your sister best. Tell Prince Chun quickly."
"Miss Sunseeker, don’t you like Laner best in the past?" Aunt Liu is also in a hurry at the moment. It is already arranged. How can such a sudden change occur? Think of Gu Jinlan said that they all look down upon Gu Jinxi sunseeker. Is she really …
Gu Jinxi suddenly chuckled when he heard this, "What is right and wrong from the heart is the so-called not doing anything wrong in the daytime and not afraid of knocking at the door in the middle of the night? What is sister Lan afraid of if she hasn’t done it?"
Chapter 58 Jinxi challenged
"I, I didn’t, I really didn’t." Gu Jinlan was hysterical. She wanted to make an issue of Bilian’s death. She wanted to plant Bilian’s death on Gu Jinxi so that she could never turn over, but she really didn’t kill Bilian.
Gu Jinxi got up and took a deep breath. "Do you have a sister to go to punishments?"
"Gu Jinxi, what do you mean!" Old lady Gu looks calm and has a bad tone.
"Just when Prince Chun wants to take away his granddaughter, I didn’t see my grandmother so nervous." Gu Jin’s oblique hook at the corner of her mouth smiled contemptuously. "In the end, in the eyes of my grandmother, Sunseeker, this first lady is better than a woman born by a concubine."
Gu old lady suddenly chest a wall "you …"
"Grandmother partial pain rings sister granddaughter already white; But please also ask my grandmother to open her eyes and see that it is not her Gu Jinlan who is wronged now! " Gu Jinxi broke out completely.


Thinking about it, the dragon beard still didn’t understand why he became a student who listened to the teachings. In desperation, I had to find the donkey under the slope myself and urged, "Come on, come on! Don’t say anything. Okay! Get ready to play. "

"I still need to prepare?"
Tang Qinghao said bravely, "What are you going to do about nodding your head?"
Don’t say, dragging his throat to imitate Sichuan sounds, the leader is full of style …
The originally dull atmosphere came alive, and people whispered a message: In the third afternoon, Yan Long was waiting to appear!
In the morning fight, Qin Tai in the first game shone brilliantly, and the monks behind did not overwhelm the strength. Because someone died, he became extra cautious, and if something was wrong, he inspired Yupan to give up the game. As Tang Qing said, the purpose of most monks participating in the competition is just to get acquainted. There are only a few outstanding monks, and ordinary monks have no chance to fight for rankings and increase their experience and enrich their lives. For this purpose, why bother to fight with one’s life?
In this way, fighting becomes extremely ugly. It is nothing more than a firm but gentle whip, colorful but not bloody. Occasionally, there are bright spots, which are also immediate. It is really harmonious and happy. However, for the audience, watching such a lively performance is not as affordable as thinking about it yourself.
One word to describe it is: boring!
If the fighting is not wonderful, the atmosphere will not get up. No matter how to incite and confuse the supervision, people can’t be killed. On the first day of the preliminaries in the northwest region, the typical tiger’s head and chicken’s tail became more and more cold.
It was hard to stay until the afternoon, and people’s interest slowly rose. Compared with the fighting of monks, the fighting of bodybuilders is more exciting. If nothing else, the impact of fists and feet is enough to stimulate people’s hidden animality. After two cushion-like competitions, the stadium was already like a player who had beaten chicken blood and was ready to play, and he was extremely excited.
It was the third scene, and the voice of the "host" improved a lot, even he felt that the front was boring. Knowing that Tang Qing has become a hot topic, I specially emphasized the tone.
"The third game of the body-refining contest: Yan Long Hou Tang Qing vs. Tai Sen in Mengcheng County, let’s go!"
With this high-profile announcement, Tang Qing, a bright and well-dressed man, strolled into the stadium with a smile. The moment in the field is like a powder keg that has been detonated, and cheers are everywhere.
"The duke played! Wow! So handsome! "
"Really handsome, handsome, more handsome temperament, even so handsome when walking!"
"Nonsense, don’t look at who it is!"
"Who is the duke opponent, Tai Sen? It looks not bad! "
"It’s good, but it’s still a pity."
"You’re not an underdog. You have the courage to go!"
"Depend! Talking about it is not enough! "
"Don’t make noise, don’t make noise, see how the duke fights!"
"Yes, I bet Tai Sen won’t last a moment."
"Don’t be shy, I bet he won’t last ten breath!"
"I bet five!"
"I bet … I bet zero interest!"
"… what is zero interest?"
"Just admit defeat!"
"My day, that how line? I want to see it! "
"Look at a fart, if you go up, will you fight?"
"Er … that also can’t give up! Shall we cheer him on? Help him cheer up! "
"encourage people to be beaten?"
"How can you say that … it is also possible to defeat the strong with the weak! Come on, Tai Sen! "
"You are shameless … Come on, Tai Sen!"
"… Come on, Tai Sen!"
"Tai Sen come on! Come on, Tai Sen! " ……
The wind suddenly turned, and the whole stadium was uniform, and it was all the sound of cheering for Tai Sen. Blackspots and others howling at the top of their voices are completely submerged in the sea of Wang Yang, and no matter how hard they try, they can’t make any waves.
"My day, they are not a bet? Not afraid of losing money? " Big black said gloomily.
"Lose a fart, these grandchildren are bitches, not only to win money, but also to think about eye addiction." Black is cunning and sees through the dark side of people’s hearts.
"Too much, Brother Tang, come on!" Shuang’er learned from Tang Qingyong’s trumpet, just in time to catch up with a burst of voices, and even Xinger didn’t catch what she was shouting.
"Public opinion, public opinion!" The dragon beard finally caught the opportunity to laugh at Tang Qing, and his face was full of joy.
"Old things are not good people!" Ronaldinho whispered.
In the field, Tang Ye, who is full of coquetry, is stunned and speechless. Opposite him, a black man as magnificent as Drogba has a wry smile on his face and doesn’t mention any taste in his heart.
To be honest, Tai Sen’s strength is really good. At the beginning, in Mengcheng, he held a steady position over Drogba. Later, he was recruited by the government. With more resources and time, his strength grew by leaps and bounds. Although I don’t have any plans to win the championship this time, I am also looking forward to making a temporary appearance, at least getting some makeup.
God made people, and he wanted to be the first to meet Tang Qing. Needless to ask, everything went up in smoke. Listening to the deafening cry of cheering for himself, Tai Sen was not particularly excited and grateful, but kept cursing in his heart and almost got angry and spit dirty words on the spot.
"These sons of bitches don’t dare to be beaten by them, but they can shout!"


As if this speculation has become a part of his ability.

However, he soon abandoned it to one side. He found a tool and quickly pried the lock.
I feel that there seems to be a line of sight behind me, staring at the other party’s seal, and frequently turning back to watch the situation behind me while unlocking with the tools.
Only after they were separated from Qin Xu, Fang Yin began to miss them for a moment.
Although Li Xing met several people not long enough, the special environment in the fog made them quickly form a friendship similar to fighting side by side. He couldn’t help thinking that if Qin Xun returned here, he would not be so worried about his back.
Even the most unreliable Mao Chengcheng can make him feel safe.
The door will open soon.
Fang Yin rummaged through the keys in his bag, vaguely feeling that something was in front of the window. He felt uneasy and looked up hastily. He saw Qin Xu’s cold face and opened the co-pilot door without saying a word, and then wrapped the side up and stuffed it into Fang Yin’s arms.
Until he rightfully reached out at the co-pilot’s seat, wait for a while didn’t return to absolute being.
….. "How did you come?" Shouldn’t you have followed Zhao to Shancheng Road?
Fang Yin didn’t dare to ask out the second half of the sentence. After asking out this sentence, Qin Zhigui’s eyebrows moved very slightly, and a radian was calculated.
But he was patient and Fang Yin explained, "I’ll go with you after the mountain city closes."
"Well, let’s … collect the materials first and then set off?" At this time, it’s better for Qin Yigui to be willing to join him. Fang Yin won’t refuse Qin Yigui’s kindness, and his shoulders are slack.
This relaxed attitude obviously pleased Qin Yougui.
The man’s whole body is serious, his aura is mild, and a lot of light hums out a "hmm" from his nose.
Yunyun materials were searched back and forth by them many times. This time, Fang Yin collected enough food, clothing, housing and transportation, and it took some time. After all, most shopping malls have already collected them.
Confirmed Xu Sirui’s position, Fang Yinma drove non-stop to Qihu.
"Do you care about Xu Sirui?"
The vehicle broke through the fog and drove like a left arrow on the open road, almost dragging out a ghosting image.
The co-pilot, Qin Xu, looked out of the window, neither salty nor light, and his tone seemed cool and he asked casually.
However, Fang Yin knows that Qin Xugui is a natural person, and it is generally difficult to take the initiative to ask anything, especially this kind of information that is related to personal subjective feelings.
I didn’t expect Qin Yougui to care about this seal. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Of course not. Are you saving people because you care about each other?"
certainly not
There are many starting points for assistance.
But irresistible, but the sense of protection and responsibility for the weak can also be a sense of justice and morality …
There are always many situations, personal feelings.
Helping is just awe and respect for life.
"… I’m sorry"
Qin Xugui realized that he had just asked a ridiculous question. If he hadn’t been carried away by jealousy, he wouldn’t have asked such a question of mental decline.
Fang Yin seems to have changed.
The young man doesn’t know when he is more lonely and brave than the figure in Qin Yougui’s memory. He seems to have quietly grown up in a place where Qin Yougui can’t see, become excellent and become strange.
Qin Xugui doesn’t like this kind of feeling that makes people upset and strange, but he doesn’t like being dominated by emotions now. His jealousy and exclusivity will affect his judgment and reason in Qin Xugui’s view.
Make people unhappy
"It’s nothing to be sorry about. In fact, I don’t like you always apologizing to me at all." Fang Yin suddenly said that he didn’t know what he thought. He gave a long sigh. "You always …"
He pondered the word before slowly saying, "It makes people feel very distant. Strangers don’t apologize for such trivial things."
He doesn’t deny that Qin Xugui took care of him and made up with him, but there is a stifling rigid and cold courtesy in it, which makes people feel a little overwhelmed.
"Right … okay, I know." Qin Xun’s words of apology came to his lips and finally changed from sorry to knowing.
From one kind of cold hardening to another.
Chapter 59 Lu Yu abnormal detour.
"There is no road ahead." Fang Yin frowned slightly when he saw the road ahead.
I don’t know what broke through the railings on both sides of the expressway, and the steel debris stood in the middle of the road, blocking their way.
The road surface is obviously damaged and dragged by violence. A long shallow canal is like a trail left by a large reptile.
It’s more than one meter wide, very close to two meters.
Twisting and bending the square seal looks like a snake twisting and leaving traces, but don’t say it’s a green province. Even the whole land of China has never seen such a big reptile or snake.
Snakes with a diameter of nearly two meters will always have their own place in the news. Qinghai Province is a big tourist province, and Qiyun Town in Qihu Lake is a famous scenic spot. People flow back and forth very much. I have never heard of anyone meeting such a big guy.
The original speeding car was forced to stop.
The iron fracture was dug out with sharp edges and corners, and wait for a while poked his teeth in the road. It was really ferocious. Obviously, the car couldn’t drive in the past, and the roads on both sides were blocked by steel fences. Fang Yin couldn’t ignore it.
He can just turn around and leave.
In the third hour after Fang Yin left Izumo, the screen had not moved for a long time, and the red dot finally changed its position, moving towards Liujiang at a relatively slow speed.
They don’t have much waves on the road.
However, it’s hard to ignore Fang Yin’s stop and hesitate to gently push the co-pilot Qin Yougui.
The co-pilot man is closing his eyes, breathing smoothly, and his face is silent. He can’t tell if he is asleep, so he can play the sound as softly as possible.
I didn’t know that as soon as I put my hand on the man’s sleeve, he opened his eyes. The original was fairly relaxed and straightened up. Just when I opened my eyes, I was filled with filled Shaqi. When I saw the people clearly, I was scattered in my eyes for a moment.
"What’s the matter?"
Qin’s voice is a little hoarse because he just woke up.
Fang Yin seems to have been shocked by just one look, staring at Qin Yi’s face for two seconds before opening his mouth and repeating what he just said, and adding some details: "There is no road ahead as if something is climbing over."
Qin Yougui raised his hand and pinched his eyebrows. He looked across the window to see the road ahead. "Have you been there?"
"No" Fang Yin shook his head. He’s not stupid. If it’s really some kind of reptile, he can’t be sure whether the other party has gone far. Isn’t it a thousand miles to send his head alone?
He dare not.
"Very well," Qin Xu said in a low voice, reaching out and pressing the top of Fang Yin’s head.
It was like encouraging and praising keeping small pets at home, and Fang Yin felt a little positive from that room.
"I’m going to see if you don’t move."
Qin Xu returned to open his palm. The man’s fingers were slender and powerful. In several places, the palm and knuckles left traces of ordnance all the year round, with a little yellow cocoon.
Fang Yin is no stranger to the touch of that thing.
At ordinary times, some hard and rough scabs will be soaked with softness to be full of elasticity in a warm and humid environment.
At this time, the man’s fingers are slightly bent with a virtual grip.
This movement looks like a second-rate taste, but a long black tangdao really appeared in the man’s hand.
It was he who used a knife in a dreamland.


Yan Liang tried to buckle his pulse door several times, but he escaped.

Anger welled up in my heart, and I took a step back. My arms were full of mountains and tsunami gas, and it erupted from her slightly thin body.
Roars and dragons sing in the distance, Weiyuan is also forced to take a step back. His face is floating and his ears are buzzing at the moment.
The man in black was taken to the ground for a second, and Zhong Bai was caught when Yan Liang appeared in front of his eyes and his chest was tight.
His face turned a little pale, and Yan Liang grabbed his skirt tightly and tore off his black scarf with the other hand. A familiar and unfamiliar face appeared in the line of sight.
He looks similar to the dead body double, but he feels completely different.
However, the knife-shaped eyebrows and eyes have a mass of anger coming out of the bones, which belongs to the younger brother’s extravagance. The mass of anger flowing out of the eyebrows and eyes is very different.
Even though he has changed his face, he can also recognize him through this special temperament.
Carrying him Yan Liang easily lifted him up as if carrying a sack.
"Do you feel like dying in the hands of a woman?" He just spoke arrogantly and sexist, but he remembered it clearly.
Being carried by her is taller than her, but it seems to be in a weak position at this time
Looking down at her, he suddenly smiled. "You’re strong. Why don’t you do things like me? I’m definitely more likable than the king of Weijun. "
Yan Liang, with sharp eyes, punched him in the abdomen with the other hand. "He doesn’t like you very much."
Her body turned pale with rickets, and her fist was extremely powerful.
It’s very leisurely to be attacked by Weiyuan if he doesn’t hear walking.
"God has been friends for a long time, and I finally met the Five Temples today." The feud between the two seems to be very long, not accumulated recently.
"King Weijun is still satisfied?" His abdomen still hurts, but he is new and handsome when he smiles.
Weiyuan also smiled and deliberately looked like cool thin was terrifying. "I would be more satisfied if the five halls were lying dead."
Yan Liang has been frowning and listening to their nonsense can also guess their grievances, but now that she has caught him, she has finished. At this time, she wants to throw her people into prison and then go home and never get mixed up with Weiyuan again.
"Let’s have such a deep friendship to meet the king of Yiwei County?" Words fall, he directly lay down on the ground, and Yan Liang was also bent by him.
However, at the same time, he pulled out something from behind his waist and threw it. The black smoke was dazzling and pungent at first.
Yan Liang’s conditioned reflex grabbed Weiyuan and threw him into the other hand behind him, but he couldn’t catch it again and again.
Hold your breath, Yan Liang fan, the black smoke in front of you has lost his shadow a few steps forward.
Dark scold a word, she jumped up and chased out, at the same time, the moonlight figure behind her also jumped up and blinked more than her.
Yan Wang III, Pursuit
Yan Liang outside Qingyuan jumped from the high wall, and her feet were a little unstable and landed steadily. Almost because she had just exerted too much force, she felt that she lacked strength for a while.
When I saw the night flying in the distance and the moon was white, I knew it was Weiyuan. She was ordered to protect him, even if she didn’t have the strength to chase him.
I have been chasing the emperor all the time, but I seem to be near the south gate soon.
At this time, if you want to leave the city, you can’t get out. The walls are very high, even if you have high martial arts skills and no auxiliary tools, you can’t get out.
However, when she came after her, she was shocked because Weiyuan was the only one on the high wall, and he was trying to jump over the wall, but the figure of the Five Emperors of Qi disappeared.
"He ran away?" Looking at the top of the city wall, it is fifteen feet high. It is impossible to jump to the root with your bare hands.
Weiyuan also tried to jump to the middle of the moon and fell down.
Yan Liang can try, but she is now weak and dare not make any more efforts at will.
"You can’t get out of the gate at dawn like this." The gate is a few hundred meters away. Although it is necessary to open the gate, it is better than when the wall waves.
Turn round and then walk Weiyuan immediately with the twilight of the sky coming in the morning.
Rapidly swept to the city gate, the imperial guards were heavily armored.
There are two turnstiles in the thick city gate, which can’t be opened at all.
Yan Liang, the "head catcher", appeared at the city gate before the imperial army. How can you not know that the emperor did everything?
"Chasing the wanted man ran out of the city gate" The gate can’t be opened at will, especially now, but the punishments personnel have this special feature.
"I don’t know how to get out of the city?" It’s not easy to get out of town when the gate is closed.


"Ha ha ha ha" "66666666" "Tell me you are funny" "Keep pretending" and "Shame on me"

Poof Xia Han spit out a coke "Ha, ha, ha, this guy is quite funny." Xia Han said to Gong Yu that Gong Yu was also smiling while covering her mouth. It’s shameless.
The peak of the monitoring room breathed a sigh of relief, and the effect was not bad. After a few short sessions, the atmosphere became lively. The number of people has exceeded 20,000 and is still growing. This is just no problem.
Good response suluo thought continued, "In fact, this is nothing. I am used to this kind of praise. I have to say that I am handsome and I have to say that Brother Zan Shen was walking in the street that day. The mobile phone was gone, so I went into a store to see the store. After a little beauty saw Brother Zan Shen, her little face turned red.
Brother Zan Shen said that beauty is active?
That beautiful woman bowed her head and didn’t dare to look up at me. Praise God, brother replied, I am the shop assistant.
Brother Zan Shen covered his head, beautiful woman. I said it could be inserted into the source.
That beautiful woman’s head is buried lower, blushing and shyly saying that I can! "
"Poof", "Hahahaha", "It’s so dirty" and "666666"
"Dirty", "Good or bad", "Praise Brother Shen, you don’t fuck him" and "Hahahaha"
God praised me for lying in the trough with a stupid face, and made fun of me. Look, the aircraft carrier ship can’t die. You’re the aircraft carrier ship floating by with a red banner.
Suluo shrugged and said, "What can I say? You city people really know how to play."
"Ha ha ha ha" "Funny" "You people in the city really know how to play haha" "I seem to have entered the wrong live broadcast. Isn’t this a singing anchor live broadcast? How can it be a segment?" "666666666" "An anchor’s live broadcast about pornography earns millions a month."
Gong Yu’s face is red. Pei is really dirty. Xia Han laughed so hard that he covered his belly with potato chips and dropped them all over the floor.
At the peak of the monitoring room, the number of people online has exceeded 30 thousand. That’s awesome. Keep staring at the screen. He knows it’s just a show.
Dragon guild
"Boss, act now."
"You can tell me to go to suluo for a while and then brush up the slogan."
"Okay, everything is ready."
"Thank you for praising God’s aircraft carrier. Actually, it’s all a joke, but I really appreciate everyone present. My younger brother’s single will be released at Chihiro Cloud Music at 9: 00 pm. Interested friends can go to audition." suluo fuels and advertises by the way and continues, "Then I’ll sing a song for you. What do you want to listen to?"
"Yiquan", "I finally remember my job", "Stop singing and go on", "I forgot you could sing" and "66666"
"Fake monk" and "We are always ready to sing the successor of communism"
"Well, well, then let’s start with a song." Su Luo was about to sing when the sudden change of the situation was broadcast live.
The number of people soared by hundreds of thousands in an instant, and then the neat barrage quickly occupied the screen.
"the dragon goes to war and nothing grows."
"the dragon goes to war and nothing grows."
What’s going on?
The Dragon Guild attacked.
Chapter 23 from the Raptor Challenge
"Who’s going to brush the screen?" "Wocao, isn’t this the Crazy Dragon Dragon Guild?" "Who is the dragon?"
The monitoring room is super-managed 1 "The live broadcast data of suluo, the senior supervisor, is abnormal for 1 minute, and millions of people are pouring in".
Gao Feng: "I saw what the Dragon Guild is going to do. I chose this time to do things."
Suluo looked at the full screen of the barrage of "The Dragon goes to war and nothing grows" and looked stupid.
Suluo’s fan base is in full swing. "Why does the Dragon Guild want to make things go wrong?"
Praise god for "seeing first"
Fish farming in the refrigerator "There seems to be trouble lying in the trough, and the dragon emperor corps seems to be here."
Emperor Dragon Emperor entered the live broadcast.
Emperor Dragon Pluto enters the live broadcast.
Emperor dragon clan Haihuang entered the live broadcast.
Emperor Dragon clan Heaven entered the live broadcast.
One hundred emperors are coming, and the Dragon Guild is going to make things lively.
Who doesn’t know the famous Dragon Guild and the group of local tyrants and emperors who have occupied the gift list for a long time?
The emperor specially added red bold font barrage dragon emperor "Good evening, everyone, visit the Dragon Guild"
The Dragon Emperor rewarded the anchor suluo aircraft carrier 1. Go and watch and grab the gift.
Big banners floated by.
Well, what’s the situation? suluo looked stupid and forced a page to pop up at this moment. Lian Mai asked the crazy dragon who suluo connected.
"Hello, suluo, I’m the dragon." Here comes the sound of the dragon.


If it is a white Poké mon egg, the culture solution can be mixed with water so that one copy can support the promotion of five white Poké mon eggs to yellow qualification.

Three yellow ones and one green one.
Moreover, the most important thing is to upgrade the green qualification Poké mon eggs to blue qualification, and the success rate of one culture medium must be 30% separately.
This is a lot worse than being 100% successful in turning yellow into green.
So Qiu Yuan wants to mix out the culture solution and make it upgrade its egg qualification after purchasing Poké mon eggs in Fengling Breeding House.
This can be extremely cost-effective.
A white Poké mon egg is about 50 thousand yuan, while a yellow Poké mon egg is about 120 thousand, and a green Poké mon egg is about 10 thousand
This indicator is the general price for some common and rare Poké mon.
In this way, if Qiuyuan qualified Poké mon eggs in white, the original value of Poké mon eggs could be directly increased from 50,000 to 60,000.
But …
Everything is a beautiful vision.
Qiuyuan has accumulated a total of 63 points …
One culture medium needs 8 grams of wish powder, 5 grams of sweet and lost flowers, 5 grams of blue awakening stone powder.
The price of sweet and blue awakening stone powder is about 40 thousand yuan
But one gram of wishing powder needs 5 points, which means that 200 points of autumn yuan is enough to make a culture medium.
And the price of lost flowers and windward grass has far exceeded the benefits of upgrading Poké mon eggs.
Although the success rate of the culture medium for white and yellow Poké mon eggs is 100%, the underwear will be lost in this way.
In the end, when Qiuyuan understands this thing, there will be enough inferior materials to pile the green qualification Poké mon eggs into blue qualifications.
Blue qualification Poké mon egg base can sell for millions of dollars, and it will be more expensive if it is still a little special.
Only in this way can we make enough profits and achieve the effect of high breeding house name.
After much deliberation, Qiuyuan finally gave up the idea of qualifying Poké mon eggs in white and yellow.
In the breeding house, the ten royal families-forest lizard and croak frog-received from the Alliance Breeding Center are pregnant.
One of the poor five forest lizards is a female, and the same is true of the five-headed frog.
Fortunately, the two females were pregnant and had already passed a period of pregnancy when Qiuyuan went out.
If nothing unexpected happens, you will be able to lay Poké mon eggs these days.
It’s strange that Qiu Yuan doesn’t know why Ibrahimovic’s pregnancy is longer than that of forest lizards and frogs.
It takes ten days for a forest lizard to get pregnant and lay eggs, but Ibrahimovic has gone through more than twenty days.
Strange, strange
Qiuyuan spent six of the few points and exchanged enough to make three parts of culture solution. Wish powder is ready to start making culture solution.
Let’s see if it’s Mr. Jigglypuff’s eggs or Mr. Forest Lizard and Mr. Crouching Frog’s eggs.
Anyway, it can be sure that their eggs are all green, so it is just right to culture their eggs with culture medium.
Although there is a certain chance of failure, Qiu Yuan doesn’t believe that there is a 90% chance of three cultures, but he must be 10%.
That’s true, but it seems that this probability can’t be added up.
However, no matter how many eggs are given to ordinary Poké mon, it is also a loss to give eggs to high-qualified Poké mon. If it doesn’t succeed, it is also a loss.
Then it’s better to take a chance.
What if the bike becomes a motorcycle?
The preparation process is still so boring, and the formula given is known, and the optimal formula is very stable.
Unless Qiu Yuan changed the formula, Ji could not fail.
This time, although it was the first time in Qiuyuan, it was also very successful to produce three cultures.


But when crazy Xiang eagerly accepted his fists and animal teeth and quickly turned to look at Yang Ye’s injury, he found that Yang Ye was still a little surprised. Mu Na couldn’t see any pain, but he had just been hit by himself. This guy didn’t even rub his face!

"Red Bi you … are you all right?" Crazy Xiang staring at Yang night carefully asked 1.
Yang night slowly turned to look at crazy Sui suddenly asked "crazy Sui what did you say? Two protozoa? "
Suddenly, I felt unwilling to get up and raise my hand quickly. I pointed to Yang’s abdomen one night and asked again, "I asked you, is it okay if I hit you?"
"When I ask you CiRenGu! Answer me quickly! There are two protozoa in Ciren Valley? Really? " Yang night is nasty to crazy Xiang with the wave quickly asked.
Grandma! What a shame! Fortunately, I didn’t watch!
I was really ashamed when I was depressed with a crazy expression. Although that punch didn’t do my best, it really hit the red dagger in the abdomen. He wished he had nothing to do! Isn’t it that swinging my fist can’t hurt him? I’m not as good as him!
"Red Bi! Look at yourself first! I hit you! Are you hurt! " Crazy Xiang is almost flustered toward Yang night yelled out.
Yang Ye Zheng remembered that he had just punched himself in the abdomen, but he didn’t feel any pain. It was like a friend had made a joke and didn’t feel hurt!
But ….. See this look crazy, Yang night leng suddenly turned white, feelings are hurt crazy, self-esteem.
So Yang night quickly raised my hand and covered my belly with a frown, deliberately appearing to have some difficulty breathing, and said, "Ah … Ah, crazy and fierce fists, I just feel pain at the moment." Yang night bent over and was in pain.
Secretly squinted at the crazy one. "But I should have no problem if you spare me a little time."
Crazy Xiang Zheng then revealed a subtle smile and suddenly felt a lot better.
"It’s good that I wasn’t seriously injured," said the crazy man, reaching out his hands to help Yang Ye. "Fortunately, I received my strength …"
Before the words were finished, Yang Ye straightened up and let the crazy face stare at the crazy face completely as if nothing had happened, and said hastily, "Well, I’m all right. Tell me about Ciren Valley!"
Looking at Yang night crazily, it’s all right again. After watching it for a long time with your mouth open, your nose is almost out of breath. Grandma is also professional! Is this too perfunctory for me?
It’s not the right time to return to gas, and a series of things just happened have made crazy people angry and have a little pleasure. It’s the kind of … how to say, it’s as pleasant as a joke to get along with friends.
Friends? The word flashed in my head and I couldn’t get it out. Is he my friend? Have I recognized him as my friend?
"Hey, hey, I have never regarded you as an enemy."
Yang night, this sentence suddenly appears again, and the crazy ear sounds so kind and comfortable.
Either enemies or friends, right?
Crazy thinking so vaguely confused in my mind.
The black domain master has been in charge for so long, but the orcs are crazy about repairing officials, and there are no friends in the senior repairing officials at more than 100 main doors of the black domain.
Ever since I was promoted from junior to senior, I’ve been crazy since I was called to his door by the Lord of the Black Domain. The Lord of the Black Domain has always been lonely. In the middle of the day, I’m always fraternizing with each other and saying nothing but flattery, but in fact, all the departments are full of ulterior motives. If they see difficulties, they will encounter a little danger when they see honor. Once they meet with ease, happiness, fame and fortune, all the officials will compete for it at the expense of turning their faces.
And the Lord of the black domain is also doing the same for himself.
The main gate of the Black Domain has been crazy about it for so long, and its orc kin base is gone. All other orc compatriots in the domain are not very willing to have any contacts with the main gate of the Black Domain.
Among the middle-class people in the domain, the name of the black domain is not very good, so the black domain main door practitioners have also become fish in the pond and are carefully excluded by other foreign practitioners
However, the lords of the black domain are quite good, which also contributes to the illusion that the black domain owners are respected and loved among many practitioners, women and officials.
There are some crazy people in my heart who have been praised by the ordinary people in the domain. It is the ghost family who hides the blade domain that is worth working hard for. The main reason for a good domain is that there are too many ghosts who hide the blade domain. Men Xiushi dares to contradict the big domain master, even the Lord, and he has sacrificed his life.
It makes people feel excited and sad.
I’ve been lonely for a long time, but I really hope to have friends who are real friends, instead of sneaking around like I’ve been coming to the main door of the black domain and getting used to helping the black domain owners do some stealing activities, such as modifying the history of the main jurisdiction of other domains.
And the so-called black domain Lord, these fellow officials, are all ordinary people who hide the knife in their faces. When they encounter things for a long time, they would rather I be a loser.
So he was sent by the black domain owner to the red domain owner’s jurisdiction to carry out this despicable hook that destroyed the performance of other domain owners again. At that time, he didn’t want to, but he didn’t expect that he could meet the ghost orphan in the Tang Dynasty. What made him even more surprised was that this red Bi knew that he was a black domain major and that he was a hostile force and even saved his life!
This guy will be friends, right?
But are you qualified to make this friend if you are a master in the black domain?

桑拿夜网 桑拿洗浴会所

Deep space is locked in battle, and World War I is a piece of film.

By the time the Blue Man’s 3,000 Sky Shuttle Wing, 300,000 Research Star Fort Wing, 300,000 True Spirit Corps and 30,000 God Corps were all put into operation, the shining deep space gradually lost its blood-stained elegance, and gradually recovered its silence in the action of the battlefield cleaners.
Thousands of interstellar days of hard fighting, there is no trick, only the dialogue of attack and defense. The attacker is extremely fierce and the defender is extremely tough. Both sides make maximum use of their own advantages to kill each other.
Although this classic hand-to-hand combat ended in the victory of many countries in China, the fighting capacity and the ability to improvise left a deep impression on the world. On the contrary, the victory of the People’s Republic of China left many doubts. At least all military observers believed that His Majesty, the co-owner of the People’s Republic of China, was involved. It was His Majesty, the Lord of the Communist Party of China, who restrained the shuttle in the blue sky, which made the Shuilan people lose the sharpest attack weapon, and finally made the Shuilan people have to lose.
The actual situation, or only the defeated soldiers can really understand.
Blue man command.
Lantianzi lost his original anger, and he quietly listened to the description of his opponent by one battlefield escapee after another.
"The Lord. In addition to the hateful floating nuclear mines, there are ghosts in the firepower field of Lianzheng fortress in China. As long as the sky shuttle is covered by the opponent’s fire field, the command system, weapon system and power system will slowly fail. " Captain Skyshuttle, who narrowly escaped, said so.
"Our research-level star fortress did not encounter this problem, but in the process of rushing to the second-line position of China, it was covered by heavy fire from its first-line position. Later, after entering the second-line position of Huazhuoguo, it was hit by the famous sky-filled bomb of Huazhuoguo Star Fortress. Huazhuoguo’s sky-filled bomb was very strong, and an energy-rich blue star battle fortress was under the sky-filled bomb net, the energy shield would collapse in the blink of an eye, and then it could only be stiffened by armor. The same is true of the other party’s third-line position! " Memories of a blue star battle fortress base officer who could be called a narrow escape.
"Our ammunition didn’t cause damage to each other’s Lianxing Fortress, Shenshen Fortress and King Kong Fortress?"
"Yes, but. None of them are fatal. Those fortresses seem to have double shields. " A strange look appeared on the base officer’s face.
"Double shield, what do you mean?" The blue sky turns pale.
"BeiZhi good fortune, and colleagues together to attack all the countries in China a king kong fortress on the third line. It is clear that the energy shield of this King Kong fortress was knocked out. But the next shot felt like hitting a layer of gas. "
"What about you?" The blue sky son nodded at the official’s answer, and then turned to the surviving God warrior and the true spirit warrior.
"The Lord. It stands to reason that high-ranking soldiers should be the bane of the enemy fortress. However, after the humble rank and others confronted the fortress of China, they did not feel this way. Attack, will encounter Donk base officer said the atmosphere; Defensive, the fortress of China has been spinning, and there is no dead angle at all. Therefore, when we attack, we have to operate the dharma body defense. You can’t do your best to attack, but you can’t stand the sky and play a few times. Then, we have to face the blow of the soldiers of the same order in China. "
The descriptions of many returnees have basically made clear the third-line positions of China. However, the clarity is clear, but how to crack it is a difficult problem. The strength of China’s multinational array, like the news sent back by spies, used about one-third of its military strength. This military power is related to China’s national affairs, but it is not worth mentioning in the eyes of Lantianzi. If … If we can widen the sky passage to ten thousand light-years, we can guarantee that the blue army can swallow the array of Hua Zhongdui like jiaozi.
Lantianzi pressed the beautiful idea to broaden the channel, not to mention 10,000 light years, that is, it is difficult to increase the caliber of one light year on the basis of the present, and it may be possible to do it, but the result may not be seen until dozens of interstellar years later.
"What should I do?"
Although the soldiers of many countries in China are fine, the quantity is really small. Our own army is tens of times more powerful than the enemy’s, but it is limited by the terrain that cannot be used. Although uninterrupted combat can consume the other side, judging from the first three waves of attacks, the other side has a very high operational ability for the dispatch of troops, and the damaged Star Fortress and Star Fortress can also be replaced in time. There are not enough soldiers in China, even the Star Fortress and the God Star Fortress are limited, but there are quite a few King Kong battle fortresses. After a fierce fight, all the active King Kong forts were moved to the array, and at least 20 million King Kong forts were added.
If one side is newly defeated, it will attack immediately to find the venue.
The other side stuck to success and was also looking for defensive loopholes.
Deep space seems to be quiet.
The first world war, the most happy thing is that Guo Xiangdong, the general logistics manager of all the countries in China, the sky shuttle, the research star fortress, and even some of the equipment of the blue sky warrior and the true spirit warrior were scattered in deep space, which made it cheaper for Guo Xiangdong, the scavenger, and also eased the resource demand for the construction of the star fortress and the star fortress under all the countries in China.
What is the ability of an ignorant person? This is really a difficult question to answer.
In the deep space war, many countries in China won by defending. Qiyuan media naturally cheered for this victory, which caused little casualties, but caused great losses to the enemy. However, the outside world, especially the media and superiors of the four realms of darkness and the ten kingdoms, do not think so. Because the territory and military strength of China are too different from those of the three worlds of water and blue. The size of the territory determines the resources and the source of troops, while the military strength determines the direct victory or defeat of both sides. The advantage of China is nothing more than having terrain and an ignorant person.
However, the terrain is not absolute. With the passage of time, the water, blue, and three realms of heaven are clumsy, or they despise the treachery and have been storming. It’s been a long time, and many countries in China can still maintain their advantages when resources and soldiers can’t be compared with each other!
The answer is no, the whole of China will slowly decline. As long as the war lasts for ten or eight interstellar years, the resources of China’s existing star fields will inevitably dry up, and the army will become a dirty army because of the lack of high-level soldiers.
Everything depends on how His Majesty, the co-Lord, the boundless Taoist of all countries in China, operates. It doesn’t mean that the pathless person can fix everything as soon as he gets out of the horse. At least the demon emperor can’t do anything about the ten families of the Yuzu family, which means that the pathless person is not omnipotent, but whether the pathless person can continue to optimize his advantages by relying on the existing situation, his own powerful strength and the passable strength in his hand, so that the strength of both sides of the war can be reversed.

Chapter five hundred and sixty-five Heaven creatures
When people from all walks of life are speculating about the next battle trend, Tianxin decided to have three wars. The General Staff of Huazhong has obtained detailed data, that is, the maximum number of enemy troops that Huazhong Team can bear and the duration of the battle. As long as the army of Shuilan people does not exceed this number, then Huazhong will stick to the army and can block the enemy’s attack, and at the same time, it will greatly exercise itself.
In this case, the most important thing that many countries in China can’t afford, the task of reducing the redundant troops and resources of the blue people, will fall squarely on the head of Tianxin, the "boundless Taoist".
If he has an attack, I should also have an attack.
Perhaps only the demon emperor can guess the next trend of China, and there are countless ideas about starnet, but none of them are about China’s national counterattack.
Less than ten star days after the end of the Three Waves War, in the deep space battlefield that has just been cleaned up in the three battlefields, Tianxin single-handedly opened the storm curtain. At the same time, at the opening of the four realms of darkness, the instructors of the seven immortals of China, who have been known to all walks of life, appeared in the garrison of China. Together with them, there were 400 Terra-Terre Star Fortress Wing, and not less than the God-level Star Fortress Wing, King Kong-level Star Fortress Wing and the same amount of God Corps and True Spirit Corps at the opening of the three realms of water and blue! This is another third of China’s military strength.
"Oh, my God, our pathless person is cool!"
After Tianxin attacked less than half a star, the star network began to spread the news, and one by one Kai Yuan people held up their thumbs.


After the healing, Feng picked up the bat’s body, but it was still the same two wastes. After shaking his head, Feng looked at the ore in front of him and found that it really had attributes to jump out.

No ore
What kind of ore? ? ?
Ore grade? ? ?
A series? Looking at maple is a bit confusing. It seems that you need some professional knowledge to see what attributes this ore is.
In Lufeng, I have already thought of a mining method. Although it is a little exaggerated, it can definitely be greatly reduced. That is, the hoe will dig out the whole mine together and then put it into the bag. When I get to an safe place to knock, whether it can be done depends on the authenticity of the game.
So Feng started to loosen the soil around the ore, and then planed them. After that, Feng looked up at the bat not far away and found that it didn’t respond, which made Feng relieved. It seems that the game hasn’t driven the player to a dead end. After all, if the bat is really designed according to the reality, this movement is enough to attract the bat’s attention.
However, the disadvantage of mining in this way is also obvious, that is, it takes at least ten minutes to dig one piece, which is definitely extremely inefficient compared with smashing two pieces with a hoe. But at this stage, if you can dig this mine, just laugh. Who cares about efficiency?
After about twenty minutes of hard work, Feng finally dug up the soil around the ore and then chose to pick it up against the bare ore.
Chapter 27 What everyone needs is communication
Looking at [a whole piece of non-ore] in the backpack, I feel that the whole person is comfortable than I thought. It seems that some aspects of this game are still relatively wide in gameplay.
But Feng doesn’t know if this ore needs siderite, so he can continue to look for more pieces and bet his luck. Anyway, other extra ores should be able to sell for money.
So Feng spent two hours in the mine and dug up 15 pieces of ore in the same way. Looking at the backpack full of all kinds of ores, Feng thought that no matter how hard she recited it, she couldn’t guess wrong.
"An hour! Be honest! "
Just as Feng was preparing to retreat, she received a breeze and rain to chat privately. This product has been BB since an hour ago.
"Have you finished? I’m already at the gate. "
"You are so inefficient! Express coordinates I’ll help you. "
"You’d better reply to me, or I won’t wait for you!"
"Well, now that we have agreed to form a team, I can’t break my promise to others. After all, being a man should be honest and everyone needs to be a communication place. Will you please reply to me and let me know how long I should wait?"
When I saw this sentence, Feng Hao replied to him for about an hour, and the result was that I received a bunch of private chats again.
"Right, you see, we can still communicate. Don’t feel embarrassed to talk to me just because I’m a master, and you’re not bad at telling me your coordinates and I’ll save you."
"Why don’t you answer again? Have a little confidence, okay?"
"Oh, forget it. I’ll accommodate you. I’ll go to the city again."
"There’s nothing to buy after shopping. It’s been 4 minutes. Have you finished?"
When reading these news, Feng has developed from a word to a joke. After all, if you appreciate the wind and rain as a pure joke, it is actually acceptable.
"Well, the horse will come when I’m done."
After the rain, Feng closed his private chat and walked all the way to the door of the mine. He was careful enough. He didn’t want to get caught when he came in and had nothing to do when he went out
Five minutes later, Feng walked out of the mine after changing his tone. Looking at the door, there was still no player. Feng actually wondered that even if no one organized a wave of people to come to the desert, there should be a few who would sneak in like himself, but he stayed in it for two hours, but he just didn’t find a player and didn’t quite understand it.
After returning to Mite City, Feng didn’t go straight to the equipment store, but went to the grocery store in the center of the city. Just now, when he entered, he found a place to buy minerals. He planned to ask how much these minerals were worth first.
After entering the store, Feng found the counter with the sign of buying ore and asked the receptionist, "Hello, I have ore to sell."
As usual, a virtual trading panel jumped in front of him after the receptionist ordered the shop.
Fang Feng, the seller, should be able to see the value of the contents in his backpack, but those mineral surface signs are the words "French sale"
Unable to understand the maple, he asked the receptionist after dropping the trading panel, "What do I sell by ore method?"
"Please break down the ore before you sell it, sir," the receptionist replied with a smile.
Is it really necessary to dig before selling? So Feng asked again, "Is there any place where you can decompose ore?"
"Yes, you can go to the melting room on the second floor." The receptionist pointed to the stairs inside and said.
After thanking Feng, she went to the second floor, looked for it a little, and then found the room with the smelting room.
After knocking on the door, a hot air came to my face instantly. Feng raised his hand and waved the hot air, and then went in, only to find that it was actually a dwarf inside. This is the first time that Feng has seen a human alien race in Mitte City. So, dwarves should be human-friendly races?
"hey! What can I do for you? "When Feng was surprised, the dwarf came over enthusiastically and asked Feng.
"I want to decompose my ore," replied Feng.
"oh! Ok, there’s a forging table over there. You have to pay me two quintals to make it work. "The dwarf nodded and said.
I had to charge … but the quint was nothing, and the maple was readily handed over at a very high price.
"You are really a refreshing customer. I have some good things to recommend to you. Would you like to see them?"
After the dwarf finished speaking, a virtual trading panel jumped out, with a few and some forging tools to sell. This is the first time I’ve seen it, so Feng took a look at the properties with curiosity.
Primary ore appraisal manual (book)
Ordinary quality
After reading, you can master the distinguishing ability of identifying primary ores.
The remarks were written by Dwarf craftsman Spencer, with clear text description and plenty of illustrations. It is an absolute value choice.
The price is 5 silver, which is not too expensive after all, but maple can’t pay five silver coins now. In addition to this primary ore appraisal manual, there is also a primary casting armor manual, and the price is relatively high, but maple doesn’t need to buy it yet.
"How are you interested?" After closing the trading panel, the dwarf rubbed his hands and asked Feng Tao
"I’m interested, but I can’t afford it for the time being. I’ll buy it later," replied Feng.
"How warm! Askar welcomes you anytime," said the dwarf after making a gentleman’s ceremony.
After talking with Aska, Feng walked to the forging stage and released the ore from his backpack. After picking up the broken ore pieces, Feng looked at one of the properties and found that it was still not an ore. It seems that this ore appraisal must be bought.
After jingling for a long time, Feng finally untied the minerals in the backpack and put them into the backpack. After that, Feng walked up to Haska and asked, "Can I exchange my minerals for your membership?"
Chapter 20 This sets me up
"Of course I can be enthusiastic. Aska likes minerals," Aska replied with a smile.
"That’s great." Maple said and took out all kinds of minerals and showed them to Aska.
"Europe ~ are all minerals of comparable quality. Where do you want them?" Askar asked.
"That’s the primary ore appraisal manual."


It’s true that your arms are like Yan Yan and your body is like Yan Yan. This is the long-lost yearning for Yan Yan.

The breathing and moaning seemed to have happened just yesterday.
Yang night, of course, knows what he may have to do with Ruyan, which is what he wants for a long time and a dream.
Perhaps through this kind of thing, Ru Yan can find some familiar feelings and remember some memories that have been thrown into the corner forgotten by love.
"RuYan I am Yang night I am Yang night do you remember? Do you remember? " Yang night kissed ruyan neck and chest mouth murmured.
For example, Yan Yan’s face is flushed, his chest is short of breath, and his frequency is falling fast, his eyes are tightly closed, his hands are holding Yang Ye’s head, and he is whispering, "I know that you are Yang Ye, and I know that you love me, but I can’t remember that we used to kiss me and then kiss me. You kiss me and I feel so familiar …"
Yang night and RuYan have * * completely forgotten themselves in the height of fierce fighting, while Yang night has already taken the remote control to play the TV in the lounge and turned up the volume.
Exactly. Avoid the servants outside the lounge. Maids will hear strange gasps and groans in the lounge.
Servants and maids who pass by outside the rest room even listen to the sound in the lounge, and they are also playing entertainment news-the news that Faye Wong has a baby.
The news host is * * Huang Jianxiang.
"Gossip! Gossip! ! Gossip! ! Faye Wong is in labor! Faye Wong is in labor! Don’t give it a star opportunity. Faye Wong, the great entertainment star, has inherited the glory of the entertainment circle! Paparazzi, entertainers and divination photographers are possessed by their souls at this moment! She’s not in labor alone at this moment. She’s not alone!
"Li Yapeng, Li Yapeng, facing this child, he is facing the eyes and expectations of the world’s Filipino fans! !
"Faye Wong once gave birth to a child in a marriage. She knows this. Can she still smile at the person she was born with? How will she look in ten seconds?
"Come out! The birth is over! Faye Wong Li Yapeng has won! Eliminated many paparazzi! They didn’t once again penetrate the great hospital in front of entertainment reporters! Great hospital security system! Happy birthday, Great Star! Long live the great star gossip! !
"She didn’t live up to the people’s expectation that this child would be a winner with an absolute theory. This child belongs to Faye Wong, Li Yapeng, Nicholas Tse, Dou Wei, Zhou Xun, Daqi and all people who love to watch the stars!
"The paparazzi may regret their dominance in the whole incident. They filmed it too conservatively and calmly. They lost their courage to face the hospital security system. He didn’t take out a fierce attack. They finally got what they deserved. They should go home. They don’t go back to their distant newspapers. Most of them have to follow a star. Bye!"
Yang Ye’s hand has slowly reached into Ruyan’s pink skirt, and Ruyan’s breath is more urgent, and he hesitates to struggle and twist his body gently.
Yang night suddenly stare big eyes quickly withdrew his hand from RuYan body has been up to look a little surprised.
RuYan lying on the sofa suddenly felt that his weight had disappeared, and hesitated to open his eyes and stare at Yang night with red cheeks. His expression sank slightly and said softly, "No … I … I am willing to …"
"No" Yang night has got up and put on clothes "Not Ruyan, but my friend is back". Talking Yang night looked down at the red seal on her left wrist.
The feeling of red seal is abnormal. It is because of the south glory illusion or the urgency of the hot sun signal that Yang Ye has a faint presentiment that something may have happened.
Chapter two hundred and seventeen "Spring killed don’t leak"
Just put on the coat and put on the black robe. Yang Ye’s ears have heard the noise from the lounge window.
The first reaction is that Yang Yema blocked Ruyan’s front-Ruyan’s clothes haven’t been put on yet. Her pink short skirt is a conjoined bust, and she hung up her waist. Ruyan is looking at Yang Yezheng with a surprised face and doesn’t know if she should get dressed.
I’ve been emotional, I’ve been hot and dry, I’ve been horny, and Yang Ye suddenly turned over, which made Ru Yan feel overwhelmed and felt cold and uncomfortable at the same time.
It’s uncomfortable to pee in half. What’s the matter?
In front of RuYan body Yang night twist a head looked out of the window.
Outside the window, like a gecko, I lay my arms on the glass, which is the illusion of South Glory.
Nan Rong was sent by Xia throat to Jun in a hurry to find Yang Ye and go to Chang Qingshan together. He sent a signal to Yang Ye through the red seal. He knew in his heart that the seriousness of the matter was mainly true. If this came, I’m afraid it would be troublesome. Therefore, Chang Qingshan must do it quickly without delay.
But Nan Rong’s illusion didn’t expect that when he flew to the third floor lounge and went out of the window, he saw that it was Yang Ye who was wearing a black robe, and Yang Ye turned out to be a faint white * *
Oh, my god Isn’t that Ruyan? Shit, I’m so anxious in our Woods. This little guy has already taken this amnesia here?
I still want to see it, but Yang Ye has opened his arms, and the black robe behind him is still * * wearing a body like Yan Yan, so that Nan Rong’s illusion is tightly stuck on the window, and the five senses are all running out of shape, but I still can’t see anything. Suddenly I feel depressed and hate myself. There is no perspective in my race ability.
Mom knew not to inform Yang Ye in advance! This is a loss!
Nanrong Phantom is annoyed and thinking that he is frustrated and ready to stretch out his hand to pull the window.
"You give me a minute! !” Yang night twisted his head and suddenly yelled at Nanrong Magic outside the window.
Nan Rong was suddenly frightened and shivered, but he withdrew his hand involuntarily.
RuYan also half in accordance with the sofa hands gently hide the chest upturned face looking at Yang night puzzled sample light said "Yang night you … I …"
"Hurry up and get dressed," Yang Ye said to Ruyan with his head down slightly on one side. "My friend is here."
Ru Yan froze and nodded, gently put on his clothes, and while wearing them, he looked out of the window and asked, "Yang Ye, is he the South Glory Illusion you just told me about?"
"It’s him," Yang Ye nodded. "He is the most familiar person in our world except me before you."
"That … what is he doing?" Ruyan looked at the window and looked here. Nan Rong asked strangely.
"Ignore him, you are quick to get dressed." Yang Yeyin is very light and has never looked back. He has been staring at Nanrong Phantom out of the window, holding out his arms and not letting Nanrong Phantom peep into a fragment.
Let RuYan spring leak things Yang Ye is killed and not allowed to leak to Nan Rong illusion? Farewell! Who says good things should be shared with good friends? Friends like brothers? Women are like clothes? Women are winter clothes, friends are centipede hands and feet …