Maid "is"

"What are you doing here? Ruer! " A rich man appeared.
But it was Menjifan who looked at Jiwu coldly and said, "Is it with you?"
Ji Wu choked and looked cold and smiled. "Then Liu Er and I have it! You don’t know! That willow is in bed, that wave! Keep begging for mercy from me! "
JiFan face up to go toward outside walk!
Ji Wu quickly stopped looking contemptuous and said to Ji Fan, "Hey, how did you get married with me?" Don’t go! Do you want to know where your wife was sent? "
JiFan fists tightly holding up mercilessly bite a tooth brimming with impulse expression to JiWu eyes of murder, tyrannical point-blank JiWu eyes.
JiWu is just turned his head and didn’t pay attention to some said, "you know? Plain! Qingzhou Plain! Alone, according to a city warrior, he came to visit fifty thousand times and fell in love with Liu Lingling at first sight. What do you compare with others? "
Wang Qiang sat in a chair and looked at JiFan with a sigh. He didn’t expect this elder brother to be a storyteller, but he also heard another thing. This JiFan has lived in this world since childhood. What does this mean? This means that this JiFan crossing is different from their bold speculation here. It is very likely that Lu Xun and others came here because of JiFan, but it is only speculation that he will have an answer one day with JiFan.
JiFan eyes flashed a look of "it was him"
Ten days before his exam, a big man was greeted in the village. That night, he and Ji Lingling met on the roof as usual, and a teenager looked at them in the distance.
Because it was very late, he didn’t see clearly that it was his brother.
JiWu sneer at again "even if you know? Are you going to get revenge? Those dozen little soldier eggs? "
Then a man came in outside the door.
A servant ran in and looked at JiFan with amazement.
JiWu was livid and looked at JiFan bitterly and said, "JiFan now gives you a chance to get out of Korea alive. Do you want it! “
JiFan expression said "if you want to kill me, you won’t give me a chance" and sat down in the chair and took a sip of tea.
Ji Wu sneered, "Young Master just needs a few errands to leave you as a soldier and you can go!"
JiFan expression said "double army! Each person is equipped with a sword, an iron gun, a piece of black iron armor of 1 kg, the rest or two iron shields, or a long bow and an arrow feather. After some training, you can walk and ride well! Advance and retreat! Order it to stop! I can tell you that you don’t deserve to let them run errands! Are the arms given by God awesome? My 3,000 double armies can fight against 10,000 arms given by God. Can you keep me? It doesn’t seem that Jijiazhuang is here. In people’s eyes, you are just a woman in exchange for surviving. When spring comes, I will step over Jijiazhuang! No one has come, Wang Qiang, let’s go! " Say that finish and leave.
Ji Wu’s face was shocked first, then embarrassed, and finally he thought to himself, "Ji Fan must be kept today. If this army is really trained into Jijiazhuang," he shouted, "Somebody will kill them both on the spot!"
Outside the door, Jojo ran in and a group of armored foot soldiers "promise!" Say that finish qi qi Tang pulled out a sword.
"Wait! This is Hanfu. Are you Hanfu guards or his guards? Did he ask you to kill me and you killed me? " A dignified marten dressed in brocade came in with his hands behind his back, pointing to a group of foot soldiers and scolding them.
Those foot soldiers should take back their swords and kneel on the ground!
The middle-aged man was followed by a girl who was about 15 or 6 years old. At that moment, the whole room was eclipsed. The female temperament was noble and elegant, but it was noble and elegant.
Middle-aged man pointed out his index finger and was still in shock. He didn’t understand the changes very much. Ji Wu was merciless in his mouth. "From today, my Korean family doesn’t want to see you in Nanpi City. I left you for the old martial face. If you want to sow discord, just try it. Is my Korean family afraid of him now?" Get out of here! Throw it out of Nanpi City around. "
——————————————————— dividing line
"JiXian nephew! What are you thinking? Let’s introduce one. This is my only daughter, Han Ru, who is 15 years old today. "Han Tieshan politely introduced Ji Fan to one side.
Aside from Han Ru’s embarrassment, he hammered his father’s back to protest. How can he tell others his age when introducing his daughter? He naturally knows his father’s mind
JiFan shook his head and threw Ji Wulin’s look of hatred at Han Tieshan before he left. He smiled bluntly and said, "I won’t say uncle Han’s training method for both armies, but I can guarantee that uncle Han will never point to you if he doesn’t do something he shouldn’t do in the future. It’s also my only guarantee."
Han Tieshan looked at Ji Fan with bright eyes for a long time before he nodded his head and said, "It’s enough to have you!"
Han Ru is puzzled.
Wang Jiangze showed a profound look and became more and more convinced of the conjecture.
Ji Fan said with a fist, "Uncle Han, I’m sorry that my food money was stolen by a villain. Please forgive my little nephew for excusing himself."
Han Tieshan looked at it carefully, and there was another guess in his mind. Is there a snowstorm this winter? The same guess, bold guess, immediately said, "My dear, where is the food? I can let people give my dear twenty thousand bears."
Wang Qiang looked anxious and said something to JiFan, but JiFan was the first to say, "Uncle Han loves JiFan, but please forgive my little nephew for collecting hay."
You think I’m stupid! If there is a snowstorm in winter, even if your original food is enough, this favor will be doubled. How can you pay it back in the future?
Wang Qiang breathed a sigh of relief.
Han Tieshan nodded approvingly "don’t send! Then don’t forget to visit Nanpi! "
"It must be!"
On the way out of the city, one of the ten double armies said to Jifan, "Master, when you went in just now, a deacon asked us to take refuge in Jijiazhuang, and we left without consent."
JiFan nodded and didn’t cheep, but he thought that after they took my money to buy food, they wouldn’t dare to stay long and wait for them outside the city.
Outside the city, Wang Qiang pointed ahead and narrowed his eyes and shouted, "Isn’t this the two brothers? Follow "
JiFan hurriedly ran out of the pike.
The closer you get, the deeper your anger gets. You stole my money and sold food yourself and bought ten God-given soldiers? OK! Great!
Is there such a despicable person? Is there such a selfish person?
The other party obviously found that his ten God-given spearmen lined up in front of the car, while the two brothers looked at them with disdain in the car.
Ji Fan looked at three carts of grain and asked two people, "You stole my money and I gave you my life. Is that how you repay me?"
I hope that the other party will die and deny it, but it’s hard to do it.
"You my brother name take you 1 gold to shout a fart! Next year, you will be "Zhao Sanyi’s face is crazy."
Wang Qiang swearing "stung your mother! I’ll borrow your mother and pay you back next year! "
Zhao’s face sneered and said, "You can find whatever you want!"
Wang Qiang muttered in astonishment, "How can there be such a bitch!" When yelling "bitch!"
Zhao San answered, "Thank you!"
Wang Qiang scolded, "Your sister!"
Zhao "I don’t have a sister!"
Chapter 13 Zhen Fu, you know!
Ji Fan stopped Wang Qiang and directly lined up to pull Wang Qiang to hide behind and directly ordered "the column shield to shoot accurately in front of the front archer"
6 the arrow feather shoots rapidly!
Zhao swore and controlled the soldiers to dodge and prepare to fight back.
Tick tock ~ ~ ~ ~
Hundreds of Qingqi rushed out and came straight here, far from a hearty laugh. "My dear! You must owe me one this time! "
Ji Fan pulled the old fox!

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Adolf arms, ready to see Qin Chu touch a rebuff mess.

Qin Chu breathed a sigh of relief and whispered, "I’m disrespectful to your majesty. Take off his chin and throw it out of the guild."
Grab a bodyguard behind him, and the old guy didn’t have time to react. He just felt flowers at the moment, and then clicked, and there was a sharp pain in his chin. In horror, his chin has been removed. I couldn’t speak with my mouth open, and there was a vicious look in my eyes. The guard directly carried the chicken, and carried the old man out.
Suddenly, everyone gasped. An elder said that if he was thrown out, he was thrown out.
Qin Chu, however, seemed to have nothing to do, still smiling on his face: "Who has different opinions? I am the best at listening to other people’s opinions. If you have any different opinions, just ask me. "
Adolf pointed angrily at Qin Chu: "You … How could you … like this? He is an elder of the guild! "
Qin Chu gave Adolf a cross look and said lightly, "So what? He is disrespectful to my president. Do you want me to give him a good look? "
Adolf gave his sleeve a good shake and said coldly, "It’s not your turn to sit as the president of the Medicine Refining Association! If you don’t want to make a fool of yourself, get out of here! "
"oh? As far as I’m concerned, the Zhilian Medicine Association is your majesty’s guild. It’s up to your majesty to decide who will be the president. When is it your turn to tell you what to do here? "
Blake nodded heavily beside him, and looked at the elders who were used to seniority, and his heart was already uncomfortable! Hear Qin Chu, echo immediately.
Adolf behind the elders, table up in succession.
"The president of the Medicine Refining Association should naturally be a talented person … What qualifications do you have?"
"At a young age, don’t go to school well, but run here. Medicine refining guild is the place where you play house … "
"I’m going to meet your majesty and ask him to withdraw this order. It’s ridiculous! "
"Yes, if your majesty doesn’t withdraw, I don’t think this guild needs to stay!"
All the elders began to blow their beards and stare at Qin Chu. What’s more, they spat. The whole medicine refining association is as chaotic as a fight in the vegetable market.
Adolf also sneered. In the past, Octavian III did not try to take over the guild, but which one succeeded?
Adolf looked at Qin Chu’s deadpan, gesticulating with his hand, and said proudly, "You are asking for embarrassment! What do you think, your majesty will give up the elders of the guild for you … "
Qin Chu sneer at looked at him, grabbed adolf’s arm, fiercely a quiver a shake, adolf a miserable howl, and then they saw, adolf’s arm has become a snake with a broken bone, unable to droop.
"Adolf disrespected his superiors, taught him a lesson, dragged him out and threw him away." Adolf painful whining, arm only feel terrible pain, looking at Qin Chu indifferent expression, the in the mind is full of vicious hatred! Two guards have come to hold Adolf, click, unload his chin in public, and interrupt the remaining arm, which was thrown out.
"I don’t have much time. Who else has opinions?" Qin Chu glanced at the angry elders.
An elder stood up, took off the badge of the Medicine Refining Association, and looked at Qin Chu disdainfully: "I choose to quit the association!"
Two other elders came forward, took off their badges and said coldly, "We also chose to quit the guild!"
Qin Chu sneer: "accurate! In the future, the medicine refining association will never have your name again! "
Suddenly, the previous elders who took off their badges turned purple and black, and the other two people’s faces also flashed a trace of regret. Originally intended to slide backwards, forcing Qin Chu, who wants to Qin Chu didn’t hesitate, directly answer!
But Qin Chu didn’t give them any chance to go back on our word, and ordered them to go out directly.
"Who will quit the guild? Now, I approved it together! " Qin Chu light way. The elders across the street looked at each other, afraid to bluff again.
Quitting the meeting is just lip service. Who dares to joke about his future?
Qin Chu dark scold in my heart, a group of old guys, seniority also don’t look at who is right! Next to the black look at Qin Chu’s eyes, has been full of worship.
The Earl of Qin Chu is so enterprising that the problem of the Medicine Refining Association is so big that it is completely solved after three or two times!
"Since no one has opinions, let’s go. However, if anyone wants to quit, I can promise at any time! "
All the old men were startled and retired? I’m kidding, I won’t be like those three idiots! However, everyone has a feeling that’ I am a fish for a knife’. Alas, it seems that the life of the guild will be difficult in the future!
The crowd, which was lively just now, immediately dispersed in a hubbub. Qin Chu stopped an elder who fell behind and asked kindly, "Are you free now?"
"Yes, yes!" The old man was startled and hurriedly said.
"That’s trouble, take me to the pharmacy."
"Don’t bother, don’t bother …" Lao Tzu immediately trilled and hurriedly led the way ahead.
Qin Chu reserved goes to the pharmacy, with six guards at his side. Blake, on the other hand, said goodbye and went to the palace to report to me.
The pharmacy of the Medicine Refining Association once again appeared naked in front of Qin Chu …

Chapter 027 【 new goal 】
It is only natural to pay back debts. I owe a chapter yesterday, so I must make it up today!
Well, by the way, ask for a ticket
Compared with the temple’s pharmacy, the forbidden area pharmacy of the Medicine Refining Association is ten times larger! But some of them are divided into several partitions, which contain different things, such as refined medicines, some rare medicinal materials, some medicine refining instruments, and even more precious prescriptions for refining medicines. In a word, this is the perfect pharmacy compared with the temple’s reserve pharmacy.


Looking at the cloud tiger king three words Sophie Su almost surprised out in a cold sweat and hastily opened the protective ring and the magic shield with the shield.

When he was about to call for help, he let the little girl do it, but he didn’t expect that Yunhu was one step ahead of him. The roars were like a bolt from the blue, and Sophie Su felt out of control.
This cloud tiger king actually has control skills!
Sophie Su was horrified. This time, the joy was so great that the control effect was as long as 6 seconds. In this period, I didn’t even have a chance to call for help.
Can he survive for 6 seconds with his magic shield and health value? He is confident about it. I only hope that the little girl can come and save people when she hears the roar of clouds and tigers … To be continued.
Chapter two hundred and ten Nana’s life experience
Unexpectedly, the little girl in white didn’t appear, but a black shadow broke through the ground and rushed directly to Tiger Claw, which was coming towards Sophie Su.
That is always lurking in the ground’ the teacher elder sister!
See’ the teacher elder sister’ that huge cloud tiger Tiger Claw slammed together, but Sophie Su’s heart was extremely worried. Although the skill combination of’ the teacher elder sister’ was very strong, the level and strength of this cloud tiger king were estimated as far away as’ the teacher elder sister’, unless it was No.3 who also came to help, there was still the possibility of World War I.
The body control effect finally disappeared. Sophie Su was about to shout for help, but he accidentally found that the huge body of the fierce cloud tiger was reduced again to return to the original size of the kitten and bowed his head in front of the’ teacher elder sister’.
"This … what is this rhythm …" There would have been a big battle. Sophie Su was dumbfounded at the scene before him. This looks very docile. Is the kitten really that fierce and fierce?
Sophie Su hurriedly made an insight into it again, but it turned out that the information of the former cloud tiger king was exactly the same
"Hey … has this little tiger been lowered?" I hurried to the little girl and looked at the’ kitten’ circling around the’ teacher elder sister’ legs, which was also full of doubts.
After discovering the little girl, the cloud tiger roared back toward her and became bigger. The amazing momentum was also rising rapidly.
"Little White …" It was a surprise that when the teacher elder sister called, she immediately made the cloud tiger king run to her feet again, wagging his tail.
Sophie Su couldn’t help but be ashamed to be born in Fuhumen. It’s not strange to know this cloud tiger king, but it’s really unreliable to get his name.
"Where did you get that woman and how did she look like a zombie? But it is also a beautiful zombie … "The little girl frowned and looked at the’ teacher elder sister’ next to her.
"She … is a very good friend of mine who has been secretly protecting me. Unfortunately, she has been victimized by the bad guys and become like this … Little Princess, is there any way you can make her recover?" Sophie Su tried to ask.
"They’ve all become zombies, even if they eat the resurrection pill. In fact, zombies are also quite good. Many people want to be immortal. Besides, her figure is still so good." The little girl looked down at her flat chest and said with some bitterness.
"No resurrection pills?" Sophie Su is not a little disappointed. There is still a chance for’ the teacher elder sister’ to come to her senses.
The little girl is still a little depressed. "You are omnipotent when you are a resurrection pill … Oh, it’s so boring. I want to have a good fight to recover this kitten."
But soon it seems that the little girl remembered her ultimate goal and cheered up immediately. "Come on, let’s go in and see that ten thousand-year-old snow ginseng may be in this forbidden area …"
And the kitten-like cloud tiger king smell speech is immediately jumped up and stopped in front of the little girl again, which is quite professional.
Sophie Su couldn’t help frowning. Since this cloud tiger king’ the teacher elder sister’ is familiar with the original plan, it is naturally bad.
I’m worried that the little girl will hurt the cloud tiger bamboo forest, but she has floated out of a middle-aged Taoist with high crown and wide sleeves.
"It turned out to be the little princess of Qingqiu country. It’s far from being original to meet her." The middle-aged Taoist smiled and bowed to the little girl, and Yunhu immediately wandered around the Taoist feet.
Sophie Su smell speech is a surprised, this middle-aged Taoist seems to be the master of this cloud tiger king. He can see through the identity of this little girl at a glance, and his strength will not be bad if he doesn’t check it.
And if these two people fight, it’s easy to hurt themselves, the koo masses.
The little girl looked ungrateful when she greeted the middle-aged Taoist priest. "If you really want to welcome me, then take out the ten thousand-year-old snow ginseng and let me take a bite. Don’t worry, I just want to taste it."
"This ….. that ten thousand years of snow ginseng taste is actually not good. If the little princess is willing to be original, she can serve vegetarian food with better taste." The Taoist priest only smiled bitterly after Zheng.
"I’m not interested in those who don’t have oil and water to eat vegetables. Help me get some roasted cranes less."
The middle-aged Taoist priest gave another wry smile, but he didn’t refuse. "This … if you want to eat cranes, you have to ask the little princess to move to the Taoist palace on the top of the mountain."
Sophie Su smell speech is not a word, so it is the size of fist that determines everything. Even if it is self-proclaimed, it is still a compromise when facing the powerful demon princess.
The little girl left the pie mouth is very frank should come.
Sophie Su’s heart is worried about whether this will be a trap. It looks quite a bit like a sage like type Taoist priest, but suddenly he bowed deeply to Sophie Su and said, "Thank you for saving my daughter."


These four peak saints are Fante Feng Yang Lan Chu and Huang Quan. They are all famous and strong, but now they are as sad as puppets.

Dark inflammation aside eyes full of dignified look "go in one by one" hear the sound of dark inflammation, the wind is blowing, the first step out of your own steps, looking extremely vain, where is there any peak saint composed? Swinging like a drunk
After the wind blows into the black pool water, the black pool water boils like boiling water, but it doesn’t last long, and it has returned to calm.
Then Fant walked in with a dull face, and so did Lanchu and Huang Quan. They were slowly swallowed up by the black pool water and finally recovered their calm. "Does it look like enough?" Dark inflammation looked at the water light said
Soon the pool was boiling again. At this time, a face appeared. This face can be seen with a rough outline. The five senses are the method to distinguish men from women.
"Good, you’re doing well. I’m back to July 7th, but it’s still not enough," said the face.
"So what else do you need?" Dark inflammation smile seems to already know each other is not satisfied with just four peak saints.
The black face pondered for a moment and said, "It would be better if you could find me a boundary. I’ve heard that the poisonous body outside has natural divine power, and there is an ice girl who is very good to devour. You can’t catch it?"
Dark inflammation shrugged his shoulders. "That’s easy for you to say. Now I’m a rat crossing the street. Everyone will be besieged if they shout out. Although I’m not afraid of the peak saint, I can’t stand the crowds for a while."
"There is another way," said the black face.
"oh? What is the solution? " Dark inflammation eye * * now a trace of irony is which passes, the face one-way talk root didn’t notice him.
"That is to dedicate you to me!" After saying this sentence, black smoke surrounded the dark inflammation. "I admit that you are my apprentice, and I also admit that you have helped me a lot, but now you are of no value. When I absorb you, I will surpass me and reach a new level. Then I will definitely go out for revenge and destroy Dongyue mainland. Don’t worry, I will make you a part of me and I won’t let you die."
"This is called killing the donkey, isn’t it?" Dark inflammation light say with smile
"Don’t be so ugly. It was you who begged me that I would give you this achievement method. Didn’t you beat the person you wanted to beat with this achievement method? Now it’s time for me to charge interest, "said the black face naturally."
"Dark inflammation, dark inflammation, what do you think of me for so many years? Chapter 86 I will know your name
Dark inflammation calls this black face dark inflammation? So who is this man in black? Isn’t he dark inflammation? Is this dark face dark inflammation? Although this shocking thing happened, people learned that there were only men in black and dark inflammation in this dark place. Now let’s call him men in black 【
"oh? Is it? What can you prepare? Everything about you is taught by me. If you are prepared, it will be useless. You have a dead end. Don’t resist it. It’s your pleasure. "Dark inflammation emerged from the black pool and became more and more huge, and the breath became stronger and stronger.
"I am already very familiar with and understand this achievement method. We are now like young sharks in the belly of sharks. Who can swallow each other is the overlord in Houhai? Let me try to see if it is your dark inflammation that devours me. Or can I absorb you to dominate the sky? " Black dress person said coldly without fear.
"Arrogance, don’t forget that I am the one who absorbs the energy of the peak saint." Dark inflammation said coldly, and there was a little violence in that tone.
"Yes, of course I know that you will become my subsidiary because of this. Believe me, I will always fight with your name. Even if you dominate the mainland, others will know that it is your dark inflammation. How about my compensation for you? Not bad? " Men in black eyes # # # now a little off [
"You fart", although there is a little uneasiness in Dark Inflammation, does he absorb the peak saint and get something from him? He would say that? But furious dark inflammation also can not consider a lot of black smoke rhythm.
The black dress person saw the dark inflammation attacking him without any intention, so he quietly watched as if all this had nothing to do with him. It seemed that all this was illusory. He looked at the black smoke as lightly as a passer-by, and even tied himself up and took the day with him without any resistance.
Dark inflammation saw the black dress person move in anger than he found that the black dress person actually looked down on himself. How many years have you been practicing this skill since you were a strong man in mainland China? It is unforgivable that he is just a rising star who stinks of milk and dares to look down on himself so much. He is extremely angry and has tried his best to absorb the body of men in black.
But Yan Yan soon discovered an incredible thing, that is, his own black fog actually absorbed the other side, not only that, but it was absorbed by the other side, and he actually controlled "what is this?" Dark inflammation, panic and incredible sound. Does it ring in here?
Men in black are quietly enjoying the power to enter the body with their eyes closed. This feeling is really * * than letting people linger. "You can actually practice this trick? This trick is not perfect. Can you practice it? " Dark inflammation was shocked. He suddenly thought of something incredible.
He has mastered this skill for a few years, which is better than blowing himself up, but there is a trick that he is practicing, which is aimed at the same skill! Because this trick is a remnant, I was afraid of being possessed after I realized it, so I simply gave up practicing.
Originally, the man who knew this skill in Dongyue Mainland was just a person, so he was not worried at all, but he gradually forgot that he had also given this skill to this man in black, so that he could become stronger and help himself resurrect. He crossed the bridge more than the man in black walked, so he was not worried.
However, Dark Inflammation has forgotten a very important thing, that is, the person who learns first is better than his genius, and this man in black is obviously superior to his genius. "What can’t be practiced?" Although it’s a broken scroll, I can draw inferences about it. According to the trend of limited font analysis, you are too rigid to recognize natural enemies behind closed doors. This is your achilles heel. "
Hearing the words of men in black, he roared, but now he has no real roots to watch his accumulated strength for thousands of years being stolen bit by bit.
"Don’t worry, dark inflammation, I won’t lose myself. After I absorbed your letter, I will naturally continue to be dark inflammation. Thank you, I will make a contribution and I will dominate the mainland as you." The black man said that he would not continue to talk, but quietly closed his eyes and then strengthened the absorption of dark inflammation
Theory of dark inflammation, such as struggle and rage, all help. Finally, anger and roar have become weak. # # His spirit has also been slowly consumed, and there is no struggle and anger. As consciousness slowly falls into the dark world, dark inflammation is like this. Others don’t know the situation and disappear completely.
The black pool water is becoming less and less, but more and more black smoke appears on the body of men in black. Finally, the black pool water disappears completely, and the dark inflammation is completely absorbed.
The black dress person opened his eyes and it was as dark as an abyss, but the black dress person did not act, so the black smoke slowly disappeared into the air.
At the same time, Tianming, the leader of the shura mainland, launched an assassination order against Zhang Tao. Of course, due to Duyuan’s reasons, he did not dare to issue a wanted order. This is too bad for Duhan to dominate the face. Tianming, even though it is severe, dare not dominate the ground.
At this time of Zhang Tao, there is a continuous hill and a lonely abyss. After three or four days, we will finally reach the wind-destroyed area. There is a body at the feet of Zhang Tao. This person is frostbitten, which is obviously solved by Zhang Tao.
This man was also assassinated by Tianming. He came to kill Zhang Tao and Zhang Tao. He knew that the black market price was high, so these people would scramble to kill themselves. But these people, though powerful, were not their opponents. Now Zhang Taozhen’s injury has healed and his spirit has soared again. The root of the ordinary peak saint is to die.
But at this time, Zhang Tao didn’t make a move, because there was a lot of chaos in the distance, and Zhang Tao was very alert to this place because he was being hunted down, but he could devour wild animals at any time without any carelessness.
The word "Miss, go" is clear to Zhang Tao’s ears. Zhang Tao frowned slightly. It seems that this is not an assassination feast carefully prepared by himself. It is obvious that something has happened to him.
It is Zhang Tao who is not interested in this matter, but it is not suitable for Shura mainland to meddle. Zhang Tao is going to turn around and leave when the body will be thrown into the canyon, but the trouble will automatically find the door [
This lady is also a powerful woman. Although she is dressed in a gorgeous brocade, it is still hard to hide her graceful figure, which is as perfect as the Milky Way hair jumping and dancing as the Milky Way fairy. Her delicate face is full of pity, but there is a trace of stubbornness and hatred behind this weeping.
The woman jumped to see Zhang Tao and didn’t know whether it was the tie or fate. She actually rushed towards Zhang Taochong. "My father is Mufeng and invited a strong man to help afterwards. There will be a lot of thanks." This female word made Zhang Tao one leng and she was still chasing five or six people behind her. They were all fierce and murderous, and what worried Zhang Tao most was that their strength was also quite strong.

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"Li Yi, you’d better make it simple!" Lin Keer looked at Li Yi with big watery eyes and looked super cute.

"Since Chloe begged me so much, I’ll tell you. Look, that’s the room." Say that finish, Li Yi pointed to the room in front of him.
"Li Yi, are you kidding me?" Lin Keer glared at Li Yi with big eyes.
"Okay, okay, just kidding, don’t be angry, I’m not kidding anyone I don’t know!" Li Yi said.
"I won’t care about you this time." Lin Keer said and ran to the room.
"Boss, what’s the matter?" Chen Ming saw Lin Keer * * asked the room.
"Chen Ming, do you get along well with Li Lu?" Li Yi asked.
"Eldest brother, why do you feel strange today? Don’t you know what your sister-in-law is like?" Chen Ming asked.
"I mean how about meeting someone you don’t know." Li Yi asked helplessly.
"Oh, boss, you told me earlier. It’s ok to get along with people you don’t know. My sister-in-law and I get along well. Let me tell her your story!" Chen Ming said.
"As long as you treat outsiders well, you can bring the little heron in later." Li Yi said.
"Boss, what did you say?" Chen Ming was a little surprised and asked.
"I said for a while with Li Lu to see Lin Keer ah, what’s the matter? Is there a problem? " When Chen Ming asked, Li Yi was a little confused. Could it be that he did something wrong?
"Boss, congratulations, you have been cheated." Chen Ming said with a bad smile.
Chapter seventy-one Yellow hair presents
"What?" Li Yi a full face of surprise, how he was pitted.
"Boss, you have been cheated." Chen Ming smiled and said.
"How did I get cheated?" Li Yi is like a monk in his second year of school.
"Boss, there is sister-in-law Li Lu in the room where sister-in-law Lin Keer went in." Chen Ming said with a wry smile.
"Damn it, Chen Ming, why didn’t you tell me earlier? If there is anything, you will be in trouble!" Li Yi said.
"Boss, nothing can happen. Sister-in-law Li Lu is easy to get along with, and Sister-in-law Lin Keer is not the kind of person who has to be reasonable and tide wait for no man. How can anything happen? You are worried blindly." Chen Ming said.
"Forget it, it has become like this anyway, so let it be!" Li Yi said faintly.
Lin Keer pushed the door open.
Took a look at the room, turned his head, and suddenly, took another look.
Why is there a little girl here?
Li Lu one leng, who is this, can it be wrong.
Lin Keer looked at Li Lu, thought for a moment and said, "Excuse me, who are you?"
"My name is Li Lu. Nice to meet you." Li Lu said and held out her little hand.
Looking at Li Lu’s enthusiasm, Lin Keer took Li Lu’s hand and said, "Hello, my name is Lin Keer. Nice to meet you, too."
"Li Lu, how did you get here?" Lin Keer asked.
"Ah, someone else led me." Li Lu said.
"Then how did you come?" Li Lu asked.
"I was invited by others." Lin Keer said.
"Li Lu, how old are you?" Lin Keer began to ask some irrelevant questions, waiting for Huang Mao or Li Yi to come over.
"I …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
"I’m eighteen. What about you?" Li Lu asked.
"Me?" Lin Keer tried to think with his head, how could he forget how old he was at this time? He went to school at the age of seven, seven plus six plus three plus three. By the way, he was nineteen.
"I am nineteen years old." Lin Keer said with a smile.
"Oh, then you are older than me, or should I call you sister?" Li Lu asked with a smile.
"Ok, then I’ll call you Sister Little Heron." Lin Keer said.
"That’s great, I’ll call you sister Kerr!" Li Lu said.
"Sister Little Heron, how old are you?" Lin Keer asked.
"I’ll go, I’ll go …" Xiaoyi didn’t tell me how to answer this question. What can I do?
"Sister Kerr, how high are you?" Li Lu asked.
"I am in the third year of high school." Lin Keer said.
"Sister Kerr, I’m a senior three, too. We’re all the same." Li Lusong was relieved. Fortunately, she had sneaked here several times before, otherwise today would be interesting.
"Boss, when shall we go in?" Chen Ming is hungry, and he is sticking his back.
"What’s the hurry? Maybe Chloe and Little Heron will get along well in a while. We may ruin the good opportunity by going in now." Li Yi stopped practicing and said.
"Boss, I’m hungry. Maybe wait a little longer, and you’ll find the first hungry ghost in peacetime." Chen Ming said.
"Not really?" Li Yi smiled and said.
"Boss, you don’t know how expensive the material is." Chen Ming said.
"Well, well, didn’t I teach you how to practice? Practice now!" Li Yi said.
"Boss, but I’m hungry!" Chen Ming said.
"If you are repairing and refining, you will not be hungry." Li Yi smile happily of say.
"Well, boss, we must go in when Huang Mao comes." Chen Ming said.
"good." After Li Yi finished speaking, she practiced again.


This mountain dragon is used to fighting if he can’t stand this return. However, when looking back, this mountain dragon turned out to be a little man made of powder and jade but three feet high. Although this demon corpse GuChen has been unrecognizable at this time, the more powerful and turbulent breath has not changed at all. This mountain dragon still remembers it.

"Big … eldest brother? ! You are really a big brother! " The mountain dragon looked at GuChen turns out to be some sob! "You made it! Big brother, you succeeded! "
That Gu Chen smiled and nodded: "Today, the opportunity has arrived by coincidence, because my brother has already completed this magic nine-turn sacrifice in advance, took off his old skin and reborn."
At this time, the mandrill, which was originally more than twenty feet long, was transformed into a brave man in black. And this mandrill is completely naked, and it is no longer the stupid appearance that just knows how to eat, sleep and fight. "So I don’t have to pretend to be a mandrill who eats and dies! Hey! Big brother, you and my brother have been forbearing here for three hundred years! "
GuChen nodded is also a sigh: "yes! time
This has been going on for more than three hundred years. However, we are trapped in the vast Cangshan mountain, and now the cat is in chaos, and it is no longer the game of ten deaths and no life. You and my brother don’t have to play dead Du Jie here! "
It turns out that the three monsters who live in seclusion on Lingbi Cliff of Mangcang Mountain are actually three brothers! Even there are not many people in the world who do this! But I have to admit that this demon corpse GuChen is really good calculation! He voluntarily locked himself in here and had already arranged for his two brothers to be here. The strength to be hidden has been put on the side, but no one has appeared in the past 300 years.
Perhaps it has been silent for too long. The blood of this demon corpse, Gu Chen, the dragon who lives in the mountain and the behemoth, which has not been seen for 300 years, is actually burning again at this moment. But I don’t know what unknown changes will be brought to the already chaotic cat by the rediscovery of these three great demons whose strength is not in the three immortals and parents?
At this time, the mountain dragon was no longer as crazy as it was just now, and said with some grievances, "Big brother is a good thing like you being reborn. It is enough for our brothers to be happy with it. Why do you stop me from catching them? Look at my nose. By the way, I’ll go over there and get them back, or make some good dishes, and our brothers will be happy. Come to think of it, you haven’t eaten my cooking for 300 years. I don’t know if the craft has regressed when I get used to eating it alive. " As he spoke, the mountain dragon walked out.
Gu Chen, the demon corpse, smiled slightly and said, "Xiao Shui, you can naturally go and get those two people back and cook them. I won’t stop you. But if you suffer in the future, don’t blame me for not reminding you! Also, don’t always call me and my third brother brothers. It’s no problem. As for you, you’re not an adult. You haven’t decided whether you’re a man or a woman. Maybe you’re still a girl! Always pay attention to manners. " Maybe it’s been suppressed for 300 years, and now I finally don’t need to live in silence. This GuChen actually made a joke.
It turns out that the name of this mountain dragon is’ Dragon Water Son’ only because his ability is to control the water of five elements. In those days, his irresponsible parents directly named it’ Dragon Water Son’. It wasn’t long after giving birth to a child and not being educated, the husband and wife soared to the ethereal fairy que together and went free and unfettered, leaving this dragon water son and a dragon to harm the world below. Over the years, mowgli has been killed, and I don’t know how many monks and beasts have been buried in the beautiful mouth of this mountain dragon.
Speaking of it, this mountain dragon vein is quite special and different from other dragons. Legend has it that in ancient times, these mountain dragons were punished for betraying the Emperor of Heaven, deprived of their sex and fertility and almost extinct. But since then, 7,000 years later, a genius mountain dragon of the earth has broken part of the curse of the Emperor of Heaven and changed it beyond recognition. Moreover, it is said that the mountain dragon later robbed many dragons to be wives.
Since then, the small dragons born have no gender until they meet their favorite object in adulthood, and both men and women can change at will. It’s just that once you choose, you will regret it, and the gender will solidify and you can’t change it. And this mountain dragon named’ Shuier’ will soon become an adult in recent years.
As soon as the mountain dragon heard it, it ran at GuChen with its teeth bared. Only this dragon water son didn’t even touch GuChen’s skirts. It seems that this fierce mountain dragon has also realized that it is no good to fight against this great elder brother at this time and it is no longer entangled in his gender. "Eldest brother, who do you think those two people are? Can I still suffer from being so arrogant? "
GuChen smiled and said, "Those two people that Xiaoshuier just left are great people! That woman is the girl of Emei Qi Shushi’s family … "Hearing the name Qi Shushi, the dragon water son left his mouth and showed the color of not cutting, but also signaled Guchen to make a fuss. Gu Chen, however, couldn’t care less when he saw it. "As for the boy who played you around and hurt your little nose …"
Seeing Gu Chen’s suspense, the dragon water son was in a hurry and said, "Big Brother! How did you become like this after you were reborn! ? Fine-skinned, tender-skinned, and weird-tempered. You wouldn’t have played me like this before! " That GuChen was said to be one leng, and at this moment, the scene that everyone in the world could not believe appeared!
The mandrill looked at the two brothers in front of him dumbfounded, and of course called them brothers. He actually saw the demon corpse GuChen who shocked the world being attacked in the chest! I saw that the dragon water gently squeezed Gu Chen’s chest twice, and then I took a long breath and said to myself, "It’s a good thing that eldest brother didn’t become a big sister. That’s terrible! Recently, there have been too many transformations. I heard that even the vicious green bodhi old zu has changed a few days ago. This world is crazy … "
That GuChen waved his hand and gave LongShui a popcorn, adjusted his clothes and smiled maliciously: "Do you remember that Li Jingxiu in Xiaoshuier?"
Strangely enough, the ferocious mountain dragon, who was just unscrupulous, shivered at the words Li Jingxiu and secretly touched the dragon horn on his head as if he were afraid it was gone. "What’s the relationship between that boy and that bad devil?" he asked.
Gu Chen smiled and said, "That boy’s name is Yi Yu, and he is the disciple and grandnephew of Li Jingxiu, the apprentice of Zhu Mei."
The dragon water son still stubbornly said, "It’s just a barely reached relationship that has nothing to do with it. Can the devil Li come and pull out my dragon horn for him? "
Guchen laughed: "You must have seen the world of Yi Yu just now. That’s what Li Jingxiu gave him. It is conceivable that Li Jingxiu’s love for him can be given away with such a heavy treasure. If you treat him as a snack, maybe Li Jingxu can really come and pull out your dragon horn. "
Hearing Gu Chen’s words, the dragon water son seemed to be very scared, but as if he had figured something out, he stood up and said, "Big Brother, it’s different now. Now you’ve been reborn and your powers have improved greatly, with the help of my third brother and me. If there is a real fight, we are not afraid of the bad devil. " Hearing Long Shuier’s proposal, this mandrill seems to be quite in favor of nodding.
But that GuChen shook his head and said with a smile, "What a pity! If you have long eyebrows, maybe I’m still interested. As for this Li Jingxiu … Now the disaster is coming, and we are probably in the same boat with Li Jingxiu! It’s better not to turn your face. " Then GuChen looked at Long Shuier and said, "Xiao Shuier didn’t attack you for my brother. Even if you really go, you may not be able to get that cunning boy back and …"
Just then, I heard a loud "bang" and there was a loud noise from the cave of the demon corpse Guchen. Gu Chen smiled and answered, "Besides, the people sent by Emei to kill me have arrived."
Li Qiongying went back to Emei alone to ask for help and move troops to save Yu Yingnan. After Joan Ying left Lingbi Cliff, she couldn’t figure out why Yi Yu said that she could meet reinforcements without going back to Emei. To Li Qiong-ying’s surprise, it was less than two hours before she flew out, only to see five people coming across from Emei Mountain and Wan Li.
I saw that it was a man with a face as white as a mirror and a long beard. It was that Li Yuanhua was followed by a man in a blue shirt holding a dust. It was that Wan Li Feihong Yuanji was followed by a scruffy Taoist whose face was red and his eyes were scattered. It was a drunken Taoist. And these three people actually followed the Zhuge police, Shen Tuhong and me behind them.
As soon as Li Qiongying saw the five people greet the past ceremony, she asked, "How did the three martial uncles know that my martial sister and I were in trouble at Lingbi Cliff in Mangcang Mountain?"
I saw the three men smiling at each other. Wan Li Feihong Yuanqi shook off the dust and said, "It’s reasonable for martial nephew Qiong Ying not to ask Mr. Zhang more. It’s better for you to lead the way ahead and get the Wenyu as soon as possible to treat the British male nephew. If it’s too late, I’m afraid there will be another mistake. "
Li Qiongying stopped asking questions when she heard about her friend’s safety. In fact, this Li Yuanhua three people knew that Lingbi Cliff and which one used Li Qiongying to lead the way? Qiong Ying asked Zhuge Jing after me, "Brother Zhuge, didn’t you go to see Gu Yingnan with Brother Shen? How can … "
Zhuge warned me, "Sister, don’t worry. Sister Ying has been rescued back to Ningbi Cliff. It’s okay for the master to take the shot himself, as long as he takes back the ten thousand-year-old Wenyu as soon as possible, he can heal himself. "
Li Qiongying nodded, but the gloom on her face was even more gloomy. At this time, Shen Tuhong said, "Sister Qiong Ying doesn’t know Sister Lingyun and that …" When it comes to Yi Yu, Shen Tuhong doesn’t know how to address this’ younger brother’, but he can’t say it. After Yi Yu slashed and laughed at the monk and returned to the East China Sea, although the ascetic Buddhist monk carefully treated and recuperated, he also left many disabilities. Moreover, Zifu Dantian is all hurt, and if you don’t understand it, your achievements in this life are limited.
Shen Tuhong pondered for a long time before saying, "What are martial sister Lingyun and that Qingcheng girl doing?"
Li Qiongying glanced at Shen Tuhong when he heard the news. Although this senior is peaceful, generous, calm and restrained, he is obviously not very friendly to Yi Yu. Just this attitude also makes Li Qiongying feel a little uncomfortable. That Zhuge Jing, Shen Tuhong and I have been prodigies for many years. Although Li Qiongying didn’t deliberately show it, the slight healing was not hidden. Zhuge Jing, Shen Tuhong and I looked at each other only with a slight wry smile.
Li Qiongying said, "I was injured when I fought with the demon corpse on the cliff of Lingbi, so that the elder sister and I could grab the treasure jade … The elder sister was watching him." Joan Ying couldn’t help crying when she said that Yi Yu was injured. "If she hadn’t met me, she wouldn’t have gone to that wild mountain, and she wouldn’t have made an enemy with the demon corpse, and she wouldn’t have been hurt!" It should have been me … it’s all my fault. "
This Shen Tuhong and Zhuge Jing, when I saw Li Qiongying, was crying by their question, but I was frightened to disgrace. This strong school sister Joan Ying has suffered a lot and never cried. Today …
How will the three brothers Guchen of Lingbi Cliff respond to the attack of Emei Sect, and will Yi Yu give the ten thousand-year-old Wenyu to Yu Yingnan for help to save Emei?

Back to the one hundred and thirty-fourth each have their own calculation.
It is said that Li Qiongying met Wan Yuanqi and other three people and Zhuge Jing and me before she was halfway to Mount Emei. After the meeting, the six men did not dare to delay and immediately turned back to the Lingbi Cliff of Mangcang Mountain. Li Qiongying’s mind is very anxious. One is that he is afraid that Yu Yingnan will delay for too long and then change. Moreover, Yi Yu was injured, and neither the demon corpse nor the mandrill could be handled by Qi Lingyun. If Yi Yu and Ji Lingyun have any mistakes, Li Qiongying is afraid to think any more.
There is nothing to say on the road, and in a short time, six people have reached this vast mountain and rushed straight to the Lingbi cliff. Just don’t wait for six people to reach the Lingbi Cliff, only to see that the south has come again with two glittering and pure swords. When you get close, it turns out that it’s Kan Li, a real person, and Wu Yuanzhi, a road flyover with wind and fire. It seems that Qi Shushi, a wonderful real person, is really determined to completely eradicate this demon corpse Guchen. This time, he was sent to five younger brothers at once.
If the theory of repairing for mana alone is to face the original demon corpse, none of these five people is Gu Chen’s opponent alone. However, the Emei Sect has always believed that it is good not to talk about morality with evil spirits, and it is good to win gracefully. If not, it is a rush. Today, these five people will never fight against the demon corpse GuChen alone.
However, what Qi Shushi never imagined was that the mountain dragon and the behemoth mandrill, which had been fighting for hundreds of years on Lingbi Cliff, were actually a group, otherwise he wouldn’t have sent only these people. Although the lineup of the five disciples under Changmei’s real-life seat is absolutely gorgeous, if the demon corpse Guchen, who has achieved great success at this time, plus the dragon water son and the mountain, the Emei Sect will never get any cheap.
It is said that Li Yuanhua’s flying sword seems to have already surveyed and known the locked place of the demon corpse Guchen. I saw that Li Yuanhua was offering a flying sword directly without going through the hole. But when I saw a flash of golden light hitting the mountain wall, it turned out to be a living thing, which blasted away the mountain wall of dozens of feet and directly revealed the cave where the demon corpse Guchen lived on weekdays.
Although Li Yuanhua seems reckless, he is not the one who forgets his life. I saw that Li Yuanhua didn’t rush in after breaking the mountain wall, but was alert to wait for the reaction of the demon corpse GuChen inside. It’s just that the Emei Sect feels strange that the demon corpse Guchen, whose abode of fairies and immortals was broken, didn’t answer!
For the time being, let go of the Emei Sect and return to Guchen Cave House to talk about the demon corpse, mountain dragon and mandrill. Hearing the loud bang, Gu Chen smiled slightly and said, "Look! The people who sent me to kill me have arrived. "
The dragon water son and mandrill are also stunned and no longer relaxed and comfortable just now. The dragon water son looked grim and said, "eldest brother, don’t you have an appointment with that fellow with long eyebrows?" Today, how can this Emei Sect … "Obviously that Mandrill also wants to ask this question and looks at GuChen with a puzzled face.
The demon corpse GuChen smiled slightly: "Although you have been practicing for thousands of years, Xiaolong Shuier is not yet an adult in your dragon calculation! Ha ha! Brother, I made an appointment with Changmei, but times have changed. Now Changmei has soared for 300 years, and the Emei Sect in this world is decided by Miao Yishen. "
The dragon water son still couldn’t turn around. "Don’t Qi Shushi want to fly?" If he doesn’t listen to Chang Mei, he will feel better when he comes to Xianque in the future. "
Guchen looked at the mandrill and said with a smile, "The so-called’ I will not suffer from your life outside’, not to mention that the real person with long eyebrows has been flying for hundreds of years. Qi Shushi naturally has the right to change his policy in those days, and the Emei Sect above is not the place where his long eyebrows can have the final say. " After talking, Gu Chen said to himself, "It’s just that I don’t understand why this Qi Shushi wants to kill me?"
Long Shuier and Mandrill were puzzled when they heard about it. Gu Chen answered, "Now that the cat has changed greatly, the Emei Sect may not remain as stable as Mount Tai. At this time, he should strengthen the prevention and contact with allies. "
"Didn’t Qi Shushi know about our brother and want to get rid of the future trouble early?" Mandrill asked.
GuChen smell speech shook his head and said, "No, if Qi Shushi really knew about the existence of you and Shuier, he would never just send these people. Or if he knew you were pure, he wouldn’t have cut me … "That Guchen thought for a long time and gritted his teeth." You protect me, but I want to see what has changed. "


As the level leader a low drink has been flying towards the wind Yang, the small body is going to give the wind Yang a strong impact.

The wind Yang didn’t dodge the body and carried the beast spirit hard. There was a sudden explosion in the chamber of secrets, and the wind Yang’s body surface soil element energy shield turned out to be an instantaneous spread of many cracks, which could be broken at any time.
Feng Yang’s body was hit from the depths and flew to the entrance of the chamber of secrets, hitting the wall of the chamber of secrets and then bouncing back to the ground. When he got up, he was already in pain, but he was not traumatized.
Tianxuan serial vector
Feng Yang took out the sunset bow with five rapidly rotating arrows, and the sunset bow was instantly formed. With the taut bowstring, the five arrows were all locked with the beast spirit like five streamers.
At the same time, Caier didn’t sit at the theatre and dance with his arms, sending out a wind blade and lashing the beast spirit in the past.
Level beast spirit was hit hard by Han Yi, but the level tiger king beast spirit is not ordinary people who can suppress the lack of body even if it is seriously injured. A fist, the tiny forelimbs of the big tiger king beast spirit suddenly move forward, and two white claws suddenly seem to tear apart. Five innocent serial vectors and several wind blades are torn apart by tiger king claws.
"It seems quite tricky." Feng Yang looked dignified but suddenly changed lanes. "Someone came in."
After all, an operator, a technician, and a vigorous soul force are ordinary people’s imagination. Picker immediately flew back to Fengyang and said, "I’ll go outside to help you resist for a while when you hurry."
"Be careful yourself" said Feng Yang toward Caier, but the line of sight is locked with the tiger king beast spirit.
With a heavy nod, Caier flew away, and the body just appeared in the windy crane room, so he pushed the door and pushed it into the room, and Feng Qing and others hit him red-handed.
Wind Qing Cai’s son was flying out of the chamber of secrets. Suddenly, one leng turned out to be an influential person who took the opportunity to steal something from the clan room, but I didn’t expect to steal something. It turned out to be a charming girl who had been following the operator technician wind Mu Yi around.
Before Caier stole a large amount of money from the family, there was also a lot of noise in Gulai, and I heard a lot of things about this girl who seemed to know nothing about treasures. She suddenly angered and sneered, "It’s hard to prevent it from being a thief."
"The girl is going to take these ill-gotten gains back to the people. This is a virtue for your family." Caier said with a smile.
"What did you steal in the secret room?" With a wave of his hand, a dozen young people have guarded the doorway and window, and they are surrounded by the potential to surround the center of the house.
"Take everything you can," Tseer said.
"Even if you are a friend of Feng Mu Yi, I will not spare you today." Feng Qing was furious and stared at Cai Er as if to look at the mouse stealing cakes again. "Hand over everything. Maybe I can watch Feng Mu Yi’s face and let you die."
"You’re crazy, aren’t you? If you borrow something from such a beautiful girl, you’ll have to fight to kill her. You’re ten years old, right? You’re not afraid to lose your life after a few years of living." Caier was glowing and sarcastically said that it was quite classy.
The dozen young people brought by Fengqing couldn’t help but be laughed at by adopting a word, but they didn’t dare to show it in front of Fengqing, and they could try their best to restrain their facial muscles from twitching and peristalsis, which was worse than holding their urine.
"What are you laughing at?" Feng Qing was stimulated to stare at his eyes and feel depressed. Am I really as old as * * ten years old when I am in my sixties this year?
"Even if you look old, you are so afraid to face the reality. You are old enough to deceive yourself!" Pick a child to gloat and ridicule
"Today, I will take my own life without pulling out your skin." Feng Qing was so angry that he shouted "Get her for me."
A dozen young people dare not disobey and have little scruples in the face of a delicate girl, so they attack Caier with a relaxed and happy mood.
Picker’s face showed a slight smile and her body shook. A beautiful image came quickly near a fragrant wind, and she couldn’t help but take a drag. Then she immediately felt dizzy and her physical strength was like being smoked instantly. The first sentence was "Fuck, the smell is poisonous."
"Everyone held their breath and attacked". Feng Qing pointed out the mountains and rivers, but his strength was not hurt by this toxic fragrant wind. The fragrant wind carried toxins and invaded other bodies.
This kind of fragrant wind is quite effective against a person with a strength of Wu Zun level, and it is a bit insufficient to deal with people with Wu Zun level. For people with Wu Zun level, this kind of fragrant wind is no different from women’s body fragrance.
Those young people practice with their breath closed, but they can get a good sense of nasal congestion, but it will be more difficult if there is a fierce battle in the case of nasal congestion. It’s like if you don’t breathe when you are * *, it will be terrible. It is estimated that you will suppress your flaccidity before launching.
For a moment, those young people were more or less affected by some toxic smells, and their fighting capacity became lower and lower. However, the fragrance filled the room, and the Vietnam War became more and more brave. It can be said that one woman went it alone and ten men still occupied the wind.
The wind blade keeps flashing in the room, and all kinds of attacks will bring gangfeng, which will lead to the air flowing in the room, so that the aroma will be strong and fragrant, which will make those young people hold back like fire.

品茶喝茶资源预约 桑拿夜网

"Then I’m welcome. Pikachu rushed to the steel tail!"

Before the start, Aaron talked with Akang. After Aaron made the steel tail, Aaron added, "Actually, I’m also very interested in making Pikachu defeat Raichu, that is, an anti-evolutionary victory. Although Raichu has more strength, attack power and physical strength than Pikachu, its relative agility and speed may be better. For me, Pikachu is the final evolutionary type. I don’t intend to let it evolve. To be honest, it’s not an anti-evolutionary type."
At that time, A Kang replied, "Interesting, then try it!" However, Mata felt that he had no spare capacity to say "interesting" …
Two-gas Poké mon’s second encounter is 100,000 volts! Once again, everyone, including Xiaoyong Ajun, thinks that Raichu is definitely more dominant in attack power, whether it is strength or anger. Aaron himself said that Aaron Pikachu and Akron Leiqiu had a fight once when they were in Staten Town. At that time, Pikachu fell into a belt state and gained super strength over Raichu. It should be said that that time was not a real victory, but now Aaron Pikachu is no longer in a belt state, but what is the fruit? But the base is the same-Raichu collided with Pikachu gas and then Raichu gas was quickly bounced off! Pikachu hit the Huanglong with 100,000 volts and was surprised. Raichu then exploded in an instant. Raichu was blown out and blown off the field, but it seems that he can fight and return to the field.
The field was suddenly filled with all kinds of exclamations instead of horse cheers
"How is that possible! Is Pikachu in a state again? " Kang said and asked Aaron
"No, Pikachu is all right now, but it’s just because of some coincidence that he got this powerful flow! That’s why I said that Pikachu is the ultimate evolutionary type. "Aaron’s answer didn’t give a definite explanation, but the image stream can be merged with the flash bird stream, and it is estimated that not many people will believe it when it is said.
"So that’s it. Then the strength will determine the outcome. Raichu digs a hole!" Kang recovered as soon as he made it.
"Pikachu jumped up and thundered and bombarded the venue!" Aaron shouted and then stepped back a few steps. "Although Kang was there, it should be fine, but your venue over there is wet, and your shoes and pants are wet. It is better to retreat to a dry place, or you may accidentally attack you." Aaron said to Kang, although he didn’t know what the specific situation was, Kang went back and came to a dry place.
Pikachu gas attack came out! A hit on the field was followed by an amazing scene-after Poké mon’s standard battle field was hit by Pikachu’s thunder, although ordinary Poké mon could draw something at the opening, the situation is no longer the concept of "drawing", and the whole moment has been shattered! Several rocks were shot open and then ejected into the air! The ground is falling apart in Pikachu! Being hit by the current is like a powerful destructive death ray bombarding directly from the front! When it thunders, the surface rock foundation is broken! It seems that Raichu dug it out and was blown out of the pit unexpectedly, and many other places were also trapped by gravel. If just now, the powerful flying blade sharp knife and earthquake were the initial damage to the tunnel, then the thunder was definitely the complete damage …
A rock was turned over from the ground, and then Raichu climbed out. He was scarred, as if he had been injured by this collapsed rock. This attack will be crushed even if the protective support is temporarily destroyed by the passage.
Pikachu didn’t give Raichu more chances. The horse flashed in front of Raichu! Raichu bust is still in the rock pile, but this condition helped Raichu carry the blow in situ! Raichu’s fighting consciousness is still there. The white light from his right fist is a million tons of boxing! However, Pikachu’s body immediately emits light at this time … In the face of this destructive force, distance attack is terrible, even if you are gas-resistant!
Pikachu hit Raichu with a distance of 100,000 volts! There’s another explosion! Raichu was blown out and flew out of the smoke. Kang jumped to the right at a certain time and caught Raichu.
Pikachu jumped out of the smoke and took a few breaths.
The third Chengdu Alliance Silver Conference 217 A Kang defeated Chun Yi VS Gary Oak?
"Raichu loses the ability to fight, Pikachu wins!" The referee immediately reacted and announced
This time, it was quiet and immediately boiled up as before! The commentator also started shouting again and shouted out "miracle" words to make Aaron a little speechless.
"But it is said that this stream is too explosive and explosive. Although it is very lethal, it will do a lot of damage to itself, which is not suitable for distance attack." After looking at Pikachu, Aaron suddenly came to this theory and nodded.
And in this special stream, Super Dream once asked Aaron a question?
"Now that you know that the flow can be merged and you also have a flying bird, do you have an idea to make all your Poké mon who can make Qi skills acquire this abnormal power?"
"I’m kidding. Pikachu’s all right this time is thanks to this lake, and even with the help of this lake, it’s dangerous to see Pikachu’s samples. I’m not going to pursue this extra power and put Poké mon in danger. Pikachu won this special power this time, but it can be seen that God gave it’ evolution’. After all, that guy doesn’t want to become Raichu. This can be regarded as the same as evolution, but Poké mon. Forget it, and I haven’t pursued power to even crave this extremely dangerous power."
"So I’m still wondering if you’ll try to blend the Moltres flame with the flaming chicken flame, but it seems unnecessary."
"Just kidding even if want to fusion flame how fusion? It’s not that science can explain the flame when the optical flow can merge … It’s just a coincidence that everything can be done if you want to. "
Back to the game, Kang withdrew Raichu’s expression, and then he sighed and took out the last Poké Ball.
Poké Ball opened it and it was an arrow turtle … This Poké mon of the Silver Congress had to be registered before Ah Kang had to call out the arrow turtle in the face of Pikachu … At the same time, the appearance of the arrow turtle also said that Ah Kang’s formation was guessed by Aaron!
"Well, Ah Kang’s words should be calculated that Aaron will send a team to deal with himself, Raichu and the water turtle Poké mon, but if it’s the ground class, the water turtle can get angry words. Ah Kang Leiqiu is really a strong man in this whole silver conference. At the very least, I know very well that I can’t beat the beast. Ah Kang also plans to let Raichu fight the gas war, leaving grass weakness. Ah Kang prepared Kyubi no Youko, but it should be said that Kyubi no Youko was blocked by Slowking, which was unexpected for Ah Kang. Although Ah Kang may send Kyubi no Youko first. In order to hook out the information of Aaron Poké mon, it should not be counted that the temptation will be tempted to lose combat capability, and Li Raichu knocked down the grass opposite and knew that there was a Slowking third or Pikachu on the other side. The situation was once favorable to Akang, but I didn’t expect Pikachu … "Xiaoyong said and stopped.
"I didn’t expect Pikachu’s gas skill power to be so high." Ah Jun continued to follow Xiaoyong’s words. "Even if I was crowned with the title of" training a genius ",Aaron was definitely not trained. To some extent, he was really a terrorist." Ah Jun said and then sighed.
Although all the people present know that the Akon water turtle is also very powerful, but for Pikachu, this Pikachu has such a high terrorist attack power, and the water turtle is slow to win or lose in such a situation … Although everyone doesn’t like the former theory, even if Pikachu falls Aaron, there is still a Slowking …
The arrow turtle played very bravely, and Kang didn’t give up until the end, making his skills such as protecting the liquid circle tenacious and fighting Pikachu. However, if he was hit by Pikachu’s gas, even if the arrow turtle weighed nearly 9kg, he would be bounced off, so that his center of gravity would be unstable and he would be hit repeatedly. In the end, Kang still saved the day and the arrow turtle would fall down.
"The water turtle loses its fighting ability. Pikachu wins! The winner is the Aron player in Zhenxin Town! " The referee announced that the ring also meant that the two men fought.
Kang took back the water turtle and stared at Poké Ball for a long time, then suddenly laughed and put Poké Ball back to his waist.
"Sure enough, I still can’t beat you, Aaron." Ah Kang said that he held out his right hand before he left, and Aaron also shook hands with Ah Kang politely.
"Where if you know that Pikachu has the ability to blow up the ground flow before you have the preparation, then the outcome may not be certain." Aaron replied, as Aaron said, Pikachu’s ability to overthrow Raichu and that surprise attack is direct, and if Raichu makes it different, such as flashing light and steel tail fighting methods, at least Aaron’s side will be much more troublesome
"Come on, it’s impossible for Poké mon to win if he’s unable to compete." Hmm? Oh, I, Raichu, also pay attention to strength, but even so, it’s hard to catch Aaron, you pay attention to explosive Pikachu … "Kang said that Aaron smiled and Kang followed suit.
"It’s really bad! Aaron made Pikachu beat the other two Poké mon in a row and won the first victory in the preliminaries! " As the body cheered, the commentator of the audience began to shout excitedly again, which interrupted the endless handshake between Aaron and Kang.
"Ah, I found you two. You really came back here." Aaron and Kang went directly back to the Poké mon Center. Anyway, Ma Xiaojing and his party were all in the Poké mon Center and saw Aaron and Kang Xiaojing.
"What is here? It must be here. Of course, we have to restore a Poké mon first." Aaron replied very reasonably.
"Well, that’s right." Xiaojing murmured a sentence with his head propped up.
"But it’s a pity. I didn’t expect you two to meet in this preliminaries league, so you had to eliminate a Kang, and your top eight strength should be no problem." Jun came out and said that Kang Ma waved.
"Even if I can’t win the championship in the top eight, it’s boring, or I already knew that I was attached to the championship from the moment I participated in the competition. I really got to know you guys, but it made me lose the momentum of challenging the league for the first time." Ah Kang replied that Ah Jun also laughed.
"But it’s a pity that if you had known that Aaron Pikachu was so strong, you wouldn’t have been succeeded by a surprise attack." Xiaoyong said that Kang shook his hand again.
"But it’s estimated that it’s still difficult to win, and the fruit won’t change much. After all, it’s impossible to win if you lose the Poké mon war first." Kang repeated what he just said to Aaron.
"But it’s Jian Tai. You didn’t say a word. Anyway, you just finished watching the match between your two opponents." Kang laughed without saying a word when he saw Jun and Xiaoyong. "And Marina, don’t get too close to Jian Tai. Although everyone knows what it means, you will still be annoyed when you see it. Just his thick nerves can’t see your mind." Kang suddenly said that Marina blushed next to Jian Tai and then began to refute incoherently, which made everyone including Jian Tai laugh.
"But what is the last game? It is also possible that everyone wins and loses and then draws. "It took two minutes to stabilize, and then Marina asked Ma Akang and Jiantai didn’t talk.
"If you can beat Aaron, I’m sure I can’t beat you." Kang finally said this sentence, which also explained his "last game."
"But we’re here to see Aaron. What are you doing?" Small crystal on the side with his head propped up suddenly said that all of them suddenly remembered their original purpose here …
"By the way, in the A sports field, a pure pair of Gary Oak horses will start, and I have just seen it in the B sports field. In half an hour, the E group Xiao Zhi will compete against Shinji! Then after the sports ground is being played in Group A, the Xiao Xia game in Group G will also start. Now let’s go to the A sports ground first. Maybe it has already started. "Xiaojing said that Aaron and Kang also got up immediately and a group of people ran directly.
When we arrive at the A Stadium, the game has already started. Take a look at the screen. The first Poké mon in Gary Oak is Dudley, while the first Poké mon on the opposite side is a three-in-one magnetic monster. Aaron still has the impression that it is a flash Poké mon! Gray three-in-one monster, but now it is just like the color of the three-in-one monster. The three-in-one monster lamp has been dimmed … Pure one and the second Poké mon is Kota Duck fighting Dudley.
Kota duck used a water gun! But Dudley dodged! Then he showed superior speed and began to run around the field quickly!
"Oh, Dudley is running again. Just now Dudley is Li’s amazing foot strength. Suddenly, he jumped up and stepped on the three-in-one magnetic monster! Is it going to happen again? " The narrator shouted and told a story for everyone.
"Junichi was knocked down by a Poké mon as soon as he was born, and now that Kota Duck is panting, it consumes a lot of physical strength. Who is that Gary Oak?" Kenta looked at a Kota duck and asked Aaron and others at once with a tricky expression.
"Dr. Da Mu Mao, a Poké mon celebrity, Dr. Da Mu Sun, I Xiaojing and that Xiao Zhi all set out on the same day. The trainer lost to Xiaoyong in the first Eastern Conference and stopped at the top 16. Now Gary Oak has made great progress on that foundation. The average trainer can’t compete with Gary Oak." Aaron said in detail that Jiantai didn’t speak.
The third Chengdu Alliance Silver Conference 210 Gary Oak strength! Xiao Zhi VS Shinji!
"But it’s obvious that Junichi is not weak. I’m afraid it’s at least the top 3 and 16 in this silver convention, but it’s so suppressed by Gary Oak … He was already very strong when the Eastern League played against Gary Oak, but he was still relatively tender. His strength is almost a little stronger than that of Junichi now, but the game is not particularly difficult for me. Now I can’t be careless with this guy." Xiaoyong looked at Gary Oak and suddenly nodded.
"Well, it turns out that he has improved so much. It’s not clear that I haven’t played against him. It seems that if I meet him in the final tournament, I can’t leave my room for manoeuvre." Ah Jun said Xiaoyong smiled.
"I think so. I have to say that I have found another trainer who can make you and me contribute." Xiaoyong nodded and looked at Kota Duck and sighed …
"It’s really bad. This time, the Kota duck avoided Dudley’s trampling, but the horse was hit by a triangle attack! Kota duck also fell! " The commentator shouted and shouted that the expressions of Kenichi and Marina were getting more and more dignified. After all, Junichi was Kenichi and Marina’s companion. Compared with this stranger, Gary Oak naturally hoped Junichi would win, but now the situation …
Junichi didn’t give up, and finally called out the big chrysanthemum to fly the blade and slash it. Dudley seemed to have consumed a lot of physical strength because of two consecutive battles. Moreover, when Kota Duck was finally defeated just now, it finally made a water gun hit Dudley’s foot. Dudley’s foot seemed to be hurt. He wanted to move, but he fell down and got a whole set of flying blade and sharp knife.
"good!" Kenta cried as if she saw hope.
Gary Oak withdrew Dudley and then calmly called out Nidoqueen …
It was a direct earthquake in Nidoqueen that made the chrysanthemum out of balance and then destroyed the dead light and hit the game directly …
"Pure chrysanthemum … so easily lost?" Kenta seems a little unbelievable.
"It’s no joke to be hit by a dead beam when the situation is out of balance, and you can see that Kentai just destroyed the power of the dead beam." Aaron said at a side that Kentai didn’t speak or speak, and his expression was very unwilling.
"Well, it’s almost time for Xiao Zhi to play against Shinji. Let’s go to Stadium A." Xiaojing said that everyone nodded, but Kenta stayed there and suddenly ran out of the aisle?
"It should be said that we are ready to leave after watching Junichi lose the horse, which is a cruel thing for Kentai. It’s true that you didn’t immediately consider Kentai and Marina. I’m really sorry that Kentai went to Junichi. Let him go to Marina, and you also go." Looking at this scene, Aaron apologized to Marina first and really blamed himself for not considering their feelings. Marina seemed to nod and run away.
"Do you need to wait for Gary Oak?" It seems that because Jiantai and Marina went to find Junichi, Xiaojing also asked symbolically if she wanted to go with Gary Oak.
"Do you think Gary Oak is the kind of guy who will act with us? And that’s the Xiao Zhi game. Gary Oak should go. Let’s go first. "Aaron answered Xiaojing and nodded.
"But then again, compared with when we were in the Eastern League, there were a lot fewer people. Xiaoyi, I know that he is challenging the Eastern League. Now this session of the Eastern League Rainbow Conference has also begun. What about the others in Poké mon Breeding School? Oh, I didn’t know there were sundaes for other people, "Aaron asked." Oh, speaking of this, there are Ritchie, but you are not familiar with Ritchie dialect, aren’t you? "Then Aaron added a sentence himself
"Sundae didn’t choose to rely on the recommendation of Poké mon Research Institute to directly participate in the league competition this year. At first, she was going to come out to collect her badge like I and Xiaoyi, but something seems to have happened. The goal has changed, saying that she is no longer going to participate in any league competition. I don’t know exactly the details. I know that she should be at Dr. Damu’s place in Zhenxin Town now." Kang helped to answer.
"And that Ritchie you say is my opponent today? Is it a trainer named’ Ryan’ Pikachu? " Ah Chun suddenly said that Aaron was one leng.


"Hey to you! Let’s go. "People threw themselves directly and pulled up Wang Gang’s arm and went in towards the school.

"Are you mistaken for someone else?" Wang Gang didn’t react to break away from the woman’s hand and began to look at the opposite person.
"You’re not here to interview the teacher? Impossible, right? Why else would you line up at the door? " The woman also looked at Wang Gang with a full face of amazement.
"Wait, I’m here to apply and take me to the interview! I thought you were looking for a boyfriend! " A change of mind Wang Gang suddenly had a decision.
There is not much money in my pocket. If there is no more income, Wang Gang can pray that he can upgrade his godhead and cast it into a divine body in a month, and then he can eat, drink, and eat.
But Wang Gang knows clearly in his heart that if he wants to cast a divine body, he must be godhead level 1, godhead upgrade level, godhead needs to consume 1 drop of divine power to cast a divine body, and it also needs to consume 1 drop of divine power.
Wang Gang denied that he had something to do in one month. Even the Shinto in the former world only wanted to gather a drop of divine power in one month, but it also had the strongest belief and the widest wish. The Great God could do it.
Teachers in Chengsan Middle School can naturally choose talents better!
Mental strength and physical quality have great physical strength, and a strong soul can in turn strengthen the body.
Behind the woman Wang Gang looked at the woman with a long black hair hanging freely behind her. The breeze was blowing and her figure was very good. She was about one meter seven, and her waist was as thin as Yingying. When she walked, her plump ass kept twisting. Wang Gang’s heart was hot and straight, and her thighs were not too thick or too thin, giving people a feeling of fullness.
"Beauty, are you a teacher here?" Wang gang asked
"I’m not a teacher here, and please pay attention to the frivolous words that this is a school beauty. Please don’t say that it will have a bad influence on the school and will also teach the students," the female head said without turning back.
"Excuse me, miss, what’s your name? My name is Wang Gang, King Wang Bailian! " Wang Gang was amused and began to tease.
"You this person how don’t understand polite miss is literally can call? You are the lady! Still the king of kings, I think it is the king of eggs, the waste steel! " The woman turned her head and turned her eyebrows upside down, obviously in a bad mood.
"I don’t know your name, and you don’t want to be called a beauty. I can’t think of any words except miss, and there is one thing that you may have made a mistake. I just didn’t say steel, but just now!" Wang Gang said with a smile
"It’s terrible to have no culture. Don’t you understand that steel is steel? My name is Zhao Qing. "
"In fact, there is nothing wrong with the statement that it is just a interchangeable word that can pass through steel and a hundred trials. Of course, I have no culture …"
A few words directly will Zhao Qing anger without saying a word to the office angrily left.
"Nice guy. Our chairman is so angry with you that you dare to come to our No.3 middle school to apply for a job!" Behind the desk, a middle-aged man with a Chinese face and eyes walked over and said
Although Wang Gangyu knew that No.3 Middle School was a private middle school, he never imagined that the chairman of the school was actually a woman, and this woman was still so young.
However, even if Zhao Qing is the chairman of Wang Gang, there is no panic in his heart. He has a godhead and his journey is immortal.
A little bit of power, money, Wang Gang is not in my heart.
"Well, I’m Zhang Chen. Just call me Teacher Zhang. Let’s start the interview and introduce ourselves first."
Connecting the elves to the whole high school textbook, what will Zhang Chen say in the face of such talents!
After the interview, Wang Gang came to the playground. At noon, the basketball court sweated like rain and surrounded many students.
Wang Gang’s dream order keeps flying. Seeing the strong students dream together, the dream order flies out and blends into the students’ bodies unnoticed.
It’s getting dark when the dream department is finished.
Back to my residence, I quietly began to think in the small island.
If you want to integrate it into people’s lives, you need to connect it with the Internet, but this data conversion method requires a lot of divine deduction, which is impossible for the time being.
Look at the picturesque island, Wang Gang’s heart moved and a screen was extended from the giant tower.
"Virtual time, year, month, year, 1 minute, 5 seconds!"
When it is set, Wang Gang gets busy again, and a property panel in the game appears with a slight stroke of his hand.
Yes, the panel is very crude
(full) name
Dream order number
gold coin
Yes, it’s Wang Gang’s preparation for the entrant to know his own information intuitively, which is also Wang Gang’s one-step plan preparation.
According to godhead information, one hour in the outside world is equivalent to hours in dreams, which is the limit that ordinary people can bear and will not burden the body in reality.
"Every person emits spirit and refines it into divine power every hour. If there is a drop of one thousandth of an hour, it is a thousand minutes of dreaming. One person can access and consume divine power every day. It is estimated that the net income of one day should be half a drop of divine power."
"Can refine a thousand drops of divine spirit, set 1 gold coin, instill knowledge in every subject, 1 gold coin in junior high school, 1 gold coin in senior high school"
Instilling the knowledge of a subject in primary school needs to consume one thousandth of a drop of divine power, which is ten times the profit according to the collection standard.
Wang Gang wants to raise the price tenfold if he doesn’t consider that people who have just opened the virtual business have no purchasing power.
"Forget it, give them a taste of sweetness first, or when I get a virtual game, it will hurt, die and get hurt. I guess no one dares to play."
It is recorded in the deity that if you die in solidification, you will be weak for two or three days, although you will not die in reality.
The weakness is due to the fact that about one percent of the soul will be directly absorbed by the gods.
I came to Wang Gang to make a game first, but forget it if I think about it. That’s what modern people do. You must first give some sweetness and let people see it, hoping that others will sell their lives to you.
Chapter 3 The First Players
"No, if everyone comes in, they have to explain for a while, not only when the waves are on, but also when they consume divine power." After thinking about it, Wang Gang waved his hand and an island appeared again not far from the island.
The island is deserted, and even the island looks more unreal.
Rows of imaginary seats appear in the center of the island, and a huge front column is set up to ensure that you can see clearly in every direction and corner.
"Welcome to Gao Shen Virtual, where there is all the knowledge you want, and the power is very long …"
Bragging words are printed on every face, and the fonts emit golden light to ensure that people who come in can definitely see the faces at first sight.
Even if you can’t read, you don’t have to look at the column to express your meaning.
"Well, this island is called Novice Island. Everyone who comes in must remember the face-to-face words before being sent to the knowledge island."
The island with the Hall of Truth was named by Wang Gang in an instant, and at the same time, a black stone tablet appeared on both islands, with Wang Gang’s naming words flashing.
"Fierce emotions will make you get more spirit, so do it." Wang Gang instantly returned to Knowledge Island and stopped at the edge of a huge sports ground.
"Everyone in each game adds up to a gold coin, and the winner can get the gold coin, and the gold coin is distributed according to the different contributions in the game."
"Give gold coins directly according to the spirit of contribution. One day, there will be a gold coin and various competitions. After this person enters the knowledge hall and exchanges primary school knowledge, I think many people will be crazy."
"In this way, the problem of promotion and the fear of entering people will be solved."
"And this fierce confrontation will definitely make the players excited, so they will get more spirit."
Just added something new to the novice island pillar. Wang Gang’s face moved and disappeared directly. There was a chubby boy looking at the pillar in several seats on the novice island.
When Wang Gang takes a closer look, the fat root is not looking at the pillar, but talking to himself with a bad smile.
"I went and crossed it. I didn’t expect to be dreaming, but this dream is really strange. I can even know that I am dreaming. Is this what the internet says about dreaming?"
"I heard that the dream of lucidity should be clearly recognized, and I can come to whatever I want, whether it is a beauty or a star!"
I patted my chest and said to myself, "I can’t be excited. I can’t be excited. I wake up when I am excited. I want to imagine a beautiful woman coming out."
"Come on, my beauty." I was a little frustrated when I shouted for a long time and found that there was no movement around me.


Cute …

NingZiXuan close to Ann’s ear whispered surprise "wow, there is ice cream strawberry chocolate cantaloupe …"
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N first met Liu Ximo, a gentle handsome guy
Let’s bully the man, and he’s really gentle, although it’s just for Ann …
NingZiXuan close to Ann’s ear whispered surprise "wow, there is ice cream strawberry chocolate cantaloupe …"
"Where where?" Suddenly sat up in peace, flashing eyes eagerly asked
"Sister An" Ning Zi Xuan looked at Ann naively. An is really a child (you are younger than our family An). "Isn’t there a senior high school entrance examination today?" Ning Zi Xuan woke up and went out to continue making breakfast.
Sit down at your desk after you freshen up in peace. This desk is also soft and comfortable. You can sleep for a while if you want …
Sleep peacefully again.
So Ning Zi Xuan waited for more than ten minutes after breakfast, but she didn’t wait until her sister pushed the door and saw such a scene. An An’s whole person was drooling at the table and kept talking in his sleep, "Chocolate strawberry milk …"
Ning Zi Xuan with a cup of warm milk in front of Ann in open your eyes "is really milk! !” Without asking anything, I just took it and drank it.
"Good-bye to Mary" went out directly with her head in her arms.
Ning Zixuan shouted behind her, "Don’t get lost, don’t be naughty …" Ann stretched out her white arms and put up three smaller fingers, compared with a K behind her. It’s so cold from the outside or is there heating at home?
"ah! ! What just leaked out? " In peace, squatting in exquisite snow and groping for what seems to be looking for.
"My information, but I remembered it all night." I couldn’t find a P-share information that leaked out of my head after sitting in the snow. I’m sure I’ll fail the exam today
"What do you do?" It’s cold, and there’s no temperature sound. Liu Ximo is also surprised that he never likes to meddle. How can he come over unconsciously?
"I lost my data." Ann didn’t respond. It was people talking to her, complaining and muttering. The mouth was very attractive.
"What information?" Liu Ximo asked to see if there was nothing but snow.
"Today’s exam materials" Ann naturally said and reacted, "Are you human?" Asked doubtfully, I looked up and saw a handsome boy, absolutely very handsome! !
God! Handsome root doesn’t look like a person.
Slightly curved eyebrows, red watery eyes, shining like two rubies, lips slightly sipping, golden broken hair scattered on the face, beautiful white skin, and some fear that the wind will blow his tofu-like skin.
"Of course" Liu Ximo mouth twitched hasn’t she been found? Looking at lifting that face, my heart suddenly missed half a beat. Is this a real person? Why is it longer than a doll?
Chestnut hair scattered on the shoulders and broken hair hanging freely on the forehead. A cute hairpin with a forehead. Liu Haimian is wearing a fluffy pink hat. Small and delicate face is red with cold. Cute curved eyebrows are natural. A small mouth makes people want a kiss. The eyes are big and watery. Amber pupils are surrounded by a big and loose pink plush scarf, but the air leakage seems to be very cold.
Ann felt a warm neck and found that the handsome guy wrapped his scarf around his neck.
"thank you"
"Liu Ximo" Liu Ximo’s accent was tender
Ann wondered if she was talking to herself.
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N3 silly girl, I will come to you.
"Name" Liu Ximo explained that for the first time, he took the initiative to introduce some embarrassed waved and turned away.
Idiot handsome boy asked her name and shouted at Liu Ximo’s back.
"In peace! ! Although I haven’t been to the first year of Night Saint College, I believe that I will definitely go in the near future.
Liu Ximo’s mouth is slightly raised, silly girl. You wait. I’ll come to you.
Oh, maiga.
Look at the hand roll in peace and want to go to shi impulse how can this happen! ! I remembered one night and said that although there was a little accident on the way, I accidentally dropped a little bit, but how could there be so many that I couldn’t?