When I first got to the house, I was stunned.

Gu Jinxi sat on the bed with clear eyes and a slightly pale face. If there seems to be a coolness in her eyes, it is my daughter Xiang Gu Chu who can’t help but feel a cold back. Ye Zhenniang stood beside Gu Jinxi humbly.
"Hey, hey!" Gu Chu felt that he was suffering in his heart, and when Gu Jinxi was in good condition, he suddenly felt relieved. Relaxation turned out to be a direct paralysis.
Later, Gu Qian turned to look at Gu Jinxi in the same way. "Hey, are you okay?"
"Who are you like you two idiots?" Gu Jinxi wasn’t curious. She took out a medicine bottle from her arms and threw it to Ye Zhenniang. Ye Zhenniang raised her hand and quickly sealed the acupuncture points. The daughter’s incense is extremely medicinal. What’s more, this house is very daughter’s incense. If they start to go crazy, their elaborate arrangements will be ruined.
Finally give two people the antidote.
Gu Qian and Gu Chu are still looking at the soft couch next to them. Cherish the soft princess and coma. Sioux City next to him "Sister, what are you …"
"Since Su Cen arranged this, it seems that how can I not be her?" Gu Jinxi’s tail voice was slightly raised with a shallow smile. "Uncle Kishida sent the second brother and the third brother back to the room, and Zhen Niang stripped us of their clothes!"
"Yes" Ye Zhenniang should
Ye An smell speech is dazed face eyes staring at Ye Zhenniang.
Gu Jinxi suddenly shook his head and looked at Ye Zhenniang with a thick joke in his eyes. "Feed the aphrodisiac to two people respectively and then wake them up. Because of their medicinal properties, they know what to do."
"Yes, Miss" Ye Zhenniang also suddenly turned his head and stared at Ye An shyly.
"Don’t forget to dispose of the residual incense in the incense burner." Gu Jinxi’s eyes darkened. "Check it again without any mistakes."
Ye Zhenniang nodded and quickly put away the torn pieces of clothes in front of Gu Chu. The residual fragrance in the incense burner was also carefully cleaned up, and the sandalwood that was put in sleep expelled the residual aftertaste left by the daughter’s fragrance.
Ye An looked at it and suddenly it was like beating chicken blood. Two hands and one hand carried the family directly away from the two brothers. Gu Jinxi Ye Zhenniang then went to the house as usual.
"Miss, why do you want to let Su Cen go?"
Back to the room road Ye Zhenniang don’t understand Gu Jinxi mastermind but Su Cen this matter.
"Let go? Miss has said to let her go? " Gu Jinxi’s mouth slightly hooked as if she suddenly thought of something. Her eyes quickly crossed a fine mans. "Zhen Niang, do you know what is the most painful thing in this world?"
Ye Zhenniang pondered for a long time and shook her head.
"The world’s most hurtful and touching feelings is the most painful, hehe." Gu Jinxi smiled deeply and meaningfully. "What do you want without getting? No, it’s not! "
Ye Zhenniang looked at that body and exuded a deep sadness. Gu Jinxi suddenly felt a pain in her heart. She was only twelve years old. How could she know so much and she showed that she had been deeply hurt? But this point is … impossible.
Gu Jinxi, who was puzzled in Ye Zhenniang’s eyes, didn’t seem to see it. "The real pain is that you have hope, but you just can’t see it or eat it, understand?"
"…" Ye Zhenniang suddenly.
Leaning on the soft couch and looking lazy is a little meaningful.
Dr. Lin looked at Gu Jinxi with a few beards. "Girl, don’t toss the old man again. My old bones can’t stand it many times."
"That you don’t also good now" Gu Jin sunseeker raised an eyebrow.
"You don’t know anything about respecting the old man, but I’ve helped you round up a lot, haven’t I?" Doctor Lin raised his eyebrows.
"That’s nothing more than one more time." Gu Jin Sunseeker raised his hand with a slight smile and gently pulled Dr. Lin’s beard. "Okay, Grandpa Lin, please help me this time."
Although I don’t know how he appeared, Gu Guogong stayed as a resident doctor, but Dr. Lin did help her a lot, and she was always grateful to him
Dr. Lin heard Gu Jinxi’s name and immediately showed his face chrysanthemum. "Gu wench, this is your own name."
"I know Dr. Lin!" Gu Jinxi deliberately pouted.
"No big or small call grandpa!" Dr. Lin has become warped.
"Is it grandpa Lin?" Gu Jinxi’s nutty mouth seems to have a coquetry look.
Dr. Lin snorted with pride from his nose. "That’s more like it. What can I do for you this time, old man?"
"It’s nothing," Gu Jinxi smiled. "Just now, when Yunran lived, Angelica dahurica ran over and said that my grandmother suddenly fainted. I was stunned by my granddaughter’s eagerness to attack the fire. I invited a doctor to see if it was reasonable to rush to Panguilou just after waking up."
Dr. Lin shook his head. "How on earth is your brain full of belly flowers and intestines?"
"Grandpa Lin’s words are biased. I can fight back and defend myself, okay?" Gu Jinxi gave him a sidelong glance. "If this man doesn’t attack me, I won’t attack him. If he does, I will destroy him!"


"Lao Yang’s meal is ready. Let Wang and them come over for dinner. We’ll talk after dinner …" Dry elder brother, they are chatting in the living room. From the kitchen, Yang Feng has the same sound.

"Ha ha, let’s go. Dinner is ready. Let’s eat this meal first, but it’s almost half an hour since you’ve been waiting for you …" Yang Baohua said with a smile and got up while brother Gan and Ouyang Cheng got up and followed Yang Baohua into the restaurant.
ShengJiWei remember home after eating this special dry elder brother to prepare meals, dry elder brother and Yang Baohua and others chatted in the living room for a while. Obviously, Yang Baohua really didn’t take dry elder brother as an outsider. "Xiao Gan Xiao Feng is now the official side of the harbor, and he is still young and tender. He can’t be in charge yet, and the harbor is not peaceful. Please take care of it for me …"
"SEC. Uncle, you are welcome when you say this. I don’t worry about it. I can’t guarantee that no one will take advantage of the wind in my harbor …" Brother Gan assured with a smile.
"Ha ha, well, I’m relieved. Although it’s a province, Changcheng and the seaport are separated by five or six hundred kilometers. I sometimes can’t help it. Besides, things here are more complicated, and all aspects are not so peaceful …" After listening to brother Gan’s words, Yang Baohua said with a generous laugh that officialdom is not a provincial party committee, but even in the central government, it’s all about infighting. The surface is calm and the waves are dark. It depends on whether you can play or not!
"My uncle Bai told me about it when I went to Beijing a while ago. I know that others outside can’t bully those moths in our country. Can you turn over the sky?" Dry elder brother nodded to Yang Baohua said.
"Well, master didn’t see the wrong guy well done! By the way, did you do the fishing for the island last month? Little South Vietnam was so bullish the night before yesterday and I yelled that I gave up my troops and apologized the next day. I went to Beijing to hear about it … "Yang Baohua suddenly asked about the sensational fishing in the country last month. He asked his master if he smiled and didn’t tell him, so he asked for proof.
Dry elder brother didn’t speak at this time is nodded slightly. Yang Baohua laughed and patted the tea table around him and said, "Ha, ha, good, good, dragon is dragon! It’s so small. Chapter 31 is just acting!
"Ha ha it’s nothing juwan people! We can’t watch the country being bullied by those little bastards and be indifferent! " Dry elder brother said with a smile
"yes! This sentence is good for you! A Chinese man should bear this burden! Alas, there are not many young people as enlightened as you now, otherwise our country will be stronger! " Yang Baohua nodded in agreement with the Taoist officialdom after listening to Brother Gan’s words. He knew that there were still a few real ordinary people in these bureaucrats. In front of the officials, they all went bad and played tricks to win over gangs.
"It’s okay, Uncle, there will always be a steady stream of young people with aspirations and pursuits. I believe that through the efforts of your generation and our generation, our country will become better and better …" Brother Gan said with relief.
"Ah, I hope so! Society is like a rough tide. One day, we old guys will be photographed on the beach. The world will still be your young people’s world! " Yang Baohua said with a sigh, then picked up a cigarette and lit it. He smiled and said, "Forget it. Are you married?"
"Not yet, Uncle. I don’t want to get married so early at the age of 2034. Let’s do some business first …" Brother Gan replied.
"A good man should do something earth-shattering. Don’t be tied down by those little things. When you really achieve something great by your own efforts, when will you get married? Don’t forget to tell two uncles that you must drink your wedding banquet!" Yang Baohua nodded and commended.
"I know the second uncle will never forget you and the same wavelength! Just don’t forget to take the red envelope! " Dry elder brother jokingly replied.
"Ha ha, don’t worry, although your second uncle’s salary is not too high, you still have a red envelope!" Yang Baohua said with a smile and then turned to look at Ouyang Cheng and asked, "What do you do, Xiao Cheng?"
"My second uncle, an executive in a company in seaport, is to follow the elder brother …" Ouyang Cheng respectfully replied that compared with the elder brother, Ouyang Cheng is much more restrained. After all, there is still a gap between the scenes he has seen and the elder brother. The popularity field is gradually cultivated. After all, there are still few people who can gain insight into events in a small cottage like Zhuge Liang.
"Ha ha, that’s pretty good. Follow Xiao Gan, then do it well. I can tell you that Xiao Gan, this guy doesn’t usually follow him, and you will definitely achieve something great!" Yang Baohua smiled and suggested to OuYangCheng.
"I know my second uncle. I will study hard with my brother and never let you down!" OuYangCheng nodded to ensure that way
"Ha ha, that’s good. It’s awesome. Before you know it, we are all old …" Yang Baohua sighed that although he was just fifty years old, he was already tired after hanging out in officialdom for so many years.
That night, Brother Gan and Brother Ouyang Yang Baohua chatted for a long time at home until eleven o’clock. At last, Brother Gan got up and said goodbye to Yang Feng when he saw them off. In two days, sometimes he went to see Brother Ouyang and they went for a drink. Because this meeting took him three days, he was still excited these days when he and Brother Ouyang drove out of the provincial party committee compound. He didn’t expect that he, a mixed person, could one day enter the provincial party committee compound and sit and laugh with a ShengJiWei, and it was realized so early! He asked, "What is the identity of Yang Feng, a dry elder brother?" He is not as old as I am, so he became a deputy mayor of a deputy provincial city. I’m afraid that ordinary people struggle for a generation and can’t climb to the top. And his second uncle, who is in his forties and less than fifty years old, is the politics and law Committee of Dongshan Province. This is not something that ordinary people can do … "
"Ha ha, the wind surnamed Yang wants to go ….." Brother Gan didn’t say much about what it was to smile and flow such a sentence.
Yang? Ouyang Cheng’s brain is running rapidly thinking about the top officials of the Central Committee. When he thought of the name Yang Zhongren, he was shocked. To have this strength, there will be Yang Zhongren, the first vice chairman of the National General’s current Military Commission! Ouyang Cheng was relieved when he thought of this, but he was still not sure and asked, "Brother Gan, do you think it’s Yang Zhongren?"
Dry elder brother didn’t answer whether he smiled slightly or not. Ouyang Cheng looked at dry elder brother several times and saw that dry elder brother didn’t talk and knew that he was right, so he asked himself another question, "What did dry elder brother juwan call you Tianlong just now? And the fishing island thing, did you really do it? "
"That was a long time ago. I’ll tell you when it’s time to tell you …" Brother Gan replied.
"I did it for nothing!" Ouyang Cheng nodded his head and didn’t ask what to do. At this point, he knew clearly that Ouyang Cheng was excited and shocked. He always knew that Gan Ge was very strong, but he didn’t expect that it was so strong that he had an impulse to worship. What kind of kitchen knife did the tiger help? To put it bluntly, Gan Ge’s eyes were not even fart. One country’s soldiers were afraid of one or two gangsters! While driving, Ouyang Cheng remembered the words of Uncle Yang Feng and himself just now, "Doing well with Xiao Gan will definitely achieve great things!" When he first arrived, he was still a polite person in Yang Baohua. Now that I think about it, it’s the truth.
"Brother Cheng, go back and have a good sleep, and then I will go to find a great tiger and two tigers the next day. They have to solve this matter resolutely. Otherwise, if it drags on for a long time and leaks the news, I will be passive. Although wannabe is inconspicuous, sometimes it can shake the tree, which is a headache …" When I get to the small hotel, Brother Gan said to Ouyang Cheng, who never spoke all the way.
"Well, I know, brother!" Ouyang cheng capable replied.
The next morning, Brother Gan and Ouyang Cheng got up after breakfast and called Li Hushan to bring ten brothers from the plain city to play a game. After the call, they got up with Ouyang Cheng and went to the great tiger farm.
When the dry elder brother and Ouyang Cheng came to the great tiger farm, the great tiger and the second tiger lost their arrogance and respectfully greeted the dry elder brother yesterday, nodded with satisfaction and then asked the great tiger beside him, "Don’t you two brothers have names? Great tiger and two tigers are so awkward every day. How about this? You are older than me, and I’ll call you Big Tiger Brother and Two Tigers. Just call them Two Tigers … "
"Oh, this can not do elder brother, you are the boss, how can you call me elder brother! You’d better call me Dahu. It sounds comfortable to me! " When Dahu heard this, he quickly said, after all these years, he has never played like this. Wherever he goes, he has to judge his seniority. Where is the eldest brother and the younger brother? It’s strength, not age!
"What eldest brother after the second is a brother, not so much attention! Besides, you are older than me, and I should call you Big Tiger Brother. Don’t think too much about it. I’ll introduce our Loyalty Hall brothers and you to a harbor later, and there is another Tiger Brother over there. Now there are more two tigers in Changcheng. I hope that one day the three of you can play the names of loyalty, loyalty and three tigers in Dongshan! " Dry elder brother said with the wave
"Brother Gan, you can rest assured that my two brothers, Dahu and Erhu, will never let you and your brothers down!" Great Tiger almost burst into tears when he heard Brother Gan address him as "Brother Big Tiger", because he has been mixed up for more than 20 years and no one has said such sweet words!
"Well that’s good! Let’s go and take us to see your two tigers in Changcheng. I have long heard about your brothers’ names, especially the two tigers’ anti-corruption heroes … "Brother Gan smiled and looked at Dahu and Erhu and said.
"Ha ha, that’s an old story. Don’t do it now …" Two tigers said with an embarrassed smile when they heard the "anti-corruption hero" of the elder brother.
"At that time, you did a good job. It is commendable that the country got rid of a big moth!" Dry elder brother said with the wave, and then as the great tiger and the two tigers brothers turned around the two of them.


Although it is still a sword, the eternal love contained in it is by no means simple as imagined. The black dress person is also surprised. "Hey, this move seems to be different." When I heard the words of the black dress person, Zhang Tao’s face appeared a little disdainful smile, which was not the same. I’ve become stronger myself, too much.

The black fog still surrounds the emotional shock wave like the waves, but this time it is not so simple to want to eliminate it. "Ha, ha, ha, the eternal love" Zhang Tao was surprised that the black dress person hit the mystery, but did not stop attacking himself. In the emotional shock wave, there was his pursuit and his understanding.
"Swallow the sky!" This time, for the first time, the black man in black made a move. Suddenly, the black fog spread firm but gentle like the sea, just like chopping black gas in the vast sea and surrounding firm but gentle with several hands, just like putting firm but gentle in a box, even though it was immortal in previous lives, it still couldn’t hold on in the face of such swallowing.
"hmm?" Suddenly, two thin black lines came quickly, and Zhang Tao hurriedly sidestepped, only to find that the thin lines were actually tracking, but Zhang Taoshen appeared hazy twists and turns! Instead, the black thread was swallowed.
"field? Haha, Zhang Tao, you are really different. "I didn’t expect this black dress person to be able to see through himself at first, but I was completely confused about this."
Love firm but gentle gradually disappear Zhang Tao simply give up this recruit body move magic step has been practiced to the degree of fantasy mind move confused day!
As the saying goes, seeing with an open mind distinguishes reality! If heart to heart can cover up, then everything in this world is false, and Zhang Tao has lost all traces like people evaporating.
Men in black can feel an amazing chill coming from the top of their heads, and suddenly the black fog is scattered and Zhang Tao’s face is cold. "Want to escape? Cold and cold ice! " In an instant, counting the ice crystals will seal the scattered black fog, and you can see clearly what is in the ice crystals.
"Did you catch it?" Zhang Tao will take back the blue dream, regardless of whether it really succeeds in defeating the black dress person’s feet, a little bit on the ice, and his figure flashes quickly and flies towards Lianyun Mountain.
What is needed now is not to defeat the men in black, but to come to the mountain of animals for a second when you fight for it, so that you will win, so that the men in black will have to return the poison cloud to yourself.
Zhang Tao didn’t forget the real purpose of his game even though he hated this man in black. The ice crystal of Zhang Tao exploded a second ago, and the black fog slowly became human.
It’s terrible that there is no such thing as a cold world. "Run, run, talk about it. If you work hard, the winner of this game is me, Zhang Tao, and you will lose."
Zhang Tao naturally couldn’t hear the words of the men in black. Even if he did, he wouldn’t mean "Lianyun Mountain!" Soon Zhang Tao appeared in front of a happy because he had walked through the mountains, but this time Zhang Tao appreciated the scenery and flew past as fast as lightning.
"How is that possible?" Just as Zhang Tao just flew over Lianyun Mountain, suddenly a black fog flashed across Zhang Tao. He was surprised and was kicked in the face and danced like a gyro. Finally, the mountain wall crashed into a huge pothole.
"Are you surprised Zhang Tao? Are you and I not absolutely sure that we will test our feet with you? You’re really fast, but I’ll pay you back, "said the man in black looking at the hole."
But in the pothole, there is a response of "huh?" This time, the black dress person was also surprised, and a black fog rushed into the cave with a palm of his right hand, and suddenly the whole mountain exploded violently.
But Zhang Tao was nowhere to be seen. In fact, Zhang Tao had already made a mirage and fled invisibly. He couldn’t feel the breath of Zhang Tao. The black dress person was still surprised that he didn’t think of Zhang Tao, but he had a golden cicada under his eyelids.
"Well, you Zhang Tao, that’s just what makes it interesting, isn’t it?" Black dress person dissipates in the air again.
Entering overseas, Lu Zhangtao is still flying at a high speed despite the bad weather. It’s only two days since the game, and Zhang Tao has already seen the passage.
"This man in black can come to the front one step ahead of me every time. I hope that the animals in the mountain can help me stop him for a while, even if it is half a column of incense." Although the strange black fog is really powerful, Zhang Tao can also put his hopes back.
"I don’t have time to queue up." Looking at the long queue entering the channel, Zhang Tao’s face changed slightly and he finally bit his teeth. If it is still silly to queue up, he can lose this game than Chapter 58 to reach the animal mountain.
Reincarnation is to receive Zhang Taogen one by one, regardless of the 3721 change. The powerful momentum is like a strong wind blowing people around them upside down. If they don’t respond, someone will fall from the sky and be a saint!
You know, the saints in this marginal city are rare, and there is a deterrent effect. Zhang Tao grabbed the true qi with one hand and immediately took the reincarnation in his hand, regardless of their surprised eyes, and then jumped directly into the channel
Even entering the channel will take a long time to get to the exotic animal mountain outside the country, but the land outside the country is much bigger than the vast country. Even if Zhang Tao travels at a continuous speed, he is a little tired, but Zhang Tao can’t delay taking out a Dan medicine from Mishu Tower for a moment, and then he is exhausted and swept away, while Zhang Tao’s speed is a layer higher.
But for a moment, Zhang Tao suddenly found that men in black were coming again! This was impossible, but it happened again and again. Zhang Tao also had to calmly wonder if he had learned some secret methods with himself.
Otherwise, every time he is so far ahead, he can easily follow? This time, Zhang Tao is prepared and will not be easily kicked by him.
Gently bow your head and hide from your left hand, but quietly grab his foot and right elbow and directly hit his thigh. When the black man eats pain, Zhang Taoli throws it away and throws it hard towards the ground.
However, he suddenly turned into a black fog. It seems that there is no physical weird speed. He came to the side of Zhang Tao and instantly condensed a swing. Zhang Tao hid his left hand and instantly grabbed his wrist and right arm to attack the men in black. It takes a little force to break immediately here.
But the men in black cleverly hid Zhang Tao from attacking Zhang Tao, but he wouldn’t simply let go of his knees and raised his middle abdomen, but he was blocked by the men in black. The men in black hey hey smiled and counted the black fog. "Since you want to die, I will annex you."
Although the black fog surrounded itself, Zhang Tao did feel a burst of force. These fogs seemed to have life and entered the pores, meridians and orifices, but all the true qi was swallowed.
See men in black eyes Zhang Tao weak smile suddenly body five kinds of heaven and earth cold broke out, men in black seems to feel something is wrong, just want to return to Zhang Tao is how simple a cold smile?
Amazing cold broke out along Zhang Tao’s body. The five kinds of heaven and earth cold are really terrible "burning ice flames!" Zhang Tao flicked a bullet and a flame flew out. The pupil of the black dress person contracted and he wanted to escape as black smoke, but he was trapped by Zhang Tao.
"ah!" This time, the extreme cold flame, the black dress person gave a scream, and the black fog and the entity seemed to be constantly changing. Zhang Tao’s fingers were a little cold and water!
But the man in black was angry. "You give me enough is enough!" Black fog seems to have met with provocation, and it broke out constantly, swallowing all the fire, cold, frost and flames, and then hiding from Zhang Tao, attacking far away from consciousness and Zhang Tao. "Five kinds of heaven and earth are cold? Zhang Tao, you are really extraordinary. When I swallow you one day, I am the Dongyue mainland, and no one can surpass it. "
"Do you think you can do it?" Zhang Tao knew that this man in black had great ambition, and if he was not stopped, it would inevitably become a nightmare for the whole Dongyue mainland, and even Atlantis mainland would be affected by the wave.
"Wipe your eyes, Zhang Tao, just like this game." The black dress person disappeared again. Zhang Tao looked a clot and did not dare to hesitate to fly quickly towards the animal mountain.
It’s drizzling in a gray day, but Zhang Tao is not really isolated, because every strength is moving forward at a high speed, and dare not neglect the slightest. Zhang Tao soars again with elasticity, and the surrounding trees and leaves are full of water droplets, not only black long hair, but also the surrounding leaves shake and the water droplets pour like a bigger downpour.
Dense virgin forests are full of fine raindrops. In such a humid environment, the speed of Zhang Tao is still not reduced, but this slippery condition increases the speed.
Worried, Zhang Tao has come to the wild animal mountain, towering in the distance, so that Zhang Tao can see hope.
"You must stop him." Zhang Tao has put all his hopes in his heart. If the original law stops him and lets him arrive first, the game will be lost by himself.
It’s almost half a month since I played games with men in black to the mountain of animals. Even so, I was chased several times. At this time, Zhang Tao let the aura of heaven and earth attract attention and instantly introduce into the body.
The momentum of the instantaneous Zhang Tao changed greatly, which made many animals around feel uneasy. The violent force made the surrounding rain blow away. In an instant, a dry zone appeared in the 100-meter class, and the raindrops of the surrounding trees were also blown around.
With more powerful strength, Zhang Tao’s speed broke out again like a rocket. Looking closer and closer to the original body, Zhang Tao had no excitement in his heart.
Because Zhang Tao knows that this black dress person may have surpassed himself, his strange and unpredictable speed is definitely not so simple to jilt.
"Is it Zhang Tao?" At this time, Li Qiuxiong and the mixed animals in the mountain were sure enough. They let the animals see that Zhang Tao was in such a hurry and flew rapidly here. Naturally, he did not want to be disturbed by animals.
The discovery of animals all the way automatically let Zhang Tao know that this is the original, so that he has hope. "Is he really behind me?" Zhang Tao found that there was no problem in the calm of the mountain of animals. Obviously, this black dress person will come in the future.
"Does he want me to attract animals so that he can sneak in?" There is no breath behind Zhang Tao’s observation, and doubts in his heart are expanding. What is going on?