In this way, after two months, there was no contact between men and women, but one day the bad news came to the boy’s parents, who asked the boy to marry another door. When the boy refused to commit suicide with poison in his room, he finally took a picture of the girl in his arms.

When the girl learned about it, she felt that nothing could bring her back to life.
So she came to this secret base next to the piano and committed suicide.
Lavender came to this place but miraculously surrounded into a heart.
From then on, it has been said that if you want to come here on your 16th birthday and tie your wish with a ribbon tree, then your wish will come true.
Today is Mary’s birthday. She came here to make a wish.
"Oh, I see."
"Well, well, Mary has made a promise. It’s not too early now. Do you have a mobile phone number for the ice? Let’s exchange. "
"There is 136 * * * * * * *"
"Ok, then if we have anything to do, contact us. This is our school and our address. Come to us if you have nothing to do."
"Yeah, yeah, I will."
"We are very happy to be good friends with you."
"I am 88, too."
"Then we’ll go 88."
Then they turned and left. I didn’t expect to make friends again. They were not bad.
I turned and looked at the tree. I wonder if I can make a wish here on my birthday. I wonder if you can come with me.
Then I walked to the place where my car was parked, and I was reluctant to leave the Sixteen Hills.
Chapter 5 Beach Volleyball (1)
Time flies, and it’s the next day.
I was having breakfast, and they followed their boyfriends.
"What about the ice? Why are you dazzling here alone?" Xuan put his hand on my shoulder.
I suddenly looked black when Qi put Xuan on my shoulder and held "Xuan, please cherish your life"
"He? I don’t know. Do you know? I didn’t see him earlier, "I asked.
The sunrise gently told me that it might dazzle him to return to his room.
"Oh, I’m still sneezing. It turns out that someone here is talking about me." Hyun unconsciously came to my side and a sentence floated to me.
Others immediately rub their hands because this sentence is a bit murderous.
"By the way, there is an activity such as ice. Beach volleyball is just near here. Let’s join in the fun."
"Don’t be clever. What are you going to do to drag me out?"
"Agreed to a show of hands to solve" Say that finish ying raised his hand.
Brother, raise your hand because who is Ying’s girlfriend?
Xuan Heqi said that it is good to go and see the sunrise and Xin also want to join in the fun.
It’s just me and Hyun.
I turned to look at him, and he waved his hand to show that Nai then raised his hand.
"k5 decided to go and have a look."