Yang Qinghua reached out and grabbed Dwarf and warned her to be honest. Any one of them is more beautiful than both of them. How can you take advantage of them with so many beautiful women?

The short beer girl pulled her hand, but she didn’t move. It makes sense to think about Yang Qinghua’s words carefully. There is no flirting in platinum eyes, but there is a trace of pity and bosom.
Platinum let go and turned to the boss and waved to him to move two more chairs. All the beautiful women understood and quickly moved their seats. Two beer girls said that they were selling beer, not escorts, who never accompanied guests to dinner or drink.
Platinum wry smile decided to humor. As soon as he closed his eyes, he ran around them for three times. He stopped at the right place and grabbed one just in time. He opened his eyes and laughed and pulled over the tall beer girl door to see the mountain. Which one was worse than her?
He grabbed one with his eyes closed and was better than her. It is no exaggeration to say that he is surrounded by real beauty like a cloud. If he really wants to flirt with others, he will find someone more beautiful than her and never take advantage of her.
On the contrary, the tall man was embarrassed. Although the short man didn’t understand his meaning, he felt heartfelt and pity in his eyes. He took the tall man and took the initiative to introduce himself.
After the introduction of platinum, the two men told the reason for their rashness. It was the first time that he saw congenital emphysema, and he was curious and shocked.
Wei Hongxia was ashamed to misunderstand him, ashamed at the same time, but shocked. Based on this, she can arbitrarily affirm that Platinum is very skilled and capable of treating congenital emphysema.
Yang Ke pulled Wei Hongxia up and went to Platinum and whispered to her. Wei Hongxia’s knees trembled and Platinum grabbed her arm and said that he could cure congenital emphysema, but it took a long time. At the same time, he needed to know her family history in detail.
Yang Ke pulled Wei Hongxia back. Wei Hongxia was ashamed to say that she didn’t know much about family affairs. She had never seen her father since she was a child. Her mother said that her father died before she was born. His grandfather died when he was five years old. His great-grandfather lived a little longer but was less than four years old.
Judging from the existing data, the life span of a generation is shorter than that of a generation, and so is the life span of a Wei family woman. None of them lived to be 4 years old, and she is not clear about how many generations the Wei family has experienced.
It can be traced back to the first five generations, that is, the generation of her great-grandfather and grandfather. The Wei family was engaged in gold refining, and when it came to her great-grandfather generation, she stopped gold refining and turned to jade business, and the tragedy happened to her great-grandfather generation.
At that time, her great-grandfather was a famous jade king. He never missed his debut at the age of 18, but he failed before he died, and his family was almost ruined. It was said that Jasper rubble lost all the property of the Wei family.
Her great-aunt forced her to marry someone else to be a concubine, and she died inexplicably less than a year after her marriage. It was not until her grandfather’s generation that it was clear that gambling on stones was a scam.
Her grandfather spent his whole life trying to get revenge, but it was in vain. Even the enemy was not found. When he died, he warned her father that the Wei family should never touch the jade business again. Her father refused to listen to his father’s orders and quietly looked for an enemy. It was still in vain and died with all regret.
By her generation, she has no ability and mind to take revenge. Now there are only two people left in the Wei family, she and her mother. Judging from fate, she can live at most for about 3 years. Without a miracle, the Wei family will be extinct in her generation.
Yang Kelian can’t even say that she is frustrated. Fate can also be rewritten. Platinum can be rewritten. Wei Hongxia nodded shyly and looked at him with longing eyes.
Platinum didn’t promise to ask her if she knew jade? Wei Hongxia shook her head. If she knew the jade road, she wouldn’t end up in the street as a beer girl, but her grandfather’s handwriting has always been well preserved. If necessary, she would like to defend the jade handwriting medicine.
He smiled and said that he didn’t mean anything else. He hoped that after she recovered from ancestral training, she would return to the battlefield to carry forward the jade spirit and change their present situation.
The origin and background of the Wei family. She should live a luxurious life but end up in the street. When a beer girl wakes up at midnight, ask herself, is she really willing to spend her life like this? End limited life?
Wei Hongxia shook her head with gratitude but shyness, saying that she couldn’t decide, and her mother had to nod. Although her mother also wanted revenge, her life was above everything else in her mother’s heart, no matter how long she could live, her mother didn’t want her to get hurt.
Since childhood, her mother was very strict with her and never allowed her to take revenge. However, she often heard her mother cry at night. She cried but tried to change the situation. She silently endured how filial she was at ordinary times.
Speaking of which, Wei Hongxia’s eyes are wet.
Yang Qinghua tore a few tissues to comfort her. Don’t be sad. From this moment on, all the nightmares are over, and the sun is still shining. If she cooperates with platinum treatment, she will soon get rid of the entanglement of fate.
Yang Ke took the opportunity to promote her beer platinum, laughed and glanced at all the beautiful women and asked them if they were underwriting two bottles by themselves. Ireland was the first to raise her hand and said that she contracted five bottles.
Things out of Yang Ke two people unexpectedly platinum several people to a bottle of Yang Ke pull a finger quietly silent this business can be when their income for a month.
She was elated and whispered to Wei Hongxia to comfort her heart. As Yang Qinghua said, all the nightmares are over. Today is a festive day, throwing everything away and enjoying life.
Wei Hongxia’s cheeks float and her cheeks glow lightly. Don’t forget that she once vowed that Yang Ke would reach out and pinch her to persuade her not to spoil the fun. No matter how little it will be, she should indulge in the joyful atmosphere and share this happy and sweet time.
Everyone is happy to drink. Big bald head and beer belly are crawling. They growled and rushed to Platinum. Wei Hongxia and Yang Ke were a little nervous. Yang Qinghua smiled and grabbed the bottle and hit the big bald head to warn him to be honest. If he didn’t want to take a bath in the river, he would roll away, with his tail between his legs.
The bald head dodged and was not hit by a bottle, and the blood on his forehead flowed. A vague scream fell back, and the beer belly got a genial smile. He dragged the bald head arm and quickly retreated. It was 5 meters away from Platinum, and they lost a scene and fled.
In addition to Yang Ke and Wei Hongxia, all the beautiful women have no intention of toasting and drinking. Yang Ke and Wei Hongxia are infected and quickly integrate into it, leaving all their troubles behind and enjoying themselves.
Wei Hongxia has never been so worried, forgetting that her capacity for liquor is limited, and two bottles of beer bellies are staring at the stars and beeping at the wine.