Yang night stupidly kung fu CiRenGu has a fierce push, he jumped up and jumped directly to the arched stone table behind him, shouting, "You can’t fool me! I’m going to ruin the miracle! !”

"how about it? Hot sun! If you ask me for mercy, I may make you die faster! "
The mourning of the evil clan reverberates in this sea area with complete madness and indulgence, but there is no sign of him at all in this quiet seabed.
The scorching sun quickly twisted its head, stared at its eyes, frowned cautiously, and looked around carefully, looking for a possible direction.
"Why? Disagree? Then I’ll make your life hell! Ha ha ha ha ha … "
There was a burst of laughter and sorrow, so close that it seemed that the scorching sun in his ear suddenly turned to look to the left, but at the same time, a few wisps of black fog suddenly floated from his right side, and then Ai You suddenly flashed out of those wisps of black fog like a big change, and punched the back of the head of the scorching sun!
Hit by such a sudden blow, the sun leans forward and flutters away, and a note of blood gushes out from the nostrils.
The back of the head is next to a punch, which makes the hot sun shine in front of you. All the influences are instantaneous, overlapping and slightly shaking. Suddenly, there is an aura that is close to the back.
The hot sun shook his head desperately to wake himself up and then turned around fiercely, but it was like this behind him
And when the hot sun suddenly turned around, a figure suddenly appeared again with a few faint black fog!
You’re welcome. Ai You once again aimed at the back of the scorching sun and kicked it straight in the past!
This foot is definitely rushing to kick people to the ground. If the hot sun didn’t eventually rise and catch fire, I’m afraid kicking my back would have shattered my heart.
Even so, the scorching sun was driven by the force of this foot, and the head and arms leaned back, but the chest stood up forward and jumped out with it! The scorching sun also closed its eyes and groaned out of its throat because of great pain.
Struggling hard in the hot sun, he finally stood firm and almost roared and turned around again. Great anger and humiliation made his eyes protrude like fire!
It’s a pity that there is still no mourning shadow in front of me, but the scorching sun predicts that it will generally turn around, but it will suddenly appear behind it and it will be smashed by a punch.
The nose and mouth were bleeding, and the hot sun fell backwards and fell over.
And after the punch, the evil spirit family mourned and kept their posture, shook out a few wisps of black fog and disappeared again.
When the scorching sun was hit by that punch, I felt sorry for you. Suddenly, the other side appeared. With the faint black fog, I felt sorry for you. I stepped on the lower abdomen of the scorching sun from one foot …
The instant body-crossing movement shuttles from the self-created opposite sex to one’s desired destination-the high ability and tricks of the evil clan.
And the scorching sun, which weighs several hundred kilograms, has become a sandbag for the evil family to play with their fists and feet.
Seriously injured again and again, the scorching sun made Ai You more and more excited and almost carried away.
He predicted that it was true that the power of the hot sun and fire in the water was greatly reduced, and it was particularly helpless to deal with it by moving back and forth at will.
But Ai You didn’t notice that every time he hit the scorching sun hard, his eyes suddenly opened in pain, and his face hid a terrible smile, and his eyes flashed fierce again and again after being hit hard again and again.
It’s like the scorching sun deliberately lets Ai You attack himself and then accumulates a hatred, an emotion, a force, silently expecting to suppress first and then promote the instantaneous outbreak!
There are two extremely powerful forces that try to merge with each other as they are hit again and again until the power expands to the body little by little after the fusion.
Ai You also enjoys playing games that he thinks are interesting, disappearing again and again, appearing again and again, and then suddenly being hit by the scorching sun.
It seems to him that this is a contest without suspense. It is a matter of time to kill the scorching sun, or it depends on how long he wants to play like this.
Finally, I was hit again, and my face nosebleed flowed out. After the sea quickly fainted, the hot sun smiled.
Anger will erupt horribly when it accumulates to bursting point.
"What are you laughing at?" Ai Yuma noticed the hot sun and laughed, but he was far away from the hot sun and was slightly puzzled by the strange changes in front of him when he was preparing to cross the attack again.
The scorching sun is always smiling without talking.
Laughter is sometimes the most powerful weapon to make opponents feel scared.