"I see. Let’s go home and change."

"Long live the little embalm! ! !”
"Wing, you’d better be careful recently." Huangfu Nuo said to Guan Yi in a small way.
After school …
Xiao Xun is dressed in a lavender tight suit with a white gauze shawl and a lavender necklace around crystal high-heeled shoes’s waist.
Wan Wan is cuter, with a pink bubble skirt and a bunch of pink boots and a small crown.
Xiaoyu is simple, wearing a white shirt, black tights and a Datura necklace.
"Let’s go!" Wan Wan shouted excitedly.
They parted from their cars and flew out.
"Zhi-zhi-zhi-"Xiao Xun stopped in front of a bar called "Only Love"
"This bar seems good!" Wan Wan said
"Go in and have a look!" Xiao Xun went in first.
"The environment is good!" Xiaoyu praised
There are quite a few non-mainstream guests depicted in the black and white theme wall of the bar.
"Well, it’s really good compared with those just now!"
Xiao Xun went to the bar and knocked on the table. A bartender immediately came over and said, "What kind of wine do you want, miss?"
"I’m looking for your boss" Xiao Xun smiled and said.
"Ok, please wait a moment" and left.
Wan Wan came up and said, "Do you want to buy this place?"
"Well, it’s really nice here. At least it has a good attitude."
"What can I do for you? I’m the owner of this bar. "I’m about five years old, a pretty woman with a neutral dress."
"We want to buy here" Xiao Xun came straight to the point.
"I’m sorry, I’m not selling it." The proprietress refused, thinking that the girl looked familiar.
"What? Money is not a problem "Wan Wan anxiously asked.
"It’s your money. My parents left me this bar, which is very important to me and I can’t sell it."
"This bar is named after your parents. The only love is you."
The proprietress opened her eyes wide and said in surprise, "You are the first person to guess the meaning of this name. My name is Ling Ning."
w w w 8
"Nangong Ice Fumigation"
"Thousands of Twill Pupils"
"Mu Yu"
"The nangongshan ice embalm? Nangong … Oh, my God! You are the nangongshan home two young lady "spirit setting said in surprise.
"Xiao Xun didn’t expect anyone to recognize you."
"I know a little about my mother’s former Nangong family."
"Nice to meet you, Ling Ning. I’m Miss Qian Ling, and she’s Mu Jia." Wan Wan first pointed to herself and Xiao Yu.
"Nice to meet you, too."
Boom ~ ~ ~ Suddenly there was a brawl and Ling Ning said, "Wait for me, I’ll see what happened?"
Xiao Xun and the others followed and saw a disgusting person. A member helped the fallen man up before pushing Ling Ling away and asked, "What happened to Xiao Zhang?"