When I first got to the house, I was stunned.

Gu Jinxi sat on the bed with clear eyes and a slightly pale face. If there seems to be a coolness in her eyes, it is my daughter Xiang Gu Chu who can’t help but feel a cold back. Ye Zhenniang stood beside Gu Jinxi humbly.
"Hey, hey!" Gu Chu felt that he was suffering in his heart, and when Gu Jinxi was in good condition, he suddenly felt relieved. Relaxation turned out to be a direct paralysis.
Later, Gu Qian turned to look at Gu Jinxi in the same way. "Hey, are you okay?"
"Who are you like you two idiots?" Gu Jinxi wasn’t curious. She took out a medicine bottle from her arms and threw it to Ye Zhenniang. Ye Zhenniang raised her hand and quickly sealed the acupuncture points. The daughter’s incense is extremely medicinal. What’s more, this house is very daughter’s incense. If they start to go crazy, their elaborate arrangements will be ruined.
Finally give two people the antidote.
Gu Qian and Gu Chu are still looking at the soft couch next to them. Cherish the soft princess and coma. Sioux City next to him "Sister, what are you …"
"Since Su Cen arranged this, it seems that how can I not be her?" Gu Jinxi’s tail voice was slightly raised with a shallow smile. "Uncle Kishida sent the second brother and the third brother back to the room, and Zhen Niang stripped us of their clothes!"
"Yes" Ye Zhenniang should
Ye An smell speech is dazed face eyes staring at Ye Zhenniang.
Gu Jinxi suddenly shook his head and looked at Ye Zhenniang with a thick joke in his eyes. "Feed the aphrodisiac to two people respectively and then wake them up. Because of their medicinal properties, they know what to do."
"Yes, Miss" Ye Zhenniang also suddenly turned his head and stared at Ye An shyly.
"Don’t forget to dispose of the residual incense in the incense burner." Gu Jinxi’s eyes darkened. "Check it again without any mistakes."
Ye Zhenniang nodded and quickly put away the torn pieces of clothes in front of Gu Chu. The residual fragrance in the incense burner was also carefully cleaned up, and the sandalwood that was put in sleep expelled the residual aftertaste left by the daughter’s fragrance.
Ye An looked at it and suddenly it was like beating chicken blood. Two hands and one hand carried the family directly away from the two brothers. Gu Jinxi Ye Zhenniang then went to the house as usual.
"Miss, why do you want to let Su Cen go?"
Back to the room road Ye Zhenniang don’t understand Gu Jinxi mastermind but Su Cen this matter.
"Let go? Miss has said to let her go? " Gu Jinxi’s mouth slightly hooked as if she suddenly thought of something. Her eyes quickly crossed a fine mans. "Zhen Niang, do you know what is the most painful thing in this world?"
Ye Zhenniang pondered for a long time and shook her head.
"The world’s most hurtful and touching feelings is the most painful, hehe." Gu Jinxi smiled deeply and meaningfully. "What do you want without getting? No, it’s not! "
Ye Zhenniang looked at that body and exuded a deep sadness. Gu Jinxi suddenly felt a pain in her heart. She was only twelve years old. How could she know so much and she showed that she had been deeply hurt? But this point is … impossible.
Gu Jinxi, who was puzzled in Ye Zhenniang’s eyes, didn’t seem to see it. "The real pain is that you have hope, but you just can’t see it or eat it, understand?"
"…" Ye Zhenniang suddenly.
Leaning on the soft couch and looking lazy is a little meaningful.
Dr. Lin looked at Gu Jinxi with a few beards. "Girl, don’t toss the old man again. My old bones can’t stand it many times."
"That you don’t also good now" Gu Jin sunseeker raised an eyebrow.
"You don’t know anything about respecting the old man, but I’ve helped you round up a lot, haven’t I?" Doctor Lin raised his eyebrows.
"That’s nothing more than one more time." Gu Jin Sunseeker raised his hand with a slight smile and gently pulled Dr. Lin’s beard. "Okay, Grandpa Lin, please help me this time."
Although I don’t know how he appeared, Gu Guogong stayed as a resident doctor, but Dr. Lin did help her a lot, and she was always grateful to him
Dr. Lin heard Gu Jinxi’s name and immediately showed his face chrysanthemum. "Gu wench, this is your own name."
"I know Dr. Lin!" Gu Jinxi deliberately pouted.
"No big or small call grandpa!" Dr. Lin has become warped.
"Is it grandpa Lin?" Gu Jinxi’s nutty mouth seems to have a coquetry look.
Dr. Lin snorted with pride from his nose. "That’s more like it. What can I do for you this time, old man?"
"It’s nothing," Gu Jinxi smiled. "Just now, when Yunran lived, Angelica dahurica ran over and said that my grandmother suddenly fainted. I was stunned by my granddaughter’s eagerness to attack the fire. I invited a doctor to see if it was reasonable to rush to Panguilou just after waking up."
Dr. Lin shook his head. "How on earth is your brain full of belly flowers and intestines?"
"Grandpa Lin’s words are biased. I can fight back and defend myself, okay?" Gu Jinxi gave him a sidelong glance. "If this man doesn’t attack me, I won’t attack him. If he does, I will destroy him!"