Zhang’s axe blade first collided with Feng Li’s tip and directly bent the other side’s sword, while Li Qiaoer stabbed soft sword, but Zhang held out his palm and grasped it. Zhang’s palm soon shed blood.

Wu Yu stabbed the wind and Li Huosha dagger was also blocked by the other party’s sudden extension of his left hand dagger.
Four people at the same time pushing into an instant stalemate.
Almost at the moment when the dagger was blocked, Wu Yu drank low. The dagger suddenly flashed strong black light, and a cold breath was suddenly emitted by the dark dagger.
It is normal that the dagger of Fengli’s hand is directly cut off by the fire demon, and the ordinary treasure is cut off when it touches the high-order spirit field.
See a small finger black flame blade suddenly rushed out of the dagger, and it will stab him in the heart if it approaches the heart of Fengli in a short time.
"Lingqi!" Wind Li frightened to disgrace eyes appear horror color to dodge a few centimeters that finger long black flame blade has penetrated his chest, although it didn’t stab his heart, but it also stabbed him a rib. Chapter 191 The underworld fire!
Chapter 191 The inferno of the underworld!
"Come back!" Wu Yu’s low-drinking spirit quickly turned back to the wind, and Li quickly flashed a little distance. The wind and Li water wave shield could not stop the black blade from shuttling like paper!
The black flame blade still didn’t penetrate the wind. Li’s heart was penetrated by his right chest and lungs and rushed into Wu Yu’s dagger []
"Poison the palm!" Li Qiaoer drinks low.
When Wu Yu attacked Fengli, Li Qiaoer took advantage of Zhang’s spare time to avoid unnecessary attacks. He didn’t hold the sword and shot directly at Zhang’s heart with his left hand.
"Desperate for you!" Zhang Yangxin make a determined effort. He didn’t use the tentacles to resist the spirit, but moved a little.
Zhang’s chest was slapped by Li Qiaoer, and the other party’s four dark energies suddenly rushed into his body, and there was a breath of yin and cold mixed with corrosion that rushed into his body.
Zhang Yang was hit hard, his blood was not smooth, his throat was salty, and he spit out a mouthful of blood directly, but the blood was controlled by him to form a blood arrow and shot at Li Qiaoer’s head!
When blood arrows were shot at Li Qiao’s childhood, Zhang Yang’s chest suddenly rushed out of more than a dozen tiny soul-devouring tentacles, which directly entangled Li Qiaoer’s palm, and the devouring power was highlighted!
Zhang Yang’s many battles are close combat, and he is also the best at this kind of attack.
"my hand!" Li Qiaoer frightened to withdraw the palm of his hand, but found that his arm had almost no strength, and his palm was tightened and stuck to Zhang Yang’s hand by Zhang Yang’s bite.
"Dare to kill me! Make you feel better! "
Zhang roar loud loose Li Qiaoer soft sword punched each other in the chest and beat each other two groups of white rabbits violently. He didn’t care what "weak women" directly hit the tiger cannon boxing.
After Li Qiaoer came out, he almost killed himself with a vicious palm. How can this rare opportunity spare this woman?
Li Qiaoer was not as strong as Zhang Yang, and was hit by Zhang Yang. The four-fold dark tiger cannon boxing soon spit out a big mouthful of blood, and his eyes showed shock and fear.
She knew that Zhang was tough, but she didn’t believe that a martial artist would be better than his six-star master, but she was really wrong when she was punched by the other side.
Zhang Yang is not only tough, but also powerful. He beat Li Qiaoer’s stomach and stomach with one punch, and his chest was oppressed.
Feng Li also forgot Li Qiaoer. He was suddenly attacked by Wu Yu’s hand, fire and evil spirit, and was almost stabbed to death by a sword. Now he is looking back.
"wooden body!" Li Qiaoer jiao drank a life-saving trick and was grabbed by Zhang’s spirit-eating tentacles. His arm suddenly turned into a thick piece of wood!
As soon as the wood formed Zhang Yang’s soul-eating tentacles, the joint of the other arm was interrupted, and the heart of the opponent was cut off, giving the other party all the bondage and energy from the wood.
Li Qiaoer drew out her arms and feet and stepped backwards again and again. She didn’t dare to stay for a moment. In just a few seconds, wrinkles had appeared on the back of her hand!
She’s a fighter in her early twenties, and her roots won’t wrinkle. The only thing that makes sense is that she has been sucked into life.
It is true that Zhang Yang swallowed the essence of Li Qiaoer’s arm, which caused the skin folds of the other hand’s palm. If he swallowed Li Qiaoer for another moment, that arm would be useless.
"Stop them both!" Li Qiaoer shouted at more than 20 masters running.
She was punched by Zhang Yang. Although she spit out one mouthful blood, for the six-star master, his injury was not serious and his arm lost a little vitality, which did not affect his combat power.
Feng Li felt bad, but he was pierced by a black flame blade next to his heart once, and his lungs were pierced once, especially when Wu Yu’s flame was terrible. These two attacks directly caused Feng Li to be seriously injured because he dared not step forward against the surrounding dangers by relying on the stone wall.
The four men fought against Zhang Yang and Wu Yu, and repelled Li Qiaoer and Feng Li by using strange tricks.
"Leave!" Zhang took Wu Yu’s hand and rushed to the more than 20 aggressive masters.
More than 20 people are not strong. Master Zhang believes that he can escape from the tight encirclement by fighting for injuries.
When the four men were fighting, Shi Tian broke Li Qiaoer’s vines and rushed forward to the sky to fight against ice and fire. The scene of collision between ice and fire was great, and the surrounding stone walls were damaged and pitted.