And there is especially Xiang Yu, the most heroic Xiang Yu, armed with a pike and ready to invade the camp of shushan alone.

"Give it to me, Shu Shandi, and never let them destroy our home," Long Xiaowan shouted.
Immediately, the two teams fought together.
Rogge has flew past Hongyu because of hostilities.
The scratching Rogge sword keeps hitting the dragon, and the iron sector gives off crisp metal.
Xiang Yu was too strong and fierce to see several brothers of Shushan die tragically. His gun was small and his sacrifice was reduced, and he went to meet him alone.
After seven minutes’ time, Rogge finally killed Long Aoju with one blow. Long Aoju was not Rogge’s opponent, but Xiang Zhuang, though beside him, lost to Rogge’s tricks. Xiang Yu wanted to come over but was caught by Long Xiaowan.
"Your Lord is dead. Are you going to fight back?" Rogge holding blood sword shouted
In an instant, those people were weak, and soon they were tied up by Shushan’s brother, while Xiang Zhuang and Xiang Yu fought their way out and the two escaped.
"I will definitely come back to Xiang Yu, and I will let you blood out!" Xiang Yu didn’t forget to send malicious words when he left.
After the brother of Shushan cleaned the battlefield, Rogge returned to the top of the mountain with Long Xiaowan. Rogge lived in Shushan for a few days. Of course, Long Xiaowan accompanied them these days, and they almost finished talking.
Then Rogge finally came out.
"I’ve been asking for a few days, and there’s something else."
Can Rogge still understand Long Xiaowan’s meaning? Of course she knows that the other party will leave sooner or later, but when the other party comes out, she still can’t accept it.
"Can we meet again in the future? Will you come to Shushan again? " Longxiaowan avenue
"Maybe," Rogge said, but it was as real as when Shang left. He couldn’t say for sure.
"Then please accept this." Long Xiaowan took out a jade Jue from his body and engraved with a winding dragon. "I wish you all your wishes and success."
Rogge didn’t refuse, but will be included in his hands.
"Thank you," Rogge said, looking at Long Xiaowan with a close face and a sad face. "I would also like to wish Shushan more and more prosperous Longzhangjiao a long life."
After saying this, Rogge immediately regretted it. He felt that it was better not to say that he felt that his mouth was still a little stupid when facing women.
But Long Xiaowan smiled bitterly and didn’t speak again.
I watched Rogge go back to the temple from Long Xiaowan, put a cigarette in the incense burner, and then sat down on the futon to practice silently.
At the same time, Xiang Yu has successively won many cities. Rogge seems to have been deeply bound by Xiang Yu.
Many years later, Rogge finally fought a decisive battle against Xiang Yu in Changbanpo. By this time, Rogge had occupied most of the country and his arch-rival was Xiang Yu.
Xiang Yu was headstrong and arrogant. After Rogge devised a series of strategies, Xiang Yu’s army was finally dispersed and killed by Rogge. At this moment, there are only 500 guards left in Xiang Yu. At this moment, Rogge’s army has surrounded the archers and cavalry, and all the knives and axes are ready.
Rogge chariots and shouted loudly, "A general, are you still unwilling to give in easily?" Are you going to let you fight for the last time? If you give in easily, I, Rogge, will let you go and order you and me to protect the country. "
"Thief vertical you can’t! Don’t try to insult my dignity. Even if I fight alone, I will never bow to you! "
"Well," Rogge waved the flag, "then I’ll kill you!"
Immediately disorderly arrows fired at Xiang Yu’s five hundred legions, and suddenly someone fell down with an arrow.
"Go, brothers, get out!" Xiang Yu shouted
Although faced with Rogge’s 10,000-strong army, Xiang Yu’s troops were too brave and soon they fought their way out. Xiang Yu’s hands supported Xiang Yu and fled to a slope.
Arrows are like rain, swords and spears are like forests. Soon, the 500 legions of Xiang Yu were hunted down, leaving more than a dozen others lying dead on the battlefield.
Xiang Yu, alone and alone, struggled to jump on the slope. Xiang Yu shouted loudly and shouted wildly, as if he were going to shout out a generation of rage, as if he were miserable and proud of his failure, as if he were going to express it all.