Chapter six hundred and seventy-three When will I eat meat [Chapter III]

Everyone came to Zheng ‘an City to chase the strong breath, but when they all arrived at Zheng ‘an City, they found that the strong fire energy breath disappeared. Please remember our website.
Dreadwind Gate in Chaoyang City dispatched more than a dozen strong men, including Bai Yanhong, the main door owner of Dreadwind Gate in Chaoyang City, and Shen Tianxiao, the super strong men, all of whom were impressed by the smell coming from Dreadwind Gate. They naturally thought that it belonged to Dreadwind Gate. How did it fall into other people’s hands?
Is that there has been no trace of energy breath also let Bai Yanhong, Shen Tianxiao and others compare nai.
While a bunch of people such as Dreadwind Gate are at a loss, an uninvited guest comes uninvited.
Bai Yanhong, Shen Tianxiao and many other strong men of Dreadwind Gate gathered in the inn and suddenly pushed the door and pushed in. However, the breath and look in the eyes of this woman’s body made many experts of Dreadwind Gate shudder and gloomy.
"Who are you?" Bai Yanhong stood up and looked at the woman who suddenly walked in warily.
Shen Tianxiao and others have also got up. They can feel that this female body contains ShaQi and cold murder. The strong force breath is definitely an extremely dangerous person. Everyone is on guard.
"I’m not here to make trouble. I’m not so prepared." Yang Xue smiled gently and immediately took out the badge of the leader of the arbitration church
Bai Yanhong was born in Dreadwind, and the door owner often dealt with Dreadwind Gate. How could he not know this badge? He smiled and said, "So it’s the leader’s adult who has something to do?" Although the words from the mouth seem to be respectful and flattering, there is no compliment and fear in the face.
"Today is going to make a deal with you is a close" Yang Xue went straight to the room to find a chair to sit calmly said.
"What deal?" Bai Yanhong also sat opposite Yang Xue and looked at this woman with great interest, who seemed to be a lady with a calm manner but a gloomy and frightening breath.
Yang Xue’s eyes flashed a gloomy hatred to the extreme. "I know that you came to Zheng Ancheng to follow a horrible breath. I have seen that thing is a knife. If I guess correctly, it is the ancient magic Xuanyuan knife."
"Xuanyuan Dao?" Bai Yanhong, Shen Tianxiao and others look neat and big * A change of heart is beyond words. The shock is beyond words. Sit in a calm chair and gently paddle the cup lid. Both the cup lid and the cup have made a little impact and spilled some tea.
Bai Yanhong’s eyes are glowing like an animal that has not been hungry for meat for a hundred years and suddenly sees a naked beauty. "Are you serious?"
It’s like asking that beautiful woman, "Can you make me feel good?"
"You must have heard the story of Xuanyuan Dao. Do you think there is anything else that can have such a strong fire energy breath?"
"What about Xuanyuan Dao?" Shen Tianxiao seems to belong to the kind of impatient but extremely powerful person who can’t wait to ask.
Yang Xue is smiled and said nothing.
Bai Yanhong also shrugged his lips. "Now that you know that Xuanyuan Dao is going to tell us why you don’t rob the arbitration church yourself, you won’t be afraid of anything, right?"
"Xuanyuan Dao is in Juxian Pavilion’s hands" Yang Xue said bluntly, "I’ll come straight to the point. You also know that Juxian Pavilion, the Duke’s Mansion and the Arbitration Church are the things of World War I. Now I am trying to destroy Juxian Pavilion by root, but I don’t want Xuanyuan Dao. If I destroy Juxian Pavilion and get my husband back, and you take Xuanyuan Dao, we will get what we need."
When Bai Yanhong came seven days ago, the first world war shook the mainland, and he naturally mastered more detailed news. Now this leader still dares to play Juxian Pavilion, so that Bai Yanhong can’t help admiring this woman’s mind. It is simply the craziest woman in the mainland. It is really terrible to be loved by such a woman.
"Although Juxian Pavilion won the castellan’s mansion and the arbitration church, it was also weakened and still in the recovery stage. If you help me and I secretly manipulate some people, it will be easy for Juxian Pavilion to be destroyed and hit hard."
"When the time comes, you will take the Xuanyuan knife and I will take my husband back, and destroy a future while Juxian Pavilion is recovering. It is very likely that it will be enough to fight against the Dreadwind Gate Chamber. Isn’t it beautiful?"
Yang Xue narrowed her eyes and stared at the opposite Bai Yanhong, who faced many strong men in Dreadwind. She still didn’t show fear and stage fright, but she always held the initiative, and her eyes burst into light so that no one could be underestimated.
"You say so tempting, it seems that I can’t promise." Bai Yanhong laughed.
Shen Tianxiao and many other strong men in Dreadwind also laughed.
Yang Xue left the back room and fell into a short silence.
Shen Tianxiao sat down and asked, "Master, do you really believe her?"
"This woman is a terrible character. She shouldn’t be stupid enough to come to our Dreadwind Gate." Bai Yanhong frowned. "Juxian Pavilion suddenly burst into such amazing energy. When they regained their strength, they could really have a mainland."
"If Juxian Pavilion really owns Xuanyuan Dao, there will be no white trip for us. Even if Juxian Pavilion doesn’t have Xuanyuan Dao, we can take this opportunity to get rid of a big power on the mainland stage, and we won’t have any loss. Why not? When the time comes, even if something happens in one thousand, you can finish pushing it to that woman. "
Seven days of self-cultivation, Xi Yu, You Xueer, Downing Huatian and others have all recovered. It is also because Han Lei first resumed adjuvant therapy that they have such a remarkable effect.
Wu Hua didn’t reveal anything about the wind, and someone asked about it, which was also vague, saying that Wu Hua was sent to an safe place to integrate animal spirits.
From Xi Yu’s account of the World War I between Juxian Pavilion and the Arbitration Church of the Duke’s Mansion, it was immediately analyzed that there was a traitor in Juxian Pavilion, and this person’s status in Juxian Pavilion was not low.
Feng Yang’s heart is uneasy. He really doesn’t want to and is afraid to see his brother become the man who betrayed Juxian Pavilion. He can’t accept such a thing any more.
"Paralysis of the first world war was so cool that the duke’s house suppressed the arbitration church. Our Juxian Pavilion brothers were so terrible. After the first world war, let alone Zheng Ancheng, even if his city knew the identity of the old people, it was not allowed to flatter."
"You don’t know how cruel the elder brother was that day. I directly punched a guy’s chrysanthemum. Anyway, I didn’t see that person’s expression. Anyway, it was called very * and Xiao Ningning also had my style. It hurts to think of that picture. It was messy at that time."
Brother Mumu recovered as soon as he recovered from his injury, and when he became pale, he chattered on and on, and he didn’t say the key until everyone was sleepy after listening to his boasting.
"Fortunately, Andy every cloud has a silver lining not only regained his memory, but also got a weapon that looks awesome ~ but this guy is also fond of the new and tired of the old. With a new weapon, he threw away all the weapons as good as Fei Lian machete."
Rowling’s heart likes the new and hates the old, and everyone’s face is ugly and almost unified in consciousness. Otherwise, Euchel’s look has already been covered with a faint sadness. Chang Ziteng’s side is covered up by her funny.