Seeing Zhang Hua smiling like this, Yang Wanting’s beautiful eyes * * are a little blurred, but Zhang Hua did not find that his heart only waited for the day to come.

Zhang Hua defeated the Dragon Elephant ranked seventh yesterday, but it didn’t have Zhang Hua’s name in the top 100 list because it wasn’t a formal challenge. But today, Zhang Hua has to openly challenge himself to enter the top 100 list and enter the top 10 of the top 100 list, otherwise who will join his sect?
But Zhang Huake defeated the dragon elephant. Who dares to fight? Fortunately, Zhang Hua is not looking for someone in his ranking, but a tiger faction with a large number of people in the top 100 list. If you don’t get along with the tiger faction, who will you look for?
It is natural for Zhang Hua to send people to the door. They didn’t expect Zhang Hua to be so bold. "What are you doing, Zhang Hua?" See Zhang Hua appear tiger sent someone to meet at once.
"Doing nothing is just a challenge," Zhang Hua said lightly.
"Challenge?" Talking is brown bone. He obviously doesn’t know what Zhang Hua’s purpose is [
Zhang Hua nodded, "Yes, it is to challenge me. Zhang Hua is not a top 100 person yet, but I have the strength. I want to challenge you tigers." Being challenged and then defeated will naturally drop the ranking, which can be regarded as an insult and a blow.
Now Ba River and Zhou Long are not the most powerful dragons, and they are no rivals. Isn’t it embarrassing for everyone that he comes to challenge at this time? "Are you provoking us tigers?" Brown bone was livid, but people who were less skilled did not know how to express their anger.
"Provocative? Where does this begin? Isn’t this the Haoran institution of higher learning? If I challenge the top 100 people, you have to pick them up. This is just my personal wish and the so-called tiger faction, right? " Zhang Hua, a dead pig, is not afraid of scalding water. He is so angry that he grits his teeth.
"Who is going to make trouble?" The dragon elephant recovered again, but when he heard that someone had come to the Tiger Sect to stir up trouble, he immediately came out in anger. But when he saw that it was Zhang Hua, his face suddenly changed. "Is it you?"
"Dragon like you come at the right moment, aren’t you ranked seventh? How about I challenge you this time? " Zhang Hua said lightly that it is not a bad thing to enter the seventh place directly. If Ba River and Zhou Long dialect, Zhang Hua doesn’t mind challenging them to get the third or second place directly.
If Zhang Hua’s idea is known to them, I’m afraid I’ll be furious. "Are you going to challenge me?" The dragon elephant’s eyes are full of fear. Yesterday’s battle is really fresh in his memory. He is really forgotten by the law. At this time, Zhang Hua once again slammed his dragon elephant. There is nothing he can do.
"Why? Dare not fight? " Zhang Hua is now a man of the hour, and his every move has aroused the attention of Haoran University. When he went to Tiger School, naturally many people followed him to watch the fun. By the way, let’s see what Zhang Hua is going to do. When he heard Zhang Hua’s words, the dragon elephant looked pale.
If you go to fight by yourself, it’s just self-humiliation, but if you retreat, so many people will look at it and lose face to the tigers. It really makes the dragon elephant feel more embarrassed than the contradiction "I give up". The last resort is to sacrifice himself, but when he sees this scene, his face turns "not as good as ours". Obviously, he wants to attack.
"Why? If you want to bully more and bully less, I won’t be merciless if you want. "Hearing the word" no mercy ",the dragon elephant is shaking again. He really can’t stand Zhang Hua’s unfathomable yesterday. Everything is vivid.
"Needless to say, we give up Zhang Tao. Are you satisfied?" Dragon elephant nai said
Although others want to say something, the dragons themselves have given up. What else can they say? Even if you sigh, you will watch Zhang Hua throw its weight around.
Giving up without fighting is already a sign of cowardice, but everyone clearly saw that the dragon elephant was defeated yesterday, and they won’t say much. However, Zhang Hua, a nameless person, entered the top ten without direct challenge. There is one in Haoran University, and that is Feather Mountain.
It seems that the integrity of the university will not end so easily. "Well, since I’ve got it, I want it, and I won’t stick around. If you tigers send people to join me, I will sublimate the contradictions in Chapter 911.
Although this breath is not as good as myself, it is also the peak of the five spirits. This breath is also better than knowing Ma Ruhong. "Are you desperate?" I didn’t expect breaking bad to be so uber-closed, but at this time, I jumped from a nine-level martial artist to a five-gas dynasty. Who can match this speed except Yuhua Mountain and Zhang Hua?
"I heard that Zhang Hua can defeat the dragon elephant now?" Breaking bad light asked
Ma Ruhong’s face once again showed a weak smile when he heard the words of Breaking Bad. "Yes, the potential of Zhang Hua is really unimaginable." When he heard Ma Ruhong’s words, his breaking bad eyes appeared a little strange, but he didn’t say anything but went out directly. "Where are you going?" Breaking bad made Ma Ruhong stunned.
"I’m going to find Wang Dong, and now it’s time for revenge." With that, I went out. Ma Ruhong smiled wryly and was sure to defeat Wang Donghu’s sect. Perhaps it’s not far away. I didn’t expect so many perverts among the newcomers this time.
Dong Wang’s strength is not weak, but now it’s desperate. Although it has reached the Five Qi Dynasty, it is still a huge difference in comparison, but an accident happened when it was desperate to find the door [
The Tiger Sect has been quite wronged because of Zhang Hua, and naturally it will not be better in my heart. In addition to my anger, I am still a little crazy and desperate. At this time, the door challenge is like stabbing a hornet’s nest. Dong Wang took a spear and went out with a murderous look.
At the same time, Zhang Hua Haoran University Li Zhang Tao gave him money to buy a house, and his own Sect in Haoran University was frosty.
Whether the Tiger School or the Dragon School have their own base areas, Zhang Hua, the founder of Shenshan Mountain, naturally won’t make his base areas look very stingy, even if the number of people is limited and there are few ostentation and extravagance.
In such a big room, there are only a few people sitting in the drunken pavilion, which is really a bit depressed. Even if Zhang Hua has the prestige to defeat the dragon elephant, there are still many people who choose to wait and see and dare not join easily.
Because they all know that the dragon and tiger factions who want to dominate Haoran University are not dragon elephants, but yuhuashan Bahe and Zhou Long want the three of them not to return for a day, so no one will join them as long as it is frosty.
Although the fourth or fifth master will not be afraid of Zhou Long and others, they will not feel the adventure because of joining the frost, and Zhang Hua is waiting for their return at this time.
At this time, Ma Ruhong was in the hall "Oh? Brother Breaking Bad has gone out "and Breaking Bad ended with Zhang Hua’s victory in World War I, but Zhang Hua, who has this talent and toughness, knows that he has such a Uber progress speed because of Sunday’s good fortune and Mishu Tower. If it is like Breaking Bad, it may not be an opponent.
"Yes, he has now gone to the Tiger Sect. If he fights with Dong Wang, I am not worried, but the Tiger Sect is a bit mean. If it deceives more and kills less, it will be bad if there is a mistake. I want to invite Zhang Xiong to come forward." Ma Ruhong said that it is a bit embarrassing here.
I didn’t expect him to open the ninth master to protect himself by sending a Japanese star and asking him to send it. If it weren’t for Zhang Hua and the Tiger Sect, he would be unable to say anything.
"Don’t worry, if Dong Wang and Brother Breaking Bad fight alone, I won’t intervene, because Brother Breaking Bad will never allow it, but I will never sit idly by if the Tigers make intrigues," Zhang Hua said.
"Thank you, Zhang Xiong." Ma Ruhong was very grateful.
Zhang Hua smiled. "Brother Ma, you’re welcome. Let’s start now, huh?" Factual theory is tiger school or dragon school, or Zhang Huatian frost is a building in Haoran University. It looks like a three-story building. Of course, there is also a basement. After Zhang Hua buys a house, the surrounding area will also be bought by Zhang Hua. Of course, the scope will be determined according to how much Zhang Hua pays.
Now the door is actually Yan Tian, Yan Tian, and the strong among the newcomers entered the hospital, but they have never stopped. I didn’t expect to appear here now.
"Yan Xiong" Zhang Hua fuels.
"Zhang Xiong didn’t expect you to defeat the dragon elephant so quickly, but you are at home in the noble institution of higher learning." Yan Tian lamented that he wanted to help his sister teach Zhang Hua a lesson, but he didn’t expect Zhang Hua’s progress to be so abnormal.
"It’s very kind of Yan Xiong. I wonder if Yan Xiong is looking for something?" Zhang Hua asked
Yan Tian also noticed that the face of Ma Ruhong, the top ten master in front of Ma Ruhong, was absolutely well known. Yan Tian also greeted Ma Ruhong and then said, "I’m here to join Zhang Xiong. I wonder if Zhang Xiong is willing to accept me as a loser?"
When I heard Yan Tian’s words, Zhang Hua and Yan Tian were defeated by himself, but his talent is absolutely not to be ignored. He is also a master of five qi and Chao Yuan. There is indeed some gap compared with his breaking life, but he is definitely not a mediocre generation. "It is really Zhang Huaxing that Yan Xiong can join us. I am welcome."
"But it’s better to have something important today than to wait for Yan Xiong to come back later with Zhang. Yan Xiong will hold a welcome party and we won’t get drunk." Zhang Hua immediately said [
Yan Tian ha ha a smile and a polite sentence also found Ma Ruhong’s expression and immediately changed the subject, expressing his willingness to follow Zhang Hua with the frost the day after tomorrow. Almost everyone walked towards the Tiger Sect.
I haven’t arrived yet, but I saw the tiger faction surrounded by people. Obviously, they were all watching the fun. From time to time, fighting sounds came in. It seems that the fighting with Dong Wang is not over yet.
"Would you please make way?" Zhang Hua spoke and said
"Why let you, er" This person was impatient, but immediately froze when he saw Zhang Hua’s face, and then he quickly stepped aside consciously. Since they are professional spectators, it is natural to know that Zhang Hua is the center of excitement. If they are not allowed to be lively, they will not be frank enough.
Zhang Hua and others went in to have a look. The battle was getting white-hot, but Breaking Bad actually severely suppressed Dong Wang. Seeing that he was about to be defeated, the Tiger sent people obviously couldn’t sit still, and they were insulted by Zhang Hua one after another. Now a Breaking Bad is going to provoke, which is beyond the tolerance limit of the Tiger sent people.