"The heart … the heart was stabbed …" Zine said in a trembling voice that tears were streaming from the corner of her eyes. Her wound hurt so much … She was so afraid that once she closed her eyes, she could no longer see them, the moon and everyone who loved her …

Moon doesn’t talk. He looks at the knife on her chest and doesn’t dare to rip it for fear of bleeding too much, but … Don’t rip it and let it stick in her all the time?
"What to stay! ?” Lu Yingsi angrily sounded "Hospital!" Karen woke up. What they should do now is to take her to the hospital.
"Give it to me!" Shadow with he held out his hand at the same time.
But the moon avoided "I’ll come"
When he was about to get up, Zine grabbed his arm. "No …"
"You are injured and go to the hospital quickly!" Raina also appealed to "Don’t wave" and Hao was worried.
"Well … I know I can’t … ahem!" Blood was spit out from the mouth of Zin. "Don’t talk!" Month nervous and angry shouted
"Please … ahem … continue to hate me … my generation … ahem … make amends again …" Zine kept highlighting blood and smiling with tears.
Thank you for letting her see that she loves her before she closes her eyes … Please continue to hate me when she comes back next time.
"If you hold on, I will forgive you. Don’t you dare close your eyes! I will never forgive you! " The moon trembled and tears followed.
"Thank you …" Thank you for hating me so that you won’t. I’m sad …
Zine put her hand on her mouth with a reassuring smile and her eyes closed slowly …
"azine! ! !”
Grand finale []
Black tent, black clothes, black everything is so beautiful, but it is so sad in sunny days.
The blood sacrifice to heaven, the help of the gods, the phoenix gang, the dance gang and so on all gathered for this funeral.
Everyone wore a black funeral.
"Month reaction unexpected calm …" Feather whispered to Ling.
Ling looked up and her eyes were red with tears. She didn’t answer the feather words and swooped down to embrace the feather and began to cry.
Feather looked at ling this sample is also very heartache azine …
Ru hand tightly holding the emperor, although she didn’t cry, but the emperor could see that she was holding Ru in her arms with heartache, and then she froze and sobbed in the emperor’s arms.
Looking at the photo of azine beautifully, I regret why I wanted to help Han Rong. Suddenly, the hand was held by the graceful head and "cry if you want". Kwai’s surface was stiff and awkward. When it comes to graceful gawk at Kwai, it’s even more impossible for her to cry!
"You are such a fool! You don’t know when you go to that place alone! " Manda blamed Mo "You are not the same" and Mo coldly retorted "… Zine … Zine is your Wang! How can you not know! ?” Man is a little guilty and says "she is your friend" or there is no temperature tone "you … you …" Man can’t stand it. Wow, a cry scared the ink. "I was wrong. Don’t cry." The ink was nervous and calm …
The shadow leaned against the tree and sipped her mouth without saying anything. Looking at the black and white photos of Zine from a distance, it was because they were caught … "Do you blame yourself?" Yan suddenly emerged from behind the tree. "Aren’t you sad?" Shadow asked, "Are you sad? Sure, but … I don’t think azine will think we are sad and remorse. "He said this, but the fundus still can’t hide the sad shadow and don’t reply quietly …
Looking at lying in a coffin, lying in a rose, wearing a simple white dress set off her clean and pure mouth, and smiling like a sleeping angel.
Han Rong, they have let them taste the real survival for months, and they can’t beg for death, and they can’t be tortured like hell forever until they die of old age.
"Idiot, how dare you leave without my consent? I won’t forgive you. I will take you out and stay with me forever. "It’s naive to know that generations will always be around, but it’s true."
And then leaned over and kissed her on the lips …
End of text
Closing speech
It’s finally over ~! ! !