This man really looks like a ghost, and his whole body is still covered with cold and cold breath, and the cold and cold around him instantly makes the cold night even colder.

As soon as he appeared, Su Wan felt the previous anger and annoyance, because the appearance of this person vanished.
She was happy to go to Xiao Huang and said to her heart, "Xiao Huang, you have gone too far. I already know what has been around you, which has caused me to pay you back. What happened?"
Xiao Huang looked at the charming little face in the dark night, with bright eyes and bright eyebrows. Such a lovely little person seemed like a night elf.
He wants to care for her all his life, and he doesn’t want to make her sad or shed a tear.
But now you want it?
Xiao Huang took a step back at the thought of feeling terrible and painful. His face was pale at night and he had to do his best to calm himself down.
He grunted darkly as if someone had grabbed his throat.
"I’m fine"
He saw something was wrong with Su Wan and looked up at him quickly. His face was not good, his eyes were slightly red, and he couldn’t say anything hoarse, as if he had cut his throat.
Is Xiao Huang sick? It turns out that he is sick and she was still angry with him.
Su Wan secretly blamed herself, quickly stepped forward, grabbed Xiao Huang’s hand, raised his hand and touched his forehead, saying, "Xiao Huang, you are sick. I was angry with you earlier. I’m sorry. I just wanted to talk to you and share my happiness, but I didn’t expect you to be sick."
Xiao Huang listened to the little man’s remorse and confession and felt that he was suffocating. It seemed too painful.
"I’m fine, ladies. I’m really fine."
He stretched out his hand to hug her, and hugged her well. What will happen in past lives and previous lives? He didn’t meet her. What will make love rat and Wan have a previous life?
However, Xiao Huang reached out and didn’t reach Su Wan when she heard footsteps in the dark night.
Have a cold drink and hurry to "what person"
Around the brush, a few lights lit up an ordinary face, and a charming and touching female hand was pressing the man’s forehead as if touching his face.
Someone in the crowd called "Princess Zhaohua"
Su Wan turned around and looked over and saw that it was Wang Junli, the end of the Northern Jin Dynasty.
Jun Li cast a glance at Su Wan and then at the strange man.
"What are you doing here?"
Su Wan smiled and looked at Jun Li lightly and said, "Take a walk."
"Who is this man?"
Jun Li pointed to Su Wan’s front man, puzzled.
He remembers that Wan doesn’t accept others easily. Then what’s going on?
Su Wan looked at Xiao Huang and said, "Xiao Huang, since they caught you, you don’t pretend."
"Xiao Huang Xiao Shi?"
Jun Li was even more surprised and then walked to Xiao Huang’s face. Xiao Huang raised his hand and took off his face mask to reveal a luxurious and handsome face in the moonlight.
Jun Li gasped at the air conditioning and snorted. "What brings you to this? Since you’re here, it’s good."
Xiao Huang’s eyes didn’t look at Jun Li, but looked straight at the crowd. After that, Xiao Ye’s hatred of bone erosion seemed to be very anxious to eat Xiao Ye raw.
It’s a pity that Xiao Ye didn’t pay attention to his lip angle, and with a sarcastic smile, his lip gently ticked a sentence.
Xiao Huang, don’t forget what you should do.
Xiao Huang’s heart clenched his fingers and clenched his whole body, and the cold kept coming out.
In front of him, Su Wan immediately felt looking up and saw Xiao Huang and Xiao Ye’s eyes staring at each other for a long time.
Su Wan was afraid that two people would fight, and what would it look like to fight on someone else’s turf?
She stretched out her hand to pull Xiao Huang. "Xiao Huang, I’ll take you to see my mother."
Her mother is still chanting about him during the day today. Now it’s time to take him to show her. She believes that her mother will like Xiao Huang.
Su Wan was just about to be happy when Xiao Ye walked up gracefully behind him. His lip angle was cool thin sneer at "Ha ha".
Warning eyes residual malicious sneer Xiao Huang hand slowly out of the hand of Su Wan Chapter 143 Take back the country as you wish.
Xiao Huang was very painful in his heart. He looked at him with a face of disappointment. Su Wan couldn’t tell the truth. Finally, he was able to say in a hoarse voice, "Ladies, I’m not feeling well. I’ll take a rest first."
Xiao Huang said that his body moved and disappeared into the darkness. Behind him, Xiao Ye stared at the dark night with gloomy eyes.
I’m not satisfied with what Xiao Ye did, but the guy has already left.
He can’t help being angry.
But if you want to hide in the past, then he really thinks too much
Xiao Ye thinking faint sneer at.