The only reason for this result should be Hamm’s skill-eternity? Glory light

As high as 3%, the probability of triggering in this attack is estimated to be 9%. This is really painful. Although Ham’s total blood volume and defense are not high, even the attack is not too high, it is not too difficult to be fooled by his skills and visual hatred mechanism.
But fortunately, something is also interesting. Keep fighting.
"Only seven thousand? You are not mistaken, are you? Not 70,000? " Blue and white buried snow was also shocked to 7 thousand, not too little
"I said I didn’t read your letter wrong?"
"Mom, this defense is really stepping on Marco Polo’s promise. This boss is a hard nut to crack. It has to be played for a long time." The blue-and-white buried snow has a bitter face. This kind of fighting is difficult. I don’t know what garbage boss will play. It is the most annoying.
"Well, I hope I can produce something good and my skills are better. Don’t let it have a chance to return to blood." Yang Ye said before holding Xuanyang’s evil again.
Ham "duel" is a pleasure for you to come and fight with me. This time, boss is really called "fighting boss". To that kind of low IQ, you have to call it "pushing boss". Ham, a strange humanoid, seems to have an IQ bonus, not only his skills are abnormal, but also his general attack is abnormal.
His general attack speed is extremely fast and difficult to prevent, and the sharp angle is not easy to avoid. The best one is Yang Ye, because he has the miner’s hat to support the bug-level enemy artifact in the miner’s hat, and he is losing the boss attack trajectory to Yang Ye’s "vision" all the time. Yang Ye can naturally see it and make evasive moves to avoid it, but even so it is not a Ministry.
There are some Hamm attacks that can’t be stopped. He will attack you while you are attacking, so that you can’t stop it. It’s disgusting to just change blood types. It’s even more disgusting. Your attack fell on his head, but then you found that when his white light flashed, you heard a "ding"-you must be dead. Because this attack has been completely infected by Hamm’s skills, plus he can recover 5 points of blood.
In the long run, there are several people in Yang Ye, and the danger is frequent, but the danger is over, so it is not a thing. Although Ham has skill support and blood support, it is a pity that after all, he will be besieged by four people and blocked by one attack, and he will also eat three attack epidemics, two of which will eventually fall on him. Ham’s blood volume is also slowly decreasing depending on this one attack.
Ham is really a very brave knight in a sense. Even though Yang Ye watched his blood drop to the skin, his face was not surprised at all. He was not afraid to wave his ragged clothes and dance with a silver sword and throw it at four people-
Even if the meaning is not significant.
"Endure method? Robbery! " The blue and white buried snow fingerprint pinched himself and his busy position, and Ham was immediately attacked. This attack also brought his last trace of blood.
Ham knelt down with a sword in his hand and propped himself up on the ground.
He’s not dead.
"Hum …"
Golden light suddenly broke out from Ham’s body, and the strong light adorned the sky and the grass with golden light … When the golden light dispersed, several people looked at Ham again and saw that he was pale and his back was still tall and straight. His eyes were stubborn, so he stared at Yang Ye closely and then revealed a new smile …
As time goes by, the sun has risen in the former east and set on the western ridge now.
Yang Ye can’t count how many times Ham has been resurrected. Now he doesn’t need four people to besiege anyone. He can’t stop a knife from cutting his blood.
Although Ham has 2 weeks of blood every time he is resurrected, he also has blood. Every time his attribute dies, it is less than 5%. This is already dead. I don’t know how many times the attribute has already been lost. If there is a negative number, it is probably negative.
When Ham was still smiling with that solemnity from his death again, Lilina and the two followers of Broken Knife were beside him, and the knife fell on Lilina and the broken knife attacked quickly. In a moment, the blood volume had bottomed out.
This time, the silver leaf knight? Ham is a little different … to be continued.
Chapter 167 Eternal Glory Light
Ham is still the one who moves-
Kneeling down on one knee, holding a sword in his hand, leaning on the ground, raising his head and looking at the cold eyes ahead, staring at the corners of his mouth with a new smile.
But it’s different to resurrect without saying a word before. This time, Ham said, "Silver Leaf Knight? Ham is buried here … "The sound is hoarse and tired.
In a flash, Ham had closed his eyes.
He’s dead.
Then his body became half-divided, and the colorful data fragments flew like crystal clear snowflakes, but the snowflakes fell downward, not toward the sky, but drifted toward the sky and disappeared in the distant sky, perhaps melting the wind in Sa Ding Plain. Perhaps it turned into a sudden or soft rain in the Sa Ding Plain; Or he will be a wild horse galloping in the plain he knows and feel the wind, rain and everything in the plain again …
Ham is dead.
He disappeared with his master’s body on a snowy night, and also turned into pieces and rolled in the middle.
This is really a good horse, isn’t it?
Ham is commendable, but only appreciative. He is an enemy. For Yang Ye and his position, he is even np. It is normal for players to kill wild monsters. If everyone wants to tell a sad story, it will be too long.
For players, dropping equipment is the most important thing.
Yang Ye picked up three things, two pieces of equipment and one skill from the place where Ham disappeared, and then looked at it carefully. His face lit up even more. This chore was not in vain!
Silver Leaf Flash (Longbow Spirit Level)
Equipment level 4
Physical attacks 47~492
Magic attack 47~412
+99 Power
+91 physical strength
Physical attack increases damage by 2%
Flash arrow hits the flash mans attacker! When launching a normal attack, there is a 2% chance to split five arrows with the same damage and attack five targets randomly. The target that is hit will not receive a second flash arrow attack for 6 seconds.
Yao Shield Knight has a 5% chance to create a shield with its own hp1%+2 health when he is attacked in the dark. The shield absorbs the damage caused by the incoming attack in 5 seconds, and disappears when the damage is absorbed or reaches the shield. Yao Shield can only be triggered once every 6 seconds.
A stubborn and fearful knight gallop across that plain like an arrow.
Hamling (Dharma Hat Spirit Level)
+312 physical defense
+47 Magic Defense
+96 Life
+133 Intelligence
+121 Spirit
Fire spell damage increased by 2%
Ice spell damage reduced by 2%
Hakodate Spirit is running in the international plain on a snowy night … When releasing skills, there is a 5% chance to trigger Hakodate Spirit to increase its movement speed by 2 points, which will continue to decline in 7 seconds.
Bright spot! You have a bright spot! Attacked eyes have a 3% chance to attach a flash point, and subsequent attacks will trigger this flash point, causing attribute explosion damage. The damage depends on triggering this flash point attack.
-in memory of Hamm on a snowy night
Eternity Glory Light (Skill) Level 5 All classes can make glory eternal! Every time a character is attacked in the current period, there is a 15% chance to launch a glory light plague, and a recovery aura restores 2 health points for 5 seconds. After death, there is a 25% chance to launch an eternal light selective resurrection, and after the resurrection, the character has 5% blood blue and 5% attributes. Every resurrection attribute is the benchmark before death, but the blood volume is the benchmark attribute before the first death, and it will gradually rise to the normal level after the resurrection. The duration is determined by the number of short-sighted revivals.
Equipping Yang Ye has no interest in this skill …
Yang Ye looked up at the skill of burying his teammates with blue and white flowers and snow. He could also see that in today’s situation where the player’s attributes are not strong and there are not many skills, it is conceivable how big the skill advantage is.
A skill can make you immediately resurrect in situ. Whether the skill is one-on-one boss or angry brush equipment, or the pk of the city is limited, although it is temporarily lost after death, it is not a thing!
"I also want to" Blue-and-white buried snow said with a smile. Yang Yegan was sure that if the blue-and-white buried snow was directly pocketed, it would definitely pk with him.
"I want a roll point, too?" Yang Ye said with a smile