It looks like a lost heart.

"Miss, what are you doing?"
Pinellia ternata hasn’t been found yet, but then it gradually became aware that it was wrong. Both arms and shoulders were red and swollen, but Gu Jinxi still scrubbed it like a layer of skin.
"Miss, miss …"
Gu Jinxi, who called for Pinellia ternata, seemed to turn a deaf ear and kept scrubbing until his arms and shoulders were red and his collarbone was faint. You could see the bright and white skin was bloodshot. It didn’t stop until she felt those skin stings.
Pinellia is distressed and angry. "What are you doing, Miss?"
"…" Gu Jinxi whole person like a wooden doll.
Changing into a wide robe can’t touch the skin, but Gu Jinxi’s heart is happy for no reason.
"Wine" Gu Jinxi sighed heavily on the soft couch.
Pinellia suddenly froze. "What did you say, miss?"
"wine!" Gu Jinxi repeated once again that the tone was cold and unyielding; Pinellia tuber body paused, and quickly took all the wine and wine glasses prepared in the room.
After smelling the long-lost smell, Gu Jinxi’s face finally dissipated, so he stopped and sent Pinellia ternata away. Ye Zhenniang and her are left in the whole room.
"Miss" Ye Zhenniang frowned when her eyes touched her neck and the clavicle was bright red.
Gu Jinxi lowered his head. "What’s going on?"
"When I went to Shore, I happened to meet them. Aunt Liu wanted to go, but we were found out that we were lost …" Ye Zhenniang was concise.
Gu Jinxi’s guess is roughly the same.
Ye Zhenniang face with a thick guilt "miss, I’m sorry we …"
"Might as well" Gu Jinxi closed his eyes, took a deep breath, raised his hand and gulped down a full glass of wine. "At least I finally understood the person behind Aunt Liu, didn’t I?"
Looking at her drinking, Ye Zhenniang is a little scared.
"It’s rare to have a drink" Gu Jinxi smiled faintly. "Let me have a good time today."
Turned to look at the sky was dark and cold, just like her heart at the moment. "It’s getting late, and Zhen Niang also went home early; If you don’t go back to shore, uncle will have a rest. "
"But …" Ye Zhenniang face worry not retreated.
"There is nothing to be said, but" Gu Jinxi turned to look at her eyes, which is unprecedented. "I won’t make fun of my own life if I haven’t avenged myself."
She has to keep this life, past lives. Hatred and enmity are all about ending.
"Ah …"
Ye Zhenniang bowed her head and her eyes were dull. "Miss that, you should rest early."
You should gently raise your head and fill a cup with feeling that spicy liquid is burning and slipping over the wine from your throat and sliding into your clothes from your lips. It hurts even more when you touch the clavicle that has been faintly broken.
But the more painful Gu Jinxi is, the more awake he is, the more comfortable he is.
Glass after glass of wine; The night is heavy
Through the shadows and the wrong stars, I longed for a dark shadow standing quietly by the window of the main attic of the Sunseeker Pavilion.
Look at the soft couch next to the drunken woman; The man frowned; In particular, the smell of alcohol on his face was not bad, but it made his face wrinkle into a ball.
Not far away, Xiaoxiang has already bottomed out for a few years, and the wine cups are scattered in a mess.
The first two steps of the man looked at the woman who was curled up into a ball and frowned, and picked her up and sent her to bed. Looking at her face, the tears suddenly twitched.
The woman in her arms is restless and twisted; Tearing the clothes to reveal the bright and clean white neck, the red collarbone is so red that it becomes more and more shocking after being wet with wine.
The man’s heart suddenly sank, and he raised his hand and pulled the woman’s blouse to see that it spread to the shoulder, and he was angry and anxious but hated himself; Raise my hand and choke the female neck hard.
It takes a little force to be so slender and so weak.
I don’t know anything, but I really don’t want to do it
Knowing that she is so vicious, even her own mother and unborn brother are not spared; Do whatever it takes to achieve the goal, even at the expense of others’ innocence; This way, a woman doesn’t do anything every time. He doesn’t know anything!
"You’re a pain in the ass!" The man gnashed his teeth and his toes were light and disappeared.
Early the next morning
Gu Jin sunseeker woke up early and rubbed his head. His temples were slightly frowning, but he couldn’t remember when he went back to bed.
"Don’t drink too much, now you can know that you have a headache." Pinellia looked at her lightly chastising. "Just now, the master sent someone to tell you to go to the main courtyard palace earlier."
"Huh?" Gu Jinxi was suddenly surprised. "What’s the matter?"
"It’s a good thing"
Pinellia ternata is smiling but not talking, but it is extremely quick; Dress and change clothes for Gu Jinxi.
"You girl, I actually sold it."
After all, it is not very difficult for people who have experienced life and death to let go of some things once they have made a decision; What’s more, from beginning to end, people just treat her like a fool to play with applause; Is it tempted, faint or painful?